Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Wine Inu 21 November, 2021. This guest star,

  • Grape Harvester
  • Dr Vineschnauser


Can you please tell us a bit about your background?

Dr Vineschnauser :
Of course. I have a background on business and finance and working in service industries. And have a passion for wine.

Grape Harvester Inu :
Sure. I’ve been in IT for 30 years and am a systems and network administrator, coding / development, and virtualization. Done

Dr Vineschnauser :
I also have a background in investment DONE

What’s Wine Inu? the idea, how it started?

Dr Vineschnauser :
The idea started as a dream. We love wine and love crypto. We want to open a winery and produce wine to sell and have a resort with entertainment and restaurants and want to use crypto to build it.

We also wanted to create an opportunity for crypto investors to be part of something real. Actual business funded by crypto and show how blockchain technology can be used for real business DONE

What challenges are you facing now given the many similar projects to Wine Inu? What are the important points that Wine Inu offers?

Dr Vineschnauser :
There are many challenges and seems like a new crypto project comes out every day. The challenge we face most is letting people know about us and how we are different.

We advertise and want to tell everyone we can. The important points is that we are real. Our holders will have an actual product. When we build the winery they can actually go there.

We also have many ways to profit. Holders earn reflections and tokens are burned on each transaction.

But also. When we sell wine the profits from the winery can be be used to support Wine Inu. We can buy back tokens and burn them making them more valuable. DONE

Can you tell more about Wine Inu tokenomics? how much supply is available and where tokens allocated?

Dr Vineschnauser :
Yes. So we started out with 1 trillion tokens. When we launched we burned 50%!!!
Each holder earns 10% in reflections with each transaction
And 5% of each transaction is burned.
The last 5% of the tax is used to fund the winery
We will use that part of the tax to buy a winery and support making and selling wine and to build the resort/hotel and restaurants
What makes us different is that there are no dev stashes or hidden tokens
We bought just like our holders and did not keep tokens for ourselves
In our first week. 55.7% has already been burned.

Grape Harvester Inu :
We have also burned an additional 57,897,702,975,936 since launch. We have an aggressive burn that adds true liquidity.

Dr Vineschnauser :
Yes, our burns are true burns because they come from the liquidity pair in the swap. Not a marketing wallet with tokens that are not paired with liquidity. DONE

Can you share the Wine Inu roadmap now?

Dr Vineschnauser :
Yes. So we have a road map on our site but will give some key points
We are growing. Spreading the word and using blockchain technology to find the wine brand.
We want to have many holders and continue our advertising efforts everyday.
Of course we are working on getting listed on crypto related sites and exchanges but our goal is the winery.
We want to show how crypto can be used to support businesses. At the winery customers will be able to use crypto for purchases.
We are in discussions with exchanges too
A small percentage of people actually use crypto and we want to make it normal to use just like your bank accounts.
We are also building the wine bar (swap) so holders can swap, stake, and earn rewards. We are combining crypto with everyday activities.
Of course we want the wine Inu family of holders to grow and our long term goal is to host holder events at the winery
We are working with a designer and architect to draft plans for the winery and will post some sample plans on the site in the coming weeks.
We are also searching for the best place to buy to build the winery here in California
We are a real project, with real business and real benefits for holders DONE


With Wine Inu, 10% of each transaction will be reallocated to Wine Inu holders. So if users only keep Wine Inu for profit, how will you make your project grow more? Also, what are the other use cases of the Wine Inu token? What special features do they have?

Dr Vineschnauser :
Well there are two sides to the project.
Having holders shows strength and interest in project. This will help show that our concept is successful.
We will be able to attract more investors
More investors means we will have more funds to build the winery. And profits from the winery will be used to support Wine Inu tokens.
Also, holders will earn rewards and will be able to use the Wine Bar (swap) to earn even more.
The features of the wine bar will include staking and options to provide liquidity to earn on each transaction.
There will also be more liquidity pairs to choose from.
The use cases include swap functions but also holders will be able to use wine Inu tokens at the winery and resort. We will have a payment system that uses crypto to pay for wine and hotel and restaurants
Big news as well!
We are also going to launch two new tokens to go with Wine Inu. We will have “Grape” which will be the highest and most rare of our ecosystem and used to for ongoing support or the project. And “Cheese”. That will pair nicely with Wine Inu to earn rewards. Wine starts with grapes and goes well with cheese.
We are building two ecosystems. One in crypto and the other to produce wine. DONE

What’s interesting that on Wine Inu website, it it stated there that there’s no need for the project to provide a whitepaper or documents regarding the project’s specifics. How would your investors do their due diligence and research about your project is there is no whitepaper?

