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Elvin :
Hi everyone! I’m Elvin, CEO of Manga Token.

I’ve been in the software industry for many years, coming to 14 years soon.

My role has always been in managing tech businesses.

And today I’m here to share with you about Manga Token & our platform Trophee; my latest stint.

Manga has always been my passion, in fact I read it everyday.

Plus I watch lots of anime as well.

Late last year it struck me, since I really enjoy manga & anime why not start a business around it. Hence the birth of our project.


What is Manga? How it started? Can you share with us more detail?

Elvin :
Manga Token is a BEP20 rewards token on the Binance Smart Chain that you can also use to redeem Manga NFTs, stake and participate in the many other activities in our manga token ecosystem.

It started when I thought I should do something about my passion. Hence I then reached out to many people in the industry for help and put together the team as you can see on our website today.

The key purpose of the project is to reward manga artists and authors for their great work in creating so many entertaining materials and works for us consumers to enjoy.

In order to do so, this token needs to be backed by fans as well as a strong community.

To do that, we have also incorporated features to reward end users with Manga NFTs through various mechanisms.

And to foster the community spirit, enabling trade amongst the community using Manga Token as the medium of trade will help to strengthen that bond between community members & mangaka(s).

I would like to think of Manga Token as a membership entry pass to the greater Otaku group worldwide.

What type of NFT does Manga focus on? What will be the competitive advantages and features to compete in the market? What benefits do Manga will bring to us?

Elvin :
Our focus is on manga related NFTs, it can also extend to anime content as well.

That means we work with the original mangaka(s), manga artists/ authors, to turn their works into digital collectibles.

Which is delivered to the consumers in the form of NFTs.

We are trying to make digital collectible the de facto standard for manga rewards & collection.

As most manga fans probably already know, physical merchandise today make up all the collectibles there are on the market for both the manga & anime industry.

Being physical means, giving them out to fans as rewards becomes a logistics nightmare. Thus limiting the in-manga contest to very specific geolocations.

But by turn collectibles & merchandises digital, we help mangaka(s) broaden their distribution channel hence allowing manga fans worldwide to be included in all mangaka-to-fan activities.

This means, the Manga Token project aims to benefit both the mangaka(s) and fans by bridging the gap between both fans & mangaka(s).

Fans get to support their favourite mangaka(s) with no barrier at all. And mangaka(s) get to than their fans by providing NFTs as digital collectibles that are worth keeping.

Could you tell more about Manga tokenomics?

Elvin :

The total supply of $MANGA is 20,000,000,000, in the entire lifetime of the project.

Most of these tokens are locked up now and we have slightly over 500M tokens in circulation.

The tokens are deflationary.

As our tokens get released into the market gradually, we will be buying back the tokens to burn with 20% of our monthly profit from month 24 onwards, once we turn profitable.

The breakdown of our tokens distribution is as follow:

12.5% to our token sale,
10% to advisors,
10% to the team,
2% for marketing,
15% for rewards mining,
10% for liquidity mining,
13.5% to reserves,
16.5% to our treasury,
0.5% for DEX liquidity and
10% for our Project starter

I’d like to particularly mention that the liquidity mining is meant for rewarding users whom help us to provide liquidity into Pancakeswap.

The rewards mining portion is meant for rewarding mangaka(s) and community manga translators.

And last the Project starter portion is meant to support new manga projects by providing liquidity for tokens of these new projects.

Which platforms can be used to the exchange $MANGA tokens now?

Elvin :
You can get $MANGA at Pancakeswap & Bitmart now.

Our link for Pancakeswap:

Our link on Bitmart:

What are major milestones Manga achieved so far and what are next 100 days plan?

Elvin :
I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that our legendary Goseki Kojima auction is starting tomorrow at

We will be auctioning off Goseki — Female Ninja Oboro, and in order to participate you will need to do KYC as well as own a Premium Auction Membership card.

Which brings us back to our major milestones achieved so far:

1. We’ve launched the Beta version of our marketplace in late July 2021 & we have now upgraded since the beginning of the week
2. Launching Goseki Kojima’s art as in our upcoming auction
3. Launched our Unifarm cohort pool

So what to expect in the next 100 days or so?

Tomorrow we are pushing out our peer-to-peer trading feature to allow users to trade their manga NFTs.

In about 3 months, we will be launching our manga reader mobile app where end-users will be able to read manga, trade their NFTs and show off their NFT collections. At the same time, our manga translation collaboration platform will be up as well.

Early next year we will be pushing our manga project starter platform for users to support manga related projects.


What are the main factors that the algorithm that generates this index will consider to determine the Manga NFT value, does it depend on the title or manga genre to produce an efficient index score?

Elvin :
The algorithm will take into account:
a) Recent viewership to determine popularity
b) All time viewership to determine the intellectual property lifetime value
c) Recency of purchases
d) Frequency of purchases
e) Purchase value
f) Rarity
g) Quantity of sold and unsold pieces
h) Leaderboard statistics

These will provide the raw scores for a particular title. However what of the new titles or less known titles?

