Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with GEMUNI — 25 February, 2022. This guest star,

  • Cassie Nguyen — CEO & CO-Founder of GemUni


Cassie | GemUni,
I’m Cassie — CEO & Founder at GemUni — a decentralized NFTs & Gaming Platform.

I have had 9-year experience in the fields of AI, Big Data, Gaming Software tech startups, and enterprises. I am also a frequent crypto trader and a supporter for global crypto projects.

More about me:

It is my honor to be here to update on GemUni — a promising project that my team and I are passionately working on, and having been supported by global backers including the “Mighty Eagle” of Rovio (the famous Angry Birds games)!


What is GemUni and its vision? What triggers you to launch GemUni?

Cassie | GemUni,
GemUni aims to build a Decentralized NFTs Gaming Platform for Play To Earn for everyone around the world to engage in Fun, Easy, and Play to Earn Games. Users can enjoy diverse addictive Casual Games & Signature Games, while monetizing their experiences with gaming platform rewards and NFTs transactions.

GemUni comprises two ecosystems, GENI token and Reward tokens with Casual Gaming Platform (1000+ casual games) and Signature Gaming Platform.

Discover more at our website:

— — — — —
Well, a personal reason is that I’m a huge fan of Casual Games like Tetris, Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, etc. among many others. Also spent a lot of money on these games, just pay to win.

I was wondering what would be better if I can play all these easy and fun games, and EARN a lot at the same time, and connect with all my friends and family. So that’s why the idea of GemUni was born.

Could you please give a brief intro about GemUni salient features/products? What differentiates GemUni from other GameFi projects?

Cassie | GemUni,
1. Different from many other Gamefi projects focusing on only one single game, GemUni builds a decentralized NFTs and Gaming ecosystem (1000+ games for play2earn)

- Our Casual Gaming Platform provides users with hundreds of simple and addictive Casual Games (thousands will be released in 2022) and favorable chances to earn gaming platform rewards and from NFTs transactions.

- Besides, the Signature Gaming Platform will be released soon this year: Moon 2050, CyberRace, ZodiBoom, etc. to enhance gaming experiences and maximize earning opportunities. Each game will have its own NFTs and reward tokens for users to Play and Earn.

- GemUni also has its own NFT Marketplace that connects all users on the platform to buy & sell GENI Passes and Game Items, using GENI and other cryptocurrencies. They can also refer to friends through their customized reference link. Later, NFTs Farming & Staking and Leasing will be launched.

Access our Casual Gaming Platform:
and NFT Marketplace:

2. It’s easy to play and earn a lot in the GemUni platform. Our lucrative Play to Earn Mechanics allows users multiple benefits and high earning opportunities. All the rewards are earned in the form of EXP, GENIX (in-game cryptocurrency) & other reward tokens and recorded in real-time to the User Pass Profile. They can then be converted into GENI (main project cryptocurrency).

3. Global tournaments and challenges will be periodically organized: weekly, monthly, yearly, and by season. We will kick off multiple Global Tournaments in 2022. Terms and Conditions of the first Tournament will be announced in Q1/2022.

About your GENI Pass NFTs, can you explain further their utilities and benefits within your platform?

Cassie | GemUni,
Definitely, GENI Pass holders will access multiple utilities and benefits.

Each Pass will generate a different number of game tickets per day for users to Play2Earn in GemUni’s Casual Gaming Platform. The higher Pass levels, the higher earning rates.

Stone Pass is the lowest Pass level ($75 BUSD) but given full benefits like others, including daily game tickets to play and earn in all games and all modes.

Topaz, Citrine & Ruby Passes are higher level passes than Stone, thereby more game tickets to play and better chances to earn in EXP & GENIX Earning modes.

Diamond Pass is the most powerful Pass in our Casual Gaming Platform, which grants access to maximum returns on all play modes.

