Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Linkka Finance 15 January, 2022. This guest star,

  • Andy Cheng — Bussines Development


Andy Cheng BDEV :
I am andy cheng and i am as Bussines Development on Linkka Finance. I am on Crypto area for 5 years and i am become brand ambassador for some project too. And i am here to introduce Linkka Finance to Infinity chain

Linkka Finance is an online payment gateway that can be integrated into your website with the tools we provide, such as the WordPress plugin, Shopify plugin, open cart, and with HTML/PHP code, so you can accept payments in cryptocurrency, how it works is the way you become a user or merchant of Linkka finance, If you become a user, you get a centralized wallet feature, you can use a wallet that you can exchange into any currency with your cryptocurrency, If you register as a merchant, you will be able to use tools from linkka finance to integrate with your website, your online shop, to accept payments in cryptocurrencies


What are some of problems/pain points that Linkka aims to solve? What solutions are offered?

Andy Cheng BDEV :
Linkka Finance online payment gateway is our main idea and wi be our focused development. So let me give some example.

When person “A” want to buy clothes from merchant “B” but person “A” just have crypto asset like $BNB , and $TRX . If merchant “B” use Linkka as their payment gateway, person “A” can buy it with his/her crypto asset. And with our convert system merchant “B” can keep his/her stuff price fixed.

So what we want to solve is to link all merchant who want to use crypto as the payment. We are here to help them with our platform

Tell us about tokenomics Linkka (IKA Token). What are the advantages of holding IKA token?

Andy Cheng BDEV :
Here our tokenomics

Total supply 100.000.000

💎25 Millions Yield farm
Locked (15.000.000)
Initial Farm : 10.000.000
💎25 Millions token sale
Private Sale : 7.000.000
IDO Whitelist : 3.000.000
IDO Public : 15.000.000

💎20.000.000 Liquity Pools

💎7 Millions marketing
💎4 Millions team
💎4 Millions AirDrop
💎15 Millions Token listing
(Supply For Dex & Cex Listing)

You can stake and earn reward from Ikayield and also you will need $IKA when we launch our NFT Market place too. There was so much you can do with $IKA

Where can we buy IKA tokens or have other plans such as presale?

Andy Cheng BDEV :
Yes we have presale and will do it at 18th this month. We will do the presale on Pinksale. We already do the KYC and Audited so you will se KYC and Audited Badge. Just wait we will share the link of the presale when it was live. Join our global community

What security measures Linkka have taken to keep the investors and users funds secure? Has Linkka been audited?

Andy Cheng BDEV :
Yes we already do audited on several platform like techrate and freshcoins. And we get Audited badge from pinksale because we already done it before we start the Presale. And we already do audited on certik too you can check here

And here our other audited

Does Linkka currently have any plans for an airdrop campaign or event for users?

Andy Cheng BDEV :
Yes we have airdrop round 2 and we patnership with airdrop detective for this round. We already done shiling contest too. And we will make some event again on the next time after launch. Just stay with us guys

Here is our airdrop link

To join group you must pass the portal. We make this to avoid the bot so just completed the portal and you can join us

Please inform the Linkka roadmap and also what phase is currently taking place? What is the strategic plan of Linkka in the future?

Andy Cheng BDEV :
about our roadmap

Phase 1

Q4 2021

Linkka Development
Website Development
Token Creation + Audit
Airdrop 1 Campaigns
Private Sale

Phase 2

Q1 2022

Marketing Campaigns
Airdrop 2 Campaigns
Certik Audit
Dex Launch ( Pancakeswap)

Phase 3

Q1 2022

Yield Farming Launch
Token Brigdes (ETH & Polygon)
Listing Uniswap & Quickswap
Airdrop Distribution 1&2
CMC, CG listing & Coinbase

Phase 4

Q2 2022

Cex Listing
Launch Linkka Apps
Strategic Partnership
NFT Pools Launch
Visa & Mastercard Partnership

More detail you can check on our website

Our strategic plan for now will be focused on make our platform live. But we already discuss with Polygon team and we will launch $IKA on polygon too so just wait our surprise.


