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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Shiba Inu Classic 30 December, 2021. This guest star,

  • Siddharth Jain — Project Lead


Shiba Inu Classic Project Lead :
Hi Community, My name is Siddharth Jain and I am the project lead of Shiba Inu classic. I welcome you all for this AMA. I come from a Technology background and loves technology and Blockchain. I believe in the transparency of the blockchain.
I have experience in building multiple products in technology in travel, advertisement, and enterprise solutions
apart from that, I am a serial entrepreneur and I have built multiple businesses from travel to textiles.
I strongly believe in the decentralized ecosystem which blockchain provides.



Shiba Inu Classic Project Lead :
Shiba Inu Classic is a community-first project with a focus on providing the complete suite of defi solutions to the community. We are building a super D-App which will host all sub-application where users can do multiple utility payments and other things.

We are focused on proving the whole suite of de-fi solutions to our community. We are building this project with people in mind and not just traders. We are centered around a utility token, where we are building a lot of functionality and products in the ecosystem

from a technology point of view we have 4 core functionalities:

Project Has Four Core Functionality Engg wise — SHIBIC Wallet, SHIBIC Pay, SHIBIC TO FIAT & Gas Control From Product Side, all future sub-features will be built around them. SHIBIC Wallet will be a major part of enabling 0% transaction fee while paying merchants and users who are using the wallet, thus saving tax fees and enabling instant payment, also will enable voting and rewards programs by holding SHIBICs.

we are also building a charity function where we support charities prioritised by our community

I would say in one line Shiba Inu classic is people’s token with actual Decentralized finance applications, which is built for the community, with community inputs and to give back to the community with a charity every month with a strong governance model

Why choose SHIBA INU CLASSIC? What are the advantages of SHIBA INU CLASSIC over other projects?What solutions are offered?

Shiba Inu Classic Project Lead :
Well, we are not just another meme coin, though the origin of the name sounds like that. We have very strong differentiating points

Shiba Inu Classic has three strong pillars that stand it apart from other projects in the same direction —
1. Complete Transparency of every step with the community
2. Direct Control of Community to influence every major decision in the project with polling
3. Super Sharp’s focus of the project is to solve one thing in Defi Space — Small to large payment with Super Small Transaction fees, other features are just built around it. We are not trying to do too many things. Shiba Inu Classic aims to make crypto use practical on day to day basis for general users for regular payment we do today with local currencies we have.
4. Our solutions have practical uses, by this I mean, all major projects have European markets in mind, but our focus is to get more people in the ecosystem specially those who cant afford the expensive ecosystem of BTC and ETH

Solutions Which we are building :

1. A super D App, which will host all functions which we are building.
2. A SHIBIC Wallet is in pipeline, which will enable 0% transaction fees while paying merchants and users who are on the same ecosystem.
3. SHIBIC Pay: SHIBIC Pay would align with a wallet to pay for payments by SHIBIC either internally from the app or by payment partners, for example eventually you would be able to pay for online merchant stores with SHIBIC Wallet because we will integrate with SHOPIFY via a payment gateway and more such engagement will be added.
4. SHIBIC TO FIAT — this is to enable SHIBIC withdrawal in FIAT via OTC partner / ATMs, as Wallet is built we will enable this with OTC partnerships, which should be done region by region in the coming months
5, Last is Gas Control intelligence — Growing Gas payment is a huge problem and we want to give insights to the user on how they can reduce it by providing details/options of paying by low fees either low load on-chain or by time delay.

Could you tell us about SHIBA INU CLASSIC tokenomics about total tokens supply and tokens allocated?

Shiba Inu Classic Project Lead :
Sure My pleasure in answering the question :

We started with 1000T tokens, with a plan to keep 100 T tokens in the supply.,

we have the following tokenomics :

a 6% fees on every on-chain transaction.
out of this transaction fees :
2% is auto burn,
3% is redistributed to SHIBIC holders ( So the Shibic Holders are rewarded always just for holding the token)
1% is sent to charity wallet, the use of which is decided by community i.e. Community decides which charity to donate that money.