Read more about our Passes:

Currently, you can purchase GENI Pass NFTs directly from GemUni’s NFT Marketplace, which will be much faster and easier for trading. Also, you can enjoy our Defi mechanics for NFTs there in the near future as well.

Access here:

What game modes have you developed to keep your community entertained? How can users play and earn from each of them? Would tournaments and challenges be a viable option on your platform?

Cassie | GemUni,
GemUni is developing two game modes: (1) Free to Play, Free to Earn and (2) Play to Earn with NFTs

1. Free to Play, Free to Earn mode
When joining in GemUni’s Casual Gaming Platform, each will be gifted an Avatar as a Free Pass (it is not an NFT) to earn EXP and GENIX and participate in certain tournaments to earn rewards. If you don’t have a GENI Pass NFT, you can still be able to play games and earn for free with this mode.

2. Play to Earn with NFTs mode
Our lucrative Play2Earn mechanics are divided into EXP Earning and GENIX Earning. In which, EXP is the Experience Score earned through playing games. The more users play, the more EXP they earn. Players can also earn EXP in the GENIX Earning mode, with the scores corresponding to the total amount of their earned GENIX (in-game currency) in each match.

EXP Earning
Users can play to get familiar with the games and earn EXP, but cannot earn GENIX.

Players can only join in High Score, 1 vs 1, Team vs Team, and Battle Royale modes (Leaderboard mode is not available in EXP Earning. They can create a simulated PvP room (1 vs 1, Team vs Team, Battle Royale) and need to deposit EXP to get used to the game play.

GENIX Earning
Users can play and earn EXP and GENIX in all gameplay modes, including PvE (High Score and Leaderboard) and PvP (1 vs 1, Team vs Team, and Battle Royale).

- In PvE, users will earn varying amounts of EXP and GENIX for scoring high on the platform or taking the 1st place in each game’s daily leaderboards.

- In PvP, each mode (1 vs 1, Team vs Team, Battle Royale) will have different gameplays. The individual or team that wins each battle will receive the corresponding reward.

To maximize scores and earnings, players can use GENIX to purchase in-game tools (Revive Life, x2 Score, Speed Up) and buy additional daily game tickets.

More details and user guides can be found here:

— — — — —
Definitely! GemUni will host gaming Challenges and Tournaments on our gaming platform for users to play and earn together!

We will kick off multiple Global Tournaments in 2022. Terms and Conditions of the first Tournament will be announced in Q1/2022.

Gaming platforms and the GameFi space are made to go global. So, what are your plans to become known worldwide?

Cassie | GemUni,
Yes, all of our team always have a global vision for expanding the business and bringing GemUni’s games to all players around the world. We have outlined a clear development path of product and community growth in the next 2–3 years.

In Q1/2022:
We have had a Double Launch — NFT Marketplace & Casual Gaming Platform (400+ games). Our Free to Play, Free to Earn mode has also been launched for users to play and earn without having to own a Pass. We will constantly improve and update our platform to provide better user experiences.

On Feb 28, NFTs Farming & Staking will be released.

Our Global Ambassador program will be launched at the beginning of March. After that, we will launch NFTs Leasing mechanics (including features for Game Guilds) (07/03) and Tournament Tools (09/03). Also in this month is our Signature Games INO & Beta Test: Moon 2050, CyberRace, ZodiBoom.

In Q2/2022:
GemUni will focus on expanding partnerships with Gaming Partners, Studios, Platforms to build a strong gaming ecosystem. 800+ Casual Games for Play2Earn will be published on the platform along with Signature Games full launch like Moon 2050, CyberRace, ZodiBoom.

We will kick off multiple Global Tournaments in 2022. Terms and Conditions of the first Tournament will be announced in Q1/2022.

In this quarter, we also develop a Launchpad for IGO, INO of Signature Games and other GameFi agency services for Partners to create a complete ecosystem for GameFi projects to thrive.

In 2023–2024:
Our target is to list GENI on Tier 1 Centralized Exchanges.

