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Neo Nguyen,
I’m Neo Nguyen as I’ve already introduced :)

I’m the CEO of Metarrior project!
I have a many year experience in gaming design (15 years to be specific). I also have a strong background in technical and computer science. Metarrior is my birth child project.


What’s Metarrior? The idea, how it started?

Neo Nguyen,
Well, Metarrior is the second generation NFT game. We’re one of the leading NFT games, with outstanding features of a MetaFi Puzzle match-3 RPG game.

I could say that we pioneer in drawing a new approach to the match-3 puzzle games.

Metarrior players advance through story quests, for which their character or party of characters gain experience that improves various attributes and abilities. The quests could be as easy as solving the match-3 puzzle or as challenging and exciting as going through PvP mode, combating against other players.

What is the basic game concept behind Metarrior? Can you instruct gameplay and features Metarrior game?

Neo Nguyen,
The concept is pretty simple.

Metarrior is a multiple role-playing game (mRPG) game, in which players have a role to play. They would play a role of a hero, joining combat to win over their competitor.

The interesting thing is that We apply match-3 puzzle in our gameplay. 🧩

Players would need to match the puzzle to control their hero, joining the combat.

There are various play modes to try out such as PvP mode, Campaign mode, The world boss, Tower of Time, Treasure Hunt, Mining coin, Tournament, PvP, betting and Pet Island.

Could you tell us about tokenmetrics $MEWA tokens? How can players use $MEWA tokens in Metarrior games?

Neo Nguyen,
Cool ! Tokenomics is really something important to know

Especially $MEWA — our governance token

$MEWA is needed as entry fee to participate into different activities in game. These activities are as follows:

+ Claiming land
+ Paying tournament entry/ arena tickets/ betting fees
+ Breeding pets/ merging NFTs/ crafting in-game items.
+ Summoning heroes/pets

We will spare 85% of $MEWA from the sum of entry fees above to reward TOP players participating in the above mentioned activities. So $MEWA is also used as rewards to TOP players on the weekly or monthly basis as well.

Who are Metarrior current partners and backers?

Neo Nguyen,
Regarding partners and backers, I’m so proud to let you know

We have strong backers who could support us in building the ecosystem, with both technical and professional support. To name them specifically, our professional backers are OneTech Asia, Cosmos Gaming hub, NAL Holding, PadITech, Open Reach Tech, DTS, DareNFT and Trust Key.

We also have partners who assist us in building our community, such as Clovers ventures, Lua Ventures, Meta Crystal Ventures and Dubaotiente. They are currently our main outlets, broadcasting up-to-date news on Metarrior.

Especially, we have partnered with different game guilds to build a strong community of gamers who pay interest in Metarrior in these early days. They are Metafi Game Guild, Dreambit City, Lucis and Vina Guild. We’re working to expand our network with more game guilds at the moment.

Please inform Metarrior roadmap and also what phase is currently taking place? What is the strategic plan Metarrior in the future?

Neo Nguyen,
If you have had a look at our website, you’d know that we have focused on researching and planning in the previous quarter.

This quarter (Q1/ 2022) onward , we are developing the collectible NFT feature, NFT Marketplace and Gameplay Alpha. The ultimate goal of this quarter is to launch the IDO successfully.

We have made many strategic partnerships with reputable partners, and are focusing on doing marketing during this time. We expect to get as much as exposure in the market with activities such as running AMAs and get to be known in different crypto & gaming group.

we are networking with a wide network of partners to build our diverse ecosystem. We have strong backers who could support us in building the ecosystem, specializing in AR/ VR/ MR & blockchain technology. The vision of Metarrior as an immersive metaverse NFT game is what we’re heading at.

Besides that, we focus on building our community, getting connected with guild partners in order to have a strong network of supporter, and Metarrior gamers.We believe the adoption of the game itself can only be made possible thanks to this.

Our plan for future innovation is to bring a unique and inclusive NFT game to NFT game lovers. Since Metarrior has been set to be a Free-to-Play, Create-to-Earn, Play-to-Earn & Rent-to-Earn game, we’re innovating the NFT gaming industry with flexible options to play. The diverse option when it comes to playing makes it easier to get traction, giving freedom to players themselves. Rent-to-Earn would be a major focus of our project in the coming time. It will be a spearheaded feature which distinct Metarrior with other NFT games in the future.


That caught my attention is the Rent-To-Earn feature. Why have you decided to develop this rental model? Is this a strategy designed by your team to facilitate the entry into your NFT game without the need to own one initially in case you do not have the capital?

