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Marvin :
Halo again everyone,
My name is Marvin Susanto, and i’m the CEO of Crystalpro.

I always believe that time is always changing, and digital ecosystem asset it’s very important to our lives right now.

Because of that we want to help many people creating a digital ecosystem that can be used globally together to provide convenience in creating a high-value asset that is not easily destroyed by the times, and also become a place for everyone to plan their finances to a higher value than expected can be obtained before.


What’s CrystalPro? Can you share with us more in detail?

Marvin :
Crpro is token originally from Indonesia, initiate by directors and Ceo from big companies and groups which has our own expertise to build and manage the Crystalpro.

Crystalpro is a digital currency token based on Blockchain technology, a decentralized, distributed ledger that records the provenance of a digital asset.

Crystalpro or Crpro token will be build based on blockchain technology the same way as BNB did in the beginning.

Crpro has finished conducting presale events 1 and 2 at a price of 0.0625 and 0.075 and with expectation at the first time launching price will be around $0.1 per Crpro.

And we have conducted a public launch on hotbit on November 11, 2021 and beyond our expectation, the interest of investors are so big that the price of CRPRO touched the highest price around $10 and is currently very stable at around $1.

What are the advantages of CrystalPro? What makes CrystalPro different from other competitors?

Marvin :
First of all, we are not an anonymous team, each board of directors to our advisory team are people who have trusted backgrounds and have the ability to build and grow Crystalpro even bigger.

Secondly, we have a strong IT and development team, so that even though CRPRO is only 20 days old since its public launch on Hotbit, we have prepared and planned all preparations for Crystalpro very thoroughly in advance.

And in such of short time we have delivered to our holders several breakthroughs including the acquisition of tostswap, listing on Coin Market Cap (CMC), Coin Gecko (CG) will soon follow and plans for short time, games and staking programs will soon be realized as well.

Next, we have been engaged with several large companies under the association of direct selling companies in Indonesia such as Bangi Group (f&b sector), Harvest Group (health & beauty factory), Wiselashop (beauty center), MIT (tech company), Skin natur (health company), the L café, Wiraglobal and several other companies under the auspices of the association.

Could you tell us about CrystalPro tokenomics?

Marvin :
Total token will produce is very limited, only 80.000.000 tokens in total. from 80 millions token,

67.5% or 54 million will be allocated for several marketplace including Hotbit, Pancakeswap, Tostswap and other up coming exchanger in Indonesia and Global Market

7.5% allocated for development, 12.5% for marketing, 7.5% manufacture and 5% for the team and volunteer.

Can you share the CrystalPro roadmap now? What are the next steps to be taken in the future?

Marvin :
Yes of course, Our road map since
Q3 2021 we have done preparing all about Crystalpro from website, social media, presale, airdrop, and others that need to be prepared during the presale time.

Q4 2021, we have done presale 1, presale 2 and finally first public launch on CEX HOTBIT and followed by safepal, trust wallet, pancakeswap and tostswap. Listed on Coinsniper, Coindiscovery, CoinMarketCap and soon to come in CoinGecko.

Also in this Q4 2021, our development team have prepared 2 big programs and will launch soon. First is a crypto game which everyone can play the game easy and fun and get chance to get CRPRO as a reward. Than second is staking program which CRPRO holders can earn benefit from staking our CRPRO

Q1 2022, First CRPRO implementation on real FnB sector with our partner, followed with our biggest dream when we planned and build the Crystalpro, the Alpha project of CRPRO Blockchain!

and a lot of project that we have planned for the following quater in 2022 and 2023 including implementation of CRPRO to the ecosystem of our partners, manufacture to support the needs of partners, NFT marketplace, etc. all of those projects already sated on our roadmap and for detail, we are welcome to all of you visit our website and check our roadmap.


I read that CrystalPro coin can be used as an asset and utilization for traditional direct selling companies in product distribution in their businesses, thus accelerating the growth of the crystal ecosystem to be more robust. So does that mean there will be a DeFI / CeFi merger?

Marvin :
Many people think crystalpro is a “payment token” because Crystalpro supported various companies and communities, one of which is the Bangi group. Payment token is only one of crystalpro projects, maybe we will generate a stable coin for this, as we know that ap2li is one of the direct sales associations that also supports crystalpro. ap2li already have almost 200 members in indonesia with millions of members moving in it. there even even some members have branch abroad. with the successful Crpro, then we will be able to connect everything.

I want to know if there are no crypto related problems in your country & is your target audience only in Indonesia or have any plans to create a global project? How do you handle crypto regulations in your country & how does CrystalPro achieve globalization?