We will also launch DAO Treasury and Social Gaming Platform (Read to earn, Write to earn, Vote to earn, and Watch to earn), and upgrade our platform to become a true Metaverse for gamefi & socialfi.

Stay tuned to our updates:


You mentioned that users can choose from 3 tool modes in the game: Revive Life, X2 Score and Speed Up. Can you describe each of the three game mode tools available on your platform? What requirements must the user have to be able to use each tool?

Cassie | GemUni,
There are three different tools: Revive Life, x2 Score, and Speed Up for players to maximize their scores and earnings. Tools can be purchased by EXP or GENIX.

Revive Life:
Players will have another life per Revive Life tool to play games with their current ticket. The tool will be activated after three minutes from the time they lose. When it is activated, players have to start all over again.

x2 Score:
This tool helps double players’ scores. It acts as the star of hope before each match and can only be used once for each life. If you used the x2 Score tool before, then when losing a game, you use the Revive Life tool, you will have to use another x2 Score tool.

Speed Up:
This tool helps speed up the revived time (three minutes) of each revived life. Players can immediately return to the game without waiting for three minutes when using this tool.

More details will be found here:

Most players want to in profitable games, so how will #GemUni a fun Metaverse and where every day players can make more profits? Tell us your plan to make sure the game is always profitable and keep your players’ assets safe? Is there a mechanism to fight NFT inflation?

Cassie | GemUni,
Definitely! Our lucrative Play2Earn mechanics allows users multiple benefits and high earning opportunities.

Moreover, the GENI Pass NFT Price will be updated and the Max Earning per Pass will increase every month. The higher Pass levels, the higher earning rates.

Take a look at our detailed GENI Pass NFTs Increase Plan:


I noticed that when an user plays a game, he/she obtain experience score ( EXP ), so what’s the utility of the Experience score into your ecosystem? Can be converted into other in-game asset?

Cassie | GemUni,

This is the fist question about playing games!

EXP will be able to converted into in-game tools like Revive Life, 2X Score, or Speed Up which players can use to exponentially increase the score and chances to win and earn more 😎

I realized that Gem Uni uses 2 different tokens called : $GENI and $GENIX token, so can you please explain us the roles and differences between both tokens?

Cassie | GemUni,

GemUni has a multiple currency model, where GENI is the main token (governance token) and GENIX is the reward token.

GENI will be used for NFT Payment, Farming, Staking, Voting, TRADING, etc.

GENIX will be the in-game currency for reward and in-game tools

According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority?

Cassie | GemUni,

We have many plans to implement on our Roadmap, and the next important arm of the GemUni ecosystem is GemUni’s Launchpad for seed/private round fundraise, INO/IGO where we will launch upcoming Signature Games like CyberRace, MetaTransformer, ZodiBoom, Moon 2050, among others:)


1. When will NFTs Farming & Staking be released? 
A. 26/02/2022
B. 27/02/2022
C. 28/02/2022

C. 28/02/2022 🍒

2. How much GENIX will a winner earn in the Battle Royale mode? 
A. 1,250 GENIX
B. 2,500 GENIX
C. 3,750 GENIX

Phong Dương,
🍒 C. 3,750 GENIX

3. Find the wrong statement!
A. There are 3 different tools: Revive Life, Double Score, and Speed Up.
B. Speed Up tool helps speed up the revived time (3 minutes) of each revived life.
C. Revive Life tool gives players another life to play games with their current ticket.

🍒 🍒🍒 A. There are 3 different tools: Revive Life, Double Score, and Speed Up

4. Fill in the gap:
… mode is not available in the EXP Earning.
A. High Score
B. Leaderboard
C. Battle Royale

Cengizhan Tekin,
🍒 B. Leaderboard

5. What are the utilities of GENIX in GemUni? Choose all the answers that apply.
A. Earn in-game rewards
B. Buy in-game tools
C. Purchase additional game tickets”

A. Earn in-game rewards 🍒

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