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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with DogyRace 15 November, 2021. This guest star,

  • Vicente — CEO of DogyRace


Vicente :
Im Vicente, CEO of DogyRace. I have been managing this project from the beginning

I studied in the Complutense University of Madrid, Master of business administration degree.


What’s Dogyrace? Where did the idea of using a dog figure in NFT form come from to implement a racing game?

Vicente :
DogyRace ( is a dog racing game based on RNG technology and built on Binance Smart Chain. Bet on the best dogs and create your own team. Discover the world of online racing and betting in a safe and easy way.

DogyRace consist of 3 parts:

*Dogs — Unique dogs that are different from other breeds, you can improve their strength, speed and even their appearance with cards.
*Bets- The players who do not participate in the race will be able to place their bets at the ticket offices depending on the performance of the dogs in the last races, the games will be public so that you can enjoy with the rest of the players that you can find in the telegram channel @dogyracenew.
*Canodromes-Dog races have always been hosted in canodromes, where dogs compete for the first place. We have implemented the option for players to buy these canodromes and be able to take a commission for each race.
Each canodrome will have its own rules that will be implemented by its owner and in this way the races will be much more customizable.

Why DogyRace? because we wanted a game that didn’t exist and doing a research we realized that there were no dog races, that’s how the idea came up.

What are the advantages of Dogyrace over other projects? What important products/features of Dogyrace? What solutions are offered?

Vicente :
We launched DogyRace with a mission, bring the world of betting to NFT games. Uniting the bets with the security and transparency of NFT and cryptocurrencies, in this way everything is easier and safer for our DogyRace’rs.

That’s why we try to avoid scams in the world of betting by registering them on the blockchain for traceability and we also make dog racing cartoon style! :), so that everyone can play and have fun.

Could you tell us about Dogyrace tokenomics and $DOR token use case?

Vicente :
We have 100M of total supply, the 25% of supply is for private investors, 22% for public sales and the rest for development, marketing and partners. When we thought about token Metrics we wanted a plan that did not give privileges to any of the investors over the others, in this aspect we wanted to compensate the price advantage of the private sale with the early vesting of the public.

Here you have our Tokenomics

Who are Dogyrace current partners and backers?

Vicente :
Right now we have several partners in different areas:

*SCV finance as our NFT marketplace partner.
*Erax as our IDO launchpad
*Daostarter as our next IDO launchpad
*BSC as our mainnet

We are working to reach agreements with more partners, especially in terms of NFTs.

Can you share the Dogyrace roadmap now? What are the next steps to be taken in the future?

Vicente :
Here you have it.

🟣 Q4/2021






🔵 Q1/2022




🟢 Q2/2022






The next step is launch early access to the NFTs and beta of our game :)

We are also working on launching our own marketplace to reduce the costs of buying our dogs.🐶


DogyRace is a dog racing platform you can buy NFT dogs, organize dog track races. What are your strategies for getting users to invest in dog racing? How do you maintain the security and transparency of NFT and cryptocurrencies in betting?

Vicente :
🐕As a race owner, you will be able to create your own races, your own rules and collect a small share of the races as commission. Depending on the Tier of your race, the commissions will be more advantageous.

As with our NFT dogs, races will have 3 Tiers:

Each dog will have access to their respective race based on their Tier.

🚧In terms of security, everything will be recorded through smart contracts in which you can know what has happened in each of the races as if it were a bscscan.

As we said, the canodromes are properties of the players so this will provide full transparency in the collection of fees.

I read you will be conducting an IDO with ERAX in a few days. Taking advantage of this AMA opportunity with our community, can you share with us what are the requirements needed to access the whitelist? What system will you implement to keep the distribution of assets equitable?

Vicente :
I hope this clarifies your doubts, to enter the IDO you have 5 minimum requirements:

-You must be at least 18 years old
-Your wallet must be in the BSC network.
-Follow us on Telegram channel
-Follow us on Telegram Chat

You can enter the whitelist here 👉

We make sure that we launch our IDO on a decentralised platform. This gives us the assurance that our investors have an equitable distribution of assets.

You can enjoy different types of cards to improve your dogs, feed and train them to give the best performance in the races and improve your level. What are some of the unique abilities attached to each dog cards? and how can i buy this cards and what are their pricing and fee?..

Vicente :
Our dogs are totally unique, just like in real life they have different characteristics such as speed, strength, endurance and also a market value.

🐕Each NFT dog has a set of visible and hidden characteristics:

🔸Visible: breed, color, weight and endurance.
🔸Hidden: speed and strength.

Strength, endurance and speed are the most influential parts of the dog to help him win the race.

🎯You will be able to buy our NFTs on many marketplaces besides ours, and prices are not yet defined for all TIERs but the floor price will be from $50.

In DogyRace, i noticed that the player can earn DOR token. However, when too many tokens are generated, the value of your tokens could decrease and then inflation occurs. How does DogyRace work to avoid inflation in the game to maintain a relatively stable economy?

Vicente :
One of the experiences that Dogyrace guarantees are the different ways to earn money, this way players can be entertained and these earnings will be delivered in $DOR.
You can win $DOR in the following ways 👇

-Trading with NFT dogs
-Participating in races
-Organizing races at canodromes
-Report errors

What is your strategy for building a strong community? Do you agree that the power of the community will lead your project to develop globally? What services do you provide to the community?

Vicente :
🏁In DogyRace we have a defined objective which is to make our game a fun place to spend time and to be able to bet with total security to avoid scams.
For this reason most of our project is focused on the community, make it grow and manage it. We want to make our community contribute in our steps to climb together the level of trust.

$DOR holders will also have many benefits such as:

*Early access to beta.

*Exclusive tokens and NFTs airdrops.

*Participate in community events


Trust and security is an important aspects to me ! do you have any Audit performed yet or not?

Vicente :
We want our project to be secure, therefore we are developing and implementing tools for this such as:

-We have locked 90% of the tokens: this you can see at the following link:

-We are in the process of auditing ourselves, this will take one or two weeks.

-We are developing a platform where you can check the winners and how the player earnings will be distributed.

Sir Which do you think is more important:A. Community 
B. Investors
C. Token Price
If all of the above is important to you, whiich should come first?

Vicente :
Of course all three issues are important, but if I had to choose one it would be community. This is because with a good community you can grow more and make a project better in terms of quality and playability. As regular players we know how important it is that they listen to our suggestions and implement them.

Are you planning to burn tokens to increase token value and attract investors to invest? So, your token will be more profitable to hold?

Vicente :
When the game is fully launched and inflation starts to rise, we have two strategies to implement token burning👉

🔸By transaction
🔸Per time

Although this is a matter that will take time to decide, we will make it the best option for our investors and the value of our project.

What plans do you have for incubating projects? There are scam projects in the industry. How does Juggernaut work to avoid these projects???”

Very good question.

🚧We want to take care of this part, from DogyRace we know that the confidence of our users is essential to avoid scams. The way we want to take care of this is giving to our community the voting power in the team’s decisions.

🏁Being a game built on the blockchain, transactions and NFTs will be fully visible to everyone, as well as I said before, the Canodromes will be NFTs and this way the race host will be able to make sure to collect fees and communicate with its participants

What is your plan for global expansion? At present, which market are you focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners??????

Vicente :
Our expansion plan now focuses on emerging markets such as Asia and South America. However, our goal is to build a global project in which users from all over the world can participate.

The way to achieve this goal is:

🔹Build a strong community.
🔹Focus on investor security.
🔹Make our game profitable.

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