Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with BINAHERO 17 December, 2021. This guest star,

  • Emma — Marketing Of BinaHero


Emma BinaHero :
Sure I am Emma, in charge of marketing in BinaHero and I have been in this industry for more than three years


What’s Dragon BinaHero? The idea, how it started? Can you provide a simple description?

Emma BinaHero :
BinaHero is a decentralized NFT game that integrates collection of NFT heroes, mining, market trading, and PVE. Players can play to earn in the game.

You can continuously collect and upgrade Hero, and get rewards through mining or trading. You can also let hero go through levels to win rewards.

What is the basic concept NFT game behind BinaHero? How can you incorporate the DeFi into BinaHero gameplay?

Emma BinaHero :
BinaHero is a super cool gamefi project that has combined NFT and defi together. it is built on Binance smart chain and we have desiged comprehensive gameplay in which players can play to earn whicle with defi atributes.

Our vision is to make a great game with no roadblocks for crypto gamers and even easy for new players

How do players earn revenue on BinaHero games?

Emma BinaHero :
players can earn via collection of NFT heroes, mining, market trading, and PVE.

also players can earn by holding HERO to gain long term benefits

Who are BinaHero current partners and backers? What is the role given in the development of the BinaHero ecosystem?

Emma BinaHero :
BinaHero has partnered with DeepLand as our investor and also partner with solidproof as our audit partner

also BinaHero has done KYC process

Regarding “Security”, how does BinaHero care about security? Has BinaHero been audited?

Emma BinaHero :
yes BinaHero has done audit by well know solidproof and we have taken security measures like having anti-hacker mechanism to protect BinaHero


As we all know, BinaHero is a play-to-earn game, but every P2E game demands a huge initial deposit before users can begin playing. As a result, I’m curious if users will be required to make an initial deposit in order to begin playing BinaHero games?

Emma BinaHero :
Actually players only need to own one Hero and they can start their journey to use the hero to play to win

to start it, yes, owning some HERO is needed, this also is the token value of HERO token, so that gamers can enjoy the increase of ecosystem

I see in BinaHero game players can upgrade their NFT Hero to 5 stars. What is the probability of a star appearing and the energy required for each star ascending on the NFT? What is the use of the Soul Stone in the game?

Emma BinaHero :
Thank you for the good question, it is really nice to see that we have someone already so familiar with BinaHero

Trust us, BinaHero will provide you with a lot of pleasant surprises and for the upgrading, the probability differs in every level, also Soul Stone is the essential to get Hero

in future PVE battle, there is also chance to get fragments of Soul Stone and by that time Soul Stone will not be easily bought with a limited supply

I understand that BinaHero is an NFT-based. However, Many traditional players can find it difficult to play NFT games. How can “BinaHero” bridge this to attract more traditional player to your games? Do you have a plan to educate about the benefits of NFT games?

Emma BinaHero :
yes it takes a lot of effort to combine and balance between “play to earn on blockchain” and “lowering thresholder for more potential players”, good thing is that we have really experienced team, we have rich experience in blockchain development and gaming

we really know the trick on how to do the combination together

Can you tell us about BinaHero tokenomics? What is the use of HERO tokens in games and where will be allocated?

Emma BinaHero :
Sure, for HERO, there are many use cases in the game, players need to buy and hold HERO at first to buy soul stone in game store, and soul stone can summon the Hero which will automatically mine for players to get rewards and battle for players

We have a super healthy tokenomics,also we promise to lockup all the fund we raise in presale to make liquidity

What is the ultimate mission that Bina hero trying to achieve in crypto field? Obviously crypto market will experience huge growth in upcoming years, so which role would you like play in the crypto? What are your future goals about #Binahero?

Emma BinaHero :
Our vision is to develop BinaHero as top game and promote BinaHero ecosystem to all players around the world

We keep long term development and spread the hero culture.


On BinaHero tokenomics why didn’t allocate a portion of HERO tokens for burning purposes since most tokens have deflationary mechanisms nowadays? Do you think, you will be able to control inflation rate on HERO tokens without a deflationary mechanism?

Emma BinaHero :
Thank you for the great question, actually we have plan for future token burning, and we plan to release the good news in the future step by step

How can I join the pre-sale or IDO? What is extimated date Where can I buy your Tokens ?

Emma BinaHero :
Thanks for your kind interest, BinaHero will start presale soon, welcome to join in our community, there is one day left for whitelist activity

Have plans when launch the game? About the structure, have plans to create any airdrop of nft for the small users? a lot of games the price of nft is very expensive and only whales can play!

Emma BinaHero :
Yes, we will launch game soon in end of December, also we already have beta version of BinaHero and will invite community members to do beta test

and yes we will also have airdrop plan in future to expand community

When will you release your mobile app and will you create an iphone and android version too?

Emma BinaHero :
we have publicized roadmap in our website and now we are in stage one:
We have built BinaHero Smart Contract
Launched Website and Social Media
Have submitted Smart contract Audit
Released Whitepaper

and we plan to process:

BinaHero Seed Presale
Demo game built
Strategic cooperation with KOL
AMA with Telegram/Discord groups

also we can share with you some video clips

How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not spoken well?

Emma BinaHero :
yes we not only promote BinaHero in English such as doing ama today here, also we work with a lot of local language communities, for example, soon next week we will have an ama in indonesian community, also we work with influencers in youtube and twitter to promote BinaHero

People always check about safety and security from any project because much hack issue right now, I would like to know how is the safety from your project? How did you make sure that you are secure?

Emma BinaHero :yes safety is our first priority, we have rich experience in blockchain development, and we have anti-hacker mechanism in our design, also we have done KYC and audit

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