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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with The HUSL September 23, 2021. This guest star,

  • Sapphire Adizes — Co Founder
  • Varun Bajaj — CEO


Varun :
we are the husl, and we are launching today! we are a musuic nft company seeking to empower creatives and let them interact with their fans using the power of blockchain

Sapphire :
Hello everyone!
Happy to be here and community very. very happy to be here. i am a cofounder of the hustle um, i really had uh the entire music portion.
of the company, um, i’m a music producer and artist, i’ve ah. have you know, had years and years and years of experience and music.
i started uh performing actually around four or five years old. i wrote my first symphony at fifteen i performed at lincoln center with my jazz quartet at eighteen.
produced and wrote an e p that i released on spotify. and it is just about to break two hundred million streams in the r and b genre. got uh, i’ve worked at the chain smokers in the studio and open for them.
b d m shows and flew out for the carney west camp a couple years ago, and basically, i’ve seen every single facet of the music industry and my fascination with blockchain.
and my excitement and passion about it is being able to utilize this technology to basically liberate artists and fans to have a financial communication with each other.
and uh, a funding mechanism for fans to be able to fund the artists they love and artists to you know, be able to speculate on how artists are being able to grow, and i really, really believe, yeah.
that we are in.
the beginning of a giant revolution in the music industry, so super excited to be here, and that’s a quick introduction about me and why i’m excited to be in the space.


1. Can you tell us simple description about THE HUSL, the idea, how it started? and specially why its needed?

Sapphire :
88% of international music industry income is taken by intermediaries. Artist and creatives are only able to take 12% of the income.
The functions that intermediaries perform is mostly the collection and distribution of funds coming from fans.
With blockchain and NFTS we are entering a quantum leap in music industry technology.
A revolution so to speak
The same revolution the Bitcoin poses on centralized banking NFTS pose to record labels.
What we at the husl believe in is disinheriting those intermediaries and providing a conduit for fans and artists to communicate
We believe in a world where fans will be able to directly fund artists career
Where fans can financially benefit from their favorite artist’s successes
Our entire core ethos is to serve the artist and really we ask ourselves the following:
What does a record label do?
Or really…what does a nieve artist think a record label does…
Many would be surprised to know that, just as an anecdote:
I made a song in 2017
It wasn’t released by the label until 2019
And I wasn’t paid until 2020
The music industry is broken
And in the same way that people cannot trust centralized banking artists cannot trust the intermediaries that are taking that 88%
We at the HUSL would like to with the innovative technology of blockchain, meta verses, and NFTs be the future record label.
The model of what a record label should be in this new era

2. How is the current THE HUSL project progressing in terms of NFT?

Sapphire :
Sorry can you please clarify?
Are you asking how are innovating with NFTS?
Or what NFTS are we launching soon?
Happy to give some alpha on those
If that’s what your asking, but wouldn’t want to misunderstand!
I’ll go ahead and answer how I understand
We are extremely excited to share some alpha
With this community
That has not been announced
Or really publicly described anywhere
On how we are “progressing” with NFTS
Am I understanding the question correctly?

At the HUSL we are committed to having artists that may be future super stars a chance to collaborate with super stars we already have on our roster
I am going to describe a roll out that so far as been private but on this launch day and for this special community I am excited to tell you all…
NFTS are much deeper than just a JPEG or a gif
Much like youtube was just cat videos in the beginning
People under estimated the power social media was going to have
NFTs have the same power and same disruptive ability to change the landscape as social media did and far more in the music industry then streaming did
I give this all as an exposition to describe a new product, because this new product is just that
A much deeper dive on what is possible
We have signed to our roster record producers with over 20 NO 1 platinum records…
Dozens of Grammys and truly some of the best to ever produce and write records
We will be releasing sample packs (basically sounds created by world class producers for other producers to be able to use in order to make beats) as NFTs at incredibly affordable price point
Then anyone with that NFT, which is extremely affordable, can make their one beat with that sample pack and upload it to the HUSL platform
We have producers who have produced young thug, produces from 808 mafia, Rick Ross, just to name a few
Once anyone who has the nft makes the beat with that incredible producer sample pack and upload it to the HUSL platform
Anyone who is STAKING HUSL token will be able to vote on which beat is the best
Once there is a top 10, we are partnered with a top 3 meta verse company soon to be announced, and anyone can enter the meta verse to see a panel with our top artists and producers to watch live in the meta verse who are the top 3
If you voted for the top 10, IE voted correctly that special beat is air dropped to you
The top 3 are invited on stage and can ask any question you want to the biggest names in music
about block chain about
Music industry and finally
On our expense
We will take our celeb rappers and singer and collaborate with you on those top 3 submissions
And finish it with our world class producers
3 weeks later
We will do the same but instead of a sample pack it will be with 3 beats
And instead of producers competing it will be rappers and singers
The top 3 rappers and singers that are chosen in the meta verse will be able to fly out and finish their track with the producer and whala
What do we have
3 tracks from 3 up and coming producers from competition 1
That are collaborations with already giant artists
And three up and coming artists that have collaborated with giant produces
And released as an NFT
For the world to own and re sell on the secondary markets
A royalty will go back to the upcomers giving them an ACTUAL CHANCE to monetize on their music
And all those who voted correctly will be able to own an NFT by the next super star
Imagine drake
18 year old drake
He’s out there
He’s in Canada In a basement
He’s writing noteboooks and notebooks full of diaries of lyrics
He only had one option
To sign a deal that music industry people call “slave contracts”
But now he has a chance to liberate himself
For the world to fund and benefit finically from
The word is changing
The revolution is coming

