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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with OCTANS July 28, 2021. This guest star,

  • Justin — Team Member


Justin — Community — $OCTA :
Sure, my name is Justin and I am a member of the team at OCTANS. Before OCTANS I worked with other cryptocurrency projects in terms of marketing and providing community outreach such as this AMA. I was brought onto the OCTANS Team at the start of the project in order to engage as wide an audience as possible for the project. The project was created out of a major gaming company in Europe and several blockchain developers. I conduct an average of 5 AMAs per week and help create content that we push out across all of our social networks. I also host a weekly podcast / newscast type show on our official Twitch page.


Could you give us a simple description of the Octans? What is the vision and mission?

Justin — Community — $OCTA :
Sure. The goal at OCTANS is the creation of an Octaverse for the world. The Octaverse will include an online digital ecosystem consisting of an Octamarket, where users can purchase licensed (Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel, Disney) video gaming products and peripherals. The Octaverse will also include a vast NFT Marketplace with three different lines of NFT available for purchase and trade. In the long term the Octans will incorporate the use of our token within actual video games across a number of different platforms (two games of which are currently in development). If you enjoy gaming, you will surely benefit from holding and using our token.

What are the advantages of Octans? What are the highlight of Octans?

Justin — Community — $OCTA :
The best advantage our project has is that we have a major company directly backing us; Capital Games Portugal. The team at Capital Games has over 20 years of experience within the gaming industry and OCTA is an extension of the company and the utility and use case of our token is directly backed by Capital Games Portugal. We are not just a bunch of people who came together and decided to create a token. We are a token that was created from a major company with a grand vision who set about putting together a dedicated, full time, and hard-working team to turn that vision into a reality. The main highlight of OCTANS is the fact that we have such an established company backing the project. The experience and contacts within the video game industry Capital Games Portugal has will fuel OCTANS and keep the project expanding and meeting all the goals we set out to achieve. Everyone on the team (we have a team of around 20 people fully dedicated to the OCTANS project) has been with the project since the beginning and none of us are going anywhere.

About $OCTA token, can you explain about the tokenomics? How much supply is available? where will the token be allocated?

Justin — Community — $OCTA :
Absolutely! OCTANS started off with a supply of 1 quadrillion and burned half upon launch leaving the circulating supply at 500 trillion. OCTANS has an 8% tax on all buys, sells and transfers of the token. OCTANS is a deflationary cryptocurrency which incentivizes long-term holders. 4% of the 8% tax is sent to a liquidity pool (half of this gets burned forever) and the other 4% is distributed to all of our holders. This is built into our smart contract. As our daily volume increases you will see your balance of OCTANS increases as well. The project launched with a total token supply of 500 trillion. You can see a more detailed description of our tokenomics in our whitepaper here:

Security is the main thing that is very concerned by everyone. What actions does the Octans take to maximize its security?

Justin — Community — $OCTA :
In cryptocurrency scams are rife and when choosing a project to invest in it is essential for the investor to feel safe and secure putting their money into the project. To help achieve the highest level of safety and security with our investors our project has been fully audited by the industry leading smart contract auditing firm Certik. You can view the result of our audit here, We have Certik’s 24/7 security analysis agent “Skynet” enabled which continuously monitors the security of the project. The Octans project received a high score as a result of the Certik audit and has continued to remain at a high score. To even further gain the trust of potential investors all our devs and team members have been fully doxxed and show themselves weekly on our “Octawatch Mondays” stream on Twitch.

About roadmap, how far has Octans been developed at this time? and what will you realize in the future?

Justin — Community — $OCTA :
As of today, we have accomplished every single thing in time according to the roadmap on our website and we will continue to meet all of our goals within that time frame. In 2021, you can expect to see OCTA on even more exchanges. We are focusing on the process of getting listed on BitMart exchange and exchange. We anticipate to be listed on both of those exchanges in the coming months. Also, in 2021, both our Octamarket and NFT marketplace will be live and accessible through an entirely new website we are calling the “Octaportal.” Everything within the Octaverse will be accessible through the Octaportal. The products available for purchase on the Octamarket will be licensed through DC Comics, Star Wars, Disney and Marvel. This means you will be able to buy a vast range of video gaming accessories designed with all your favorite characters from these companies in mind. OCTANS is able to achieve this through our direct third-party merchandising licenses with these major companies. Our NFT marketplace will be incorporated within our Octamarket and contain three different lines of NFTS. For 2022, we will continue to apply for as many centralized exchanges as we can, keep adding items to the Octamarket and NFT Marketplace and release video games incorporating the use of our token within them. The future is very bright for our project and we are just beginning!


Do you plan for BSC more Your project in future? Do have plans to add your project in various blockchian in the future platform??

Justin — Community — $OCTA :
Right now, our project is on the Binance Smart Chain. BSC and Eth are two blockchains each with their respective use case and pro/cons. The advantage of our project being on the BSC chain is the speed and fees users incur when purchasing OCTANS is minimal. The BSC chain is much newer than Eth and therefore the amount of traffic on the network is less, thus creating much faster transaction speeds and lower fees paid when compared to projects on the Ethereum Network. In the long term, our goal is to break away from the BSC network and create our own blockchain.

