Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with AltNotify 27 November, 2021. This guest star,

  • Ryan — Founder


What’s AltNotify? Can you share with us more in detail?

Ryan :
AltNotify is an application currently created a year ago which took some 8 months to create. It is a simple yet powerful tool which alerts your smart phone when ANY token gets listed to ANY exchange instantly. It is not intended to tell you to make a trade. The app is free, requires no permission’s and has no ads, AltNotify has over 6000 active phones currently using it daily. Thank you

What are the advantages of AltNotify? What makes AltNotify different from other competitors?

AltCake / AltNotify Founder (I WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST), [27/11/2021 19:20]
[In reply to Azura]
Well, we are aware of other companies offering similar tools. However not in an app form, also we believe given we have 11 years experience in coding and some of the best developer`s in the world our app is simply sleeker, easier to use and cuts alot of the info you do not need. We also have the best designer`s in the world so for example (I will now drop the media we have updated our app to include a ‘buy AltCake’ button, this took safemoon some x months to do, we did it in a day, I will also drop the media of our new design of the app. It is a good question, we believe we are better coders, we believe our app is the best as what it says on the name, however as we move forward we will continue to make ours different and better than the rest, offering all kinds of mad and crazy ways of making you jump out of bed for that next alert, one of our developers even considered sending an electric shock to the the user to really prompt them, might I add, with binance and some exchanges, we often have the ability for our script to prewarn you, so you’ll be warned BEFORE it is listed, this is something we plan to explore more, currently this is working with binance and one or two others.




Ryan :
Yes it covers binance and prewarns on binance 3 hours before and on listing, specific to binance.

so youll get a ‘will be’ and a ‘has been’ :)

Thank you :) can Idrop our new website design?

it is being coded as we speak

it will show you why we are rebranding our app

Our new designer is going to revamp everything essentially, he is a super star

but this is being built as we speak into bootstrap/wordpress, which replace our current site (more made for the app a year ago)

it leads onto our further dapps but I will not shill too hard hahaha

thank you :) I am a designer also but our new designer honestly, I will not call myself a designer now (I designed the original app)

thank you so much I will pass it onto him

Could you tell us about AltNotify tokenomics?

Ryan :
Sure I love that question!!!!! btw you should all know this before investing it is so important! so ok… it was a crazy crazy launch… I sat learning solidity for a month and was trading low capped tokens myself, I worked for a large token as a designer also…. anyway I digress, so 12 tax in total in and out (over all tax will never change)

Initially 50% was burnt first transaction
5% was kept by us as the company to have a grasp on things
45% was then placed into LP
— —
We stealth launched, meaning we didn’t advertise or tell anyone about it, I had several app lovers offering to give us initial LP or consider a presale/priv sale, I found that I wanted to do things my own way. So I accepted no offers, I have no one any shady wallets or anything sus… I say I (I am the sole dev/contract deployer/wallet holder) …

We started with 0.2 bnb LP in the silence, I did not tell anyone, I locked LP for a month and essentially it went from $200 of bnb into 10000`s of % due to app lovers, people aping in due to knowing us and trusting us not only as a company but other tokens trusting us and knowing us. We got really lucky, but at the same time people said how did you do that with 0 marketing, we did it out or love and our investors trusting us, we didnt shill or pay anyone to promote and I personally did not prewarn anyone before launching our token. Since then I have locked LP for a further year, I considered burning it but then it leaves us less flexible for the future.

Regarding individual tokenomics over all 12% (4% locked LP to make the whole business strong, 4% goes to CAKE rewards to holders, 4% goes to a AltNotify LTD t pay our coders plus advertising, we do not keep is in crypto and tend to turn it into BUSD keeping is safe from any crashes)

WE WILL NEVER CHANGE THE OVER ALL IN AND OUT TAX OF 12% — However we do sometimes have cake nights, for example I might turn marketing down 2% and put CAKE up to 6% for an evening, depending on the market and not affecting overall tax)

I want to not fud, but almost warn you against some token with timed tokonomas or tokens which stop you selling based on x, it usually created more sell pressure and I personally find it unethical.

