What’s Dogyrace? Where did the idea of using a dog figure in NFT form come from to implement a racing game?
What are the advantages of Dogyrace over other projects? What important products/features of Dogyrace? What solutions are offered?
Could you tell us about Dogyrace tokenomics and $DOR token use case?
Who are Dogyrace current partners and backers?
Can you share the Dogyrace roadmap now? What are the next steps to be taken in the future?


DogyRace is a dog racing platform you can buy NFT dogs, organize dog track races. What are your strategies for getting users to invest in dog racing? How do you maintain the security and transparency of NFT and cryptocurrencies in betting?
I read you will be conducting an IDO with ERAX in a few days. Taking advantage of this AMA opportunity with our community, can you share with us what are the requirements needed to access the whitelist? What system will you implement to keep the distribution of assets equitable?
You can enjoy different types of cards to improve your dogs, feed and train them to give the best performance in the races and improve your level. What are some of the unique abilities attached to each dog cards? and how can i buy this cards and what are their pricing and fee?..
In DogyRace, i noticed that the player can earn DOR token. However, when too many tokens are generated, the value of your tokens could decrease and then inflation occurs. How does DogyRace work to avoid inflation in the game to maintain a relatively stable economy?
What is your strategy for building a strong community? Do you agree that the power of the community will lead your project to develop globally? What services do you provide to the community?


Trust and security is an important aspects to me ! do you have any Audit performed yet or not?
Sir Which do you think is more important:A. Community 
B. Investors
C. Token Price
If all of the above is important to you, whiich should come first?
Are you planning to burn tokens to increase token value and attract investors to invest? So, your token will be more profitable to hold?
What plans do you have for incubating projects? There are scam projects in the industry. How does Juggernaut work to avoid these projects???”
What is your plan for global expansion? At present, which market are you focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners??????



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