Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Ethereum Towers 15 February, 2022. This guest star,


I’m part of the development team at Ethereum Towers. My role is the Cheif Product Officer.. so basically I’m heading up product delivery.
I work with our various technology partners, building our the vision and delivering on key milestones!
It’s a busy year ahead for us all at ET, but I couldn’t be more excited about it 🙂


What is Ethereum Towers? What triggers you to launch Ethereum Towers?

Straight into it! I like it 😅

So, Ethereum Towers will be a virtual megastructure, filled with resident-owned apartments and a variety of communal spaces

They will be built in the fortcoming Ethereum Worlds metaverse. You can think of the towers as the centrepiece of this environment, the focal point…

We’re looking to release the first iteration (our MVP) of this metaverse towards the end of this year

We wanted to build something different, something new and exciting, something that empowered residents (our NFT holders) and visitors that enables them to integrate with one another.

The initial idea was around replicating ‘society’ living, in this beautiful, idyllic environment that you can immerse yourself in

What are some of problems that Ethereum Towers aims to solve? What are the most significant advantages of Ethereum Towers and the investment opportunities it offers?

Great question, I suppose a few things to unpack and discuss here

One main goal is to give the apartment owners the tools to design, customise and enjoy their own apartment space. Think of it as a ‘virtual base’ where an apartment owner can show off their unique personality and invite others to

But then you have this evolving area outside of the apartments right

We want to develop a space where both residents and visitors alike can truly integrate with one another, a space where they can socialise, learn, play, transact etc

We plan on introducing various useful resources and areas in these communal areas… think learning spaces where users can keep up to date with emerging technologies and topics

think auditorium spaces where someone can host fire-side chats

think gallery spaces where users can discover new and emerging artists

We’re challenging the vast landscape metaverse model, we’re making a much more intimate, personal experience for our users that replaces that society living.

You know, we’re working with 2 incredibility talented architects to professionally design these spaces.. making sure they make sense and feed into this common theme of a community-first, social experience.

Who are Ethereum Towers current partners and backers? What are Ethereum Towers future plans in terms of partnerships?

So, in terms of partnerships, we’re sitting at around 40+ NFT/Defi community partnerships and we continue to grow that number..

This space is all about collaboration, and the unique opportunities and perspectives that come from these partnerships

I would call these our strategic community partnerships, and are so important to us in building a great experience from everyone inside the ecosystem.

Some of these partnerships actually have potential for in-world utility for our users. A great example would be Audius… They’re disrupting the music industry with their platform. There is an opportunity to integrate our experience with their streaming platform for instance.

In term of backers, we’re still in early discussions with investors so I won’t be disclosing any names today. For us, any external investments have to make sense with regards to the vision and more importantly the community.

We have had early investment from our community members in the form of NFT sales, which has enabled us to move forwarder sooner than anticipated.

Finally, we have a growing board of advisors, with Dominic Ryder, CEO of vEmpire Metaverse DAO, Steven DiSarro, CEO for DM Funding and CIO for Dhruv Management being appointed.

We are also in talks with a third advisor who has 20+ years of experience in startup growth acceleration in the emerging technology space, who I’m really excited about 🎉

It’s really important to use that we onboard and work with the right people, with the right experience, so as to put is in the best possible positiong to acheive our ambitious goals

Please inform Ethereum Towers roadmap and also what phase is currently taking place? What’s strategic plan of Ethereum Towers in the future?

Sure! We’re actually coming towards the end of our Roadmap 1.0 which covered our ‘prelaunch’ phase. This really was about setting the foundations for a succesful concept launch.

We’re releasing our whitepaper this week, which defines the top level roadmap milestones from prototype production all the way to post-MVP launch

So I’m excited to release that to our 30k+ community, I know they can’t wait 🙂


Ethereum Towers wants to build a community centered vertical metaverse consisting of 4388 apartments and common areas owned by the players. My question is: why 4388 apartments? why this specific number? why not 5000 or 4000?

Great question Sherlock… It really came down to the floor configurations. We knew we wanted a certain number of standard apartments on each floor, with 2 luxury corner units, but we also wanted some space for communal areas on the residential floors.

The idea really came to life when the architects started designing the residential floor space, ensuring we had space for the sky gardens and big atrium space.

You can see the corner and central areas, important for those communal interactions amongst users

Hopefully that answered your question Sherlock 🙂

I’m very interested in the Ethereum Towers project. I think Ethereum Towers has a very fresh concept in the metaverse world, namely “Vertical Metaverse”, Howver the competition in the metaverse market is very fierce. Are you worried about competitors going to compete with you?

Thanks for the good question Chan!

