Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with MetaKawn — 17 February, 2022. This guest star,

  • Othmane — Co-founders
  • Youssef — Co-founders


Youssef Tazi,
Youssef Tazi, Marketing & communication expert, 15 years experience in Marketing and communication. Worked with some of the biggest brands in world (Mcdonald, HP, Visa, Huawei, Oppo, L’OR espresso to name a few) and founder of madcom joined the Havas Group, 5th biggest advertising Network in the world (+100 000 people in more 120 Countries).
One the main focus with brands such Mcdonal’s was to help them put in place Halal process, get certification in Morocco and create all the education and communication around it.

and today, the Havas group launched the first Marketing agency in the Metaverse :)

Oth Mez,
I’m Othmane, i’ve launched many companies in different fields:
Agro industry: Seafood factory and we export to Europe
Ethical Fashion: Baby leather shoes and it’s called HOB
Fitness: Leader in morocco for Personal Training Studios + Education Provider for Personal Trainers partnering with World Leader : NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
And i co manage Havas Madcom

We have many advisors, Zak one of our closed ones, is our tech Advisor who has more than 10 years experience in Big Tech Companies. He worked at Google and at Meta (Facebook) as head of partnerships in MENA & Africa.

We count on an amazing Team of Design Artists. Our Top 5 artists worked on the MetaKawn Huffaz Club : Mehdi, Achraf, Abdellah, Hassan & Oussama

We have 10 people working full time on marketing and project development.


What is MetaKawn? Can you introduce MetaKawn to our community?

Oth Mez,
MetaKawn is the 1st Metaverse inspired by ModernMuslims
We are convinced that there won’t be a single leading metaverse but a plethora of them, each dedicated to a specific community. We are lucky enough to have grown in a Muslim, open-minded environment where all cultures coexist, and we see all the fascinating talents emerging from the district.

Based on this, we aim to build the First Metaverse inspired by #ModernMuslims, for those who share the same values. We aim to bridge the gap between #ModernMuslim creators and their audiences.

The first interesting aspect of this project is how we are approaching it. The MetaKawn Huffaz Club, our first NFT Collection, and the utilities it will hold are significant. The narrative behind it is beautiful to explore 😉

Can you share what are the strengths of MetaKawn to make it stand out from the competitors? What exclusive benefits does MetaKawn offer us?

Youssef Tazi,
As you can see, there is a lot of hype around the Metaverse, crypto, NFT’s etc

when we firt started working on MetaKawn, we really focused on bringing something that will be meaningfull to the community with a real impact. Otherwise, there is no point in creating something

The key strengths of the project is our team background in the field of Marketing, Communication and Technology, as you mentioned before. We also have great advisors that are great experts in the field with experiences from Google and Meta (Ex Facebook).

The second strength is the community that we are targeting. It’s a community that is very engaged, that shares the same values and is present all over the world. You could easily see on social media how the community is building wonderful projects, creating amazing art…

Finally, the concept of MetaKawn that is really meaningfull to the community.It will bring many benefits to the community from earning sustainable income, to audience matching, to connections with like minded people. And that is game changing

What are the business objectives, market and target audience of MetaKawn?

Youssef Tazi,
As you can imagine, every business needs objectifs to go forward

As mentioned before, the first business objective is to empower modern muslim creators and help them earn sustainable revenue directly from their audiences.
We will also have the Kawn Fund, dedicated to content creators and artists to invest in their projects.

the second objective we have, is by empowering the creators from the community, we will change the narrative about islam and the community itself.
all that in an ecosystem that respects the ethical and social values of islam : Multicultiralism, freedom, etc
The Market audience is all muslims in the world that are proud muslim and enjoy modern life, we call them #ModernMuslims.
the good news is that they are all over the world, in every continent
and they have a lot of talents : Music, fashion, design, content creators, …

Can you share with us about MetaKawn NFT collection? How many types available and when will traded?

