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  • Kartikeya Behl — Tech Evangelist


Kartikeya :
With an awesome team of 20 people, Duelist King aims to transform the way people play, participate and earn in card games through top-notch game play, asset designs and advocacy for the sustainable future of Win2Earn.
Powered by in-house Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Oracle and Random Number Generator, Duelist King offers dual values for investors from token utilities and card sales (projected at roughly 40 million USD). Please check us out!

The Duelist King project kick-started in February earlier this year, the founder/CEO Chiro drafted a technical lite-paper around fair distribution model. The founding team is a strong believer in the power of blockchain in bringing fairness and equality to game assets distribution, defragmenting the centralized power of game distributors and empowering the community to grow and scale any game.

Community power, democracy and transparency have become the underpinnings of Duelist King. The project aims to transform the way people play, participate and earn by promoting a Win-to-earn system, encouraging users to enjoy and engage in the game and subsequently earn from the game.


Kartikeya :
Duelist King (DK) is a democratized card game whereby all decisions made on the card issuance, distribution and proceeds allocation are governed by decentralized mechanics on blockchain for proven fairness, transparency and best interests for the community.

DK was powered by the DKDAO platform, a meta-ecosystem for game distribution and digital assets issuance. Thanks to the distinct permissionless, verifiable and community-driven power of blockchain democratization and decentralization, DK aims to transform the way people buy, collect, play, trade and earn in card games.

Kartikeya :
In short our differentiators can be recapped as follows:
- Absolutely randomized, verifiable and fair distribution infrastructure infused with gambling excitement through mystery box offering
- Playable demo available ready
- Top-notch game designs and game play in progress
- Last but definitely not least, community empowerment.
- Advocacy for #Win2Earn — encouraging people to Enjoy — Engage — Earn from the game for a more sustainable business model and earnings model for the community

We do not just engage the community as gamers but collectors, designers and investors are more than welcome. Also our community members can get to vote and pick their favorite game play, game design and also propose how the game operations should take place.

This will follow the DAO governing model that we have designed for Duelist King and also can be leveraged for other gaming studios who wish to pursue the fair distribution and community empowerment features that we advocate.

Also our team are domain experts in blockchain and also gaming side so I believe you have every reason to be bullish about us.
Please follow us at @DuelistKingNFT for our exciting milestones 😉

Kartikeya :
10,000,000 DKT (Duelist King Token) will be issued and token holders will have rights for governance voting. Token holders of DKT are able to participate in DAO governance by locking their tokens to gain voting power.

Furthermore, the tokens come with a number of utilities including life-time discount to mystery boxes, staking to mint rare NFTs, and cash-out rewards in the game.

Our tokenomics can be referred from here

Kartikeya :
NFTs will be issued on Fantom and we plan to issue tokens on BSC later. As we are going on OccamFi we will be building a bridge with other chains including Cardano and Solana in the future. Cross-chain is definitely a must for a global and community-oriented game and we are planning to do that with our own platform and also through partnership with our allies.

DePay among other partners that we are working with are also looking into fiat on-ramp and credit card payment to appeal to mainstream gamers and users.

We are acquiring some key partnerships with DePay payment solution provider, Refinable NFT marketplace, Ludena Protocol for social gaming platform engagement and JennyDAO for more rare NFTs. As you can see we are rounding up our partnership circle with credible names that can bring huge benefits to our users. We do other promotion, airdrops and community schemes too — just that everything will tie back to the community and we want to make you feel like the owners of Duelist King as well.

We are also proud to say we just announced our upcoming IDO on the Occamfi platform which will be taking place on the 21st of October! Follow us to stay updated!

Kartikeya :
The focus for now would be to launch the game ASAP cause I know our community is rooting for that 😄 We just completed our first initial NFT offerings and will do more batches of card sales in the next couple of weeks before our IDO by mid October and game launch in November.

At the moment, Duelist King has raised over 1M from seed and strategic investors so far, which including BoostXLabs, BX Ventures, Momentum6, Magnus Capital, Shima Capital, GD10 Capital, Everse Capital (AshWSB) , Astronaut Capital, Exnetwork, AU21, X21 digital, Banter Capital, Autonomy Capital and 10 other VCs. Other milestones coming up is Q2, 2022 — Launch PvP and multi-play feature and Q3, 2022 — Community empowerment with DAO launch, AirDrop to contributors and other Community engagement schemes.


