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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with DOTA2 NFT 23 November, 2021. This guest star,

  • Thain Breese — Senior Block Chain Developer


Sven :
I am Thain, an early crypto investor and blockchain developer in Canada. Also I am the product owner and responsible for smart contracts development in Dota2 NFT game.


What’s DOTA2 NFT? the idea, how it started?

Sven :
Good question.

DOTA2 NFT is a NFT-based multiplayer online battle game where players earn tokens through gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Players can earn rewards by participating in Jungling, lobby battles or just holding $DOTA tokens in their wallet.

NFT market hit $2.5B in 2021 first half. NFT just started as fans’ collections, but now it’s not limited to collections only and there are many NFT projects that are launching daily such as GameFi, Digital Art, Musics, etc, these are all competitives. To win in this competition, the project idea must be identical and attract people. That’s why we are launching a NFT game using Dota2 heroes. Dota2 is the world’s top online video arena game and there are massive heroes and strategies. Many dota2 players who also work with cryptocurrencies were asking about NFT projects with Dota2 and some of them already joined our team. We are going to build the world’s top NFT online game using the Dota2 idea and heroes but in a different game play.

What are the advantages of DOTA2 NFT that make it special?

Sven :
If you already played Dota 2, I believe you know well about what thrills the game has. Dota 2 is not just a game, it’s science and esports. Our project idea was “By Dota 2 gamers for gamers”. We’d like to have a crypto community with all of our Dota 2 fans and also love to join the crypto market. Do you know about CryptoPunks NFT? It’s just a small size of low-quality image but one of them sold for $1M. Why? The answer is pretty simple.. “By a NFT collector”. Then why can’t we have Dota 2 hero NFT for those fans? In our ecosystem, investors will not only collect hero NFTs but also they can enjoy Dota 2 game battles through our game. We are doing the best to wrap up the game for users to feel like this is another Dota 2 in the NFT marketplace.

Can you tell us more about DOTA2 NFT tokenomics regarding total token supply, initial burn, marketing, team or etc?

Sven :
Our token has 1B initial supply / total supply. Our token is not mineable at all.

50% is burnt at initial launch and marketing (20%) and team (11%) will be locked for 1 year and fully vested.

We are only selling 6% of tokens in presale and unsold tokens will be burnt after presale.

Pancakeswap liquidity will be created with 1% tokens.

We have 10% of reserving tokens that will be used for audit, marketing, partnerships, exchanges, etc.

2% is going to be used in Airdrops.

Regarding security, does DOTA2 NFT really care about security? Has DOTA2 NFT been audited or in planning an audit to make it more secure and reliable?

Sven :
Yes, of course. Security is the first priority in our project. We already submitted a audit and it’s onboarding. We had planned to start our token presale on November 22, but due to a security audit delay, we postponed the presale. Like this, we are always going to make progress once we are 100% sure of security in the future.

Can you share the DOTA2 NFT roadmap now?

Sven :
Here’s our roadmap.

💁‍♂️💁‍♀️💁🏻 DOTA2 NFT ROADMAP

🗓 Q2 ~ Q3 2021

✅ Fundraising
✅ Idea brainstorming
✅ Team organising

🗓 Q4 2021

✅ Website launch
✅ Communities Setup
⬜️ Token & Presale Contracts Audit
⬜️ Presale
⬜️ Token Launch
⬜️ NFT contracts audit
⬜️ NFT Sale
⬜️ Coinmarketcap Listing
⬜️ Coingecko Listing

🗓 Q1 2022

⬜️ Pancakeswap Listing
⬜️ Jungling
⬜️ NFT Marketplace
⬜️ Lobby Battle
⬜️ BSC.NEWS Podcast
⬜️ Yahoo Finance News

🗓 Q2 2022

⬜️ Biswap Listing
⬜️ Hero Equipments
⬜️ Equipments Marketplace

🗓 Q3 2022

⬜️ Auctions for new NFT
⬜️ NFT Voting

🗓 Q4 2022

⬜️ Hero Arcana Marketplace
⬜️ Equipments Merge
⬜️ Multiplayers Battle

🗓 Q1 2023

⬜️ Token migration (No transaction fee)
⬜️ Launch on Ethereum Network
⬜️ Launch token/NFT bridge (ETH ↔️ BSC)
⬜️ Launch on Avalanche Network
⬜️ Launch token/NFT bridge (AVAX ↔️ BSC)
⬜️ List on CEX


You mention that DOTA2 NFT is a community-owned game and aims fair launch and no investor. Why did you decide the project has no investor? If so, will you have enough capital to sustain the project? Also, how does “community-owned” in Dota2 NFT benefit players?