Dr Vineschnauser :
So our initial white paper and concept is simple.
We are using crypto to raise funds to build the Wine Inu brand and winery.
No gimmicks no lies just simple crypto trading to raise funds.
As we grow we will release more detailed plans
Again. We are working with a designer and architect to create construction plans
And turning our white paper into a business plan that will be published on our site.
So short answer. There is a white paper and business plan that will be released soon.

Mainly users want to participate in investments that represent good profits with very little investment of time, but in addition to this, that it is through platforms that prove to be transparent and safe, so, what makes WineInu meets these two fundamental requirements?

Dr Vineschnauser :
We are transparent. We burned 50% of supply and the other 50% was put into pancake swap.
There is no dev wallet so there is no chance of a rug pull.
Binance Smart Chain is a safe platform and we selected it as fees are reasonable and the platform is easy to use.
The best part about our project is that holders don’t have to do anything. All reflections are automatic. So you earn while doing nothing. But more so. You are also investing in a wine business.
So in a way. You are investing in two projects. Wine Inu crypto and a winery with a restaurant and resort/hotel. We have even discussed adding a golf course and other entertainment and activities for the winery. You get the benefits of crypto and traditional investing
Another factor is burns. We understand the difference between real burns and “hype” burns.
Hype burns do not add any value.
Real burns add value and reduces supply.
We have also started discussions with a crypto project called Pyro Inu to see how their burn plans and support can help us grow. We have also looked into collabs with other projects to bring crypto to more people. DONE

According to your website, this Wine Inu has a feature named of WINE BAR (SWAP), can you tell us more about it? What innovations and advantages will users get that will make people start using them? When will we see the WINE BAR launch?

Dr Vineschnauser :
The Wine Bar!
Yes we are building a swap that will allow users to stake, plant, and grow their holdings.
The Ecosystem will bring rewards and be a place for the community to manage their investment.
You will be able to plant your “Grape”. Age your Wine Inu (earn) and pair your wine Inu with “Cheese” to earn even more. Wine bar is about sharing and having fun and that is what we are building

Grape Harvester Inu :
And we aren’t looking to fork into an existing swap. We want to build it from scratch and have it certified. This will take some time, but in the end, will be well worth it for our current and future investors.

Dr Vineschnauser :
Yes. The Wine Bar will be original and eventually will integrate with our payment system at the winery so you can use it to make purchases as well DONE

Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?

Grape Harvester Inu :
Security audits will be done. The swap will be the most important security audit we do.
As we grow, we will continue to run audits on our system to make sure there are no new exploits on the blockchain. Security will be our #1 concern.

Dr Vineschnauser :
Yes. Our current contract was verified and tested through test net and has no issues. The swap/ wine bar will go though many tests and audits using a firm like Certik or others.


Where can I currently buy Token?

Grape Harvester Inu :

Can you tell us about some of your partners and who you plan to collaborate with in the near future ?

Grape Harvester Inu :
We are in talks with Pyro Inu to add a more aggressive burn to our ecosystem.

Many new projects make a good impression at first but are suddenly abandoned. My question is, how will you manage the project and the token to get a position in the market and become the best token in the crypto world?

Dr Vineschnauser :
Great question. We are also crypto investors. We have seen many projects fail and some are even scams. We hate that. We want to build a community and a business together. That’s why we designed our tokenomics this way. You earn first. Then the rest is used to build the business. We want to build trust and let’s all have some wine, relax, and watch our community grow.

IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Dr Vineschnauser :
I love this question. Wine is something everyone in the world can share. It has existed for thousands of years and many cultures drink wine to celebrate. We want that bring that sense of community to crypto. Other projects have their “army”. We are not fighters. We enjoy wine and sharing in happy times. Everyone should have good wine. And everyone should be able to invest in crypto

PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATIONS are the backbone in making every project more widespread. Can you list some of ur partners with us??

Dr Vineschnauser :
Absolutely! Wine is about sharing. We have started discussions with another project called Pyro Inu. and they are focused on being a burn utility and crypto education. We love that. Also working with other developers to enhance the Wine Bar function. We don’t see other projects as competitors. We see the real ones as friends and can share a bottle of wine with them.

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