Not the panic, these scores will also be used to predict the scores for genres as well to ensure that all manga gets covered.

Why do so is because titles like dragon ball & one piece have like 20 years of viewership data, no new manga out there can compare with that amount of viewship.

So to even out the game, we took genre into consideration.

In future, as our AI department expands & improve we can even take content data like forum discussions, search popularity, density of related topics online & even content on youtube into consideration.

I can see that in your platform, you plan to stake NFT exchange of rewards. How would you calculate the hash power of each NFT and the amount of MANGA tokens rewards to the NFT holders? Will it be based on rarity and quantity?

Elvin :
We are still in the midst of planning NFT staking mechanisms. But staking $MANGA to earn NFT is already planned.

It is fairly simplistic and easy for everyone to understand.

We’ll soon be holding monthly contests for users to vote for their favourite manga or mangaka.

From the number of votes we will then reward the users according to their vote ranking.

The person putting in the highest number of votes gets the first prize, next person the second prize, so on & so forth..

Each contests’ content is different so be on the look out is see what you can potentially win.

Recently the team Introduced the Premium membership card! What are the benefits for the Premium card holders?
How many memberships will be available in total?
And how can i get myself a premium membership?

Elvin :
The Trophee Premium Auction Membership card, as the name says it all is for users to participate in all our premium auctions.

From time to time we will be inviting famous mangaka(s) to put up some of their works on auction on

These auctions will only be opened to the card holders only.

In any case, this Premium Auction Membership card comes in the form of an NFT.

Only a limited number of 100 is being released this time.

You can also treat it like a collectible as it can be resold as well.

Think of it like a Country Club lifetime membership, only members will be able to gain access to members-only sections. And the only way to get the membership later on is to buy it from an existing member.

For now you can get our Premium Auction Membership card at

Are there any plans to launch an app version like Webtoon or any other manga reading platform, because as we know one of the most popular methods to attract more users and more adoption for Manga Token?

Elvin :
Yes, it is in our roadmap to launch our manga reader mobile app either in December 2021 or January 2022.

Not only that, as everyone who reads manga will also know that manga is typically mainly published in Japanese.

In line with the manga reader, we are also launching a manga collaboration platform for fans translators to help mangaka(s) translate their works.

For every viewer that reads the translated manga, both the mangaka & the fan translator will be rewarded with $MANGA.

So stay tuned!

BlackDragon, AiWork, IR21 Capital, and ProStarter are among the companies with which Manga Token has announced collaborations. Could you please let us know what criteria you’ll be using to select a partner? How can users benefit from all these collaborations?

Elvin :
In terms of criteria, we select partners whose goals are aligned with ours.

Either to help grow our community

Help increase our traction

or help reduce our efforts in building something that already exists.

From these collaborations, $MANGA holders can expect our project to progress faster as well as see further tractions on our platforms.


How much % will your project team get from this project MANGA , what will you do with that % and do your team intend to stick with this project for a long time?

Elvin :
As per our token distribution, our team gets 10% of the entire $MANGA. Our tokens are locked in for 12 months from starting from our token launch date, and these tokens will be slowly released to the team linearly over the period of 24 months thereafter.

We are running this as a for profit company with the intention of running this for the next 10 to 20 years. Hence we are in no hurry to release the total token supply, rather it would take 55 months for the entire supply to be completely released.

Currently from where i can buy ? Is it possible that I can get only by holding it?

Elvin :
You can get $MANGA through Pancakeswap or Bitmart.

If you are interested in only holding, consider staking it with Unifarm:

Alternatively you can also contribute to our LP on Pancakeswap and stake the LP tokens in our Liquidity Farms:

Do you have user manual or short videos that would guide potential users of project to safely navigate your platform?

Elvin :
We are currently making more of them, but you can find most of our instructional & promotional youtube videos here:

Burning is a great way to decrease the token fluctuation which will have a positive price impact. What other do you have to increase the price value of $MANGA Tokens? Also please explain your “Burning Mechanism “.To add to that what are the major utilities of $MANGA Token?

Elvin :
Once our platform turns profitable in 24 months, we will start to buy tokens back from the open market to burn with 20% of our monthly profits.

$MANGA has 4 main utilities:
1) Redeem manga NFTs from
2) Liquidity mining in our farms
3) Staking to stand a chance to win Manga NFTs
4) Get allocation to participate in the tokens sales of new manga related projects

How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates??

Elvin :
You can find our project updates on:

Also for Manga NFT updates you can find them at:

Telegram Chat | Telegram Channel | Twitter | Website | Medium | Instagram | Discord | Facebook

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about Manga Token.

Join our Telegram Group and you can talk directly with other Communities and enjoy some of the events that we created. We are always here to support.



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