Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with iBG 13 January, 2022. This guest star,

  • Raashi Gaur — Marketing Manager


Rashi Gaur :
I’m Raashi Gaur, currently managing the Marketing Division of iBG Finance. I take care of our community, social media, PR, events, and many more! I’m grateful to be a part of this exciting journey and happy to share this with all you guys :)


What’s iBG? What triggers you to launch iBG? What is the vision and mission?

Rashi Gaur :
iBG Finance is an ecosystem of smart DeFi wealth management products uniquely designed to bring simplicity and efficiency to users interested in entering the cryptocurrency and DeFi markets.

Our mission is simple. In an industry that’s riddled with complexity, we bring simplicity

Why iBG? What are some of problems/pain points that iBG aims to solve?

Rashi Gaur :
Whether we want to admit it or not, investing in DeFi is difficult a lot of the time, and to add to the problem, DeFi isn’t as decentralized as it’s meant to be

iBG takes on the vision decentralized finance strives for and takes it a step further. No project out there has yet to create a platform with user experience in mind. No project till iBG :)

Could you please give a brief intro of iBG salient product?

Rashi Gaur :
Right now our ecosystem has our Welcome Wallet (refer to earn), Farms (for staking, locking, liquidity)

We are releasing our tier-based earning system in the middle of the year, which we announced about two weeks ago :)

As the year goes on, more exciting things will be released, I hope you’ll all be there to see these happen

Can you tell us about iBG tokenomics about total tokens supply and tokens allocated? What usecases of iBG tokens in the ecosystem?

Rashi Gaur :
Sure, here are our tokenomics

Name: iBG Token
Symbol: iBG
Protocol: BSC, ETH & CGCX iChain
Total Supply: 45m (35m ERC/10m BSC)
Token ID:
$iBG (ERC 20): 0xf16cd087e1c2c747b2bdf6f9a5498aa400d99c24
$iBG (BEP20): 0x5c46c55A699A6359E451B2c99344138420c87261

All our tokens are unlocked already, and tokens used as transaction fees are burned to reduce supply

$iBG will be an integral part of our launching wealth management portal

iBG works like an amusement park. We have tons of rides and attractions for you to enjoy

and earn from, and all you need is our native token, $iBG, to take part in the fun

Please inform iBG roadmap? What is the strategic plan of iBG in the future?

Rashi Gaur :
As you can see in our roadmap, you can expect an overhaul of our locked staking pools and the launch of our wealth management portal.

Key ideas that push for these releases is our continuous prioritization of user experience and the maximization of user profits

Our community is always first to hear what we have coming out of the pipeline, and I don’t want to spoil any of our future surprises, so come on over to our home Telegram community so you get first dibs too ;)


IBG says it makes portfolio building and investment easy, and the work is done for us. So do we just send Fiat to you guys and wait for our investment to start growing Just like the way it’s with traditional wealth management platforms or how do we go about it?

Rashi Gaur :
We make investing easy by providing you an array of safe and audited projects to put your money in. You can choose from the wide range we’ve presented and see how much of a return you’ll be getting from your investment

You have to be quick though! Projects on our portal only have a limited amount of slots for investment before they’re sold out for good

The higher your tier, the more projects with higher APY are provided for you to choose from, like so:
Stable Returns — projects yielding 10–75% APY
Medium Returns — projects yielding 50–200% APY
High Returns — projects yielding 500%++ APY

Here are our tiers for your reference
Bronze — 1,000 iBG tokens to participate
Silver — 10,000 iBG tokens to participate
Gold — 25,000 iBG tokens to participate
Ruby — 50,000 iBG tokens to participate
Diamond — 100,000 iBG tokens to participate
Jade — by-invitation only category for VC’s and large token holders

We’ve a 10% bonus contest going on

10% bonus campaign:

and then we’ve a weekly lottery too


I learned that iBG finance offers a Robo Advisor to provide AI-enabled fund management. So how are these funds distributed? And what are the differences between traditional fund managers?

Rashi Gaur :
iBG is more than fund management.

As I said earlier, your user experience is a priority for all our endeavors.

This alone already sets us apart from our competitors and traditional fund managers, where interfaces are difficult to navigate, or their investment processes are too complicated

Our platform offers users a dynamic approach in choosing what they want to put their assets into.

