Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with LUDO 11 March, 2022. This guest star,

  • Adrian StratulatProject Manager


Adrian Stratulat,
I am in the blockchain space for 5 years already and I have cofounded or managed 4 major blockchain projects in South-Eastern Europe. With Ludo I have been for a few months already and I deal with operations, product development and more.


We are all dying to know, what is LUDO?

Adrian Stratulat,
In a nutshell, Ludo is your gateway to the Metaverse. That means the default discoverability and search engine for all opportunities and experiences offered by Web 3.0. With Ludo, we will become the front door to Web 3.0, an app store for rich, immersive and rewarding experiences.

By offering universal discoverability and aggregation of Metaverse experiences and opportunities (NFTs) and the simplest instances for purchasing and settlement of digital goods, we are making the world of digital assets accessible to everyone.

As the main gateway to Metaverse Apps, what challenges in the crypto space would LUDO like to solve and solutions are offered?

Adrian Stratulat,
So the biggest problem that we are solving is that Web3 experiences are wildly fragmented. There’s no universal discovery mechanism for Web3 and Metaverse experiences and opportunities, whether they are NFT collections, play-to-earn games, NFT gated events, chat rooms or workplaces. In practical terms, if you want to search play to earn opportunities, you can only search them in a specific metaverse. Of if you are looking for Solana NFTs, you can only find them on specific marketplaces on Solana.

As a solution, LUDO starts with a searchable multi-chain index of all NFTs. From there, NFT collections pages can be the basis for experiences.

Users can enjoy a tailored experience based on a proprietary AI based profiling algorithm or by connecting their wallet. They will instantly be able to see all the available experiences that match their profile.

We are currently indexing Solana, BSC, Tezos, Ethereum and more and will continue to expand until we can cover all possible chains and metaverses.

In simple terms, you can think of us as the Google of NFTS and Metaverses.

One of the key Value propositions that LUDO proposes is “Smart Data Enrichment”. How exactly does this work and how can every category of NFT user leverage on its strengths to enhance their portfolio?

Adrian Stratulat,
The best application for our algorithms is the support that we give to Creators. Nowadays, if you are an NFT creator, you just try blindly to gather a community of people and hope that they resonate with your work. With Ludo, we can show you exactly which wallets/users are buying/selling/flipping NFTs, so that you can target them through Ludo in a complex Launchpad system, that will maximize the value for both sellers and buyers. Basically we show people what they want to see and help matching supply with demand.

What is the LUDO token? What are the utility? What blockchains will LUDO support? Why investors should care?

Adrian Stratulat,
This is a great question. The main reason why investors should care is that our token is more than just an utility token and will actually provide a lot of value:

It will be the cornerstone of a wide and thriving ecosystem built around you, the token holder. It offers the following functionalities:
Governance — With Ludo Token, users will be involved in all major decisions.
Staking and farming — Rewarding our community with significant incentives is central to our vision.
Launchpad — With Ludo tokens, users will have exclusive access to the Launchpad and specific opportunities/airdrops/NFT campaigns.
Loyalty — with our token, there will be unique advantages for long term hodlers.
Payment — you will be able to buy NFTS with our native token.
Social curation — Social curation will offer a unique, immersive, and gamified experience that allows users to constantly create value for themselves and the entire community.

Can you shared LUDO roadmap? Any exciting news or updates with regards to LUDO that you would like to share with us here?

Adrian Stratulat,
So up until now we managed to develop our Alpha (you can already register to check it out on our website) and we deployed our tools and solutions to integrate various chains, such as ETH, Solana, Tezos, BSC etc. In the near future, we will launch two campaigns (one aimed at collectors and one at creators), through which we will provide a lot of value for you guys, our users. Next in line are the launch of our Web 3 AppStore, the Ludo LaunchPad and the Ludo Ads. All of them are very powerful features and you can find more about our roadmap on


I understand LUDO combines data across multiple blockchains and different NFT platforms. However, not all NFT offered on the market is valuable, so how does LUDO ensure that the NFT produced, published and traded on its platform is valuable and successful?

Adrian Stratulat,
the answer is social curation. We have developed a system where people can curate NFT collections and based on a mix of anti-spam algorithms, validators and community response, we will weed out scams, spammy copy-cats and obvious copyright infringements. Through social interaction, Ludo discovers and incentivises content curators among the platform users to promote authenticity and reduce spam.

