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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with IDLE CYBER 10 March, 2022. This guest star,

  • Jasmine NguyenCMO of Idle Cyber


Nguyen Giang (Jasmine) | IDLE CYBER,
My name is Giang, I am currently in charge of Community and Marketing of Idle Cyber.


We are all dying to know, because we love games, what is Idle Cyber? The idea, how it started?

Nguyen Giang (Jasmine) | IDLE CYBER,
Idle Cyber is produced and published by BeeMob Studio incubated and trained by Google IGA in Singapore in 2018.

Based on our traditional game Cyber War in 2020 whose every detail is completely suitable for a NFT game, Idle Cyber was conceived then developed right after Cyber War’s launching.

This is a new kind of frontier defense and RPG heroes collection mixed in blockchain technology. Play-to-earn with very deep content and social features make players keep playing. You need to command a squad of mutants called Cyber Defense, hold the wall, kill all the Cyborgs and conquer giant Bosses.

What are the roles of DeFi and NFT in Idle Cyber? How can Idle Cyber combine NFT and DeFi into games ecosystem? What solutions does Idle Cyber offer for players?

Nguyen Giang (Jasmine) | IDLE CYBER,
NFTs in our game are Cybers and Gears. Players can go to the Marketplace to buy Cyber boxes which contain a number of cybers, then Sync Boxes into the game. Users will arrange a squad of 6 Cyber to fight opponents and receive rewards. Cyber NFTs are the player’s unique property.

Users can buy NFTs on Marketplace or NFT exchanges like: Tofu, OpenSea, etc.

Specially, you can participate in our 3rd CYBER BOX SALE ROUND , which is open in 7 days, from 01:00 PM UTC today 10 Mar 2022 to 17 Mar 2022.

What game features does Idle Cyber have? Also tell us about Idle Cyber gameplay like PVE, PVP or other?

Nguyen Giang (Jasmine) | IDLE CYBER,
Idle Cyber has 2 main game modes:
Campaign: PVE modes. This is a type of story-based combat, players can receive rewards of items and experience for their Hero after each victory.
Arena : PVP modes. Players can get a fixed number of free fight turns each day to improve their rating. They can get their reward at the end of combat season.

In addition, the game has other game modes such as :
+ Daily mission
+ World Boss
+ Training
+ Random Arena
+ Tower Rush
+ Clans…

You can also trade and upgrade your Cybers (heroes): With 6 elements and 5 classes of Heroes, 300 leveling up, 6 stars of evolution and 5 ranks of rare, users can upgrade in different directions depending on their purpose: simply play to earn or win pvp rankings.

What about the utility of your native $AFK token? What’s its underlying value and why should investors care?

Nguyen Giang (Jasmine) | IDLE CYBER,
$AFK token is one of the two main tokens used in Idle Cyber beside $IDLE. This is our governance token, used for buying NFTs, staking, evolution, trading & rewards. $AFK is built on Binance Smart Chain.

Specially, the reason why investors care our token is, Idle Cyber is built with the DAO mechanism, so $AFK holders can participate in key governance voting events. Such as voting for:
+ The number of boxes will be sold in each phase.
+ The uses of the project’s revenue earned through the sale of boxes, transaction fees.
+ The decision of burning tokens.
+ Staking events and Profits from those events.

Please inform Idle Cyber roadmap and also what phase is currently taking place? What’s strategic plan Idle Cyber in the future?

Nguyen Giang (Jasmine) | IDLE CYBER,
Please see our Roadmap in this image.

Key events at the moment:
- Mainnet Launching: 22/02/2022 (done).
- Top Arena season 1 with prize pool of $21,000 .
- Call for cooperation with many game guilds.
- Cyber Box Selling today.


Idle Cyber has 6 types of Elements (Nature, Machine, Hacker, Chemical, Missionary & Fall). Can you explain about these 6 Elements? Do these Elements have a countering effect as well as buffing damage to each other? How does it work & How do players get this element?

Nguyen Giang (Jasmine) | IDLE CYBER,

These 6 types of elements have different buff and debuff mechanisms.

In which,
Nature, Machine, Hacker, Chemical are normal elements and Missionary & Fallen are special elements.

Please see the relation between 6 elements in the image and read more in our Wiki.

Users can obtain the heroes in the “Idle Cyber Box” drop. Has the sale of this mystery boxes started already? How can we get our hands of to these NFT boxes?

Nguyen Giang (Jasmine) | IDLE CYBER,

Boxes are opened for sale regularly. Before each opening, Ide Cyber has announcement on official sites. To purchase the boxes, you need to access to Marketplace, connect your Metamask wallet with our Marketplace.

Specially, you can participate in our 3rd CYBER BOX SALE ROUND.

Est. Time: 01:00 PM UTC, 10 Mar 2022–17 Mar 2022.