AUDIT plays an IMPORTANT role in improving the stability of any PROJECT. Do you have an AUDIT CERTIFICATE. Or are you doing an AUDIT of your project to make it more secure and reliable?

Andy Cheng BDEV :
We already did audited on 3 platform. And we already do audited on certik too

Here the link

What is the reason everyone should buy $IKA token? How many offers are there from this $IKA token? Should buy long-term or invest? What are the benefits of holding $IKA token?

Andy Cheng BDEV :
Linkka is a long term project. And $IKA is our native token where you can use it to stake on Ikayield. On Linkka platform every project can be listed tok so they can be used on merchant too. And there will be so much variant on Ikayield. And for more long update we will ads NFT market place too with GameFi too. So buy now and hold it

So many projects just like to speak about the “long term vision and mission” but what are your short terms objectives, What are you focusing right now??

Andy Cheng BDEV :
We are focused on Linkka payment gateway platform to live. We focus on development this platform first because this is our core idea. And from it will come other feature to support it.

And don’t forget we will live on Polygon too and it will help our development.

DO you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us???

Andy Cheng BDEV :
Yes we have demo video and demo for buy our private sale. And then for next we will use it to share all tutorial video for our platform.

Don’t forget to subscribe

Most investors only focus on the price of short term instead of the real value of the project. Can you tell me the benefits for long-term for project investors?

Andy Cheng BDEV :
Our development is already 80% on short term you Will see our platform will live. And for long term we can give so much feature to make more benefit on $IKA. Ikayield, NFT market place, NFT staking, and etc. But our focused is our platform all our feature i say above is for holder. We not just want to focus on this roadmap. We want to clear it and make new road. Our long term is still early

Is this project a Global project ?
Can local communities partake in it ?
Projects that are not traded on major exchanges remain unnoticed. What do you think about listing the $IKA token on the leading exchanges?

Andy Cheng BDEV :
Yes we are focused on global but we already create community for each region. Just come on our community and request if you want to create new one.

Yes we already have a plan for it but we will share it when the time is come. Just enjoy our surprise

How will you continue to promote this product in the future? Do you have already a plans for other interfaces with other company?

Andy Cheng BDEV :
Yes we have a plan for it and we still continue our discuss with them. We can share our first patnership with Neftiland. And we will announcement our patnership with polygon too soon.

Just wait on our channel and global community for new update

Do You Have A Whitepaper? if yes Please Share it With Us And Secondly Are You Working to AUDIT you Project, To Make its Security More Secure And Reliable?

Andy Cheng BDEV :
For audited already share so i will share our whitepaper

💎Now we are already on boarding with Certik
💎Please vote for us

💎We will announce our new presale again soon, stay with us

You can get the white paper from the link

I read that The NFTs on the LINKKA FINANCE platform are a multi-purpose tool; they may be used for trade, battles, and games, but how flexible are they? Is there a method to add other things to the NFTs to boost their stats, price them for trading?

Andy Cheng BDEV :
Yes our NFT can be used for stake and can be trade on NFT market place. And yes it can be used on our GameFi. But remember it still on next phase what we are focus now still on development our platform when it live we will start to next phase

Regulation is very Apefarmer important. Many projects were closed in many countries due to failure to use the correct regulations and permits. In order to go global how does your team deal with these issues?

Andy Cheng BDEV :
It was the most usually question we get. We have team who specially to focus on regulation and other team can focused on developing. Yes we already think it and don’t worry we will announcement it when we have great news about it

We will do presale at pinksale on 18th jan and will share it here so don’t forget to join guys.

Min buy 0.1 bnb
Max buy 3 bnb

We already on board at certik so you will be see the biggest project

Linkka Finance($IKA)

This is the official presale link. If you find a different link from this, it’s definitely fake and fraud.

Make sure you visit:
And make sure there is a KYC Badge and Audit in the presale link.
Because our smart contract has passed the audit test on Certik, Techrate, Freshcoins.

Telegram Chat | Telegram Channel | Twitter | Website | Instagram

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about Linkka Finance.

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