Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with World Of Master 9 March, 2022. This guest star,

  • Phuong VuCEO World of Master


Vu Phuong WOFM,
first of all, I would like to introduce myself as a genuine gamer. I have loved playing games since I was little.

Because of my love for games, in 2019, I co-founded HikerGames, a studio specializing in developing cross-platform online games. Maybe someone in the group has played games we developed like FZ9: Timeshift — Legacy of The Cold War, Boom Battlefield. My main job here is thinking about how to create a good game script, create features that make the player’s playing experience more attractive, more fun.

The team behind World Of Masters are all people with many years of experience in the field of online games and blockchain. We’ve been making games together for the past 13 years with dozens of products. Some of them have won major international awards such as Outstanding Award in Graphics at the International Mobile Game Awards.

World Of Masters is also supported and advised on the game operation by SohaGame, TOP 3 Mobile Game Publisher in Vietnam. In terms of Marketing, we are supported by Evangelion, they have done marketing for many successful products such as Omnia, Codyfight and Breach, Derace, Gamestarter, Bitlocus, and Titan Hunters. We also received advice from GameFi and Rikkei to make World Of Masters attractive to both crypto users and traditional gamers.

You can see more information about our team members at the homepage:


Testnet World Of Masters event has 1 BTC prize for the Top Leaderboard, is that true?

Vu Phuong WOFM,
I don’t know if you believe it, but it’s the truth.

We are very focused on the community who will actually play the game. For that reason, we decided to use the proceeds from the sale of Box to create prizes for the community.

World Of Masters will Testnet in early April. It is expected that only 2000 people can participate in the Testnet and the top 1 Leaderboard will win a reward of 1 BTC, 1 Gold Box worth $299, 100.000 $WOFM. Also, depending on the ranking on the leaderboard, ALL testnet participants will receive a gift, such as NFT box or $WOFM.

However, to participate in the Testnet, players need to be whitelisted. Whitelist slots can be earned from events taking place in our group.
Right now you guys can participate in our Super Giveaway event with prizes of NFT Box, $WOFM and Testnet slot whitelist here:

In addition to the whitelist slot, do people need to buy NFT when joining the Testnet? Do you have any suggestions for the Infinity Chains community to reach the Top1 leaderboard and earn 1BTC?

Vu Phuong WOFM,
There are 2 ways to participate in WOFM’s Testnest event, that is to join our community events here ( Or you can buy NFT boxes in the upcoming sale.

Whitelist slot is the only requirement to join the Testnet. In the testnet, we will make some Heroes and resources available to all players. Everyone will explore World Of Masters fairly, battle with many Bosses and participate in PvE features to earn materials to level up and upgrade heroes.
Then, players will fight each other in PvP features to achieve high rankings in the Leaderboard.

Not only an NFT game, World Of Masters is also the Global version of the most successful card battle game in Vietnam in 2021.

There are 2 types of Heroes in World of Master: Heroes (Non-NFT) and NFT Heroes. Can you share with us about the unique characteristics of 2 types of WofM Heroes and tell us how many heroes, rarities or elements are in total? What kind of heroes will be given away for free in the Testnet Event?

Vu Phuong WOFM,
2 types of Heroes is a special feature of World Of Masters. We develop World Of Masters towards both Play2Earn and Pay2Win gamers. Before becoming an NFT game, World Of Masters released the traditional version in Vietnam and continuously reached the top Editor’s choice in App Store.

Compared to other NFT games, World Of Masters is attractive enough for both Play2Earn and Pay2Win gamers. Play2Earn players will provide tokens to Pay2Win players for them to upgrade their Heroes and become stronger.

Both types of heroes can participate in most game features. The difference is that only when there are NFT Heroes in the squad, players can earn Tokens and receive NFT rewards.

Free to Play players will get regular Heroes for free and can spin gacha for better heroes and regular gold.

There are 5 types of Heroes: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic. With the same type of Heroes, NFT Heroes will be 10–15% stronger than normal Heroes. We also prepared 1.9 million distinct NFT Heroes for the first release.

In the Testnet event, players will receive both types of Heroes for free to experience the game. Details of the rate and quantity will be updated on the homepage and official channels of World Of Masters. Follow us on Twitter @wofm_io or Telegram:

Please inform World of Masters roadmap and also what phase is currently taking place? What’s strategic plan World of Masters in the future?