3. Can you tell more about HUSL tokenomics?

Sapphire :
Anyone can visit https://THEHUSL.IO
And see our tokenomics
We are very excited and think we have created a tremendous opportunity for our investors

4. Regarding security, has THE HUSL been audited?

Brian :
We have been audited and cleared with no vulnerabilities by Hacken

Audit Alert ❗️ 📄📄📄

👉 At The $HUSL, security of the platform will always be our #1 Priority.

👉 First Audit officially completed by Hacken.

🔐 Result: Well secured and no vulnerabilities.

Have peace of mind knowing when we go live Sept 23, your $HUSL tokens & NFTS are SAFU ✅

Check out the audit report HERE (

5. What are major milestones THE HUSL achieved so far and what are next 100 days plan?

J. Hernandez :
Hello, I am one of The HUSL co-founders. I think my partners had some technical difficulties. We have achieved so many milestones over the last 6 months from an idea to launching today. The best part of about the NFT world, it is so young and ready to continue to evolve, just like the HUSL. Over the next 100 days, we want to continue building our community, our platform utilities, and ground breaking NFT’s that the community will want and value.

Sapphire :
1. Oversubscribed our private round by a lot and really have been insanely selective on who is able to participate. In my time in blockchain I have NEVER seen so many different KOLS and a project have such an amazing response on crypto Twitter.
2. We have signed artists with dozens of Grammys and No 1s. From Busta Rhymes to members of 808 mafia (young thug, future, etc), we are in talks with artists that have literally changed all of our lives, The Who’s who of hip hop The Who’s who of R&B.
We are in the middle of our most exciting day our launch!
And we really look forward to making the dream and vision that is the NEW music industry a reality.
From the products I described above
To generative beats, competitions, mixtapes and more.
For more information visit our website, check our announcement page, and follow us on Twitter.
The revolution will be on the blockchain
The HUSL where your playlist is your portfolio.

Brian :

Well, listen, i think that’s an amazing question and a great way to m s a m a. you know, before i answer, i just want to thank the infinity chain team. you guys have been amazing hosts were.
humbled to you know, give a back and forth with one of the biggest, most influential communities in crypto on telegram, so i just want to thank everybody who’s joining us for this a m a, everyone who submitted questions.
the hosts and moderators, you guys are amazing and you know we’re really excited to partner with you guys on this and.
as it relates to some of our biggest milestones, i mean, look, you know, this is a project that at software mentioned, you know, five, six months ago started in its infancy from an idea to realizing.
revolutionizing music industry. as sapphire mentioned earlier. today, you know, over eighty eight percent of the music industry revenue from artist work is going to middlemen, right. so we identify this opportunity.
disinherit some of these traditional intermediaries by leveraging blockchain technology, specifically that around erc seven twenty one contracts, which can simplify it.
the collection and payment of royalties to musicians and take a lot of the ugly stuff out of the middle of a transaction that should really only occur between an artist and a fan.
right, so you know from that.
perspective, you know. taking this from a concept to a reality over the last couple of months has really been. i think our biggest accomplishment, but you know what’s more important and what i think is gonna be something that’s gonna really excite people is.
you know, we’ve begun to make, you know really exciting waves within the music community. we’ve been able to sign buster rhymes, a legendary recording artist with over thirteen.
grammy nominations you know, young blue who is tearing up the charts right now. he’s somebody that has the top independent album on billboard, and he’s in the top twenty five. he’s somebody.
has been an independent artist, understands that nfts are the next revolution of independent music and the way that artists you know, transact and you know, share.
music and art and ideas and culture with our fans and.
i think if you tie that together with.
the collection of producers that sapphire helped us put together with spiff tv, legendary producer that worked on all the wrong stuff, whose.
you know, partnered with some of the biggest artists in the world to palestinian gum boy who have twelve number one hits on billboard over the last two years.
to mike and keys, who have worked with the likes of snoop dog and produce literally every song on nipsey hussle’s last album to sapphire in his own.
somebody that has two hundred million streams on spotify, right, so i mean, i think that our biggest accomplishment in milestones thus far have been the ability to build one of the strongest teams in blockchain.
literally the strongest team as it relates to music around blockchain. and we put ourselves in our token participants in a position to be wildly successful.
and be part of a, you know. movement that literally, as sapphire said, has the ability to shake the music industry and create a revolution across nft technology.
and the way that music is transacted and sold to fans.