Also We have already burnt 90% of tokens.
First burn was after our IEO, i,e. on 23rd of Nov, 2021 where we burnt 300T tokens,
and second burn event was on 17th Dec, where we burnt 600T tokens.
in this burn there was 3% redistribution to wallet holders as well. We are planning to ask our community about stopping the auto burn upon reaching 50T tokens in circulating supply.

The allocation of tokens are :

1 % — angel investor
1 % — Dev Team
0.5 % — marketing
0.5 % — contingency
2 % — for exchanges
5 % — swap + partnerships

What security measures SHIBA INU CLASSIC have taken to keep the investors and users funds secure? Has SHIBA INU CLASSIC been audited?

Shiba Inu Classic Project Lead :
Shiba Inu classic has security measured inbuilt in the project we have taken all precautions on the security front. Our Smart contract has been audited by Certik, the highest authority in the market for audit.
We have planned for audits every quarter and as and when we release new features.
You can check the Certik audit certificate on the website:

Please inform the SHIBA INU CLASSIC roadmap? What is the strategic plan of SHIBA INU CLASSIC in the future?

Shiba Inu Classic Project Lead :
Following is the roadmap :
1. first we are aiming to release the Dapp with limited features with in next three months

2. we will release this D app to alpha testers

these features will include
SHIBIC Wallet , ShibiC Swap, community poling, Gas intelligence and Rewards

more features will be added in the coming 6 months after that and a Beta version will be released to public and after that we will release the product to general public

we are building plan to expand in European and asian market simultaneously specially where adoption of crypto is more.


I read that $SHIBIC will be included in @CoinTigerEX today. Fascinating milestone. How will this new listing help your project experience exponential growth? Why have you chosen this platform for a new launch? Are there plans to venture into other CEX or DEX in the future?

Shiba Inu Classic Project Lead :
Well Coin Tiger has deep reach in turkey and South Asian market and it is filling the space when binance went to Malta, Coin tiger is also picked up by many new projects which makes it perfect to us as it is preferred choice of many traders. They have amazing marketing team we are confident with them we will reach to many people who would love to hold and trade SHIBIC.

Here is the link to the coin tiger listing :

$SHIBIC holders get tokens over time automatically with a built-in 3% redistribution fee. Being a community owned project, can this percentage increase as the project grows and holders increases? Do you think this 3% redistributed is fair to all shareholders?

Shiba Inu Classic Project Lead :
well, In my opinion, take this as an automatic value enhancer for people who love to hold the SHIBIC.
Well, when we will reach 50T Token, we will ask the community if they want to change figures of redistribution, donation, and burn. If they do, we will change them accordingly.

Redistribution logic is common blockchain smart contract logic built in our contract to give tokens to users as per amount of tokens they are holding on the fly, as more and more SHIBIC users will arrive, this will even out more effectively. So its built for long scale of distribution as wallets holders grow.

One of your cool features is SHIBIC Pay, Pay Online / Offline Merchants with QR Code. What type of business product or merchants is SHIBIC Pay targeting? How much does it cost to use your payment services and what are the requirements to get a business registered?

Shiba Inu Classic Project Lead :
Well, anyone with SHIBIC DAPP, would have a SHIBIC wallet, in which they will carry SHIBIC. They should be able to scan a QR code of any merchant/person who is on the SHIBIC ecosystem. It will enable fast payments.

We are targeting every small payment business and everyone who pays for any utility, this will be enabled mainly by integration with payment gateways, which would support crypto payments for utilities or business transactions.

It also keeps the regulation part in check as SHIBIC will integrate with payment gateways whom are compliant to the the laws of the land.

Requirement for business registration — Currently we are only onboarding direct wallet holders, we might have business-specific requirements down the line. Right now the focus is everyone, merchant account might have extra features but they are yet to be carved out depending on how the crypto space evolves.