Vu Phuong WOFM,
We are having Giveaway events and many other exciting events happening this March, with a lot of special prizes ahead.

INO will take place at the end of March; Testnet event with 1BTC prize for top leaderboard in early April. IDO will take place at Q2/2022, and the game will officially launch in early May. We are also ready for 2 updates at the end of Q3 and the beginning of Q4.

With WOFM, our strategy is to put the player at the center of everything. We will bring to the community a game with good ROI, great playing experience, attractive graphics, and constantly new events, new updates for the community to discover.


The biggest problem for new users is the high initial cost to get started. So Does #WorldOfMaster requires players to “Pay-to-Win” or Is it all about the player’s playing skills? Can you explain the in-game reward system?

Vu Phuong WOFM,
Looking at some common games today, players need to own NFTs in the game to be able to play the game. However, when participating in Word of Masters, players do not need to buy any NFTs in advance and can still participate in the game.

At the start of the game, WOFM will give you 1 free Hero so you can play the game. This hero can participate in most of the features in the game WOFM. Players can completely upgrade or own other heroes by participating in the quests in the game.

As for whether players need skills to play the game, our answer is yes. Because this is a strategy game, each hero has its own feature, so players need to have a suitable arrangement to be able to win the match.

When you participate in game features such as: PvE, PvP, Bosses Battle, etc., you will receive rewards and use those materials to upgrade your Hero or get a new Hero.
- Rewards for Hero: Exp, Magic Stones, Gold.
- Rewards for NFT Hero: Exp, Magic Stones, Gold, and $WOFM.

In the upcoming April, WofM will launch a testnet event so that players can experience and receive many prizes. I’m so excited for that. So what can I do to join this event? And 1 BTC ? Is that even real ?

Vu Phuong WOFM,
We plan to launch a testnet event in early April. Players will experience the reality of WOFM and we win extremely valuable gifts for the top players. Only 2000 people owning a whitelist slot can participate in the Testnet and the top 1 Leaderboard will win a reward of 1 BTC, 10 Gold Box worth $299, 100.000 $WOFM.

In March, we will organize a series of other attractive events to help players own slots and receive other attractive rewards such as NFT Box, $ BUSD, $WOFM, and Whitelist slots. Another way to help players get slots if they are unlucky to win prizes in our events is to participate in buying the NFT Box which will be available for sale in early April.

All information about this event is regularly updated by us on our official social networking sites.

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I understand that World of Master is intended to be a FREE TO PLAY game where we can have our first hero for FREE. How much does buying another hero costs? and do we only need ONE HERO to play? What are the things that a user should have in order to start playing except for HERO?

Vu Phuong WOFM,
When you start WOFM, you get 1 hero for free. By participating in the game you can earn rewards like exp, magic stone, gold, etc. In addition, to own other heroes, you can use in-game gold to participate in lucky draws. You don’t need to spend money to own other heroes.

Of course you can use one Hero to play, but to increase your chances of winning you need to own many other heroes. There will be a maximum of 6 heroes that can participate in a match.

When you invest in NFT Hero, you can earn tokens with high ROI. Depending on the rarity and level of the NFT Hero, you can recover your investment sooner or later. The higher the rarity and level of the NFT hero, the more $WOFM you will earn.

I read in your Whitepaper that you are challenging yourself to differentiate from other blockchain games, so how does your team plan to create a game with quality graphics and gameplay that meets the needs of gamers? as well as being attractive enough for investors?

Vu Phuong WOFM,
World of Masters is adapted from a game worth $ 10 million on the Apple store announced — which has been very successful and has millions of downloads on Apple Stores and Google Play.

As you know, it is very difficult to be in the top Selected by the editors of Appstore, they carefully evaluate both gameplay, graphics, UI, UX of the game. World Of Master has conquered the fastidious editors of Apple, it will definitely conquer the crypto gamer community. Compared to other competitors, World Of Masters is a product with attractive gameplay and graphics, highly appreciated by gamers and the AppStore.

WOFM’s gameplay with high tactics helps you compete for your best in the martial arts world of World of Masters with heroes around the world. With extremely attractive graphics and gameplay, players will have a great experience when playing the game.

Different from other normal games, WOFM is geared towards the in-game community. Players can join the game for free without paying any penny. For the above reasons, we firmly believe that WOFM will make a difference and be attractive enough for investors.