Q1. THE HUSL is a platform for musicians, where any musician or artist can convert their music into NFT & sell it. What audiovisual tools does HUSL offer musicians? What benefits does HUSL provide to musicians? And how can HUSL help the clueless musician to create NFT?

Sapphire :
Let me see for this one if I can make my voice memo work while the others respond

Brian :
At current….our collections are curated
We do not offer just ANY artist to create music and sell on our platform

J. Hernandez :
At his time we are a curated music platform meaning we choose who is featured. We dont have a feature at this time to allow everyone to upload their work

Brian :
However…in our road map is a stake weighted voting mechanism that will allow our community to vote on submissions and serve as a quality control filter to ensure that the best independent artist have an opportunity to be heard…based on their support from token holders…and to prevent our platform from being watered down…

Sapphire :
As brian said. you know, yeah, our collections currently are curated. you know, we really want to make sure that we provide at least.
but forever, but we really want to make sure that we create the best content possible. of course, anybody can submit for the competition in contest, but we wanna create the.
confidence possible. so that being said, you know, with the artists that we work with. we also have a a a big ah slew a big pan of unbelievable visual artists. you know that, that really do the cutting edge d polygon.
on work in the cutting edge, you know, i don’t know how to describe it on the visual arts. but you know when when the when the when something explodes with glitter, and it has all these speckles that you know, you can see everywhere, and we match it to.
my music or different artists music and you know, with the artists that we work with, we really are committed to helping them not only with minting what they have, but also.
helping them connect with the best visual artists they have, and we also, you know. we’re honored to be working with. i think, the best public relations and the best marketing firm that has anything to do with crypto in the world. i.
really shout out to luna, and you know we work with luna in order to make sure that we market, and you know, publicize the artist work.
um, i think that’s one, but you know, to really tailor to exactly what your question is is, i think from the contest product that i showed above, i mean, that’s the pathway for up and coming artists in order to.
win a chance to be able to collaborate with their artists and monetize, and and of course, when you know those people that are selected, they have a chance to be able to work with us in order to you know.
like i said from the visual artist connections to the minting and the blockchain presentations to the marketing connections into the connections to the giant bigg celebrities.

Q2. Many platforms have reported that they plan to define the specific value of the NFTs, but if the value of them really is the one implemented by the creators, since he is the one that gives meaning to the collectible, how could The HUSL define the value fairly of the NFT?

Brian :
Secondary Market Value as it relates to NFTS is dictated by the markets sentiment and interest in a particular collectible…Thats something we never plan on influencing outside of creating contests and engaging campaigns to motivate collectors to take interest in our collections….

That’s the beauty of blockchain…the community makes the rules…and the prices

Brian :
As it relates to initial pricing on primary market sales however….

Sapphire :
It depends on for WHAT and WHO this is for…

Brian :

J. Hernandez :
100% the price should always be implemented by the creator, but sometimes the actual selling value vs. their emotional attachment hinders the creators price. Its our job to show them the data that implements a price thats fair to the creator and consumer….Without the consumer, nothing sells…I hope I answered the question

Sapphire :
For something like the competition we want to make the price as low as possible for ANYONE to be able to enter

Brian :
Our artists have unfettered ability to engage their fans in the way THEY believe is best

Sapphire :
But a one of one piece that is a highly coveted item attached to real world product 👀
Is a very different case
But at the end of the day
We want what the artist wants

Q3. Does the HUSL platform has a copyright verification feature where it can detect and determine whether a recording/music file that user want to turn into an NFT is complete original and does not violate any copyrights infringement?

