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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with SafeWolf July 19, 2021. This guest star,

  • Brandon — SafeWolf Team


Yes im Brandon from the SafeWolf team, and to be honest, I started as a holder just like anyone else but now now I’m working as a moderator to contribute more as I understand this project gonna help a lot of people archive their dream or simply out of the property

Kay :
Thanks once again.
I am Nana Kay from the Safewolf team. I’m a podcaster and I’ve been in this industry for almost 8 yrs.


Can you give us a detailed introduction to SafeWolf? And what is the vision and mission?


SAFEWOLF is a community-driven project built on Binance Smart Chain #BSC. Two functions occur during each trade: Reflection & Burn.
We want to provide a more balanced and sustainable ecosystem for the community.

What is a “Dump Prevention Mechanism”? Can you explain the performance? Will this system be active forever?

The Dump Prevention Mechanism included:
Daily burn: 4% of the total token will be burned daily in the first 7 days after launching.
Dev token lock: Dev token will be locked for 1 year on Team. Finance by Trust swap
Pre-sale token lock: Only 20% of presale token are transferred to the presale holder.
Added more, our Tokenomics will be the best solution for dump problem (we will explain more about this later) and yes this will be active forever

Can you tell about SafeWolf security? has SafeWolf been audited? And how often do you do audits to avoid hacks and bugs on the SafeWolf?

Security is a link that everyone cares deeply about In this crypto industry.
Security is the highest core value for any project to assure.

So do we, after audited smart contract by TechRate, we are working with Certik to double-check and verify WolfSwap to make sure each line of code is clear. In addition, we are confident with our tech team can handle every situation and product with the highest rate of security.

Adoption of token to the ecosystem is one of the good things to increase its usability and spend, so what role does $SW token play to the SafeWolf ecosystem?

The more use cases, the more value of the project. Currently we are working on product to expand the adoption rate of SW in the ecosystem.
Soon SW will be use for:
$SW staking and farming in Wolf Swap.
$SW cover transaction fees and other features in Wolf Wallet shortly.
and more use cases will be explored in the near future.

What can we expect from SafeWolf in the near future, are there any new events, products/features, partnerships to come? And what are the planned for the future?

We are targeting to archive and bring to our investors:
1. Coinmarketcap.
2. Certik audit.
3. Super Event Wolf Swap launching.
4. Establish more partnerships.
5. Listing more Exchanges.
6. Wolf Wallet launching.
7. SafeWolf Blockchain Beta test net Q4–2021
8. More product and feature base on the demand of the community.
As this is a community-driven project. We really want to focus on the need of them.


Revenue is a key factor for all projects to survive and keep the projects running. What is your way of generating profit and revenue? What is your revenue model?

Kay :
A1. According to our road map, we were supposed to produce the Safewolf wallet followed by the Safewolf Swap, and finally our blockchain. All these products will generate revenue for the project. But after researching deeply, we believe the Safewolf Swap will generate more revenue due to increased transactions on the swap. Various fees and products like staking, yield farming will be good for the project.

Hence our revenue will come from investment products and fees on transactions in
- Blockchain
- Strategic partnerships

Reflection and Burn are two SafeWolf functions that occur throughout each trade. So, could you elaborate on how SafeWolf’s Reflection and Burn mechanisms work? How is it integrated and applied in your platform’s various trades? What are the benefits to your network?

Kay :
A2. Safewolf’s reflection and burn occur in every transaction. For every transaction, 8% fees are charged. 4% goes to burn and 4% returns to token holders due to reflection.
This is why Safewolf is deflationary. Because its supply keeps reducing per every transaction.

The benefits are that, the value will increase over time.

Because the demand will keep increasing whilst supply will decrease. Demand will even be huge when our products are launched and in full force. Our token holders or investors have a win-win situation at hand. The value of their token will increase over time and the number of their tokens will increase. Even if others sell their tokens, holders still gain.

With Safewolf, it’s a win-win situation for investors 💯✅

SafeWolf seeks to optimize funds through various protocols, but according to your experience, what is the perfect composition to guarantee profitability, trust and constant transparency in the short term and promote a revolutionary and avant-garde project?
SAFEWOLF is a community based project built on the Binance Smart Chain #BSC. Why did you choose BSC network for development? In the future, do you have any plans to expand or expand your system, on other networks like Ethereum, Heco or Polkadot?

Kay :
A3. Projects born in bear markets are extremely tough and have a high ability to succeed if they build well. In bear markets things aren’t friendly at all, pressure from investors to deliver and all.

