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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with BEZOGE July 6, 2021. This guest star,


Jeff Bezoge (Dev) — Will never DM first :
$Bezoge is more than just a meme. It is a multi- purpose and multi-utility ERC20 token. Unlike other meme coins which serve no purpose other than branding and marketing, $Bezoge came with the ambition to create a community based ecosystem backed by a strong development team.

As the community grows and individual talents and skills are discovered, the development of $Bezoge integrates it and deploys it. This is how the foundations of distributed global wealth through community contributions is made a reality in code with $Bezoge.

The long term vision of $Bezoge is mass inclusion, equality and fairness using distributed ledger technology i.e. Blockchain.

Robert Gates (Will Never DM you first) :
Hello community, I’m Robert Gates. I direct the creativity and content team. The storyline, the humor and the character of $Bezoge as it evolves is my responsibility

Jeff Bezoge (Dev) — Will never DM first :
Also, a little background about myself….

I got into blockchain about 10 years ago with my first Bitcoin trade. Since then, I’ve successfully raised over $5m of capital for several tech projects based in China. In e-commerce and the VPN space.

I have a background in software development and also business management at the c-level.

Doglord (will never dm you) :
I am incharge of the community and business Development for the project.


Can you give us a detailed introduction to BEZOGE?

Jeff Bezoge (Dev) — Will never DM first :
Inspired by creating a borderless, frictionless community and ecosystem, the 3 founders of Bezoge (Jeff, Rob and Doglord) set out on a journey to create the foundations and initial guidelines of what united humanity living in an ever-thriving society would look like. Borders and stereotypes weaken us and so does unfair distribution of wealth.

Breaking away from these centuries old mindsets would require borderless connectivity that only blockchain technology could provide. After weeks of conceptualizing, the framework was set out, both in reality and in code. The combination of physical and virtual was important to service a broader audience.

Launched in May 2021, the vision of creating an ecosystem, which was uniquely designed and powered by its participants and supported by its developers, was established.

The smart contract was deployed with no pre-sales, a buy in limit initially at 0.015 ETH ($30) to ensure fair distribution and a treasury wallet to guarantee project growth. The founding team kept 1% for each member totaling 3%.

Being a shocking success, Bezoge grew to 15,000 in its first month by attracting the open mindedness and the intellect of its holders and aligned them towards the mission of the project. And thus, the journey started by providing the community with an immersive experience using platforms of social engagement, Music, NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) and Gaming.

The Bezoge community now has solidity (smart contract developers), web3, frontend and backend developers in the team, along with C-level executives, business leaders and experts in various fields. Bezoge has also organically created its own ecosystem that is now serviced by small business owners in $Bezoge merchandise, memorabilia and much more.

The Bezoge community has also become the strongest marketing team for the project. Strangers have become friends towards a united front representing global equality and inclusion as we complete our second month. And yes, a storyline powerful and humorous enough to attract global attention.

What makes BEZOGE different? How does BEZOGE do better than the competitors? What are the highlight of BEZOGE?

Jeff Bezoge (Dev) — Will never DM first :
As we’ve outlined in the intro, we are more than a meme. We are a meme with real world utility and we plan to continue adding to that utility beyond the game in the future too.

We saw that there are a lot of meme coins out that that are just built on pure hype with no substance and that is not sustainable long term.

So we set out to make a new standard of meme coin with Bezoge. From now on, launching a meme coin won’t be as simple as thinking up a cool name and running a meme contest. It will require real development and a solid use case for the token. Bezoge is the catalyst to change the meme coin market for the better.

Robert Gates (Will Never DM you first) :
For me, $Bezoge is different because its the first fairly distributed deflationary token. Backed by a team of over 70 and the project where the developers are part of the community growing organically to new highs. For example, our entreprenuers have started their own business in merchandise and memorabilia. Our first ever crypto band — the Bezoge Bros came to establishment thru the love of community. Everyone volunteers happily while the developers support every initiative

Jeff Bezoge (Dev) — Will never DM first :
We have some big accouncements coming this week that will outline the future use cases for Bezoge. You can keep up to date on our Telegram group:

Robert Gates (Will Never DM you first) :
Its quite simple. We had our contract audited, liquidity locked and the keys to the contract burnt forever. This would ensure the security of value and the longevity of the project. We decided to give real ownership of $Bezoge to the community thru these mechanisms.
The contract can not be controlled or changed by anyone anymore

Currently there is close to 500k in locked liquidity


Would you care to explain the tokenomics of $BEZOGE? How $BEZOGE tokens comes into play in your ecosystem?

