Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with FAMEEX — 16 February, 2022. This guest star,

  • Skyler — CMO


I am Skyler, the CMO of Fameex. and has been in blockchain field since 2013


What is FAMEEX? Can you introduce FAMEEX to our community?

Sure. Fameex officially launched in 2020, the name of FAMEEX is the combination of famous and exchange.
FAMEEX has dedicated to providing safety, stable and fast trading experience for our users. Since the priority of FAMEEX is security and safety, we only offer the mainstream cryptocurrencies that are safe and stable. We are now offering services including, grid trading, perpetual futures contract,spot trading and super commission rebate program.
With a four-layer ladder encryption protection mechanism, users who trade on FAMEEX hardly need tthe safety issue.Users who trade on FAMEEX can enjoy relatively low trading fee.
Like, the basic spot trading fee is 1‰ ,while the futures trading fee is 0.2‰. Through constant optimizations, FAMEEX hopes to offer a more enjoyable trading journey for users who can trade straight forwardly.

Can you share with us the achievements and milestones so far?


Firstly, FAMEEX has been looking for talents to build up our signature products, grid trading strategy and USDT-margined perpetual futures. In such a short period of time, FAMEEX has earned the users’ trust and confidence because we always put safety first.

So, right now we have built up a standard operation procedure in terms of coin-listing while including more diversified projects. Users know they don’t need to worry about being exploited by suspicious projects that we’ve seen enough on the news.

Though we’re offering services to around 200,000 users around the world, FAMEEX wants to keep pace with other major exchanges. With a revamped version of our website and App, FAMEEX2.0 aims to offer better interface designs and user experience. The super commission rebate program 2.0 has been launched to encourage users to make referrals!

Besides, we also added the security features, including advised login password, upgrading withdrawal security, device management and security log sections. 😎

As a global exchange, I know FAMEEX follows regulations worldwide strictly, can you share more details about that?

That’s a good question.

First of all, FAMEEX embraces regulations and follows local rules for sure. We offer stable and safe services in the markets where digital currency is welcome. FAMEEX has registered in Australia and operates legally and we are trying to apply for legal licenses in other targeted markets as well. FAMEEX only runs businesses in the countries where we have the permission of the governments.

Also, as the world is facing a wave of regulation, undoubtedly the development of cryptocurrency needs to abide by the law. FAMEEX advocates investments in crypto instead of opportunistic activities. We will put users’ experience and safety investment as priority and be dedicated to the legalization of crypto-related business. Any kind of deceiving or exploiting activities will never happen on the platform of FAMEEX. This is our promise.

We apply for licenses that correspond with relevant agencies in Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, Japan, and other countries simultaneously. All of them are based on and follow compliance with local laws and regulations. We establish and hire the most professional team of lawyers to help us advocate and obtain compliance licenses among all of the countries requested.

Can you share what are the strengths of FAMEEX to make it stand out from the competitors?

Sure. For users, FAMEEX is a relatively new trading platform and hence we take a more “down to earth” approach with our users with multiple interesting events, including our signature trial fund campaigns.

Since the crypto circle has enlarged and been enlarging in the past few years, more rookies intend to invest but they are afraid of the risks at the very same time. FAMEEX hopes to offer rookies a safe and stable trading experience and therefore trial fund campaigns have been a regular and prominet event on our platform.🙂

Also, with our 24/7 customer service team, you can contact us immediately if there is anything that happened and we can support you to solve your problems. We support 8 different security verifications such as email, phone number, and Google Authenticator to enhance security and safety.

Needless to say, apart from spot and futures trading, FAMEEX supports a distinguished strategy called Grid Trading. Users could increase more mobility of funds in our grid trading for lower risk management.

As you mentioned the Grid Trading, can you explain what is that?

Sure! Let me introduce it in here. The philosophy of grid trading is “buy low sell high.” In sideways markets, investors predict certain crypto that will fluctuate around a range of price. Traders can take advantage of the market volatility and aggregate small profits from many buys and sells by placing orders above and below a predetermined price, forming “a grid of orders.”

However, it should be noted that more the grids, more the trading fees and fewer the profit. Vice versa.

What makes FAMEEX grid trading stand out?

What makes FAMEEX grid trading bot different from others is that it allows users to best utilize the fund since once users decide all the necessary parameters, FAMEEX bot would place one buy and one sell orders only.

When either of the orders is executed, the bot will then place another buy or sell order. Therefore, your whole fund will not be “locked” upon the grids.

and looking back at the statistics on FAMEEX, grid trading users can earn 30% to 50% of ROE while the most outstanding traders can reach even 80% of ROE.

In a volatile and relative risky crypto market, grid trading strategy offers users a safe way to earn stable profits😊

It sounds like a pretty good function, can you guide our community on how to use the grid trading strategy?

Sure. Here is the guide of grid trading!

First of all, you need to have sufficient funds to invest.

Secondly, choose a trading pair with a deep order book. We now offer dozens of spot grid trading pairs. Choosing a trading pair with a great market depth would ensure your order is filled ASAP.

Lastly, you need to set up a reasonable price range and grids. Users are advised to set 2 to 99 grids between the upper and lower boundaries. If you set up too many grids, you need to pay more transaction fees. Too few grids mean that the grid spread is too wide and therefore too difficult to match.

Also, FAMEEX has an article about how to earn a stable profit in the Grid Trading strategy.

If you guys are interested in it, please go to our website and find the “Support Center” section. Otherwise, you can contact our customer service team on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter.

What’s the future plan of FAMEEX and new development ?

yes, in the future, FAMEEX will keep focusing on developing quality strategies with releasing new functions on grid trading as our main focus.