Oth Mez,
Our first collection is called MetaKawn Huffaz Club and it is a very meaningful one. Let me explain :
Islamic history started with the revelation of the Quran and has continued thanks to a community that has preserved the Quran and guarded the noble values of Islam.
Respecting this concept of Guardians of the values, Our first launch is a collection of 6348 avatars representing these Guardians: The MetaKawn Huffaz Club.
Let me share with you the artwork of some of the NFTs

Values we support are : Tolerance, Gender Equality, Multi Ethnicity, Style Diversity etc… So we have half Men and half Women, Hijab & No Hijab, Beard & clean shaved, … you understand the topic 🙂

The collection will be launched First Ramadan 🤩

Please inform MetaKawn roadmap? What’s the future plan of MetaKawn and new development?

Oth Mez,
First we have to say congratulations to those who are with us today as you all should know that we are on the first stage of MetaKawn.

Today, the website is live. The second version, the Web3 website, will be deployed in the upcoming days in preparation for the MetaKawn Huffaz Club launch.

PR & Marketing has already begun, many partnerships are ongoing to strengthen our presence and the awareness about MetaKawn.

We have started to reaveal some avatars from the Huffaz NFT Collection, which will be fully launched as planned in First Ramadan 2022. Being one of the Holders will grant super exclusive advantages for the upcoming MetaKawn Project (whitelist, early access, etc.)


About your NFTs, Can you explain further about the utility of these NFTs within your platform? Are they meant to be held as simple collectibles or will they have additional benefits?

Youssef Tazi,
before starting answering the question
you can go to our website it has all the details

so about the utilities of the MetaKawn Huffaz Club NFTs
The first MetaKawn Huffaz Club comes with great benefits & utilities. Besides the beautiful artwork, we can list the following benefits:

1- Early & VIP Access to Private groups or be Used as Ticket entry to Events, IRL or VR.
2- Ownership comes also with access to special fan communities. NFTs can be used socially like GIFs, emojis, badges, profile pictures, etc. Merchandising is coming in the upcoming weeks
3- Voting Power & Governance: MKHC members can vote on brand decisions, have input on which creators & Charity programs are supported by the Kawn Fund, etc.
4- The Huffaz Holders have guaranteed spot and numerous advantages accessing to whitelists and presales ($KWN ICO, new NFT collections, metaverse opportunities…)
here are some of the few benefits

MetaKawn is built around modern muslim culture. What inspired you to bring muslim culture into the development of the metaverse? Will this be the only culture you will adopt for your NFT inspiration? It’s possible you want to develop a platform for cross-cultural?

Youssef Tazi,
Well, we are lucky enough to have been raised in a muslim country that values multiculturalism and multi-enthnicity. Respecting all communities. That was the main driver behind MetaKawn.

it seemed very logical to create an ecosystem where we could bring these values to the Metaverse. MetaKawn is indeed cross-cultural

everyone that feels connected the main values of islam is welcomed regardless of their religion and their ethnicity or the color of their skin

Also, we discovered and worked with many talents from the community all over the world that needed some support to help them grow and earn sustainable revenu for their work and here we are with MetaKawn where we aim to empower all those great talents in MetaKawn.

KAWN ACADEMY is one of the most striking proposals that has been developed in MetaKawn. What are the purposes that this academy brings with it and how will it help your community to have a better management of the platform and how will it impact everyone’s bottom line?

Oth Mez,
We love welcoming people to the Metaverse and helping everyone on their journey. Our Kawn Academy provides a foundation for getting started as a creator, investor, collector or visitor. Learn about blockchains and NFTs, setting up a wallet and more.

KAWN ACADEMY’s goal is to allow our community and more, to understand in a simpler way, all the topics around the Metaverse

We will organize conferences, produce educational videos and infographics, etc.

We are convinced that it’s the role of ALL serious projects to help educate and onboard people to this new technology and the endless possibilities this universe creates.