Do you have any Github page or any sharing place so that people can look up your code, make sure that your project still growing up and people can trust to accompany the long-term project?

Justin — Community — $OCTA :
Right now, we do not have a GIthub which is public can view. The best place to look at the details of our code would be by reading through our Certik Audit and the best way to keep track of our project still growing is by visiting any one of our socials. We are all about transparency and we always keep our community updated with the current status of our project through all of our social networks. All of our Team Members are also available to speak with at any time on our Discord or Telegram.

Interestingly, in the Quarter 4 on your road map, there will be a NFT Marketplace in Octans. Could you please sneek peek me into how the market place will look like, its functions and also some amazing features of this marketplace?

Justin — Community — $OCTA :
We currently have a video preview showcasing our NFT marketplace made and we will be releasing it for the community early next week. The OCTANS NFT Marketplace will contain three different lines of NFTs.
⦁Premium Line — Three dimensional NFTs for interaction within virtual galleries.
⦁ Medium Line — Aimed at professional graphic designers and illustrators. These will be high quality NFTs.
⦁ Standard Line — These NFTs will take their inspiration from classic 8- and 16-bit games and will include animated gifs.
All the NFTs on our market will available to trade and exchange. Options to buy, sell and auction NFTs will be available as well. We are also in an ongoing search for NFT artists. If anyone here is an NFT artist or knows of one that would like to make use of our upcoming NFT Marketplace please reach out to any of the OCTANS Team Members.

Do you mention “COMMUNITY WALLET” on your website, and donate 20%. I want to know how do I check transparent transactions on that wallet? Also, do you work with any charity partners?

Justin — Community — $OCTA :
You can view the community wallet at any time here:
We have not spent any funds from the wallet yet and when we do, we will make sure the community knows exactly what the funds are being used for. And yes, in the future, after we launch our Octaportal we do have plans to become involved with charity organizations and donate to their causes, this has been discussed among the team and the details will be decided upon later.

Every $OCTA oct is subject to an 8% tax. 4% is locked and the other 4% given back to holders. So the platform doesn’t get any income by transactions, where does $Octans get revenues from to stay up to date and cover costs of the platform?

Justin — Community — $OCTA :
You are right, none of our revenues come from the 8% tax. Our project is fortunate in that we are fully backed by our parent company, Capital Games Portugal. Capital Games provides all the funds necessary to keep the project moving forward. We are paying for all of our centralized exchange listings ourselves and we also paid for our Certik Audit out of pocket. These are not cheap expenses but Capital Games Portugal is willing to do whatever it takes in order for OCTANS to succeed to the fullest extent!


Do you have any YouTube channel, or website for this project????,”
-From where we can learn something???,”

Justin — Community — $OCTAL :
Right now, we are available on Pancake Swap and WhiteBit exchange. The easiest way to purchase OCTA if you are newer to Crypto is through our “Octa-Swap” on our official website Everything is automatically filled in for you through our Octa-Swap portal and you simply need to connect your wallet to complete the purchase. Our official contract address is 0x86c3E4FfAcdB3AF628ef985a518cd6ee22A22b28.

Dear sir🥀Does your project support staking, to program? If yes. How is your stake, to system work what is the requirement, for user if they want to stake, in your platform???

Justin — Community — $OCTA :
Right now, we have staking in our roadmap for the future. After the release of the Octamarket and NFT marketplace we will begin to develop the staking aspect of our token. The details are still being discussed. With our listing on WhiteBit you will soon be able to take advantage of their “Smart-Staking” feature and stake your OCTA on their exchange.

Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and many project developed here so with your project what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have any plan to develop here??

Justin — Community — $OCTA :
After living and working in Vietnam for 5 years I have seen how the economy in Southeast Asia is growing at a rapid pace and the expanding middle class gets bigger with each passing year. Right now, we are focused on exposing as much of Southeast Asia to our project as possible. I have a number of upcoming AMAs with Vietnamese and Indonesian groups. I have seen by my own eyes how Southeast Asia is hungry for innovative technology and projects and I will do everything I can in my power to spread the word of our project across the entire area. Right now, we focus on exposing our project to non-English speaking area of the world through our Youtube influencer videos. Right now, we have OCTANS Youtube videos already out in Hindi and Russian where speakers of those languages can learn all about our project. We are always looking for more Youtubers from other countries to create videos for us. We have various compensation packages we provide to all Youtubers who decide to make a video promoting our project.

Have you being audited ? Have not heard you talk about that security of funds is what every investor craves for and plans to escape incase of insecurity if funds,scams and rug pulls ? How strongly built are your security put in place?

Justin — Community — $OCTA :
To help achieve the highest level of safety and security with our investors our project has been fully audited by the industry leading smart contract auditing firm Certik. You can view the result of our audit here, We have Certik’s 24/7 security analysis agent “Skynet” enabled which continuously monitors the security of the project. The Octans project received a high score as a result of the Certik audit and has continued to remain at a high score.

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about OCTANS.

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