Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Bstarter 18 January, 2022. This guest star,

  • Adam — Bstarter Team


Adam Temperton :
I would like to officially welcome everyone for being part of this AMA session and and I want to thank you all for believing in our project and what we’re bringing to you soon.
I would also want to thank infinity chain for their support and this wonderful opportunity to present Bstarter to this amazing audience. I want to let you know that we really appreciate this honor and we promise we won’t let you down


Starting with the very basics, can you provide a simple description about Bstarter?

Adam Temperton, :
Bstarter is a launchpad project. Most of us must have heard about launchpad before now. Bstarter launchpad is a project that will help new projects under the binance smart chain to raise funds for their project and gain popularity in their early stage

Could you please give a brief intro of Bstarter salient features? What are the advantages of Bstarter that make it special?

Adam Temperton :
Our key features include the following;
SUBSCRIPTION MODEL — Bstarter token holders who passed a qualification for BSTAR tier system are assured different slots in the early sales. These holders get early access to projects launching on the launchpad.
INSURANCE TREASURY — Every project that launches on BSTAR will contribute to the insurance treasury of the platform, the platform will provide investors a solid sense of financial safety against projects that could fail.
AUTO-LOCK LIQUIDITY — Once you port to the BSTAR launchpad, liquidity auto-lock will be an option available to developers. This feature allows a smooth and transparent movement from the raise to market
ACCELERATOR PROGRAM — Gain early access to certain services offered on by the BSTAR accelerator program. Some of these services include; Social media, Token engineering, Web3, Branding support and security audits.

Can you tell us about Bstarter tokenomics about total tokens supply, tokens distribution and usecases in the ecosystem?

Adam Temperton :
Yes, The total token supply is 300,000,000 and all the tokens will be distributed 100 percent as follows;

Pre-Sale 25%
Team 15%
Staking 13%
Reserves 12%
Marketing 10%
Ecosystem 10%
Partnerships 7%
Advisors 5%
Airdrop 3%

What security measures Bstarter have taken to keep the investors and users funds secure? Has Bstarter been audited?

Adam Temperton :
Yes I can assure you that our investors and user funds are entirely safe and you have absolutely nothing to worry about because Bstarter has been audited by one of the finest and most reliable companies in the world and I can tell for sure that we passed every test. You can click the following link to view our audit report

So yes, Bstarter has been audited

Please inform Bstarter roadmap and also what phase is currently taking place? What is the strategic plan of Bstarter in the future?

Adam Temperton :
Bstarter is at its first stage of our road map and I must tell you this, if you are just joing this project then consider yourself lucky because Bstarter is heading nowhere but the moon. We have great things on board for everyone of you reading this piece right now and I want to let you all know that soon we all will be wearing smiling faces but then we will need your full support and participation throughout this course.

Our roadmap

1-Concept formed

2- Airdrop

3- Pre-Sale

4- Pancakeswap Listing

5- Listing on Centralized exchange

6- Bstarter Staking live

7- First Bstarter Pools announced

8- Bstarter Pools launch

You can take a look at our whitepaper to see some other amazing features here


I read that the whitelist for the next Bstarter IDO is currently open. My question is, what is the process that each user must go through in order to be part of their new IDO? What is the platform you have chosen for this important event? What results do you expect after the IDO?

Adam Temperton :
Yes our first IDO is currently open and it’s a kind of lottery. The process depends on the platform because every platform have their way of participation but we still have two other presales coming up excluding our own launchpad. Anyone who wins this lottery will participate in the presale on our Bstarter platform

Our IDO dates are as follows;
24th Bstarter Launchpad

25th Dfistarter Launchpad

29th DaoStarter Launchpad

And here is the whitelist for those that want to partcipate

You comment that all projects launched on the BSTAR launchpad are thoroughly vetted. Who exactly is in charge of thoroughly reviewing each and every project? Who makes up this team of validators and analysts?
Thank you!

Adam Temperton :
Like we mentioned earlier, our project has been thoroughly audited by a highly recognized auditing company and we passed all their tests. Our team is made up of cryptocurrency experts and analysts who have sworn to bring you nothing but the best results. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about as far as this project is concerned

Bstarter has 3 tiers Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Can you tell more about these 3 tiers and the requirements that users must be able to participate in each tier? How many BSTAR tokens must a user hold for a guaranteed allocation of tokens after projects have launched Launchpad?

Adam Temperton :
We have not really decided how much token a user must hold and currently we’ve not selected the requirements for each tiers. We’ll let you know when we do please

I saw news about Bstarter announcing a partnership with Coinhub “decentralized wallet”. Given that there are so many wallets on the market, what are the reasons and benefits of Bstarter partnering with Coinhub in terms of platform development and global expansion plans?

Adam Temperton :
Coinhub has a large community and you should know that if we are looking to make this project big we need companies with that much audience and that’s why we chose coinhub to partner with us

For a project to be successful it needs a community, both in the development stage and in the production stage. Have you counted on the opinion of a community to develop Bstarter? In the future, what attributes will the community have and how will it exercise them?

Adam Temperton :
Bstarter have reached out to a lot of communities including infinity chain. We would like to emphasize that every single one of you is our community and we value you all. Aside infinity chain we have a lot of other communities that are helping us promote this project. We’ve shared our ideas with everyone of them and they’re willing to support us to the moon and I believe that as we proceed with this project these communities will help us explore and promote this project


Most activities and platforms are in English. How will you reach the non-English local community? Do you have any local communities for them to better understand your project?

Adam Temperton :
Our team is working on providing other channels that will contain different people with different languages. So far we’ve created some non English social media links and more will be provided as we proceed

Here are some of the groups

🔊 Our Communitys 🇳🇱 🇪🇸 🇻🇳 🇫🇷 🇯🇵 🇵🇭

Each project launched on BSTAR will contribute to the platform’s insurance treasury. What are the tools that will allow you to provide investors with a strong sense of financial security against projects that could fail? What are the problems you help solve by investing?

Adam Temperton :
I talked about the auto lock feature earlier. Your funds are safe with us since they’re automatically locked and will be moved smoothly and transparently

Where to buy your token and Have you done any CEX Listings? What plans do you have for exchanges listings?

Adam Temperton :
The token will be sold on pancakeswap and we are current talking with some reputable centralized exchanges like binance, hotbit,, and others and we will let you all know which ones we will list with

what is the mission and vision of your project and the main functions? Are they really unique without being similar to other existing projects?

Adam Temperton :
Our vision is to help growing tokens under the binance smart chain to raise funds for their project and gain popularity in their early stage

what is the mission and vision of your project and the main functions? Are they really unique without being similar to other existing projects?

Adam Temperton :
We will also help them to do IDO in reputable platforms

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Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about Bstarter.

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