Why choose CryptoToday? What are the advantages of CryptoToday over other projects? What solutions are offered?
How is CryptoToday handling marketing and community development?
Can you share us about tokenomics “CryptoToday Token (LIST)”, about usecases, total supply and distribution tokens?
Please inform CryptoToday roadmap and also what phase is currently taking place?


CryptoToday offers a voting-to-win strategy. If profits are acquired through voting, how often do they occur? Who has access to voting? What are the requirements to participate in voting?
I see that the Fair Launch of LIST tokens will commence on the March 7th. Can you give more information about this Fair Launch? How long will the Fair Launch run for? Where will this Fair Launch take place? At what price will the LIST token be purchased during this Fair Launch?
CryptoToday offers fast and fair listings for each project, regardless of its status. But how will you manage to keep a balance in this with such fast listings with projects that are profitable for the community? What criteria will be taken into account to make this possible?
The largest allocation of funds based from your tokenomics will the project’s own Treasury. Would you please explain to us how do you CryptoToday plan to make use and expend the funds under this allocation? To what/where will it be used?
What kind of partnerships with different projects/platforms/protocols can we expect from ‘CryptoToday’ in the future? Could you give us some examples of how other projects can leverage ‘CryptoToday ‘?


Does CryptoToday select and review a project before listing? Or it all depends on the community? How can we be sure that the project that will be listed is a safe and reliable project?
Can you list 1–2 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?
Do you have a AUDIT certificates? Or are you working to AUDIT Your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?
Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision making, do you put community into consideration ?
IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?



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