Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with October 21, 2021. This guest star,

  • Ayman Sayed — CBO , Co-Founder
  • George Gus — COO , Founder , Head of Product


Ayman :
My name is Ayman, co-founded with @George_Gus and @alfa001
I am a fan and believer of crypto since 2011, been trading and studying the industry since then

George :
My name is George Gus
COO, Founder, Head of Product

Since 2017, he began to invest in cryptocurrency and develop blockchain and financial products. from the age of 13 I began to engage in website development, now I am 28 years old, that is, I already have 15 years of experience in product development, marketing and Ui / UX. Made a number of my projects. For 5 years he was engaged in his own marketing and digital agency.


What’s Can you provide a simple description?

Ayman : is a universal financial ecosystem, that aims to bridge today’s centralized finance with DeFi, onboarding the next generation of crypto users and bringing the world one step closer towards the blockchain future we all envision

providing instruments to a wide group of users, from institutionals to traders all the way to newcomers to the industry

unifying the best tools in the industry in one application

What triggers you to launch What are some of the real-world problems/pain points that aims to solve?

George :
First of all, we want to create a hybrid CeFi and DeFI ecosystem. We see many disparate products from many projects, today only the top exchanges can provide complex solutions, but we want to transfer all centralized transactions to the data in the chain so that everything is transparent 24/7

Ayman :
As traders and full adopters, we wanted to build a project that not only solves problems of the industry, but also a product that we enjoy as users and satisfies our requirement. A universal platform, that aggregates the best solutions in the industry, in a very easy user experience useable by a even a grandma

George :
At the same time, our ecosystem should be simple and understandable so that millions of millions of ordinary users from finance could come to it. This is our common goal.

Ayman :
today the industry is still in the very early stages of adoption, about 3% of the world population is in crypto

We wanted to fix issues like lack of transparency, hard to use user interfaces, insufficient integration with legacy financial infrastructure, scalability, and limited interoperability

by building a transparent platform with accessible analytics, streamlined for easy entry for newcomers, a complete ecosystem that covers users need, integrated with legacy financial infrastructure

Could you please give a brief intro of salient product/features? What solutions are offered?

Ayman :
the unique product we are adding is the world’s first stablecoin loans platform secured by stocks as collateral, where institutionals and retail stock traders can use their stocks to get stablecoins, invest in crypto and make money without losing their stocks that are held in escrow accounts

this product will bridge capital from the $95 trillion dollar stocks markets to the blockchain economy

if we move 1% only of all capital in stocks to crypto market, a trillion dollars to crypto marketcap will be added

We are also bringing ready-made investment porfolios where traders can share their knowledge and create portfolios newcomer can buy

The reason why we wanted to bring such a product, we always face question by friends and family about what is in our portfolios, well, with investment portfolio, they can find the best portfolios based on historical performance data and the risk appetite they have

Third, our wallet is universal for CeFi and DeFi, user who prefer to keep their keys can use DeFi wallet, others who prefer to keep the keys with us can use CeFi wallet

and you can seamlessly transition between CeFi Wallet and DeFi wallet in one application

Who are current partners and backers?

George :


invested in us yesterday

Ayman :
and we have an entire interesting list that we will announce in due time
We consider binance broker to be our key partner, as our Cefi solution is based on their liquidity.
For DeFi, we use 1inch liquidity protocol
SumSub for KYC / AML
the Graph to collect on-chain data in our zMetaBoard dashboard
COSMOS HUB to develop our ZamAgileChain blockchain
Ripple net for liquidity to remittance
Certik makes us audits of smart contracts
Railsbank for a banking, financial solution in the European market
and other partners that are listed on our website

Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to that you would like to share with us here?

Ayman :
We will have an announcement regarding listing in the next few days (very interesting listing partners I promise) also investment portfolios are ready pending release
all of our private sales tokens are sold out
and now we are putting all our effort to make a very successful listing 🚀🚀🚀


According to your website that as network adoption increases, the value of $ZAM token increases. So,how would you deal with increase mass adoption in your network? As network adoption increases,how can you assure that $ZAM token value also increases? Can you explain the logic?