Jeff Bezoge (Dev) — Will never DM first :
50% of the supply has been burnt forever.

In memory of those killed in the tragic explosion, 50% of BEZOGE has been permanently burnt. May their souls rest dogefully in peace. The supply was also burnt to provide liquidity and balance in code to the taxation and redistribution mechanism

44% of the supply has been put into liquidity.

In terms of liquidity, 44% of the total supply has been put into liquidity. Liquidity will be locked forever because we Bezoge and we don’t need no extra money.

3% of token supply for development team.

As a low budget development team, we’re putting our heart and soul into this and we feel like we need some Bezoge in our lives to comfort our mental health. That’s why we took a teeny weeny bit for ourselves, incentivising us to keep growing the token and moving forward when we feel a bit unmotivated to do so!

3% of token supply allocated to the Bezoge Treasury.

We need to spread the word of Bezoge to those who aren’t as active as some of us. That’s why we are putting some tokens into the Bezoge Treasury to pay influencers and marketers to spread the word!

1% Burn!

We all love Bezoge, but we feel like it won’t be appreciated enough if there‘s always a fixed supply of them. That’s why we are introducing a 1% burn on every transaction of $BEZOGE tokens allowing the rarity of the token to increase per transaction!

1% Redistribution.

To the holders of $BEZOGE, we want to reward you for holding your Bezoge so gently, that’s why we’re also implementing a 1% redistribution from each transaction to you, the Bezoge community!

It’s a lot to digest, but these are the tokenomics of Bezoge in full detail. 😄

Robert Gates (Will Never DM you first) :
End of week we have our version 2 of the website which will also release our whitepaper
We have 5 aspects of development, the public is only aware of two of them. The NFT and the gaming. The 3 others will suprise all our holders

We also have a big announcement planned at the same time to bring huge hype

2 partnerships have already been agreed but yet to be announced


Tell us about the way in which you have calculated the valuation of the BEZOGE token, what are the supports that will sustain its value in the market and how do you guarantee that it will remain sustainable over time and that its value will tend to increase?

Robert Gates (Will Never DM you first) :
We did a fair launch with a buy in cap. Initially $Bezoge was bought by 650 holders on day 1.

Since there was no pre sales, no whale wallets were ever created

The treasury wallet is the mechanism which gaurantees the future development of the project and is already fully funded

Our value sustains with our treasury wealth which is governed by the community thru a voting system

And also the 16,000 holders we have today

Creating mini games and apps shows our strength in development. On the request of

The community, we released an android game, bezoge battle, within 4 days

To summarize, $Bezoge value is development and community together

Its available on the google play store 😁

As your mission is to mission to revive earth and hopes to bring back Doge from the moon after it was abandoned and disowned by Elon publicly on a late night comedy show. So,in what possible way you will bring back Doge to the moon? What is the connection of Bezoge to Doge?

Robert Gates (Will Never DM you first) :
$BEZOGE is what Dogecoin set out to be. The early vision of Dogecoin was never fulfilled. The founders of BEZOGE understand the importance of fair distribution when it comes to community owners coins. Looking at how 46% of the supply of DOGE is held by a few wallets, it can never become truly decentralized. Bezoge solved that problem by having a fairly distributed launch limiting the buy-in and allowing the foundations of this cryptocurrency to become truly decentralized. Afterall, our motto is ‘to rescue Doge from the moon’ :)
If something is built by the community, then everyone in the community should reap its rewards. Thats the stance of $Bezoge

You say that for each market activity involving $BEZOGE, the holder is entitled to 1% of the fees collected. Since you are using Ethereum where gas fees are volatile, is it wise to pay for gas just to claim 1% of the transaction reward? How will this 1% be accessed?

Jeff Bezoge (Dev) — Will never DM first :
So the 1% redistribution is based on how much Bezoge you’re holding. So for example, if you’re holding 1% of the total supply of Bezoge, you would receive 10% of the 1% redistribution from each transaction, which would work out to 0.1%. Let me give an example.

