Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Floki Mars 17 November, 2021. This guest star,

  • Buzz — Lead Dev


My name is Buzz i am the founder of Floki Mars with my friend Blacke


Can you tell us simple description about Floki Mars?

Buzz :
Floki Mars is a simple concept a space dog meme coin, Floki is Elon Musks dogs name which is a Shiba Inu like our Floki

And as everyone knows Elon loves space

so we created this project like doge or shiba inu to bring many investors to the Moon and then further to Mars!

FM is a BNB rewards token which means you hold it and u receive BNB, We are launching staking today, we are one of the only bnb rewards tokens with staking maybe the only?

Our dev worked hard to achieve staking it took a lot of work but he finally achieved it because he is very smart!

Here you can see the staking ui and it will launch today in 4hrs

What challenges are you facing now given the many similar projects to Floki Mars? What are the important points that Floki Mars offers?

Buzz :
Like I said FlokiMars is one of the only if not the only BNB rewards tokens with staking, I heard of one but they are few. Most devs cant achieve this task, so we give our investors the option of holding floki and getting bnb or staking and getting more floki. We plan to add bnb and busd pools very soon then we will also add a new token it will be called $ROCKET

Floki Mars is a rewards token which means it has a rather high tax 10% so we will give the users the option to buy $ROCKET for staking also so they pay no tax to get FLOKI

Of course you will get the tax back over time staking

We are working on a 3d NFT game which we have already made the first character FlokiMars where Floki and her friends will fight enemies and the user can win tokens!

Could you tell more about $FLOKIMARS tokenomics and tokenutility?

Buzz :
Tokenomics you can see here: 10% of each transfer is taxed because 4% goes to holders in bnb 4% to liquidity boosting up the price and 2% to marketing and dev fund

The utility will be gaming and also holders get BNB that is a great utility! Some holders who bought early have received many BNBs

this is our 3d floki

Regarding security, how strong and safe is Floki Mars? Has Floki Mars been audited?

Buzz :
Floki Mars is a fork of Che Coin which was audited, we forked exactly with our very good trusted dev. It is still a small project we invested mostly into marketing and developing the best product as you can see. We will audit with InterFi soon we are in talks with them. It is possible to compare contracts and see the code is correct I can show you

Our liquidity is locked for one year also

This is the original code

Thisis our code

u can compare they are the same

but we will definately audit soon

What are Floki Mars plans for the next 100 days?

Buzz :
100 days lol

this is a funny number well.. like I said today we are releasing the first staking pool stake $FLOKIMARS to get more $FLOKIMARS then in 2–3 days we will release $BNB and $BUSD pools then we will launch a new token $ROCKET and users can soon stake with no fees, and we will continue to develop the NFT game play to earn and community we will go to Mars as long as the great community continue to help support our work!

Then as we grow of course we aim to list on exchanges we can make our own DEX also we can launch a lottery no problem for $ROCKET and keep flying to Mars!


NFT is so hot and popular nowaday. What do you think about this trend? Do you have any plan to include NFT to FlokiMars?

Buzz :
We already showed our Floki NFT that will be part of the game we are developing and we will add 4 other characters that will fight villains to protect Mars from Alien invadors!

In FlokiMars Tokenomics. 4% of transaction will be distributed to FLOKIMARS token holders in BNB. What is the minimum value of FLOKIMARS to be hold in order to qualify for this feature? Will users be rewarded BNB based on the quantity of holding FLOKIMARS token in their wallets?

Buzz :
There is no minimum amount but if you want more BNB hold more $FLOKIMARS! The contract is designed to payout every 60 mins but the contract is intelligent and wont send BNB if it doesnt have enough. now we have 275 holders and every day it is growing! The more holders means contract needs more BNB to pay gas to send BNB so depending on volume u may not receive BNB for a few hours or more. Most importantly shill Floki Mars your favorite meme coin and community project with serious committed devs who dont sleep and increase the price action and get lots of BNB!

There so many meme coins is coming out now in crypto space. And Floki Mars bring purpose and value to meme coins and their community of holders. And since your 100% based projects, how do you engaged to your community? Do you respond to their suggestions and comments?

Buzz :
Of course we aim to bring value as u can see from the previous questions…and we respond of course but suggestions are not always useful but sometimes, we always agree if communty members want to do raids or shill parties or anything to support the marketing, a meme coin requires constant marketing so we put most of the tax into marketing and some into growing the project, developing new features etc.

I heard that Floki Mars will launch its staking program soon. So, can you talk about staking Floki Mars? What are the advantages of staking Floki Mars and why should we choose Floki Mars?

Buzz :
here you can see the staking site is up and running and the staking will be available in 2hrs!

Staking floki mars means you get more floki mars its simple, more $flokimars means more free BNB. This strategy is great because users dont need to sell the token to make money! We are all here to make money no?

What makes you feel confident about that the FlokiMars project can survive and achieve sustainable success in the near and long term? Do you have any plans again to burn $FlokiMars tokens in the near future?

Buzz :
We burned 20% of the supply before launch, but actually burning bnb may be good for bnb it doesnt reward our holders. burning is really overdone but we did some, i dont know if we would do it again. It makes a lot of sense for a reflections token but not for a rewards token.. If Floki Mars had a giant Market cap and burned a huge amount of BNB every day then we could partner with Binance Smart Chain, but we are still in the beginning stages of the project but you never know what the future will hold! We are committed to making this project work


What are the ways that your project generates profit / revenue to sustain your project and what is its revenue model? How can it be mutually beneficial for both the investor and your project?

Buzz :
Floki Mars is still in early days less than 1 month old so we are using all tax to develop and market the project, once it grows team can take some profits. Investors also benefit from BNB rewards of course and if community supports it we can market $ROCKET token also we always listen to the community because they are the ones who invested!

IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Buzz :
Anyone can invest in $FLOKIMARS now is the best entry because the price is low as you can see from the chart $65k mcap is a great entry for any small investor $FLOKIMARS can easily 10x from here if people keep supporting us more and more and shill and bring friends and understand we will do whatever it takes to reach Mars!

Sir, Your changes are commendable, how can you survive the bear market and keep building and growing as many projects have died this time around?

Buzz :
We dont need to worry about market fluctuations people will always look for a place to invest in legit projects! Once the project is audited and full staking and farming is available , games are launched we will have a nice Mcap

Most investors only focus on the price of short term instead of the real value of the project. Can you tell me the benefits for long-term for project investors?

Buzz :
As all our community members have seen over the last month our team are committed to reaching Mars! we are always online even at 4am and working hard to promote to grow the development and innovate! FLOKI MARS is a hidden gem because our team are strong, capable, hard-working and honest!

Currently, most projects and platforms are in English. Do you have a local community to better understand your project?

Buzz :
We have registered many versions of flokimars url on telegram and are very open to developing those communities if you wish to volunteer to help with an Indian or wherever you are from community we welcome that!

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Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about Floki Mars.

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