Brian :
Like we mentioned earlier…at current we don’t accept user submissions…so no need for that tech…

However it is necessary to implement prior to public minting features and we are in discussions with partners to implement exactly what you reference.

Q4. Where will IDO The HUSL take place? How much does HUSL price during IDO? What are the requirements to join? And after the IDO, has it been decided which exchange will be listed?

Brian :
I’ll take that one…
Our IDO is taking place simultaneously on CHAINBOOST, MOONSTARTER, AND TRUSTPAD.

Each launchpad has its own requirements…so I’d urge you to reference their sites for complete details on participation.


I would urge Infinity Chain members to follow us on social media @the_husl on Twitter an Instagram
And Join our telegram channel for up to the minute info on Uniswap listing and other info
Link here:
The HUSL (Official)
Be more than a fan, be part of the HUSL. Empowering Music Creatives worldwide.

Q5. Can you share some news about the partnership that The Husl currently has? Who are The Husl’s partners? What are the benefits of the partnership that The Husl has? And who are the partner targets that you want to achieve in the future?

Brian :
We are excited to announce our planned integration with Chainlink to implement their VRF function to provide probably random outcomes of our staking rewards mechanism and community giveaways and contests

Sapphire :
You know, the first partnership that came straight to mind that i’m just so excited to be able to announce is with chain link, you know, i’ve been a marine.
we’re quite some time now heavily heavily invested, probably to a lot of my bitcoin maxi friends, and they’re like, oh, my god. you really, you know. you believe in chain link, and it’s just because i i i think what they they’re doing is unbelievable.
and you know. we’re going to be working with them, you know, they have the vrf, obviously, so many different things that we can do in terms of lottery ticket winnings for experiences backstage with our artists.
proven on chain to generative artwork and generative beats where the avatar is matched to different stems or elements of the song, that chain link creates the on chain.
generative matching of the different elements, you know, it goes on and on to you know, they’ve done something with la mello ball. where there’s an f.t.that basically changes based off the statistics that.
of of you know how.
how well he’s doing in his different stats as an athlete we’re doing. we’re going to do a similar thing with our artists. we’ll have.
you know, if every time let’s say, buster rhymes specific.
amount of streams or specific amount of awards or something we’re going to match that to the n.f.t.changing, and it’ll be. you know, live, so so really you.
just in general. like oracle and what gene link does if you are evident and whatnot and all these different products that we want to do, i really think is going to be revolutionary in the music industry and be able to utilize them.
i’ll let bryan and jason speak about all the others because you know, i took me two minutes to describe.

Brian :
Also, we have a number of exciting partnerships within the music industry to help provide sustainable deal flow that will help us connect our community with some of the most exciting musicians of today as well as iconic stars of the past
As for other partnerships…there’s quite a bit in the pipeline that we will be pleased to announce in coming days and weeks.

Follow us on social for details as they break…

Wish I could share more…but this is just the tip of the iceberg


Do you think is more important:?
√Token Price.🔰
If all of the above is important to you which should come first?
Thanks you

Brian :

J. Hernandez :
Community 100%

For any crypto project, 1% of its success comes from the idea itself. 99% comes from execution. I have seen many projects fail due to lack of expertise & understanding of how the cryptosphere works. Does have the qualified team needed to fulfill all your goals?

Brian :
Our team consists of a cross functional group of professionals with experience in driving successful businesses mixed with some of the greatest minds in 🎶

This gives me unwavering confidence that HUSL has the right to win

Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Brian :
No gimmicks here sir

What is the Best way to follow All your Upcoming news and updates?What are your plans in coming Future?

Brian :
@the_husl on Twitter and Instagram…

Or in our tg channel:The HUSL (Official)
Be more than a fan, be part of the HUSL. Empowering Music Creatives worldwide.

Check out The HUSL (@The_HUSL):

How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far and how do you aim to revolutionize the field of blockchain and NFT?

J. Hernandez :
We all come from diverse backgrounds and professions. From an attorney, to Financial Services executives, to a music artist/producer. This allows us to manage the business from every aspect along with the insight and vision to plan for the future. The NFT world is so new, it has limitless capabilities that we are exploring from metaverse to different music opportunities.

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about The HUSL.

Join our Telegram Group and you can talk directly with other Communities and enjoy some of the events that we created. We are always here to support.




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