What is metasquid go?
I have read in your whitepaper that there are 2 tokens, METASQUID ($MSQUID) and METAWON ($MWON), can you explain more about it?
There are so many crypto projects out there, what makes you different from the other project? can you explain and convince us to contribute in your project?
WOW! That’s incredible. Can you explain how to play the game?
That’s really interesting! When can I start contributing to the presale? And how do I participate on the presale?


MetaSquidGo has 2 token, MSQUID & MWON. What profits you will offer through 2 tokens, if the holders of these tokens, will we have governance rights or possibilities to generate passive income? How will you make sure to make them attractive to investors and profitable over time?
I saw that MetaSquidGO has airdrop program for community. How many % token allocation in the airdrop? Aren’t you worried if the price drops when all the airdrop winners are distributed and they sell them for cheap? What is MetaSquidGO’s plan to anticipate it?
Do you prioritize security in the development of Metasquid GO? Is Metasquid GO planning on auditing in the near future? Do you provide the best security guarantee for users/investors?
What are plans in for global expansion?Are you focusing on market at this time or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?
Is @metasquidgo a game compatible with mobile devices like a phone or tablet or only is possible to play by the pc?


Can you explain about the detail of presale?
When does the presale start?
is metasquidgo deflation token?
How can i can stay update with your project?
How do I get access to play Red Light Green Light?



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