I want our holders to be able to buy and sell as and when, and I suggest everyone takes profits without giving financial advise.

In terms of security. We invested £3400 on hardware including a new machine purely to store our tokens wallets (not usually connected and not used)
We have upgraded our web server and made it more secure.
Only I, the CEO will ever have control of the LP/DEV wallet.
We have considered events such as theft of hardware and without going into much more detail a lot more, we take security very seriously within our token.


sorry (editing my terrible spelling and grammar, worst thing is I am English!)

Can you share the AltNotify roadmap now? What are the next steps to be taken in the future?

Ryan :
Ok, well it is huge!!!! ok so we have some important things we want to do now, I am very impatient which is partly why our team get things done so quick. I want to make it very clear we have no ‘end game’ our purpose is to make tools forever to make you better and safer traders, but let me hit on what we are sorting in the next upcoming month
1. Website replaced with new site
2. AltNotify App Free Design Revamp/more buy AltCake space
3. AltNotify IOS Free / Pro
3. We own (it is an upvoting site I will now drop media but this will be AltVote) it is an upvoting site on steroids we have in beta but hope to launch very soon. I want to then paste our future roadmap which is endless but blunt, we have a white paper explain all too.

— more text to add after this image

But, we also have many other apps/sites and tools to go, such as AltVote (token upvoting site) AltNFT (wearable NFT`s, contract in barcodes — media dropped in the channel), AltBay (buy and sell items using crypto), AltCheck (a honey pot checker which brings up much more info than your normal honey pot checker such as what tokens that creator created before and more — we want to destroy scammers), AltFolio (Keep track of your investments), AltSwap (A faster, sleeker BSC swap), AltMint (Create your own tokens to your own tokenomics), AltLimit (Set limit orders on BSC tokens), AltCharity (We like to give a little back, we have saved 48 dogs off the street and helped a small village with running water) — Remember for these tools, you will need to pay/hold or transact with our very own token AltCake, meaning it is a token for our whole ecosystem.

I will now paste some more media for our soon to be released wearable NFT`s!!!

Before the clothing, please consider this NFT.

Ryan :
So, we have about 2 years of work on our plates, maybe less maybe more. We are ahead of the roadmap. Our new site will have a live roadmap which shows you, I speak about AltNFT and wearing NFT`s because I feel owning your NFT in your wallet plus wearing or using it at the same time is something we are very passionate about doing quickly. But from the list above, we have more serious tools, which our coders obviously need more time to develop. We are the best coders in the world, from PHP to Magento 2, we rule so we are not so scared of our cap/token obviously we want it to moon, but it will not stop us. Also do note, to use most of our tools bar the honey pot checker you will need AltCake as payment/holding/deposit.
Roadmap in visual here but consider us your code house on the blockchain, we was an ecommerce/code agency for 10+ years but moved to the blockchain for various reasons.

p.s the contract will be printed on the garment.

or object heh, sorry to digress, im so excited! done.

well I want our wearable NFT`s not to be some cheap prints but nice clothing too

and when people say what are you wearing, you load up your wallet and show them your NFT

similar to gucci having a code, or stone island

I want to see people wearing the blockchain, I cannot quite explain even why, I would wear one


AltNotify’s goal is to notify the user’s device of any new altcoin which has been released. Will you have a filter system for newly issued tokens? There are many tokens made for scam, how can AltNotify detect early and warn users?

