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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with 25 January, 2022. This guest star,

  • Thomas Menard — Chief Strategy Officer


Thomas MND
As said above, I am in the core team of Diabolo. I work on strategy. I’m in charge of the development of the ecosystem with partners, VCs and others

Diabolo Team :

Julien Onnen — CEO
After more than 10 years as an entrepreneur and investor, across the world, Julien discovered Bitcoin upon returning to France, in 2016.
This changed his life forever. He decided to focus on the subject and identified a need that would give birth to Diabolo: the need for trustless copy-trading.

Thomas Ménard — CSO
Thomas is in charge of the strategic choices and the development of the Diabolo project. He has been a passionate contributor to blockchain and crypto-currency projects since late 2016. When he was just 17, he developed and resold a statistical analysis solution.

Samuel Dauzon — Head Developer

Samuel is the lead developer of Diabolo’s centralized solution. Samuel has worked on large enterprise projects for CAC40 clients over the past 8 years. He is the author of several technical books, including two books which have sold several thousand copies.

Esteban Lopes, Developer

Esteban is in charge of the development of Diabolo’s services. He has worked in the crypto sector since 2016 and sold his first application in 2018 — the same year he discovered a flaw on Binance. Since then, he has also found a security flaw in Serum and He is now also an independent auditor of Hacken.

Arnaud Gaboury — Risk Manager
Arnaud Gaboury is in charge of supervising the relationship with the traders. With the help of his 25 years experience in trading on the traditional financial markets, he ensures that the risk management policy is well respected on the centralized part of Diabolo.

Antoine Legay, Market Analyst
Antoine is in charge of market analysis. Antoine has been trading for over 20 years. He became the #1 trainer on UDEMY (fr) in trading since 2017.

🤩 This is the core team of the project !


What is DIABOLO? What made you decide to launch DIABOLO? What is the vision and mission?

Thomas MND
Diabolo is going to be the first network of white label and cross-market social trading platforms

We want to make it easy for everyone to invest. To do this, we are creating a network of connections between successful traders and investors

This project is the result of the meeting of several enthusiasts of the ecosystem, experienced traders and is driven by values of fairness and transparency

The vision and of the team work are very strong 🤝

Why DIABOLO? What are the problems/pain points that DIABOLO wants to solve?

Thomas MND
Diabolo will allow anyone to create a customized social trading platform through a drag and drop system. Centralized crypto-currency exchanges and traditional financial brokers will be available.

For investors, it will be possible to connect any crypto currency exchange or traditional finance account to be able to track and replicate Trader’s movements, strategy, etc. with a few clicks. The funds will always remain in the users’ accounts and nothing will pass through the Diabolo platform and its network. Always more security ! 🛠

If we talk security ! …

In addition, Sullfurix worked in Binance’s security department (, so safety is very important to our team.
Recently he worked with Gate io to solve security vulnerability

Can you please give a brief introduction of DIABOLO’s main product?

Thomas MND
Yes !
A few clicks is all it will take for our users to connect their portfolio with that of a trader or a strategy. Users only pay on the profits they make. No profits, nothing to pay!

The beta version available only in France has already attracted more than 13,000 users without a paid marketing campaign.

The team is now looking to the European market and will launch the V1 version of the platform in the days following the listings.

« No profits, nothing to pay! » 🤝🚀 !!!

Which market for DIABOLO? What are the development possibilities?

Thomas MND
My favorite one !
The potential is incredible ..🚀

Diabolo is not just a platform for connecting traders and traditional investors, it is a revolution that will allow any trader to have their own platform without having to code a single line !

To me ? Diabolo is like the or Uber of copytrading

Each new white label platform created is a new weapon for the Diabolo ecosystem

It’s a spider’s web 🙌🗣

Traders focus on trading and we take care of the technical side 📊🛠🔥

Can you tell us about DIABOLO’s tokenomics {DCASH} regarding total token supply and allocated tokens? What are the use cases for DCASH tokens in the ecosystem?

Thomas MND
The tokenomics is excellent, there are only 1'100'000 DCASH at launch. The IMC is lower than 180k!

The total supply is 30'000'000 DCASH

The DCASH will be used for the following actions:

Fee Payment: The main utility of the token is to pay the fees related to the performance of Copytrading.

Collateral: To increase their confidence score, traders can collateralize their positions with tokens.

Dtickets creation: Users have the possibility to burn tokens to create NFTs giving them advantages in the ecosystem. For example discounts.

Staking: ecosystem native token staking protocol

Voting: voting proposals for ecosystem milestones

⚠️ And exclusive news:

We will reduce the number of tokens in circulation by 50% through fees. There will only be 15 million tokens left in reality at the end of the process

Please inform us about the roadmap of DIABOLO? What is DIABOLO’s strategic plan for the future?