Ayman :
when we developed our project, we always had scalability in mind. Our architecture was built to be scalable, from servers to source code

More people means more traders, more users, more ZAM holders. ZAM token has multiple utilities, from interest rate paid on our stablecoins loan platform to trading fees and payments, to staking, and liquidity mining, as more people use our ecosystem and hold ZAM from the free market, there will always be more demand than supply

Currently there are notable problems with stablecoins like Tether (USDT) that have not really shown any transparency in relation to their dollar reserves like many other Stablecoins. What is the advantage that AEDZ and USDZ brings to the market to renew and Make a Difference?

Ayman :
The main issue with stablecoins today is transparency, audits are sporadic and not fully transparent, our stablecoin will always be transparent with analytics always accessible via our dashboard

Moreover, as more stocks are held in escrow, these stablecoins will eventually be backed by real stocks

By Yesterday,Oct 20, the private sale of the @zam_io has been completed.
Congratulations on the successful completion.
Obviously,this made me curious to hear about how the pre sale round went?How much revenue has the team generated? &what are your plans on utilising this revenue?

Ayman :
We have closed 3 Million Dollars from private sale, there are still tokens available for public sale on IDO and IEO launchpads

Security’s very important with every project/platform. how does keep users’ personal assets and data safe from hackers? How do you manage if there is an attack on your platform?

Ayman :
We have a team with over 23 years in cybersecurity. We use the world’s most advance security methods, and our contracts are audited

In 2021 Q4 roadmap Zam_io will launch Virtual Bank Card. so can you tell us the mechanics or structure of this upcoming Virtual Bank Card? How can we get this card? Is KYC required when using this card? And what is the use of this card on the Zam_io platform?

Ayman :
Virtual cards are cards that users can use to make purchases whether online or at a POS at any location that accepts Visa or Mastercard. Simply top up your card with your crypto assets, and make a payment with NFC just like you use any bank card. These cards are being developed with trusted partners around the world. In the app, these card can be used to buy and sell crypto. Also with using the cards, users can get rewards and cashbacks


So much to enjoy with YouClout especially with the Unique NFT badge, what are other future goals expected in next year?

George :
We will also launch NFT, this is a trend, we will definitely launch it for our users

How important is community to you? How can the community help you?

Ayman :
We are a community oriented project, we can only build such an ecosystem working and listening to our community, so any suggestions and feedback is always welcomed

In every project, people value projects with long-term benefits more than projects with short-term benefits! So how does ensure their long-term interests? Tell me your plan??

George :
zMorgan Protocol

The project is currently focusing on the Southeast Asian markets but could you explain to me if the general focus of alitas is to be a global project or to target a specific market?

Ayman :

In every project, people value projects with long-term benefits more than projects with short-term benefits! So how does ensure their long-term interests? Tell me your plan??

Ayman :
We will always bring new innovative tools to the ecosystem

Can you give us a detailed idea about your token? Or is there any model of it? With which we can get detailed idea about your token.?

George : everything is in great detail in our white paper about our token ZAM

Is this your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Ayman :
open to everyone

Can you give us a detailed idea about your token? Or is there any model of it? With which we can get detailed idea about your token.?

Ayman :

Is this your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

George :
Yes, of course open to everyone, these are investment portfolios, zamwallet and defi wallet

What is your listing strategy, Could you give news of being listed on the new Exchange soon? Are there any exchanges you are talking to?

Ayman :
follow our chat at

Do you plan to add more blockchains to the project in the future? How will this blockchain benefit your project? Why would you add a blockchain to your project?


Our corporations as I once we get on to this new product. Would there be any change that is really major to 100XCoin as an individual project?

George :
We are just preparing these changes, we are making a bridge for us to give birth to a new financial world based on new rules

Do you provide any IDO launchpad services so if yes what are the features of it?

Ayman :
We have a launchpad in the works

Do you have unique personal characteristics that set you apart from the competition?

Ayman :
easy to use interface, a platform that unifies the best tools in one application

What is your listing strategy, Could you give news of being listed on the new Exchange soon? Are there any exchanges you are talking to?

George :
Launchpad starts on November 1, and 2 top CEX exchanges, including the most beloved one to launch)) you both know everything

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