You’re in the driver’s seat towards skyrocketing APYs, and iBG is at your service to bring you as high as you want to go

Our farms are benefitting all kinds of investors; long or short investment, doesn’t matter. You can see yield as early as 5 mins


Audit is so important to find out vulnerabilities of smart contracts. Could you show us how strong #ibg security is? Did your complete any audit by third parties?

Rashi Gaur :
We are the only POSI-insured token in the metaverse. That means our users don’t have to worry about losing their tokens, either due to errors or malicious third parties :)

Our smart contracts are also audited before pushing live, and farms have no rug pull migrator coding

We understand the need for safety and security, especially with your assets. That’s why we make sure to have these measures in place

The gas fee on Ethereum blockchain is crazy high. Why did you decided to build your project on ETH? Any plan to incorporate with other Blockchainchain such as BSC?

Rashi Gaur :
We’re available on BSC and ETH!

Uniswap (ERC20):
PancakeSwap (BEP20):

And we’ve our community to give you more information and keep you updated.
Join iBG Finance Telegram:

Does #ibgFinance great project support staking program? If yes, how is your stake symtem work , what is the requirement for use r if they want to stake in #IbgFinance platform?

Rashi Gaur :
We have existing staking programs both on BSC and ETH :)


If you’re already familiar with staking and yielding, our platform will be a breeze for you to navigate

If you’re only getting started with farming, it’s really easy with iBG Farms! One of crypto’s finest YouTubers has made a great video on how to make the most out of your assets, specifically with our platform :)

“Great place to yield farm your stable coins or even the natives with the current high APRs that won’t be forever!”

You can check it out here

Enjoy ridiculously high APRs and ZERO gas fees, thanks to our heavily talented dev team ;)


Can you tell us more about your marketing, for global adoption and wider reach?

Rashi Gaur :
Vernacular content has always been a king in the marketing. It gives us a lot of scope to connect with a wider reach of audiences and that too on a personal and more approachable way.

We’re planning to create different communities in native languages for audiences who who not speak English.

This way, we can create relatable and engaging content.

What are the radar major partners now and have you done any partnership with ventures? is there enough fund raised by your project?

Rashi Gaur :
Our partnerships play a major role in setting a base for our growth and future plans.

We’ve been recently acquired by ICOA which is a public listed company from Nevada.

You can read more about it:

Another major partnership that we like to boast about is our partnership with Scholas that makes us enter the NFT Bandwagon.

Read More:

Experienced team is the most vital thing in building company growth, a project will not develop without being managed by an experienced team, whatever it is good. so, how about iBG Finance? does your team have good experience in the cryptocurrency world?!!

Rashi Gaur :
Our team is something we’re proud of. Right from our co-founder Dr. Vin Menon who has been a serial entrepreneur from the Crypto and DeFi space to our newly appointed CEO, Samuel Chng who has an extensive experience in the FinTech and Blockchain industries; we’ve a brillient team of experts from the relative field and it has been a amjor reason for our successful journey so far.

The team behind iBG Finance is composed of professionals from the same or similar backgrounds, coming together to build off each other’s knowledge and individual expertise to make iBG what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow.

Hello Sir, 
1) Telegram Group
2) YouTube channel
3) Tiktok Channel
4.) Website
5) twitter
For this project?? From where we can learn Something?? Please share with us link.?

Rashi Gaur :
For every link, we’ve a MASTERLINK :)
Please join our socials to keep updated on our latest news or information. Our community members would be elated to help you out with any support needed.

How important to consider the community in the success of this project, how the community contribute to the success of this project?

Rashi Gaur :
We’ve an ever-growing and engaging community that we love to boast about.

Our community members are equally important to us and we keep introducing various community specific marketing properties. For instance, we’ve named our upcoming wealth management app by giving an opportunity to our lovely community audiences to suggest a name for. #NameTheDapp

Another successful activity has been the Crypto Quiz.

It’s teh activities like these that make our communtiy loved by many and it keeps getting wider audiences everyday.

It’s a COME ALL-WIN ALL method that we follow there.

Welcoming one and all! Please Join:

Rashi Gaur :
It was lovely to have this nice and interactive AMA session with you guys. I’ve had a great time in answering all the innovative and fresh questions here. I request you all to joiun our community and we’d love to answer any question there that has been left unanswered here, due to time constraint. iBG Finance Telegram:

Telegram Chat | Twitter | Website | Linkedin | Youtube | Facebook

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about iBG.

Join our Telegram Group and you can talk directly with other Communities and enjoy some of the events that we created. We are always here to support.



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