Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with AXEs METAVERSE 17 December, 2021. This guest star,

  • Andrey Abramov — Chief Product Officer


Andrey :
My name is Andrey, and I’m Chief Product Officer of Axes Metaverse. I have a wide experience in crypto, being CPO in crypto projects for more than 4 years, while my first investments in it were done starting from late 2013. I’m also a passionate gamer myself and I believe that Play-to-earn approach will shift the approach of how the games are built.

We, at Azur Games, had noticed the changes coming to the industry and decided to become one of the first big game development companies to join this trend. Let me drop you a couple of numbers, so it would be easier to understand how huge Azur Games is:
- Top-4 mobile game publisher in 2021
- More than 2B+ installs for over 100 published titles
- More than 30 million daily players enjoy our games


What’s Axes Metaverse? Can you share with us more in detail?

Andrey :
We came up with an idea to tokenize one of our existing and successfully performing games called It’s a classic battle royale with a simple yet catchy gameplay: you run along the diminishing arena throwing axes at other players until you become the last one standing alive.
Our plans to make a step into Play-to-earn are very ambitious: we want not only to tokenize a single mobile game but to expand it to a metaverse — an altering virtual world where you as a player can be engaged in a variety of gameplay modes, quests and stories

What is concept of the game Axes Metaverse? Can you instruct how to play it?

Andrey :
NFT is the center of our metaverse. You can play using them and earn tokens, do passive farming and so on. In the upcoming GAO we will release the first wave of character NFTs for a very fair and affordable price.

As for gameplay, you can visit our website and check out several videos and recaps there

What are the roles of DeFi and NFT in Axes Metaverse? How can Axes Metaverse combine NFT and DeFi into GameFi?

Andrey :
I love this question! Our token and NFTs have sustainability mechanics that will be described in the Metaverse whitepaper. In addition, “value” follows the progress of game development and updates, you can check this out by researching what other live play-to-earn projects do. And since we have a huge experience at game design and development, we’ll bring you something interesting to the table :)

Who are the current partners and backers of Axes Metaverse? What is role in the development and ecosystem of Axes Metaverse?

Andrey :
Partnerships are a crucial part of project success. At the moment, we are working on a partnership with the top blockchain having GameFi-friendly ecosystem. As for allies we already have onboard, we have a partnership with the payment processor who would allow us to onboard gaming audience we have in our games to Axes Metaverse, a number of advisors who help us to grow the community, etc. All these partnerships to be announced later per our global go-to-market strategy.

Can you share the Axes Metaverse roadmap now? What are the next steps to be taken in the future?

Andrey :

Current marketing plan is the following:

+ Launch GAO series, gather bold community of P2E gamers
+ Partnerships with P2E guilds
+ Partnerships with top blockchain funds on the Seed/Strategic sale of our token
+ Partnerships with leading GameFi blockchain

Follow us on Telegram:
Join our Telegram and Discord communities to stay updated:

So, in details, we will conduct 4 GAO series in mid December, mid Jan, mid Feb and mid March, moreover we are going to launch our game marketplace very soon and in Q1 2021 we will conduct private sale and IDO of our in-game token. After all, in Q2 2022 we will release the game itself, and the demo will also appear as soon as marketplace will be launched

As for roadmap, you can check it out on our website:


Axes Metaverse NFTs have sustainability mechanisms. In addition, the “value” tracks the progress of development and game updates. What are the sustainability mechanisms that the Axes Metaverse NFTs have? How to estimate value the NFTs of the game?

Andrey :
We have carefully studied the problems other NFT and play-to-earn projects had with minting, game economy design and so on

Speaking of the NFT market problems, we always monitor our competitors in terms of minting, game economy, technical challenges, and take into account their mistakes, as well as advantages.

So we have already released our marketplace, via which you will be able to purchase our NFT chests on the upcoming GAO #1 this Sunday, the price will be 250 BUSD, and after the sale it will significantly increase due to project awareness and overbooked whitelist. Also, the rarity of heroes will affect the value of NFTs, but in the first GAO you will be able to get random rarity heroes for the fixed price, even legendary heroes may appear. So join our community to stay tuned @axes_metaverse

Tell us about the difficulties experienced by your platform. Can you tell us about the challenges you faced when developing your project? How did you manage to solved it?