Marvin :
Nowadays in Indonesia, Cryptocurrency is being the highlight of everyone, awareness of cryptocurrency is increasing significantly from various levels of social circles. This has become a concern for the government so that a government regulation has been issued through BAPPEBTI, it’s the official regulatory agency for the supervision of futures and commodity trades under the authority of the ministry of trade, has issued regulation no. 8 of 2021 concerning Guidelines for the Implementation of Crypto Asset Physical Market Trading.

and now they are doing a fit and proper test for the Board of Director crypto asset exchange.

Crystalpro is definitely not just for the Indonesian market, but can also provide benefits to the global market. We have made various breakthroughs that currently all investors can use now, like Tostswap,

Tostswap is an exchange where people can buy and sell various tokens/coins and also do pool and staking.

Next step, Crystalpro will also launch a game that can be played by various groups where players will get rewards, and also a staking program which will soon be launched. Don’t forget that one of our big projects is to build Blockchain where the Alpha project will be carried out in Q1 2022. With existing projects that have been realized and those that will come according to the roadmap, this is a great opportunity for global investors to participate and become part of the CRPRO family.

I saw your plans for CryptoPro to migrate to a new blockchain, alongside with a new NFT and crypto marketplace and the conversion of the current $CRP token to $SCRP. What blockchain would you be transferring to? Would you be developing your own blockchain and network?

Marvin :
Yes, we will develop our own blockchain, we will make a plan for the best time to convert our token to our own blockchain

This plan is definitely very important for us, because it can embrace Indonesian very big Market Potential and also because of it’s seems Indonesia Government will support this Blockchain technology growth in Indonesia.

And we optimistic to become one of pioneer for Blockchain technology especially in Indonesia

When I tried to access to your website, I was heavily warned by my browser that it wasn’t a secure site for me, so, of course this made me wonder, how secure is really CrystalPro and it’s platform for users? What security methods do you have? Have you been audited before?

Marvin :
Sorry for your inconvenience, but i don’t fully understand, because right now i am accessing it, it’s fine, we have SSL too,
Let me show you the example

And we already been audited by techrate.

On CrystalPro tokenomic 7.5% token supply will be for “Development” and 7.5% for “Manufacture”. Can you tell us the difference between the two categories that you decided to split in half? How is the allocation used properly?

Marvin :
There are differences between development and manufacture,
development in our roadmap is Crystalpro internal development such as website, implementation of CRPRO to the ecosystem, costs for research and development of Crystalpro projects, like Tostswap, game programming, staking system settings, NFT Marketplace, Blockchain and so on which are contained in our roadmap.

Manufacturing is the placement of budget allocations to create a factory that will make the goods needed for our partners in the direct selling company association, where there will be very large demands from companies under the auspices of the association.


A lot of projects talk about their strengths all the time, but their token or coin prices are always falling. As one of project leaders, would you dare to speculate on the difficulties that the company is facing and how long it will take to overcome them?

Marvin :
This is a very good and powerful question, yess we agree that almost all project talk about their strengths. At most of the process we are aware about the challenges and difficulties and also need a lot of thoughts and strategies to overcome the challenges. We will not denied of that but we will going to bring up more solution to make our project success, and the good news is, my team consists of very high experience in Traditional and technology business, by the time me and my team will prove that all the project will be realized with this very solid team.

Collaboration and partnership are the backbone of the expansion of each project. Can you give me a list of some of your partnerships? Do you want to partner with another project?

Marvin :
Hi Karim thanks for the very nice question, for the initial partnership you can see in our website and whitepaper, and now the partnership are continuously growing because a lot of our future partner discuss about another future project, we welcome for new partner with another exciting project to growth in our environment.

STAKING is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and HOLD Them and long term. Does your GREAT PROJECT have plan about to Staking?

Marvin :
Hi Demon, that is very good question, stacking in our roadmap, so we waiting for you all to stake Crpro token by the time we announced it, in the near future you can find out our staking program and our game development, we will give our best efforts to make every our project become successful one by one, and bring big impact for everybody our community.

What the reason Behind you pick your project name as CRSYTAL PRO and What makes $CRPro unique ??

Marvin :
Crystalpro is reflected of the Crypto Asset and the team consist of very experienced and profesional people, you can see our progress each and every day such as listing in Hotbit, Pancakeswap, Tostswap and for your information you can buy our token in all that platform, with the ticker name CRPRO. Crystalpro Unique because we will combine real life project and digital technology project, also we have support from companies from direct selling association, and we already sound our progress on it’s development steps.

Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and sustain. So how does your project plan to generate profit and revenue?

Marvin :
Yes we are agree that revenue is the most important thing in all project, so you can see in all our project we have game, stacking, manufacturing, colaborating with profesional company, and all of this will become the source of all our revenue, it will become a very huge projects coming in the future, so everybody support this project, we evolving together with Crpro we gain our prosper, good luck everybody.

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