With FAMEEX’s sophisticated algorithm, we offer the best strategy for our users to only set up grid numbers and several parameters based on AI recommendations to earn profit easily😎

Also, FAMEEX offers a strategic financial database and strategic platform where users can easily find an investing strategy best fit to their own circumstances.

We utilize quality strategies of traditional finance in the realm of cryptocurrency and these strategies are free and available to users!


According to my experience, centralized exchanges like FAMEEX have 5 major weaknesses: speed and efficiency, scalability, difficult to contact support, Only Crypto to Crypto, Sustainability. So how did FAMEEX manage to solve this kind of weakness?

That’s a good question and also a problem many centralized exchange need to face and solve.

FAMEEX Research and Development team has built up a robust matching engine that can manage up to 50,000 orders per with multiple servers running in the meantime.

As the crypto market works 24/7, an efficient matching engine is the core value of FAMEEX.
With such a stable and robust matching engine, FAMEEX allows our users’ positions to be liquidated at a better price, mitigating the loss even during extreme markets.

An efficient matching engine is fundamental to scalability and sustainability.

Though FAMEEX puts so much effort into solving the common CEX weaknesses, we would like to share our vision in decentralized exchange or DEX since FAMEEX believes DEX is the future.

As DeFi has been more and more popular, DEXs will gradually take over the market of trading platforms and will become a mainstream choice.

Do you think your system is secure enough? How safe is your system in securing funds and user data? Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners? Or does it only appeal to professional users?

SAFE is always the first priority. FAMEEX is a beginner-friendly platform where we offer a lot of “Novice Guide” articles with videos, ranging from opening accounts to the concept of grid trading or other trading strategies to teach users step by step.

As for security issues, many crypto rookies are easier to fall trap to phishing pages. The website may look exactly the same as the real ones but they are scams in order to get your “passwords.”

That’s why FAMEEX supports 8 different security verifications. Email, phone number, login password and withdrawal address management are the 4 most common and basic features in terms of security verification.

On FAMEEX, we also utilize Google Authenticator App, anti-phishing code and with “Device Management” and “Security Log,” users can check if their accounts have been hacked or not💪

You say this is not a basic one size fits all trading bot. It actively adapts trading strategy to profit in bull markets and preserve capital in bear markets, but how it actively adapts trading strategy to profit in bear markets?

Good question.

I think Convers43538784 is talking about our signature grid trading bot which is also a prominent passive investment tool. But first, in either stock markets or crypto markets, there is no so-called one-size-fits-all strategy.

Again, as we mentioned many times, the grid trading strategy is more suitable for sideways markets, meaning the target asset you’re investing in is swing back and forth in a certain range. The one-sided market, meaning unilateral rise or fall of the asset’s price, may lead to losses.

So it doesn’t matter if it’s a bull or bear market. As long as you can do your own research and spot the trading pairs, then you can go ahead.

Of course, you can always rely on our AI feature to help you decide the range and number of grids😎

Key component for institutional clients and merchants is having deep liquidity and consistent growing volumes. What associations are you building FAMEEX to increase your liquidity? What factors will be implemented to increase the depth of the markets in a fair and compatible Way?

FAMEEX increases liquidity by installing advanced matching systems with the following features.

Firstly, the Support Multiple Servers. We’ve established more than 10 data centers in five countries to support the huge data processing needs.

FAMEEX also adopts an advanced “Distributed Order Processing System” to handle massive, real-time and complex user order processing requirements.

Lastly, we have 4 different order matching servers working simultaneously. Under certain conditions, the backup servers would be activated automatically to ensure our ability to operate 24/7.

I see that FAMMEEX has a Rebate System implemented on its products mainly on trading. Could you please elaborate and discuss with us your rebate perks and percentage on your platform? How could be benefit from your rebate system?

Thanks for bringing up our super commission rebate program, OJeanWayne!

It has been FAMEEX’s signature product for years. As long as our users invite friends to sign up for and trade on FAMEEX, both inviters and invitees could earn the rebate bonus of up to 60%.

On the front page of our official website, you can either click “Rebate Program” or the Profile icon to go to “My Rebate” where you can copy the invitation link or QR code. Then copy the link or send the QR code to your friends.

The inviters can manually adjust the rebate ratio. You can change the ratio as long as you would like and any changes will take effect in one hour.

I noticed that there are only four (4) fiat currencies available on FAMEEX, USD, VND, INR and AUD. Will these four currencies be the totality available fiat currency on your trading platform or would you consider adding more into it?

Thanks for asking the question.

As FAMEEX enlarges and widens our business and services, we would like to offer as perfect as possible to all of the users.

For now, users can choose USD, VND, INR and AUD. We offer these four currencies shown on our official website according to our business requirements.

However, as we intend to embrace more users from all over the globe, it can be expected that FAMEEX will add more languages to meet demands.

And FAMEEX is working on the fiat deposit feature and I believe we are going to announce the good news soon. Please stay tuned and follow FAMEEX on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook and Instagram.


Do you have a video tutorial so we can learn how to trade with grid trading? YouTube channel or something? Can you share it with us?

Yes, this year we just launched our Youtube Channel to share more tutorial videos and FAMEEX Research among all functions on our platform. Regarding Grid Trading, you can find more information under this playlist. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel too.

Can you share your main social links for our community to follow your project?

Of course, here are the FAMEEX social platforms and our website link. Please feel free to follow us!
➡️Download our App Now(iOS/Android):
➡️Official Website:

Is your project a community only for English speaking an countries or for users not of other languages?

Definitely not for only English users. We aim to do in world wild. So pls stay tuned for our multiple languages

Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progresses and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project?

Yes. We are very proud of the achievement we got right now. and we will keep on working on it and let our users enjoy the most safe and good trading experience in FAMEEX!

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Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about FAMEEX.

Join our Telegram Group and you can talk directly with other Communities and enjoy some of the events that we created. We are always here to support.




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