But for Safewolf, as much there’s huge pressure to deliver for investors, we do our best to align with our investors.

This is a community-driven project to ensure transparency. Most decisions are made by the community. Through voting, suggestions, and AMA’s. The community is the real owner of this project.

In Bear times, you build and build. So in bull times, you’ll enjoy the fruit of your labor. We are building for the community and investors. We are getting our Wolf Swap audited by Certik. We want to have the highest endorsement of our products as much as possible.

Revolution comes from the little unique things which matter the most. With the help of our community, we will achieve that.
In less than 2 months we have
✅ almost 85K community members,
✅300K + in transactions,
✅83K + holders
✅Almost 2Mill in market cap.
✅ Techrate audit, Coingecko
🔜 Certik Audit
🔜 WolfSwap after Certik Audit
🔜 CMC almost.

For a project born in a bear market, I’ll say we are revolutionary and we will keep doing our best for the community

According to your website that only 20% of presale token are transferred to presale holder. The rest will be locked on dxsale and can only be unlocked under specific criteria. So,why does only 20% will be given to presale holder? How can we assure that the rest will be given?

Kay :
All our presale holders received all their tokens from Dxsale. This was done to avoid any form of confusion and issues.

A4. BSC has been revolutionary. Its been the most used chain recent times.
One of the reasons we chose BSC is due to the fees. You all bare with us that transactions have low gas fees on BSC compared to ETH. However, we look to expand to other chain to increase scalability.


@GertrudisHagenWhat projects do you consider competitors and What differentiates you from them, if there are any?

There is no need to brainstorm that Baby DogeCoin is our biggest competitor of SafeWolf
We just have a thrilling battle in voting on Cgk yesterday kindly check:
As you can see how violated Baby DogeCoin was the past few weeks while you can check the SW chart to verify the stability of our project:
In the end, we believe that sustainable development with the product will keep this project last forever, rather than making huge gains with the pump and dump cycle.
Here is the fun fact:
Wolf is the descendant of the Dog,
And SafeWolf is the great father of all types of Doge coins.

@HukaeabcI have read that your Safewolf wallet will be released soon where we can easily store, access & trade crypto assets in one of the most decentralized and secure wallets in Crypto. will it be available in app for Android & iOS? Also will there be KYC when creating an account?


So here is our upcoming Wolf Wallet will be. Yes, it will available on the App Store and Google Play
We working on the final stage. still we have to pick the right time to introduce the product.
We have planned to introduce it to the community later. Better wait for the market to recover.

@Deleted AccountNon-crypto user is very important for mainstream adoption. How you are planning to attract non-crypto users towards your project? Is there any upcoming partnership that will brings non-crypto user and real-use case?

Kay :
Thanks for your question.
One of our main aims is to push crypto and blockchain to the mainstream.

We believe we can achieve this with our blockchain product. Blockchain is a technology that can be applied in the real world. Hence our blockchain should disrupt several industries and increase mainstream adoption. This is because it allows non-crypto users to embrace the solutions the technology will provide for their sector. Be it health, agriculture, banking, and insurance. We decided to put our blockchain in a later part of the road map to aid mass adoption of crypto with more real user cases

Is the Safewolf platform suitable for Crypto beginners like me? Is it only of interest to professional users? How can I join in and develop your project?

Kay :

Yes. Safewolf is for everyone even the beginner. We do our best not to scare people with the technology. It will be user-friendly as possible. Not only for professionals.

Also, everyone is welcome to develop this project. It’s purely community-driven. You’re all welcomed. Your skills, your ideas, and any positive input are welcome.

@Deleted Account (Q) About 80% of investors have focused on short-term token prices instead of realising the true value of the project. Can you tell us about the incentives and benefits for investors to retain your tokens in the long run ????
SIR, Please answer my Question.
Thank You❤️


Yes, we’re aware that most tokens nowadays are pump and dump where big whales playing the market badly affect most of the small investors. And you may already know that the SafeWolf team focus on long term use for the benefit of our dear holders

First SafeWolf team is focused in making our products that will attract new investors to buy safewolf and hold.

If you hold SafeWolf holders have to option to increase their token. First, one is just simply holding since 4% of the token every transaction will be distributed to every holder the more you hold the more you’ll gain. The second one is by subject your SafeWolf token for Staking or in Farming in that ways you’ll get more tokens and contribute in adding price to SafeWolf by adding up to it

Based on our roadmap Q4 SafeWolf will have its own blockchain that will surely increase the demand for Safewolf which is a win-win for all holders

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