After your minting starts and when 100% of your NFTs are minted, what NFT marketplace do you plan to list and feature your NFTs? Will you be planning to list your NFTs into the popular NFT marketplace OpenSea?

Youssef Tazi,
The minting will start in the first of Ramadan inchallah and we hope all the NFTs will be minted during that month. The minting will be first on our Web3 website, not on a marketplace at the beginning.

after the first minting people can trade the NFTs on the secondary markets, indeed opensea is our main target at the biguining

because it’s the most known platform and we aim to bring in a maximum of people from the community to our project

I saw your roadmap on phase 2 “AYATS NFT $KAWN ICO KAWN MAKER” Can you give a little idea about this? What kind of AYATS NFT do you mean?

Oth Mez,
Glad you asked about this AYATS NFT drop 🙂 This was our genesis Idea. #MetaKawn started from there.

There’s a very beautiful analogy between the Quran & Blockchain. We have explained it on our website.
People minting MetaKawn Huffaz Club will contribute to Scribe the Quran on the Blockchain. Every Huffaz Holder will receive an Ayat NFT (Verse of the Quran) during the last 10 days of Ramadan. This is super symbollic as it will be the first Quran scribed in the Blockchain

Regarding $KWN ICO and KawnMaker, we will reveal the details just after the Mint of the MetaKawn Huffaz Club. (May/June 2022).


Each project has its strengths but few talk about their future challenges, what are the challenges that your project faces for its success?

Oth Mez,
We believe that our biggest challenge is to bring as many new people to this metaverse and educate them about all the different concepts. this is why as first challenge is to bring the Kawn Academy in the best way possible
Education and educated community is the Key

I personally have always been attracted to Muslim culture, I would like to know if in your NFT Marketplace we will only find Muslim compliant arts, such as Islamic arts and contemporary calligraphy? Do the artists contributing to MetaKawn necessarily have to be Muslim?

Youssef Tazi,
Thank you for your great question, indeed there is many great artists from the community. Our first MetaKawn Huffaz NFT collection will have some rarity traits like : calligrpahy, Colors, designs,… Yes the art must be muslim compliant and respectful to other communities.
The Huffaz holders will have the voting right to choose which art should be on the platform or not.
MetaKawn welcome anyOne who feels connected to the values of islam not necessarly regardless of their religion and origin. None muslims are welcomed

Very cool and unique NFT project in my opinion. Where did you get the idea to start your project? who was the first originator in building your project?

Oth Mez,
We had the chance to live in many countries and different cultures and we’ve wanted to represent in this first collection the values we live by : Respect, Tolerance, Multiculturalism, Gender Equality, … The actual narrative about islam is quiet bad and doesn’t represent the true values of this peacefull religion. So we aim to brighten the narrative.

Everyone knows, if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, you go with your partners, so with MetaKawn, which partners will promote and help Your Project reach and achieve the project’s goals?

Youssef Tazi,
Thank you Jacpot for the question and you are completly right about mooving with partners. At MetaKawn we have many partners as mentionned before, below are some of them :
1- one of the them is the Havas group through it’s agency havas madcom one of the biggest creative groups in the world.
2- We have also LUNA PR as our main PR and Marketing partners, the leading PR agency in MENA region in the sector and fi
3- We are also one of the leading art agency promoter dedicate to promoting artists from the muslim world in Europe
4- We also have tech partners, experts that worked with Google and Meta

IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Oth Mez,
The whole concept of Blockchain, and Metaverse in general is to allow everyone and indeed even small holders to have acces to multiple oportunities of investment. In fact, our goal with Kawn Academy is to democratisies knowledge about this new technological era and thus help people make smart and responsabile choices

Telegram Chat | Twitter | Website | Instagram | Linkedin

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about MetaKawn.

Join our Telegram Group and you can talk directly with other Communities and enjoy some of the events that we created. We are always here to support.



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