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  • Andreas D Christiansen — Founder & CEO of Completion


Could you please give us a brief overview of yourself and the Completion?

Andreas Christiansen,
I am the Founder and CEO of Completion
I have been in startups for more than 8 years
Both as a founder and in the management
Latest startup was a VR company called MeetinVR
doing awesome meetings in .. VR
3 months ago
I got the idea of combining VR with NFTs
and my interest in meditation and self development
So we are building the metaverse for human development essentially
fusing music, art, technology, and science.
To make people feel good about themselves
The core of our experience is really cool 360 fractal art
dont know if you are familiar with fractals
But, they are increadibly interesting
And have these infinity properties
That kinda mimics the inner state you are trying to achieve in meditation
So while our experience is awesome to look at
as you can see from these reactions
Its also has utility in terms of lowering peoples stress levels
increasing creativity, empathy etc.

Why Completion? What advantages of Completion that make it special? Why is it needed?

Andreas Christiansen,
So for me what I want to help with is making people feel better and hence act nicer

Show me one asshole who actually really feels good

The worlds problems comes from people who dont feel good about their life and themselves
So they make bad decisions trying to get ahead to fill the void
of empty emotions
We want to create a space where these emotions can be understood
and outlived to give way for more resourceful states of mind
In terms of other NFTs
I think we are pushing the bar regarding the exclusivity
Most NFTs are accessible to everyone
To experience our NFT
You have to own it
Otherwise you cant access the experience
not even glimpse it
thats quite unique
Then in terms of meditation, while there are other meditation apps in VR, they dont use fractals
Even if they did, the combination with NFTs adds a completely different dimension where people can actually get economically empowered by working on themselves
Thats both beautiful and inspiring I think
So its both an art project
A science project
and a cultural movement
for a better world

Can you tell us about partnership that Completion currently has? What does an ideal partner look like for Completion?

Andreas Christiansen,
The partnerships are still in the infant stages, I had the idea 3 months ago
we now have a team of roughly 25 people involved
and starting push the marketing and communication
So there are some superstars in their field on our team
And we are about to announce some incredible collaborations with some of the worlds best musicians and fractal artists
coming in the next weeks
We want to have eyes on the project obviously
So there are some areas where, if you have followers, it makes sense for us to talk
These are subjects like psychedelics, meditation, self-development, spirituality
electronic music
but also high performers, like athletes
and traders, or consultants etc.
would benefit tremendously from our experiencesits kinda like headspace on steroids
Were are also looking to do hardware partnerships with headset manufactures, headphones, biofeedback sensors etc.
but thats a little more long term

Any planning to give back to early adopters who supported Completion from the start or will it all be equal

Andreas Christiansen,

Great question
So fairness is super important for meAnd we want to give everyone who is with us from the start the chance to win big from this
1st of february we are selling 2500 demo experiences for $14.99 that also give WL for the Genesis NFT drop happening at the end of Q1
So everyone will have the opportunity to participate if they chose so
Just a comment though
This not a quick project
We are building the next Apple/Facebook/Amazon, so its going to be early the next couple of years
ofc the faster you get in, the more fun it gets

Please inform Completion roadmap now? What will happen in near future?

Andreas Christiansen,
So this is whats important to remember:
1st of february we are selling 2500 demo experiences for $14.99 that also give WL for the Genesis NFT drop happening at the end of Q1

The demo experiences are essentially videos you can download and play on your Quest 2 headset while the Genesis NFT collection is accessed through our VR app
So you will verify to access them
One more thing
While the app is a solo experience at launch
Which is already awesome
As you could see here
We are adding multiplayer features
In the beginning of Q2
so you can meet and hang out in our spaces
I know everyone throws around the Metaverse term everywhere
we actually have a cool experience
That already works
and you can go and buy it and try it on Tuesday
to judge for yourself
I challenge everyone in this group to find an NFT that has the same reaction as our NFT its just unique
If you own it you will be able to invite other people into the experience
and meet them there


The current scenario is really hyped with Metaverse and NFT. So being a metaverse, how do u plan to integrate both these hot features in your Platform? And VR being the core center of this project what difference a user and a consumer can feel while use on this platform?