How much do you value your community and what role do they play in major decisions taken and are you truly democratic?

Shiba Inu Classic Project Lead :
Community is our №1 Priority. We are an open feedback and polling enabled project. Community adds and assists in major decision making.
For example — All the burn events were decided by the community, even the amount. We have hired two of our Community admins directly from the community. Not direct from market.

community is what drives us to do better!
We are a super transparent project with all the marketing/partnerships/ama/listing/product updates shared with the community. We take in all feedback and try to accommodate and learn from the community by listening carefully every day.

Most projects are now abandoned in the middle of their operations due to a lack of sustainability and incapacity to support expansion in a market that is wildly shifting. How will you be able to deal with market fluctuations in an efficient manner?

Shiba Inu Classic Project Lead :
That’s actually a reality given the super dynamic nature of crypto space.

our priority is to make sure we deliver on the product roadmap and SHIBIC is available to as many geography groups as possible through DEX / CEX listings.

With SHIBIC’s current listings on Kanga / Pancakeswap / Cointiger — SHIBIC Is now available to be traded to nearly 100 countries now through these exchanges with open trade.

Our priority now is to continouly onboard on more CEXs and continuouly build the product as per roadmap.

You can see on our website, we have met all our milestones so far.

The Core of it is the reserve funds we have kept to make sure the product is comfortably delivered.

As product roadmap delivery countinues, SHIBIC’s circulation grows through exchanges and product is available to the market, then its upto working with the community to grow the product from there as upgrades.


Can you list 1–3 KILLErs features of this PROJECT that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about???

Shiba Inu Classic Project Lead :
Thank Nirob for asking this :

1. No Tax on Transactions while you pay users who would be using SHIBIC Dapp, ex. even finance charges for internal transfer, SHIBIC DAPP won’t.
2. Gas Intelligence feature would allow users to pay the minimum gas fee with the help of AI model, other wallets usually charge a flat fee, SHIBIC app will ask and give the option of the lower fee if they can wait for the transaction to complete in a bit more time
3. Both are strong advantages that will enable SHIBIC token usage along with other features a practical thing

1) Telegram Group
2) YouTube channel
3) Tiktok Channel
4.) Website
5) twitter
For this project? From where we can learn Something? Please share with us link.?

Shiba Inu Classic Project Lead :
Twitter —

Telegram Community —

Telegram Annoucement Channel —

Telegram Shilling Group —

Official YouTube Channel —

Official Website —

Trade Pairs Live —

Pancakeswap —

Kanga Exchange —


Have you being audited ? Have not heard you talk about that security of funds is what every investor craves for and plans to escape incase of insecurity if funds,scams and rug pulls ? How strongly built are your security put in place?

Shiba Inu Classic Project Lead :
well, we are security audited by certain, the highest authority in the field. On the security of funds, the liquidity is locked in a UNICRYPT locker for the next three years. Also, you can verify this on our website.
we have a proven track record of delivering and keeping the finds secure. we are an experienced team who are in this field to build a product for people. We are also a doxxed team and You can see my linked profile as well. We are completely transparent about everything. That should bring a lot of confidence in the commuity.

PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATIONS are the backbone in making every shiba inu classic family project more widespread. Can you list some of ur partners with us?

Shiba Inu Classic Project Lead :
Currently, we partnership with Tencent, as we are gold sponsors to their Infinity Program, which is a token value exchange program, where their subscriber base gets SHIBIC tokens as airdrop reward while stacking their tokens and holding SHIBIC for the long term together with locked-in tokens over 180 days

Why you choose Binance Smart chain? we see some chain pop up with good scalability too, then why you choose BSC?

Shiba Inu Classic Project Lead :
Well BSC is the only chain that is offering the best throughput and low fees. Also, BSC is a mature platform and has a very mature platform that enables many things. So to enable super small gas fees! is our main focus which will enable more transactions in our ecosystem,

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