It caught my attention that LUDO will have an NFT Instagram ecosystem, but really, what use will this ecosystem have in this social network? Is it to offer a greater advertising reach of the content created? Or will it really have more utilities and tools?

Adrian Stratulat,
We will create a new class of influencers. Basically we can have people that are good with art and art appraisal become opinion leaders in the community. They can create custom collections from any chain (you could have in the same collections NFTS from Sandbox, Solana and Eth for example) and they can promote only quality projects or good art. So the sense in creating the “instagram of NFTs” is in showcasing one’s own NFTs, not just a a simple way to show what you own and brag with that, but also to help promote quality work.

If I read on your website that LUDO is a “Universal NFT Search Engine”, does that mean LUDO is similar to a “Chrome Search” engine specifically aimed at NFT? If so, do you only have access to a list of the best NFTs on MarketPlace or search all wallets?

Adrian Stratulat,
Yes, there is a special tool in our toolset called Navigator, showing the rarest NFTs in a specific collection, for example.

Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Adrian Stratulat,
Our vision is to become a full DAO one day. But as we slowly go towards that, we will submit for voting various features and strategic decisions of the project. We want to involve and consult the community on all major decisions of further development.

I heard that Ludo is currently working to create a campaign which partner, creator or etc to make “Ludo Box Campaign”. Can you tell us more about this campaign? Has campaign it’s already started? What will be the contents of the mystery chest?

Adrian Stratulat,
This will be a great campaign for both NFT investors and NFT creators. We will launch a series of mystery boxes, which will have either good NFTs or AWESOME ones. So until you open them up, you dont know what you won, but nobody loses anything, everybody wins at least their value. It will also be a good showcase for our matchmaking functionalities, showing to content creators what we can do.


Hello sir, I hope you are always in good health.
Does your project apply globally or are there certain region restrictions?

Adrian Stratulat,
Our objective is to be a global project. Even our team of over 30 people is global (Romania, Ukraine, Brazil, UAE etc).

Can You List 1–3 Killer features of your “PROJECT” that makes it ahead of Competitors? What is the Competitive Advantanges your platform Has that you Feel most Confident about??

Adrian Stratulat,
Top 3 would be our Discoverability functionality, the amazing tools for NFT collectors and flippers (Compass, Radar, Navigator) and The AppStore for Web 3.0 experiences.

How can users join this project? Is there a channel with the local community where users can get the latest updates?
1, YouTube channel
2, Website
3, Instagram
4, Discord
5, Twitter
6, Other_

Adrian Stratulat,
Excellent question! if you want to be part of our community and earn Ludo tokens by doing social quests and more, you can join all our channels, you can find them all here —

Looking forward to seeing you as part of our Alpha!

Do you have a AUDIT certificates? Or are you working to AUDIT Your Project , so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable…? 

Adrian Stratulat,
Yes. We currently being audited and we are going to have full audits in place. All security measures are in place. We put the security of our users higher than anything else.

What is the most ambitious goal of your “ludo” project?What is the ultimate vision that your “ludo” project is trying to achieve in the cryptocurrency market? Explain to us about that. I would appreciate it if you could share any upcoming updates with us?

Adrian Stratulat,
I personally think that the most ambitious goal for Ludo is that it will literally change lives. Imagine living in a developing country for a low wage. The macroeconomic conditions of the country cannot help you very much. But with the Metaverse and all the Play to earn models, it will be possible for anyone with a simple smartphone to earn 4–10x more than they do now, because they have access to international opportunities in the metaverse. With Ludo, anyone can have access to such opportunities and change their own lives, and make their communities a better one.

We wish to empower people to arbitrage either their time, skills, knowledge, wealth or reputation so that they can explore and fulfill their true potential in the Omniverse:

For creators (artists, influencers, game designers) we offer a robust set of tools that allows them to better target their buyers and promote their creations. Through the use of our social curation and reputation system, we’ll empower influencers to become pillars of trust in the ecosystem, promoting authenticity and reducing spam in the NFT industry.

For NFT collectors and consumers of experiences (leveraging their skills, time and wealth) it’s easier than ever to showcase one’s collection, offering unparalleled loading speed for multichain assets and the possibility to create and curate personal collections. And with our GameFi control panel, we’ll allow players to be in charge of their income and to win additional income by staking NFTs.

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Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about LUDO.

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