Options to purchase:
Mystery Pack (1 random C- SS Cyber): $12 BUSD x Unlimited quantity of boxes in 7 days.
Expert Pack (12 random B- SS Cybers): $200 BUSD x 500 boxes in 7 days.
Elite Pack (1 random S- SS Cybers): $400 BUSD x 100 boxes in 7 days.

Max. Cyber Box per user
▪️Mystery Pack: Unlimited.
▪️Expert Pack: 05 packs.
▪️Elite Pack: 03 packs.
Accepted: BUSD
Buy on:

Is the Currently, #IdleCyber operates as a Binance smart chain blockchain, but what is the long-term plan that requires more blockchain operations, so isn’t it important to extend the project to other ecosystems or for now for future development of #IdleCyber ?

Nguyen Giang (Jasmine) | IDLE CYBER,
There are 2 main reasons for us to choose Binance Smart Chain as the first blockchain of the project: Fast processing and low cost. This is really a perfect chain for all NFT games now.

And of course after developing the integrity system on BSC, we will consider developing on other platforms for sure.

Do the token holders have right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project? And do you have any plan to create other feature? Maybe yield farm, stake, or NFT project? Can you explain more detail?

Nguyen Giang (Jasmine) | IDLE CYBER,

As mentioned above, Idle Cyber works based on the DAO mechanism — Decentralized Autonomous Organization. So, $AFK holders can participate in key governance voting events. Such as voting for:
+ The number of boxes will be sold in each phase.
+ The uses of the project’s revenue earned through the sale of boxes, transaction fees.
+ The decision of burning tokens.
+ Staking events and Profits from those events.

Idle Cyber allows the exchange or upgrade of NFTs on Marketplace to maximize their value and profit. What are Idle Cyber’s strategies for placing the value of NFTs and exchanging them? Do other NFTs have the same value as Idle Cyber NFTs when upgrading or trading?

Nguyen Giang (Jasmine) | IDLE CYBER,
As you know, in Idle Cyber project, you can exchange, buy and sell NFTs on MarketPlace, a special thing I want to share: the NFT will keep its level when being sold. That means, if you upgrade a cyber to max level, you can sell it with higher value than a cyber level reset.


How can I buy this token? Is it available on any exchange?

Nguyen Giang (Jasmine) | IDLE CYBER,
You can buy both token $AFK and $IDLE:

- AFK Token Address (BSC BEP-20): 0xbA0B46F556633Bd742546E4F37D66D416753003B
- PancakeSwap.
- MEXC Exchange.

IDLE Token Address (BSC BEP-20): 0xC2555F8Aef79160A2cb319781f3a5c726b4a8AE6
- PancakeSwap.

What is the minimum number of Boxes to buy to achieve ROI within 1 month? Is there a method to estimate the payback period?

Nguyen Giang (Jasmine) | IDLE CYBER,

We have used some assumed data to estimate ROI. The detail is all on the banners.

For example, with $1000 for buying 10 adventure boxes, you’re able to get more $2,800 (the IDLE price is at 0.1 USDT).
The visual data shows the daily ROI in 30 days, which helps you calculate the break-even point and consider for investing.

Hi Giang, You say that mIDLE is a utility token used in the game. So from what kind of activities we can earn mIDLE? And how to withdraw it my wallet?

Nguyen Giang (Jasmine) | IDLE CYBER,

You can earn mIDLE from both game modes Campaign and Arena. The number of earned mIDLE per day depends on 3 factors: Maximum earned mIDLE per day, Number of Arena turns per day and the number of earned mIDLE per win. You can see more in this photo and our Overview here.

Is your project a community only for English speaking an countries or for users not of other languages???

Nguyen Giang (Jasmine) | IDLE CYBER,
Currently, our global channel use English as a official project language. However we also have Filipino, Vietnamese and Korean communities. Telegram: ChannelChat | Local Telegram: 🇻🇳 🇰🇷 🇵🇭

We are also continuing to expand the project to other local communities such as: Brasil, Spain, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, etc…
We look forward to working with you to build community. You can DM me or send email to, we can discuss more about the collaboration.

How many team members do you have? Are they experienced enough in the blockchain field? Do they have any experience of working in crypto and non-crypto projects?

Nguyen Giang (Jasmine) | IDLE CYBER,

Based in Vietnam, our team now has about 30 main members and continues growing. The team is built by transparent members with many years of experience in game production such as:
- Game Designer with more than 5 years of experience with traditional projects reaching over 50M downloads & revenue over 1 million USD/month.
- Backend Developer with 8 years of experience in game creation, fintech, wallet systemes for Japanese & Thailand companies.
- Blockchain Advisors are industry-leaders, experts with more than 8 years of experience.
- Consulting Team as well as Strategic Partner from Starpunk — one of the platform providers for LaunchPad, Stake, IGO.. with many years of experience, prestige and quality.

Famous investors such as: The Crypto Blade, UG Ventures, Megala, Raptor Capital, Crypto Family, Crypto Viet, TradecoinVietnam, The Bull, FXCE, etc. support in Marketing-Communication and promote the project to the international market.

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Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about IDLE CYBER.

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