Ryan :
You are technically wrong in your question, our App does NOT notify the user`s device of any new token`s. It alerts the user when a token gets added to ANY exchange. I must stress if we were to alert you for each token created as you know that would be 100`s of notifications per hour alone plus the majority of new-minted tokens are scams.
However, I find this question great as sometimes people get confused with our app. It alerts you when a token hits one of the many exchanges, NOT when a token is created. I must also stress, when our app alerts you, it is not intended to make your trade merely give you info should you want to make a trade or at least look at what is happening to the price of that token. Sometimes you will get a notification that x token is being listed to x exchange, it can be really exciting for the user to already own that token and find out it is just been listed to a big exchange as usual, which means the price will have a drastic movement.
It creates good opportunities for our users as if you study our data you will see when a token hits an exchange it has a huge impact, so our users do take advantage of this data especially if a token gets listed to x exchange followed by another it can often mean it will then be listed again, so our users love our app. Our app is not intended to get you into or promote a token, it is merely giving you information from our complex API/Database/PHP scripts and our Android App.

What is the benefit of rewarding your holders with CAKE instead of the main AltNotify token? How is this good and sustainable for your project? is there any other possible to get the main token?

Ryan :
You like CAKE, I like CAKE, we like CAKE? even my dog like CAKE,.. but really… we find CAKE a hugely undervalued asset, at the time of writing this CAKE has risen in massively in value over the last 12 months, as a trader myself I used to be very bullish on BNB luckily buying in very cheap, I see CAKE as a bit of a mini BNB in some ways, we also know people love to stake CAKE so essentially we choose CAKE over our token due to its potential plus the new tokenomics which reward in another token to us are great.

It is good for our project as our holders can do a lot with CAKE plus it may grow in value over time, ultimately regardless of what token your token rewards in the user could sell it should they prefer another token. So CAKE was just something that we wanted to reward in, we went down the kind of self-reward token then user`s would get rewarded in our token which is great but obviously, they may feel more of a need to sell it. More so isn’t it great getting free CAKE for holding another token with use?

‘is there any other possibility to get the main token?’ I am not 100% on what you mean on this part of the question however AltCake is our only token that will power our whole ecosystem.

Are you planning to integrate with other different blockchain technologies to expand the ecosystem and generate more trust?

Ryan :
At the moment no, we are putting most of our efforts into our current and upcoming trading tools and growing our token. We like the BSC but also find it full of scams, however one of our upcoming tools AltCheck (A honey pot checker and more) will be made for the BSC network. As time goes on and depending on how BSC holds up, we may consider other chains etc but it is not something in our sights at the moment. Regarding trust, we would definitely have links and bonds with other ecosystems etc to gain trust but at the end of the day, we are a registered company in the UK and our main app has been out some 12 months, so that said if we was to link/become friendly with another project we would need to trust them 100% for now, we are happy to work alone and have everything well ahead of our schedule. Security and trust is very important, this is why I am doxxed and we have a proper registered UK company which can be seen here:

My LinkedIn is also here:

You said your App has over 13,000 downloads. Can you tell us more about the features in your App? What advanced functions will it have? Is your App paid if we want to use it? What is the advantage of App Altnotify for us?

Ryan :
So our app can be seen in action here (very raw footage of me using it)

However our app is simple yet powerful, firstly let me explain the free AltNotify app which is our first dApp of many. AltNotify is currently on the play store android only with IOS and pro in the making.