Thomas MND
Diabolo plans to launch its version 1 in Q1 2022. Many partnerships are planned

- The integration of an intelligent monitoring system for several strategies.

- The implementation of a mirror portfolio to copy decentralized portfolios on an Exchange.

- White label kits

- A mobile application planned in the next few months to foster mainstream adoption of the Diabolo ecosystem.


Diabolo delivers performance, but it will not come at the expense of risk management. Can you identify and assess the risks? Do you have a plan in place to mitigate or control risks as they involve potential loss or damage? Why can you avoid only 35% of losses?

Thomas MND
REALLY good one !

Performance should never be at the expense of risk management

A trader is not a gambler !

Diabolo provides risk management tools to the Trader who will come to register. Currently, Arnaud Gabory, the Trader Manager, is in charge of validating the strategies and monitoring the risk management of the Traders certified by Diabolo. In the coming months, these operations will be automated

All traders will be able to trade as they wish, and certified traders will have a “certified” sticker.
It is important to know that traders can put tokens as collateral to increase their trust score. These tokens are distributed to followers in case of non-compliance with the strategy.

As a social copy trading platform, How do you determine trading expertise on your social trading platform? Will there be any ratings or expert leaderboard that will rank them based on their expertise and trading success so as to be able to easily identify the good ones?

Thomas MND
This question is similar to the previous one 😁

During the beta version, each trader had to Back test his strategy and then Trade for a minimum of one month without followers to obtain his certification.

You have to distinguish between simple traders and certified traders

Everyone can be copied on Diabolo V1, but if you want to be put forward, you will have to pass the tests and / or collateralized your positions

Diabolo hopes to make your IDO on January 26th, congratulations and best wishes! My question is: what does a user need to participate in this IDO? what are the requirements to be fulfilled and until when will it be possible to participate?

Thomas MND
This one will take place tomorrow, to participate you need to have poolz tokens and be drawn
A second wave is planned as an IEO just before the listing. This one will be easier to access but smaller

Who are Diabolo current partners & backers? What are Diabolo future plans in terms of partnerships? How can Diabolo partners help in development Diabolo ecosystem?

Thomas MND
🔥Diabolo’s backers are Dutch Crypto Investors, BCA Investments, PrimeBlock Ventures, CoinMuhendisi, MEXC Global and one last undisclosed partner for strategic reasons.
These partners are strategic to the development of the project. Some groups such as CoinMuhendisi will be important allies in opening up new markets, in this case Turkey.

Do you agree that community is a key factor for the success of the project? Knowing that the project has had quite successful phases, but with future plans do you have plans to benefit some communities coming soon?

Thomas MND :

The team is currently almost exclusively focused on finding partnerships to grow the ecosystem at launch

The biggest part of the strategy is based on white label kits. These will allow any trader to create their own platform without having to code a single line

Each platform will be a showcase for Diabolo’s ecosystem, and a new community will be born

As mentioned above, we want to create a system inspired by spider webs. Diabolo will be the base community that will bring together several other trading communities 🙌


How will you promote your project in non english speaking countries ? do you have any amabassador programmes available for marketing?

Thomas MND
🏆 We are currently looking for ambassadors who will be in charge of developing the country of their choice. These ambassadors will be paid and will have an affiliate link of 20% for all the people who will join Diabolo thanks to them.
For all those who want to apply, go to our social networks!

Is your NFT available for buy now? What are the nft marketplaces we can trade? On what blockchain will you launch it?

Thomas MND
🏆 Our NFTs will be created from the DCASH tokens. Please note that the creation will be limited to the seven days following the listing. These NFTs will be exchangeable on a Market Place. With the advantages they will provide, it is an almost guaranteed added value.

Do you have AUDIT certificate or are you working to AUDIT your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

Thomas MND
🏆 Diabolo smart contracts are public and can be readable by everyone on our GitHub :

We work with partners to carry out audits and ensure security for our users.

In addition, Sullfrix our DEV personally work in Binance’s security department (, so safety is very important to our team.
Recently he worked with Gate io to solve security vulnerability

I can see that Diabolo has its own educational program/academy. Can you please explain this educational course and what should the students expect to learn from it? Also, will it be accessible for everyone in any part of the globe?

Thomas MND

🏆Our mission is also to educate. We want to enable everyone to understand the keys to the market. To do this we are setting up a trading academy that will explain to people how to position themselves in the market.
All token holders will have access to it !

Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Thomas MND
🏆The community will be able to make proposals for improvements and implementation of new features. In order to validate these, we will make a poll to the community who will be able to vote with tokens. Some other decisions such as redesigns or listings can be made in collaboration with the community. We want to be as close as possible to the community. We are building this project for them.

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