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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with SnowlCoin October 21, 2021. This guest star,

  • Ömer Salur — CEO
  • Serhat Memik — DEV


Ömer :
I’m Ömer Salur. I am a lawyer in Turkey. I’m also a lecturer at the university. I have a special interest in cryptocurrencies and software.

Serhat :
My name is Serhat and i am a software developer and cofounder of SNOWL project.


What’s SNOWL? Can you share with us more details?

Serhat :
SNOWL is a TRC-20 token built on the TRON network. It has a project that aims to combat global warming. While doing this, it also aims to establish its own cryptocurrency exchange.

What triggers you to launch SNOWL? What are some of the real-world problems/pain points that SNOWL aims to solve? What solutions will SNOWL offer us?

Serhat :
The aim of SNOWL is to combat global warming and to raise awareness about global warming. Many animals and plants in the world are affected by this situation. For example, snowy owls are among the first victims of global warming, their numbers are gradually decreasing. Their numbers fell from 300,000 to 30,000. The name of the project comes from here. 10% of SNOWL’s supply will be transferred to the union to combat global warming. In this way, we want to create global awareness.

Could you tell us more about SNOWL tokenomics? How much total $SNOWL supply? Where will the token be allocated?

Serhat :
SNOWL tokens have been created 10 million units. There will be no more production. Supply is constant.
-10 percent combat global warming.
-10 percent advertising and management expenses
-10 percent airdrop
-20 percent is reserved for the token to establish its own exchange. Once the crypto market is established, token burning will begin.

Can you explain the SNOWL roadmap now?

Serhat :
-It will be listed on Coingecko.

-It will be listed on Coinmarketcap.

-It will be listed on various centralized exchanges. Airdrop events will be held after listing.

-When the total market size of SNOWL reaches 100,000,000 US dollars after being listed on the centralized exchanges, the persons who have more than one-thousandth of the total supply in their wallets will be called upon to prove the balance amounts in the presence of a notary public (the place, date and time will be determined by the announcement), in order to determine the shareholders who will be entitled to the joint-crypto company of the cryptocurrency exchange to be established. After counting in the presence of a notary public, the SNOWL tokens of the token holders will be collected in a common pool wallet to be returned and will be returned to them when the count is finished. These investors will own the shares of the joint-crypto company to which the crypto market will be affiliated, according to the ratio of the number of tokens in their wallets. In other words, token holders will become shareholders in the crypto exchange to be established, whose main capital is 20% of the total SNOWL supply. The exchange to be established will accept SNOWL as a crypto exchange coin and will allow exchange customers with SNOWL balance to pay less commission if they accept a transaction fee payment on the SNOWL balance. In addition, according to the company’s articles of association, the crypto market will buy Snowy Owl Coin (SNOWL) from the board with a third of its net income every quarter of the year and send the tokens burning. Thus, the reverse inflation system will operate in our token, and the tokens of those who hold will become even more valuable.

- When the total value of the project reaches 200,000,000 US dollars, 10% of that amount will be donated to an association established by a team from our community to combat global warming. In the founding charter of the association, it will be stated that a maximum of 2% of the total SNOWL supply can be sold by the management of the association within a year, and a maximum of 0.2% within a month. Thus, it will be ensured that the activities of the association are continuous and that SNOWL investors are not adversely affected.

- When all these are completed, the project will be successful.

I tried to summarize briefly. A more detailed road map can be viewed on our website.

Do you have any interesting news or updates about SNOWL that you would like to share with us here?

Ömer :
We are listed on exchange on 21.10.2021(tomorrow). There will also be a trade competition on the exchange. Reward: $10.000 (40.000 SNOWL). We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.


So, do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?

Serhat :
We have burning programs. As detailed in the whitepaper, the crypto exchange that will be established and burn SNOWL with 1/3 of its net profit. You can view detailed information from the whitepaper on the website.

Can you list 1–3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Serhat :
1-Giving the opportunity to become a shareholder in the stock exchange to be established
2-Reverse inflation system
3-The idea of combating global warming, which may be of interest to everyone globally.
4-Free transactions infrastructure

SNOWL is a TRC-20 token built on the Tron network. Why is the network built on top of TRC-20? I see few projects building on TRC20 because of its scalability, poorer interoperability than other blockchains like Polygon or Solana. So what goal will TRC20 help the project achieve?

Serhat :
Free transactions are possible with the smart contract software of this token, which is built on the Tron network. In addition, the TRON network uses Delegated Proof of Stake infrastructure. In this way, unlike Proof of Work, it is much more environmentally friendly. Its carbon footprint is very low. This creates consistency for the fight against global warming, which is the purpose of the project.

What kinds of projects are you looking to incubate and launch? Specifically, are you focused on innovation or are you open to any legitimate project planning to launch on Cardano?

Serhat :
Our aim is to combat a global problem while at the same time enabling people to secure their investments. In addition, when the project grows on a global scale, we will further increase our recognition by collaborating with environmental non-governmental organizations. On the other hand, we have no plans for the Cardano network.

How much do you value your community and what role do they play in major decisions taken and are you truly democratic

Serhat :
Our community is very important to us and we will be together with our friends until we achieve success. If you want to get more clear information about this subject, you can join our telegram group and learn the details from other friends :)

Telegram Group:


Which areas are your SNOWL projects focused on and where are you planning to expand in the near future?

Ömer :
Our project was established to combat global warming around the world. We’ll be listed on the exchange tomorrow. Then we will also be listed on many exchanges. We’ll reach the target. We believe it. 😊👍

Nowadays Most investors are looking for short term profits. They will sell the token as soon as it is listed on the exchange. So does the SNOWL project have any plans to prevent investors from selling tokens early? Do they get any benefit from holding SNOWL tokens?

Ömer :
This token will set up its own exchange. Twenty percent of the total supply was allocated for this. You will be entitled to become a shareholder in the stock exchange to be established. In addition, once the crypto market is established, the burning process will begin. In other words, this project gives the right to be a partner in an official company and, conversely, becomes a very attractive investment tool with its inflation structure.

With Snowl,the person who have more than one thousand of the total supply in their wallets will be called upon to prove the balance amounts in the presence of a notary public. Why there is a need to prove of their wallet balance?Why need to be in the presence of a notary public?

Serhat :
To be official and give more confidence to investors.

PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATIONS are the backbone in making every project more widespread. Can you list some of ur partners with us?

Serhat :
For now, our partner is the exchange, which we will list tomorrow. We will also make deals with different exchanges in the future. In the long term, we will conduct advertising campaigns with environmental organizations.

Local community and what are the plan for awareness of project where english is not spoken??

Ömer :
We’ll have agreements on local areas. Stay tuned, please :)

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