May I ask what is wofm_io marketing plan and which market will it focus on? Does the game intend to cooperate with KOLs, Streamers, .. to promote the game to more people? And if I want to read more about the project, are there any docs about the project?

Vu Phuong WOFM,
We have built a perfect marketing plan for the next few months. There will be a series of events that will be held this March aimed at making people aware of WOFM.

The most prominent is the testnet event that will take place in early April and the prizes for players are extremely valuable. Total prize value up to 1 btc, 10 Gold Box worth $299, 100.000 $WOFM.

We want to reach out to the worldwide gaming community that knows WOF. Thus, WOFM has also contacted and cooperated with many famous KOLs and Streamers such as Maine Trendy, Crypto Peak, NFT Gamer Thailand, Cryptobitz3, Crypto Fomo, etc.

Detailed information about WOFM has been shown in great detail on the official WOFM website or you can visit here for more details.:

Website , Whitepaper ( Pitch Deck (


Earning in P2E games is becoming a challenge nowadays for small players who don’t have enough money to invest in games to get better earning opportunities. Can you tell us how to make money on your project ? Can there be fair treatment in earnings for small and large players?

Vu Phuong WOFM,
If you do not have a lot of money to invest, you can completely consider the World of Masters as a traditional game. We believe that, with the gameplay that has been confirmed on the market, World of Masters will still be an attractive game for you to simply entertain.

However, we will still give you 1 Free Hero to be able to fully experience the game’s features. During the game, you can only use 1 Hero to do the task, however, you can still collect more generals to strengthen the squad by many in-game activities such as PvE, etc. Free players can experience most of the main features in World of Masters. Compared to premium paying users, the only difference is that F2P players will not receive bonus tokens if they do not own at least 1 NFT Hero in the squad.

New players of World of Masters probably just need to prepare a good mood, ready to fight with the heroes of World of Masters :)

Which do you think is more Important:
A. Community
B. Investors and
C. Token Price
If all of The above is important to You, Whiich Should Come First??

Vu Phuong WOFM,
It is difficult to say which factors are the most important because all of them play an important part in the success of a gamefi.

With World of Masters, we always consider you — gamers and investors as contributors to the success of our game.

World Of Masters is developed to provide a fun and engaging playing experience for both pay to win gamers and play to earn gamer. We’ll let the community participate in feature suggestions for updates. The best ideas with the most votes will be selected to be included in the game and of course, there will be great prizes for those who comment.

Partnership is always an important factor for every project. So who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relatiionships?

Vu Phuong WOFM,
We announced a partnership with GameFi, Rikkei & Evangelion. Also, this game is verified by Verichain. There will be very large partners to be announced gradually in the following weeks. We like to keep it a secret and reveal it gradually to create excitement for the community.

Follow World Of Masters on Twitter and Telegram for updates on our major partners:
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I have a one question for you Can you list 1–3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Vu Phuong WOFM,
In World Of Masters, we designed for users to break even after about 30 days, players will earn tokens through both PvE, PvP, Tournament and Daily Quest activities.

The game is divided into 2 types of Heroes, Normal Heroes, and NFT Heroes. Basically, both types of Heroes can participate in game activities, but only when owning NFT Heroes will players receive Tokens and other NFT rewards if any. There are 5 different levels of Heroes including uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic. The higher the level, the higher the power and ability to earn tokens. Players earn tokens through some key activities.

One feature is Bounty Hunter, players put NFT Heroes into the feature, choosing wanted criminals with the strength to catch. A successful capture will receive Token. The stronger the NFT Heroes, the more likely they are to catch high-level criminals and receive more tokens.

Fighting in the arena will receive tokens if there are NFT champions in the squad. You will fight with other players to compete for rankings. The higher the rank, the more tokens you will receive.

In addition, when opening chests on the map, you can randomly receive tokens or NFTs. We call this feature lucky to earn. Maybe one lucky morning, you will pick up 2 gold threads from a torn chest.

In the next update, players will receive tokens from Tournament, the tournament takes place weekly, monthly. Participants need to use tokens to buy tickets, the rewards are NFT and Token.

According to the project’s roadmap- what are your most important next priorities?

Vu Phuong WOFM,
Currently, community events are taking place. Don’t forget to join. Also, at the beginning of April, we will launch the Testnet version with the same features as the full version, so stay tuned. That’s a wrap.

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