If I’m holding 10% of the total supply and someone makes a transfer of 100 million BEZOGE, there would be a 1% redistribution which would total to 10million BEZOGE. Seen as I hold 10% of the total supply of Bezoge, I would get 10% of that 1 million which is 100k BEZOGE.

Sorry, just corrected my quick maths there…

That’s the way the redistribution works in our smart contract. You’ll note that we sent 50% of the total supply to the burn wallet too, that’s how we implement the 1% burn. Actually the smart contract is a 2% redistribution, but the burn wallet owns 50% of the total supply and so it gets 1% of the redistribution and the other 1% is distributed to holders.

I mention the reasoning for the burn wallet owning 50% because a lot of people ask us why we burnt 50% of the supply for no reason. This is the reason. 🙂

have tried out playing the minigame Bezoge Battle and it was fun going to the moon :) My question is, Are we able to earn tokens by playing those minigames or is it available to buy only? If so, How can we buy $BEZOGE ?

Doglord (will never dm you) :
Bezoge battle at present does not give out rewards. We do plan to add Ads in the game in the future and Bezoge holders will be able to play the game Ad free. The revenue generated from Ads will be used to buy more bezoge from the open market for the treasury.

At present Bezoge tokens can be bought on Uniswap and Hotbit.

In terms of liquidity, 44% of the total supply has been put into liquidity. Liquidity will be locked forever because “ we Bezoge “ and we don’t need no extra money. I admire BEZOGE. My question is — is it estimated, variable or permanent concepts?

Jeff Bezoge (Dev) — Will never DM first :
We’re not sure what this question means. Can you maybe explain in more detail?

If you mean have we locked the liquidity permanently, then yes. We actually did more than just lock the liquidity, we sent the liquidity tokens to the burn address so they’re gone forever.

Doglord (will never dm you) :
the liquidity was sent to the burn address so its locked for ever. its an irreversible action

Jeff Bezoge (Dev) — Will never DM first :
Liquidity can never be removed, so it’s rug-proof.


@MikotoMiyukiI saw “Our Developers made a Contribution of $150K to the Donation Wallet” in your social media article, but what does it mean? And how will BEZOGE use it?

Jeff Bezoge (Dev) — Will never DM first :
As the developers of the project, we believe the treasury wallet is currently majorly undervalued and so we don’t want to use it yet for marketing and development.

But of course we still need to run marketing campaigns and pay for CEX listings. So the three of us put in $50k USDC each to fund future marketing and development.

@maM71725Where to get the $BEZOGE ERC20 token?
Do you have any Mini Game and Tracker App? If yes then where can we get?

Doglord (will never dm you) :
Bezoge can be bought on Uniswap or Hotbit. Soon further exchanges will be announced.

Our mini game and tracker app is currently only available for android version. the ios version is awaiting approval from the Apple App store.

you can find the download links on

@kokikkkHow do you plan to show the world that your product is not just useless blockchain solution to a non-existing problem?

Jeff Bezoge (Dev) — Will never DM first :
We are making some big accouncements later this week that will outline more of the real life use cases of Bezoge. You can find out first in our telegram group:

With Bezoge, we are only focusing on solving problems that make sense to solve with blockchain and we want to build products that are easily used by non-blockchain people too.

@CryptohorsedmWhat is PROJECT’s revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit?

Doglord (will never dm you) :
the project has mustiple revenue models.

We plan to run ads on our mini game which will help us generate revenue.

Our MMO is also going to use Bezoge tokens as the in-game currency which would deplete the supply from the market.

There are more revenue models ut we cannot announce them until our white paper is out this week.

Join our TG community @bezoge to keep up-to date with that

@fucteleWho is building the business and tech and your upcoming plan in the near future?

Jeff Bezoge (Dev) — Will never DM first :
We have our own in-house development team of over 30 people who will be building most of the tech.

But we are also moving towards involving the community in the development of our products, so we’ll be moving towards a more decentralized organization by implementing our own Doggy DAO.

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about BEZOGE.

Join our Telegram Group and you can talk directly with other Communities and enjoy some of the events that we created. We are always here to support.



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