Sven :
Investors usually invest their money for development and then get a huge amount of token allocation and shares. This is not a good signal for community investors and once they sell their tokens, the token price will dump. Instead all of our team members including developers, designers and managers are investors and they fundraised for the project without any token & share allocation.

We are saying our project as “community-owned”, and this means that the goals mentioned in the roadmap would be reached only when community members like it. We will do votes for all steps including heroes 3D model design (already started), listing options, and etc.

We also have token airdrops and high-level hero NFT giveaway competitions for the community members.

We are currently in the boom of the NFT market, which revolutionizes all DeFi with its authentication features and indefinite value, do you think that the NFTs provided in #DOTA2 will be able to compete and keep up with a market that is in full development?

Sven :
Absolutely! It’s not only the boom of the NFT market, the whole crypto industry is booming right now.
Most DeFi traders spend 4–8 hours per day trading, lending, and reading up on new services.
The majority of people just don’t care enough to put in that work to try to understand what a crypto wallet or DEX is, much less a complex trading suite.
When people wake up to see how much money can be made, by themselves, without having to do that much actual research, we’ll begin to see the massive adoption of DeFi & NFT services.

We all know that to build a new project, have a team that has the same mission, and vision is also a very long journey. Do you want to talk more about your team, and who has been on your side this whole journey of building dota2_nft ?

Sven :
We are building a public team page at the moment and it will be announced by the end of this month. Obviously our team consists of blockchain developers, designers, product owner and marketing manager.

By next year,you plan to launch a Hero Arcana Marketplace. So,as you have also NFT Marketplace,what will be the use of Hero Arcana Marketplace? Can you give some idea about this marketplace? What is the different with this Hero Arcana Marketplace from your NFT Marketplace?

Sven :
NFT marketplace is to buy & sell your NFT hero cards in peer-to-peer which means buyer and seller can set the price in discussion.

Arcana is a different concept. For instance, if you own Sven and you want it in a different view, you can purchase a sven arcana. These arcanas never give any effects to the hero’s power and attributes. It’s only for the hero’s view. You can buy these arcanas in the arcana marketplace.

I see DOTA2 NFT have plans to create an airdrop in tokenomics. when will it come soon? and why only 2% is allocated to the airdrop? Does DOTA2 NFT have any partnership plans with other projects/platforms in the near future?

Sven :
We are planning 2 or 3 airdrop seasons and first one will go on before end of this year. 2% airdrop is not a small amount considering that liquidity will be created with 1% of total supply on token launch. We will have partnership with big DEX platforms like pancakeswap and biswap. For marketing we are almost ready to release an article on and yahoo finance. Also there will be more partnerships coming after our token launch.


Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Sven :
You can join our token presale here when its started:
Presale date will be announced soon once our token contracts audit finished.
If you hold $DOTA token, you will get 5% of all transactions as WBNB rewards.

Where I can get the latest updates or more information about the project?

Sven :
Please join our telegram community for the latest updates.

Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users ?

Sven :
Anyone can join our game. We provide various NFT staking and game play earning features, so if you own hero NFT cards, you will earn massive rewards. Please check our whitepaper for further details.

What are your plans regarding private sale? When will you conduct it? How can I participate in the private round? What are requirements? When is public round? How to participate in it?

Sven :
We don’t have any private sale. Everyone can join presale when its started.

Most investors focus only on the short-term price rather than the real value of the project. Can you tell about the long-term benefits for investors in the project?

Sven :
People have to buy $DOTA tokens to play the game and all of these saled tokens will be burnt. This means the price go up and up all the time.

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