We believe that there is a metaverse for everyone, whatever their personal taste right. Certain environments and communities will appeal to some more than others.

We’re offering a different personal experience, we’re building an environment that empowers the apartment owners with their ‘base’ in the metaverse.

For us, it’s about staying true to those core values, which is about building a supportive and enriching space that our members can enjoy, thats who we are.

I know I mentioned it earlier, but collaboration and partnerships are so important in this space. Solidifying and nurturing these connections are going to give creators and communities a like the best chances at success

Finally, I think interoperability, connecting with other metaverse, is something we’ll need to explore as the technology and market becomes more accessible :)_

Great question again…

A few days ago, I read the EthereumTowers Official Launch Announcement on one of your social media accounts which will be held, Saturday, 19 Feb 2022, stage 1 for tower 2. What is meant by “stage 1 for tower 2”? Does that mean there are multiple launch loops?

That’s correct, multiple launch loops.. we’re referring to them as phases

We’re building our metaverse from the ground up, and we will not have the first version available towards teh end of this year…

For us, it’s important that we containue to build our community organically, allowing new members entry into our community with this phased launch approach

It also gives us a great platform to rewards our early adopters, those who showed beliefe from the beginning at concept stage. We offer them gauaranteed presale access to the earlier phases. I suppose its our way of saying thank you to those individuals…

You know, we spent over 4 months filling up the first tower, which has helped us build a genuine community, and it really feels like a family.

We’re not rushing the roll out of our second tower, so you can expect 5 phases over the coming weeks/months 🙂

I can see that in addition to the apartments and penthouses, Ethereum Towers will have a “Common Area” within the tower. Can you discuss with us the utility and function of the “Common Areas” within your tower? Will this area be sold as well as other apartments?

Sure, thanks MircaleBoy for the questions… We’re working with our architects to divide and design the areas within the communal spaces, found in the base of the towers.

For us, it’s about introducing a mixture of useful areas that provide different experiences and opportunities for the user. Whether that be for education, networking, socialising or entertainment.

It also gives us a great opportunity to offer space to some of our partners, For instance, ZenAcamdeny, a community NFT project whose mission is to provide education within the web3 space, could set up a learning centre for our users, all within our environment!

And to answer the last bit of that question… There’ll also be branded areas, which we will ensure make sense to the residents and visitors. These areas will not be sold, instead, they’ll be most likely leased.

Community is at the heart of everything the Ethereum Towers team is building. What are the biggest ambitions of the Ethereum Towers team? What are the strategies to support your community to prosper? What will facilitate the transparency process?

Yisus concluding this with a brilliant question

I know i’ve touched on this a couple of times now, but for us it’s about building this digital environment that enrcihes the residents’ metaverse experience. Provide a safe platform where they can support one another, socialise, conduct business, share experiences and build friendships.

Our vision is that our residents and visitors will both create and experience in the in-world content. It’s our job as developers to provide the necessary tools to enable that.

We will strive to provide our community members and our apartment holders (NFT) with various social and economic opportunities…

The whitepaper I mentioned earlier has some great information that will give apartment owners more on what ht expect as we move through developments. The whitepaper will be released towards the end of this week!


How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?

The best ways to keep up to date with Ethereum Towers are:

- Join our Twitter, we announce anything and everything on there:

- Join our Discord,

Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join it?

Our whitepaper will be live towards the end of the week, but you can read our lightpaper here:

Currently, we’re selling out NFTs, and there are plenty of opportunity to get presale in one of the phases. Join our Discord (link above) and see how you can get yourself a presale spot 🙂

Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

Great question,

Our tokenomics will be released in detail in our whitepaper, we have worked with various defi/token advisors to help us craft our distribution and supply.

All subject to change until TGE, but we’re looking at 12% of supply locked in and vesting over 2years for the team.

Thanks 🙂

Can you list 1–3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Ashik, great question! I’ll do you 3…

1. Professionally designed spaces by esteemed architects will make the digital environment feel so much more natural

2. Most of our competitors are building horizontally, and have 100k+ plots of land. We’re building vertically, with 4.388k apartments (plots)… Much lower supply, means as demand grows, value will be more impacted by that supply squeeze.

3. We’re building with VR in the forefront of our mind. Not a VR port later down the line. We want to be forward thinking, anticipating the growing adoption of VR in the coming years.

Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

And finally, great question Angela…

Not only do we plan to introduce governance to our apartment holders, but also to our future token holders. We’ll use a strategy to balance holdings and give a final weighting…

We plan on having a dedicated community wallet that takes a % of revenue generated from branded areas deals, and that wallet is entirely goverened by our holders!

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Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about Ethereum Towers.

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