Kartikeya :
The online card game is getting more popular while there has been little move from other projects in the market to develop a full-fledged and blockchain-agnostic online NFT card game platform

Duelist King will be designed as a decentralized card game where both upstream and downstream solutions such as tokenization, distribution algorithms and governance are conducted through decentralized tools such as dRNG, decentralized oracle and DAO, while keeping the experiences for card games intact.

Kartikeya :
We are offering the game play in Gwent style first yet there are 2 play modes — Free2Play which is more newbie friendly and the standard version that offers a higher strategization skills. Also Standard mode requires you to have 22 cards equivalent to 22 USD which is fairly low in terms of entry barrier vs. other card games so we do believe we can onboard more mainstream users.

Kartikeya :
Yeah, I think there are many differences between blockchain games and traditional games and ‘Play to Earn’ is just one of them. The traditional game platform is quite rigid in terms of development and game setting — external parties cannot contribute, alter or vote for their favorite game design, game play or trade assets between different games. However this also presents lots of opportunities for blockchain to decentralize games, break the silos between games and defragment the distributor’s absolute power.

What matters with ‘Play2Earn’ is that it helps increase the experiences and incentives for users. TO us the experience of game players is the most important thing, that’s why our message is Free2Play — Play2Win — Win2Earn. This might sound old-schooled but we believe that the sustainable way to move forward with the game is to entice people with the GAME itself to Enjoy — Engage — Earn in the game.

Kartikeya :
The community means everything to us in the game — we want to invite them as owner, creator, voter and investor in our ecosystem regardless of their backgrounds. Duelist King will kickstart the game yet we will invite the community to join in and vote for their favorite design, game play and even contribute designs to the game if they have a knack for design 😎 Another interesting feature is “”card personalization”” where we will issue a limited number of auction-based slots for community members to buy “”card molds””, input their designs, buy customized packets of scores and configure their own cards.

Kartikeya :
The team is currently developing the PC version for now. The mobile version will be released soon subsequently since we build on Unity Engine that allows faster optimization and adaptation between laptop and mobile.

You can buy this from our website. We sell boxes at a flat price of 5USD and you can get randomized designs from a Legendary to a common card. You will need 22 cards to be able to play our standard mode. You can try out the game in the Free2Play mode to Learn essentials and you dont need to have 22 cards for it!


Kartikeya :
We plan to integrate local language support. As for us, we ourselves are a global team so we do understand the need for localisation. We will have region specific communities soon to onboard anyone who wants to be a part of our journey and not limit them by their language.

Duelist King aims to be a truly global project with networks all over the world🙂

Kartikeya :
We are a community driven and focused game. We plan to integrate our community’s approach and idea into every aspect of our game. This is made possible by giving the community the power to vote for their card designs, feedback on the gameplay and introducing the project in thier own respective regions.

It is an all inclusive game which has something for everyone, be it an investor, collector, creator or a gamer! We wish to see you on the game very soon!

Decentralized mechanics include Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and decentralized Random Number Generator (dRNG). The two latter tools are built-in input processors that power the distribution of cards in a fair and transparent way. Unlike traditional distribution scheme of card games in lootboxes where the distributor has offered anything but transparency and fair supervision of distribution, DK uses a oracle to process external inputs to a decentralized RNG in a manipulation-proof and 100% random process, allowing fair distribution of card;


Kartikeya :
we have a core team who are vert strong at cryptography also we do have a plan of audit and there will be at least 2 auditors.

Kartikeya :
We have a background of professionals who are experts in the crypto field. With over 5 years of experience in this niche field, we are confident that our team has all the skills required to be a successful project. We are global, as we have a team of people who operate from Vietnam, India and even Europe. Community is the pillar of our project and we are inclusive as we take them into account for our decisions.

Kartikeya :
. Generational NFT Card Game
2. Community Focused and Driven
3. Promotes Play2Win & Win2Earn
4. Value for Creators, Collectors, Investers and Gamers.

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