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Jon Ray :
I’m Jon Ray, the community manager and liasison for Jade Protocol, SmartCoin, and the Fair Launch Foundation…

I’m a former Google employee, where I was a Field Marketing Lead for Google’s small business incubator, America Get Your Business Online

The Fair Launch Foundation incubated the Jade Protocol project…

We are a collective composed of lead developers from both Google and Amazon…

a Harvard professor, industry leading marketing veterans, a game architect, and a Y-combinator alum.

We have a direct advisory board comprised of core members of both Avalanche and Trader Joe

To ensure safety of our team and impartiality of our project, most of our team and advisor group have voted to reamin anonymous to the public. However, our project founder has privately verfified their full identity with RugDoc, who rated SmartCoin, our inaugral project as Low Risk

Jon Ray :
Jade Protocol is an $OHM fork and decentralized reserve currency on the Binance Smart Chain.

Unlike DAI or USDC, which are pegged to the value of the U.S. dollar, JADE’s reserves are crypto assets held by the Jade Protocol Treasury which has just passed $20 million after our launch last Saturday

Jon Ray :
one reason we chose BSC is that transaction fees are much lower than they are on ethereum for $OHM users, which means our treasury can auto-compound at a much more frequent interval, significantly increasing the potential APY percentages

Jade Protocol utilizes a differ fee recapture ratio

10% of the treasury will be used for buyback and token burn

5% of the treasury reserves are for invoking Metcalfe’s Law and leveraging our industry leading marketing team and budget

we will be spending over $400,000 on marketing initiatives in the coming days/weeks

Jon Ray :
sure, the primary use case right now is to create a free floating reserve currency

as an $OHM fork Jade is a free-floating currency backed by our treasury supply of the stablecoin BUSD

JADE tokens can’t be minted or burned by anyone except the protocol

the protocol only does so in response to price

Each JADE is backed by at least 1 BUSD

If JADE ever trades below 1 BUSD, the protocol buys back and burns JADE, pushing the price back up to 1 BUSD

There is no upper limit imposed by the protocol to the potential price of JADE which allows for an exponential curve over time for those staking JADE in the protocol

the ways to engage with Jade Protocol are buy purchasing the JADE token on Pancake Swap, or you can buy a Jade Bond through the protocol at a discount, once your Jade vests, you can stake your Jade for the current APY. Today we are at 897,736% APY but as the protocol stabilizes this has been ranging between 1–5 million % APY

let me grab a link to our profit calculator, one sec

Stephen, The Calculator Guy created this profit calc for Jade, and it has a tab to help investors determine whether it is better to bond or stake in the platform given market conditions…

what users will notice as they play with the profit calculator is that the compounding effect of staking jade hits an exponential curve around month 8–12 and it’s really fun to start visualizing those numbers

we’ll be adding a cool profit visualizer to the protocol soon

Jon Ray :
the cool thing about where we’re already at after launching 6 days ago is that our treasury just passed the $20 million dollar mark, which means we can start making strategic choices on what investments and assets we want our treasury to hold…

by strategically partnering treasury assets on protocols like Curve Finance we create additional yields for Jade holders…

we call this the singularity event, where the protocol can become self-sustaining through its treasury holdings

and as treasury funds grow, the Jade Protocol and Fair Launch Foundation DAO will allow for holders to vote on where funds are invested, which assets the treasury holds, and the types of projects we end up launching in the future

it can become a currency which helps connect projects in the SmartCoin and Fair Launch Foundation ecosystem and beyond 🙂


Jon Ray :
good question…

A typical transaction on Ethereum can cost up to $200 USD

A typical transaction over Binance Smart Chain, however cost around $0.50 USD

This allows our treasury to auto-compound at much more frequent intervals, significantly increasing the potential APY percentage versus other mainnets

we also chose BSC because Binance is a marketing beast and we can ride the waves of the billions of dollars they’ve put into marketing to offer BSC users a fair, safe, and profitable protocol without worry of it being a rug pull. that’s the intention of the Fair Launch Foundation. zero-pre-minting, zero VCs, we want every project we put out to feel safe and profitable

i think i’ve covered some of the innovations from $OHM above

higher apy’s

15% of treasury used for buybacks and marketing

treasury assets put on curve finance for additional yields

Jon Ray :
the coolest thing we’re going to do is create an interesting basket of assets in our treasury and let DAO members vote on where we should take that strategy

by taking treasury assets and putting them into Curve Finance, we’re able to amplify protocol yields and create something we call the “singularity event” where the protocol becomes self-sustaining

we also have an incredible marketing team and budget and so our aim is to spend over $400,000 on partnerships, advertising, and marketing in the coming days/weeks to get the protocol to a tipping point where it takes on a life of it’s own

fortunately, $20 million in treasury was one of the critical numbers we needed to hit for stability in the protocol and we have passed that number. which is great news

Jon Ray :
our inaugral project, SmartCoin was audited by Paladin, a smart contract auditing firm, and Olympus DAO has been audited as well. JADE protocol is a fork of Olympus DAO

we are always expanding our thinking, resources, and development team to make security and investor confidence a priority

our founder has KYC’d with RugDoc

and with so many rug pulls in the space, right now, i feel we’ve shown that we have a higher mission than simply pump and dumping. there could have been many times that the project could have profitably rugged for a lot of money and the fact that we didn’t when there was so much opportunity, and the fact that our core mission is to create safe, profitable environments for investors, i feel has put many of our investors more at ease engaging with our products

Jon Ray :
our primary goal for 2021 is to continue to grow the treasury of JADE

passing the $20 million mark in treasury makes the protocol much more stable and as we gain more traction with our $400K marketing push, we expect treasury to increase which allows for the next “singularity event” phase to become more lucrative to investors, as we’ll have a unique basket of assets in the treasury earning yield on curve finance. those yeilds are then passed on to jade protocol stakers

we are listed on coin market cap

and also listed on coin gecko, plus many other listing services

Jon Ray :
this has been one a big part of our initial launch strategy…

we know that crypto assets are only as valuable as the strength of their community and that one could argue that a crypto asset should be value almost as a nationstate, with passion of citizens being a primary indicator of how well a protocol can ultimately grow

we have an incredibly engaged community

one reason for this is memetic marketing and our team of industry-leading viral marketers

our inaugral project, SmartCoin, as i mentioned consists of a 10-phase game that helps investors learn long-term visionary thinking and shifts them from pump and dump mentality

we’ve also introduced wallet reputation scores, which is a first, and incentivizes long term holding

by releasing clues on the SmartCoin official twitter handle, holders are able to learn about various Web3 strategies and concepts in economic theory

we are then able to direct this community to each product launch

Jade Protocol has been an early success because of this very active community

and we have invested heavily into community management, telegram and discord moderators, prize pools and contests, plus an active montoring of ideas and sentiment in the community, where we look to surface the best ideas and incorporate them into our strategy

community is a HUGE part of our future plans


Jon Ray :
the sole purpose for bringing me onto the team as “community liaison” is to make sure the community feels heard and the best ideas are surfaced to the core team

Jon Ray :
low gas fees on BSC make for higher APYs, plus our treasury will be creating interesting basket of assets with additional yield

Jon Ray :
see above RE: singularity event and Curve Finance

Jon Ray :
large marketing budget and viral marketing team are positioned to attract both crypto natives and retail investors, with a welcoming community to help people new to the space “get it”

Jon Ray :
yes, tutorials here:

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