Andreas Christiansen,
Great question
So I think NFTs makes a lot of sense in VR because you can create truly exclusive experiences
The problem then becomes what is actually a cool experience
And I think this is where most metaverses go wrong
Their intention is to create a metaverse company
Not to create a truly awesome user experience
That leaves people feeling better than before they tried it
Im going to sound repetitive, but again, look at these reactions
You CANNOT get reactions like this if your goal is to create a Metaverse company first
People have to come first
We want to create a community where people are rewarded for working on themselves
kinda like play 2 earn
But instead its Be 2 Earn
because when you work on yourself through meditation, practicing flow states, happiness
and being
You are doing everyone a favor
and I really think crypto and NFTs can help put a $$$ figure on this value creation that has not been possible before
But it shouldnt be a burden
We dont want a system creating averse effects
Which is also a common problem with Play to Earn
people doing mindless activities for hours a day
we want to avoid this
and when we launch a token, tie it to something which is actually valuable
People practicing their completion
as opposed to a series of steps that have to be done to reach completion

Fractals have infinite definition at all levels of scale, but, due to their complexity, your fractal experiences take months to render even on powerful GPUs. Because they are so complex, how do you successfully develop them? Have you thought about simplifying them?

Andreas Christiansen,
We are looking at different improvements in terms of our way of producing them, but that is trade secrets as they say;)

Will say though that because they are pre-rendere the definition on even a smartphone GPU found in the Quest 2 produce an amazing level of detail

Maybe 20–50x normal VR apps

Adoption & Awareness about Platform is very important for any Creator as well as Users! So, What are your plans to attract More users as well as Creators with Non-crypto users too?

Andreas Christiansen,
also good question

I think a lot of non-crypto users will come through the artists and musicians we are working with
Also I have noticed that many people who are in to some sort of spirituality tend to vibe with our vision, so think we will have a big task in teaching them about crypto
Maybe some from your community can help?

According to your website, we can get access to 2500 limited experiences sale in February. Can you tell us what dynamic Completion are going to build so that we can all access this demo? What does Completion want to achieve when launch arrives?

Andreas Christiansen,
2500 is enough that everyone who wants it can get it
We are not going to allow a few people to buy all them
at least not before everyone has had a chance
We want to give as many people the possibility to try it and be a part of our community
But, at the same time we want to reward those who get in early
Hence the white list for the presale of the Genesis NFTs at the end of Q1 that the Demo gives access to
getting tired😅
Looong day
There is no Gas fees for the demo
Its only $14.99
I think its a no-brainer for a big advantage
if you resonate with the project ofc
otherwise dont buy

Currently, most projects and platforms are in English. How will your project reach non-English local communities. Make it easy for people around the world to use your service. Do you have any plan to develop project in different language?

Andreas Christiansen,
currently no plans for other languages, there a plenty of challenges to solve around building a cool VR experience, intelligent NFT setup and bringing on incredible artists
Maybe in 6months or so
Eventually we want to reach all people
with experiences that blow their minds
But, for now
We will start small


What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market,?

Andreas Christiansen,
I think we are moving the bar both within VR, within NFTs and within Mental health — we are ticking many boxes at once with powerful innovations

and we have an awesome team, to name a few
“Andreas D. Christiansen
Founder and CEO at Completion
+8 years of experience in the management of high-profile SaaS startups.
+10 years of meditation experience.

Kim Baden-Kristensen
Chairman, CEO at Brain+
10 years as CEO of world leading brain training company

Morten Rongaard
Advisor, CEO at Reality Gaming Group
Worked with NFTs before they were called NFTs, customers include Fortune500"

How to stay cool in the current situation on the cryptocurrency market?

Andreas Christiansen,
Buy our demo!
1st of February
Amazing meditative experience

Can you list 1–3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Andreas Christiansen,
Also our NFT team
Next level stuff
And our VR team
And our marketing team
Actually everyone the team are insanely skilled and nice people

Can you please highlight more on the decentralization aspect using your technology. Also in the future, is it possible to quantify thelevel?

Andreas Christiansen,
We are using NFTs mostly to enable our users to have “equity” in our company
So for us its more about empowerment than its about ideology
Yes we want to quantify peoples engagement with the experiences and the time they spendt in our meditative space
that will eventually be connected to our token

Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?

Andreas Christiansen,

Telegram Chat | Twitter | Website | Instagram

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