Here’s our 120th AMA recap!



Starting with the very basics, can you provide a simple description Orion Money for our community? What is the vision and mission?
What makes Orion Money different from other DeFi projects? What are the advantages of Orion Money, on the other hand?
Can you explain the utility & usecases of ORION tokens in the Orion Money ecosystem?
Who are Orion Money current partners and backers?
What are the major milestones Orion Money achieved so far? What are your further plans for Orion Money that you can share with us here?


Orion Money provides Industry-Leading APY interest rates on stablecoins. Why did you choose stablecoins over cryptocurrency? And we all know that the market is unstable, How Orion Money give guarantee that the assets of user will increase even its bearish or bullish?
How will your project generate profits / income to sustain your project and what is the revenue model? How will it benefit your investors and your project?
When creating a financial platform you need to have an addictive factor, so users will spent more time in it, how do you keep users hooked after they know your platform? what makes Orion Money interesting as time pass by?
I’ve read that you have been working on minimizing ETH gas fees? So how was it so far? Are there solutions now on what to do with high Eth gas fees? Can you advise on how to minimize gas fees & slippage when depositing into #PrivateFarming & to #OrionSaver deposits?
With Orion Money,we can protect our principal money and yield with insurance. So,can you tell us what are the instances covered by the insurance you offer? Do you have any insurance company partnership? If yes,what insurance company would it be?


How many teams are there in your project? Is your team anonymous? If yes, do you have plans to be public in the near future?
I saw your initiative about providing airdrops for Luna Stakers and Orion Validator Delagators. How can we join this airdrop? Where can we stake out tokens and aside from the airdrop, what other perk can be benefit by participating on validating a node?
What is the next big step for your project?
The Orion Money platform is capitalizing on a significant untapped opportunity in the stablecoin savings market, what solutions does it offer to achieve better savings performance and more attractive operations?
While you build your project, you can medo you take into?? account community you feedbacks and demands????



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