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  • KRISH — Group Administrator


Krishh!!!🤫 KS (DYOR),
I am Krish, the Admin of EFT Fan Token Ecosystem

Crypteaux Breaux,
I am CB a moderator with EFT

Hey, I am also part of the wonderful moderator group in EFT


Could you please give us a brief overview of yourself and the ETH Fan Token Ecosystem (EFT)?

Krishh!!!🤫 KS (DYOR),
We are from ETH Fan Token Ecosystem. EFT is the token code in PCS and Poocoin chart
EFT was started with a motive to give ETH Rewards for all the EFT Holders

Crypteaux Breaux,
ETH Fan Token has been around for a little less than 60 days and last week completed an incredibly successful migration to V2. Unlike other rewards tokens that only pay in the native token, ETH Fan token rewards holders in ethereum

Krishh!!!🤫 KS (DYOR),
Since the ETH Gas fee is very high, we decided to give ETH rewards in BEP20 ETH format. This project got overwhelming response after we lauched in Dec 2021

Crypteaux Breaux, [15/02/2022 22:11]
Holders of ETH Fan Token receive their rewards automatically and do not have to pay gas fees to collect them
From mid Dec to mid January we grew to early 10,000 holders and passed a $100 million market cap

Krishh!!!🤫 KS (DYOR),
The total supply is 1Qad and we kept 50% of the tokens aside for burning. We already burnt 38% plus tokens. Remaining tokens we burn on weekly basis

Crypteaux Breaux,
We recently completed a very successful migration that will allow us to expand upon our innovative tokenomics and offer 4 ways for holders to earn rewards

Krishh!!!🤫 KS (DYOR),
Since the remaining circulating supply is 500 Trillions, and to reduce the supply, we are introducing Burn token, which will buy EFT and a certain % will be sent to dead wallet. We call it as active burning
We can proudly say that the Dev and his team designed this token in such a way that there is no other token with this tax slabs and benefits like EFT

EFT give passive income by just holding. Some of our holders said that they already got more than their initial investment. They were our initial investors.
We made 1200X with V1
It means from ATL to ATH variation was 1200X

Why ETH Fan Tokens? What differentiates ETH Fan Token from other projects?

Crypteaux Breaux,
EFT main differentiators include our unique rewards in $ETH that holders receive just by having EFT in their wallets. We have an amazing community available 24/7 for support, a fully audited contract that has completed three audits, 5 year locked liquidity and a smartlock contract that can only be changed by community vote.
Again the unique rewards system of paying holders in $ETH is unlike anything on the market today…on top of that, holders don’t have to spend gas fees to claim the rewards.
We have scheduled burning in place that will burn 50% of the total supply and the team also performs buy back burns which further reduce the circulating supply.

Krishh!!!🤫 KS (DYOR),
EFT Tax is also flexible and less than other rewards or reflection tokens, which is added advantage. Certik audit completed.

In other projects rewards are shared in native tokens,whereas in EFT you get rewards in ETH so the user has the freedom to re invest back into EFT, buy any other token with those funds or just withdraw for personal use. This the best way to generate passive income while holding your initial tokens

Could you share a bit about ETH Fan tokenomics and benefits if we keep holding $EFT ?

Crypteaux Breaux,
EFT has a buy tax of 10% and a sell tax of 14%, this is currently being updated to have an allocation of 6% buy and 8% sell to the rewards wallet which directly pays holders for holding EFT. The remainder is allocated to liquidity, marketing and development.
By being on the Binance Smart Chain and holders receiving rewards free of gas fees, they can easily reinvest their rewards to compound their holdings.
This increases their reward amount over time, generating passive income just by holding EFT in their wallet

Krishh!!!🤫 KS (DYOR),
You know our Reward. Its ETH

Crypteaux Breaux,
Our website has great tool to see how many rewards you have earned as well as a calculator that projects weekly, monthly and annual earnings

Which platforms can be used to the exchange $EFT tokens now? What is the next market for ETH Fan Token?

Crypteaux Breaux,
EFT is currently available on pancakeswap, poocoin and can even be purchased on our website with a credit card.

Purchasing on our website even gives the holder an opportunity to generate a referral code and receive rewards for referring future buyers to EFT.

Our team has been approached by multiple exchanges to list ETH Fan and we are evaluating each very closely to ensure alignment to our tokenomics and rewarding of holders

Krishh!!!🤫 KS (DYOR),
this is our smart contract. You can buy using this in both PCS and Poocoin.

Please inform ETH Fan Token roadmap now and strategic plan in the future?