AltNotify alerts your smartphone depending on how you set up your notifications when ANY token is listed to ANY exchange, we currently scan over 58 exchanges using our custom API, when a token gets listed it’s simple… your phone will let you know either by the hot bar/screen pop up/in-app push notifications. Usually, to find out when a token is going to be listed on an exchange you will need to check each exchanges announcements page, Twitter feeds etc however AltNotify solves this issue.
The Pro version is currently in beta mode, it is working but we have some slight issues which we are working on. In the pro version, I have now dropped some images into the chat to view, essentially it lets you as the user set up your own notifications, so you might want notifications on binance only, or any exchange or token only. Also you might want to set up multiple notifications which is also possible, we will be looking add more features too such as linking you to the exchange pair. Currently, we have set up the pro version to be billed via the google play store, we have priced it at 5.99 per month GBP. The billing and in-app billing is working and the pro version is 90% working but not ready to beta. We are exploring ways of making our token tie into our mother App, creating more buy pressure for our token. Half of the funds raised from google in app pro purchases will be reinvested into AltCake and we are able to offer vouchers for google play for people holding x amount of AltCake. Our free version will remain advert and permission free, the pro version essentially will be the same as the free version but cater for custom notifications. We want to be very clear, we launched our app well before our token, it is our baby and an app we are most proud of and ourselves use as a go-to tool. But, we also have many other apps/sites and tools to go, such as AltVote (token upvoting site) AltNFT (wearable NFT`s, contract in barcodes — media dropped in the channel), AltBay (buy and sell items using crypto), AltCheck (a honey pot checker which brings up much more info than your normal honey pot checker such as what tokens that creator created before and more — we want to destroy scammers), AltFolio (Keep track of your investments), AltSwap (A faster, sleeker BSC swap), AltMint (Create your own tokens to your own tokenomics), AltLimit (Set limit orders on BSC tokens), AltCharity (We like to give a little back, we have saved 48 dogs off the street and helped a small village with running water) — Remember for these tools, you will need to pay/hold or transact with our very own token AltCake, meaning it is a token for our whole ecosystem.

Audit is so important to find out vulnerabilities of smart contracts. Could you show us how strong your security is? Did AltCakeToken complete any audit by third parties?

Ryan :

sorry! my bad images from last msg ok…
To be honest with you, we are planning on getting an audit done when we are listed on coinmarketcap, we have looked at a lot of audit companies and found some have audited scam tokens and even some of the audit companies themselves look dubious. We plan to get audited and we do have our own legal rep/accountant plus registered UK LTD plus more. We will get audited with a company our community votes, plus when the time is right.


What are your marketing plans for your project ? Will you do more AMA in the future ,and any plan to work with influencers ?

Ryan :
Pick 1 @lilibabu36 : Answer — we deliberately stalled our marketing to let shall we say the paper hands out, we also converted marketing funds into busd as to not crash with any markets. We plan to use other great places like this group/twitter/adverts plus we are actually plannong alot of physical advertising such as mission cake, where by we are going to give cake out in London for no apparent reason what so ever, our marketing is a bit wacky and we drop things as and when we want, no pre warning. For now we want to concentrate on AMAS in excellent places like this.

Currently, most projects and platforms are in English. How will non-English local communities? Do you have any plan for them to better understand your project?

Ryan :
Pick 2 @Sohel44771 : Actually we can see very detailed stats on who uses our platforms, and most are not Egnlish speaking, so yes we will implement this rapidly across the board, do note, android will usually if not always convert text but it is very important all nations get to use our dapps. We have translators ready.

What is PROJECT’s revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit?

Ryan :
Pick @R06969: We obviously create crypto when our token is traded, however unlike alot of projects, we do not rely on our token to fund our dapps. AltNotify was paid for by myself and took 8 months, we have various coders already paid up and as we have 10+ years worth of contacts we are able to get things done quicker and usually alot cheaper than other companies. We also make revenue off other avenues such as google play pro versions, which will go back into the token. Revenue we are quite alright for and send our project`s funds very wisely.

How can I buy this tokens? Is it available on any exchange?

Ryan :
Choice 4: @barooma at the moment you can purchase our token using pancake swap, we are applying for other exchanges but some do not cater for reward tokens yet and considering our token is around 1 month old we do not feel in a rush to get listed on an exchange per say but it is something we are on, for now it is a pancake swap token.

How can I stay updated about your project???
Provide all possible links…??

Ryan :
Pick 5: @sondhartara Primarily our telegram group , I tend to post out a voice message a day and reply to any dms emails, twitter is also a good source, when our new website is fully runing in the next week you’ll be able to see our live roadmap a bit like a subway train map with the little light moving! here are some links
Google Store:
Git Repo:
Company Information:

Telegram Chat | Twitter | Website | Facebook | Youtube | Google Play

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about AltNotify.

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