Andrey :
As I said before, we are huge gamedev company, Azur Games, and we have a bunch of successful casual games with 2B+ installs. So, we are not creating a new game, we just took our existing game and put it onto blockchain rails. We have a great team of 400 people in different places of the world including game designers, developers, blockchain experts from different fields. So actually we have a pretty good market fit, so all challenges are accepting with pleasure and we successfully overcoming them

On your website, describe the “GAO” Game Asset Offering. So can you tell us about GAO? What are the benefits participating in the GAO Axis Metaverse? Are there any requirements to participate?

Andrey :
You can participate in our upcoming GAOs, the first of which will be held this Sunday, 19th of December (join our socials to stay updated), so just before the launch, users could obtain NFT characters chests and after the launch, the price of NFTs will be significantly increased due to the hype around the project and our currently existed non-crypto audience, which will be drawn to the project exactly after the launch (Q2 2022)

The NFT heroes chest will be sold at 250 BUSD. You need to join whitelist in order to take part in GAO, you will need BSC Metamask wallet with enough BUSD and BNB for network fees

Axes Metaverse is going to launch its own market place which is Axes Metaverse Marketplace. When will Axes Metaverse Marketplace be launched? After launching, How easy will it be trading NFTs through this marketplace?

Andrey :
We have already launched our own marketplace, where you will be able to buy our NFT heroes chests and we have already run community tests for the marketplace.

So through marketplace you will be able to trade your NFT heroes via our native game token, as soon as it will be released. As we are casual game developer, we know how to bring ease and simple UX / UI for users and you will be able to see it by yourself

Partnership is one of the most important aspects of a project’s success. So, do you plan to collaborate on large programs in the near future?

Andrey :
You’re absolutely right, partnerships are a crucial part of project success. At the moment, we are working on a partnership with the top blockchain having GameFi-friendly ecosystem. As for allies we already have onboard, we have a partnership with the payment processor who would allow us to onboard gaming audience we have in our games to Axes Metaverse, a number of advisors who help us to grow the community, etc. All these partnerships to be announced later per our global go-to-market strategy.


How important is the COMMUNITY to you? and how can we collaborate or help you for the development of the project?

Andrey :
Community is the most important part of our project. As I said before, Azur Games has 2B+ installs from more than 100 countries, we actually have 30M+ daily active players and all of the just common players, non-crypto. And having such a broad audience it would be strange if you won’t try to shift them into p2e crypto-players. So we have plans for an ambassadorship program for our crypto community, where there are nearly 50k people already in. The program will be concluded in helping our non-crypto players in onboarding to p2e. Just imagine how much value we can bring to the p2e industry.

Do you have AUDIT certificates,Or are you working to AUDIT your project to make It more secure And reliable.?

Andrey :
Safety is a very important aspect in our industry. We strive to comply with all industry safety standards and regulations. We put security as our first priority, which is why we have serious experts in blockchain, wallet infrastructure, exchanges and cryptobanks in our team. The entire blockchain part of the project will be strictly audited by leading security contractors.

We know a lot of new projects are very attractive at first and bring different rewards but are suddenly abandoned. My question is, how do you manage projects and tokens to get a place in the market and become the best token in the cryptocurrency world?

Andrey :
Other P2E projects show that the more game content, the higher the value of game assets. For example: Heroes & Empires: their chests during GAO were sold for 250 HE, and after 2 months they were sold already for 1800 HE.
Last few months the value of in-game tokens and assets is not as volatile as other tokens.
We know how to make games and present them, so the longer you hold assets, the more valuable they will become after the introduction of NFT passive farming, the ability to rent them and other unique features that we will announce later.

Can you explain what makes your project superior to other projects? And what is the deadly strategy you used in your project to win the competition with other projects?

Andrey :
Key points of NFT utility can be researched on our website. In terms of marketplace, currently we are developing our own nft-market that will allow you to trade your assets but we are also discussing partnerships with well known nft-marketplaces. Heroes that will be dropped in the first GAO are already revealed in our community! Last but not least in terms of gameplay we have developed a clear vision and I am going to share it with you. Firstly, we are going to tokenize and improve it to make high quality battle royale. Further, we are planning to introduce more than 3 revolutionizing game modes.

Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users ?

Andrey :
Azur Games has a huge experience of developing low entry threshold casual games. Right now we are transferring this experience into cryptocurrency industry

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