Crypteaux Breaux,
Several amazing things to be excited about on our roadmap -

The release of our new utility token that will active burn EFT. This token will buy EFT off the open market burn a % of every transaction while also rewarding holders with reflections in EFT
This is approx 30 days away from release
Next we will be adding staking with a number of options for staking timeframe and variable apy
After that with have exchange listings, a community investment pool, multi-chain deployment, Play 2 Earn gaming, and NFTs scheduled

I would like to stress more about our up burn token.
You must have seen many tokens burn certain amount of percentage from buy and sells.. Basically what they do is collect certain percentage of tokens from the transactions and send them to dead wallet
This burning mechanism won’t have much impact on the token price in near future.. As you know it will take years to even burn 50% of current supply
That mean if everything stays same. The marketcap and volume the price will only double when 50% of supply is burnt.. Which will take 5 to 10 years as its based on percentage of buys and sells
Whereas our burn is Active burn
It’s innovative way to burn
We are introducing a new token we collect tax from buys and sells from transaction of that token.. Use those funds to buy EFT from open market and then send the tokens to dead wallet
By doing this there will be buy pressure on EFT Chart immediately
As we are buying the tokens on open market
That’s why we call it Active Burning where it impacts the price immediately rather than waiting for years to see any price impact


According to your website, the biggest differentiator is that the ETH Fan Token pays out dividends to holders in the form of Binance Pegged ETH. So, how do we eligible for rewards? Are dividends transferred to holders free all gas fees?

Crypteaux Breaux,
A holder needs to only have 200,000 EFT in their wallet to be eligible for rewards. Rewards are paid out to holders based on transaction volume and size of holdings. Rewards are transferred to the holders wallet FREE of gas fees. Holders do not have to pay to receive rewards.

How secure is ETH Fan Token Ecosystem ($EFT)? Has it been audited so far? Is the token allocation for Teams and Liquidity locked?

Crypteaux Breaux,
EFT has completed three audits, including Certik. Our team has locked the contract using a smartlock and the contract may only be changed via community vote. Liquidity has been locked for 5 years and all team tokens have a 6 month hold and predetermined vesting schedule

You have an active plan to burn $EFT of total supply, how far is this plan going? Are you also thinking of having an $EFT buyback plan? And how will your community respond to this plan? Are you going to burn/buyback regularly?

Crypteaux Breaux,
We conduct weekly 1% burns and to date have burned over 39% of the supply. These will continue until we burn 50% of the supply. The team also does buy back burns where we purchase tokens off the open market and burn them.

Also our new token will support active burning as Sunil mentioned. This is an incredibly innovative burn mechanism that is new in the crypto market! We anticipate releasing this in less than 30 days
Our active burn token is absolutely focused on applying buying pressure to the token, there by increasing price

You have developed into a strong core project based on community, in order to preserve the community, do you intend to make the community an important milestone in the history of the development of ETHFAN? If so, what are your plans for the ETHFAN community in the future?

Crypteaux Breaux,
Community = ETH Fan Token

We are a community driven project and with the recent SmartLock of the contract we will include community in all major decisions for the project. We regularly provide polls to solicit community feedback and will now have voting for all contract changes

I saw on your roadmap Q1 2022 about the planned partnership with other projects. what are the criteria for partner you want? What benefits do you want from your future partners?

Crypteaux Breaux,
We are open to partnerships that will further develop and sustain ETH Fan Token. We look for partners that align with our core value of providing secure and community focused projects that will reward holders in the long term.

We have partnered with $Rise to perform our migration as well as our contract lock.


Which do you think is more Important:A. Community 
B. Investors and
C. Token Price
If all of The above is important to You, Whiich Should Come First?

Krishh!!!🤫 KS (DYOR),
For us, Community is the first priority as EFT is the community Driven project. If the Community is good and provides us the right decessions, we get the rest.

Crypteaux Breaux,
100%, community drives ETH Fan and we are so grateful to our holders

Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Krishh!!!🤫 KS (DYOR),
Yes, all our Mods and Admins are also investors. They contributed the best to the project and we identified them as the best resources as Mods. We are planning for a Voting platform and this will be run by EFT as Governance token. All holders will have right to vote to take major decisions.

In fact community do not need to spend any gas fee to vote. They will connect their wallet to check the tokens but no gas fee will be charged to vote

Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join it?

Crypteaux Breaux,
Our whitepaper is available on our website and a version 2 whitepaper will be released VERY soon. There is no presale for the tokens, go to pancake swap to purchase

Can I buy your $ETHF tokens right now, and if so, which wallets do you support? Can you tell me about your team’s history? Which areas are your team focusing on at the moment? (DeFi, Stake, Dapps…) and what are your goals for this year?

Crypteaux Breaux,
We are focused on completing the build out of our utility token that will burn EFT and staking platform.

Can you list 1–3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?l

Crypteaux Breaux,
Four ways to generate rewards is a feature no other crypto has. On top of that, holders are rewarded in ETH and never have to pay gas fees to collect their rewards

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