Neo Nguyen,
Certainly! The main reason for us to create and develop Rent-to-Earn feature is that we want to bring fairness to all NFT gamers, lifting the financial barrier for all. We believe the Rent-to-Earn feature will make the entry wide open, welcoming much more gamers joining an NFT game.

Why did you choose the Match-3 Puzzle games genre? In PvP mode can players choose their own enemies or random?

Neo Nguyen,
An interesting question!

Match-3 Puzzle game is a familiar genre to most people. We choose it to create our gameplay for that very reason

for its familiarity to a large number of people

Besides that, we’ve choosen to develop Metarrior based on match-3 puzzle games because of its accelerating challenging features. Match-3 puzzle game can seem easy at first, but to climb the ladder and reach high ranks, players have to work out with strategies and tactics and strategies.

In PvP mode, players are randomly assigned a qualified competitor to combat against. This is thanks to our built-in matching algorithm which helps collect relevant data, and make most appropriate mix & match for players.

Metarrior has a “Campaign Mode” feature in the game, where with this mode, players get Rewards. Can you explain about this Campaign Mode? How can players get rewards in campaign mode? And what kind of rewards do players get from this campaign mode?

Neo Nguyen,
In Campaign mode, an assembly of legendary heroes will conquer a variety of lands, discovery special maps. Players, in the role of these heroes, have to solve the match-3 puzzles, and compete against their rivals. Along the way, they will get special rewards as as elixirs, gold, and merits which can be used to upgrade their heroes. Besides that, they also acquire new weapons, armor, and $SOG token.

One of the #metarrior character is named as “Aestra”. Aestra being a significantly strong warrior. How can one obtain them? Can you more describe about the quests of the game? How much is the difficulty level here?

Neo Nguyen,
Aestra is a warrior who inherited his strength and resistance from his Orcish bloodline. He is able to perform strong blows that could shake the earth beneath and an extremely persistent shield for his teammates.

To obtain Aestra, players have to buy or rent this hero in the first place.

Given the fact that Metarrior is a strategy based NFT game, Metarrior’s in-game quests are accelerating in its levels. Players who play in level 1 will find the quest pretty easy to conquest. However, the higher the level is, the more challenging it will be. Players will have to use more strategies while solving the match-3 puzzles, calculating and working out the best tactics to win the game in higher levels.

I want to ask about Metarrior game security system, how do you ensure overall safety gamers? How can Metarrior help improve gaming experience so that is safer and more attractive to many other non-crypto gamers?

Neo Nguyen,
Firstly, Metarrior is an NFT game which means assets which belong to gamers are on chain data. And as we all know, any on-chain data can not be stolen, changed or modified by any third party. All gamers can enjoy this security when playing Metarrior.

Secondly, Metarrior has its concrete and attractive gameplay. There are various projects which are so-called NFT games in the market right now, but they focus on the blockchain/ earning parts more than developing the gaming features, and they often stuck at gameplay, can’t delivery a complete & enticing gameplay for their games. Metarrior is different in a sense that it has built-in features of an alluring game already. All of these would protect players from wasting their investment, creating a safety net for gamers.


I read that Metarrior will it be mainly compatible with PC/ desktop devices, but in the future will you be compatible with mobile devices like android or iOS?

Neo Nguyen,
Definitely, we’re going to develop our game to be compatible with mobile as well. We’ve already have backers who have expertise in developing mobile apps. We could take advantage of it

Can you tell me more details on the IDO? The schedule and contribution for each?

Neo Nguyen,
We plan to launch our IDO within next month (March 2022). Stay tuned!

How can users join this project? Is there a channel with the local community where users can get the latest updates?
1, YouTube channel
2, Website
3, Instagram
4, Discord
5, Twitter
6, Other____
Thanks sir

Neo Nguyen,
👥 Metarrior’s Official Channels:
Website ( | Twitter (| Telegram ANN ( | Telegram Global ( | Medium ( | Facebook ( | Linktree (

Please feel free to visit us !

Do you have an AUDIT certificate or are you working to AUDIT your project to make it more secure and reliable??

Neo Nguyen,
Thanks for asking this. We’re currently working with a partner who is expert in auditing. We’ll release our partnership announcement soon. Stay tuned & follow us on all channels!

Metarrior emphasizes player experiences for a truly “Free to Play” game. What opportunities do players have to earn tokens and rewards?

Neo Nguyen,
Players who play in Free-to-Play mode have to play hard to accelerate their heroes and gain the in-game token $SOG. accumulating enough $SOG, they can finally switch to Play-to-Earn mode, and then they can earn $MEWA token and rewards as other Play -to -Earn gamers.

Telegram Chat | Telegram Channel | Twitter | Website | Github | Discord | Linkedin | Reddit | Youtube

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about Metarrior.

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