Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Hyper Shiba Inu 12 March, 2022. This guest star,

  • Fabiano SemereroCEO of Hyper Shiba Inu


I’ve been an investor on the Blockchain since 2016 and with my team we have decided to create a metaverse that can involve a lot of services for users and business companies, then we had to give a cryptocurrency to be used into it and we decided to go for a meme token because we know people love it and we really think to have the potential to do better than any other meme token.


What the advantages of Hyper Shiba Inu over other projects? Why investors should care?

With Hyper Shiba Inu you earn in the long term with the capital gain but also everyday thanks to the reflection in USDT, we will also have massive buyback and burns every month (see the calendar on our website ), in those dates we will use all the USDT that will be accumulate into the dedicated wallet to buy Hyper Shiba Inu and burn them to add a lot of liquidity into the pool and decrease the total supply, this will increase the price of the token.

What actions has Hyper Shiba Inu taken to keep investors secure? Has been audited or still in process?

Yes we have already one audit with Contract Checkers and we are submitting the audit with Certik.

Can you tell us about Tokenomics Hyper Shiba Inu like total token supply and allocated tokens?

Yeah the tokens allocation is the following:
- Total Supply: 1 Quadrillion
- Private sale: 20%
- Presale: 20%
- Liquidity: 28%
- Vested team: 19.20%
- Unlocked: 12.8%

Please inform Hyper Shiba Inu roadmap and also what phase is currently taking place? What is the strategic plan Hyper Shiba Inu in the future?

At moment we are on presale and our priority is to complete and launch our metaverse, then we will bridge to BNB and Cronos chains but we will develop also our private blockchain with the possibility to deploy smart contracts and then we will have our DEX, we will be soon listed on 3 CEX and many others are in negotiation.


What are your goals for developing popularity with Hyper Shiba Inu which claims to be the most popular multichain comunity meme token that rewards holders with steady coin reflection?Furthermore maintaining popularity is difficult how do you intend to keep Hyper Shiba Inu moving?

we are building an amazing community and we want to keep always transparency with users, we will always keep UpToDate everyone and give more incentives for being with us. As we have reflection in USDT we will never need to sell any of our tokens, but indeed we will work for generate more trading volume to get reflection, so we are the Holders N1.

There are two things that interest me and intrigue me about a project, the first is “team expansion”The second is the “marketing strategy and adoption plan. Can you give us more details on these two aspects of “Hyper Shiba Inu”?In which work areas do you plan to expand?

We will definitely hire more people in the team for all our features and for the marketing we will invest a lot for sponsor into sports field and partnerships with other business related.

I see that the Hyper Shiba Inu token will be based on ERC20 maybe some small investors will have trouble with gas when transacting $HSHIB, why did you choose ERC20? Would you like to use another blockchain network in the future to make easier for small investors to buy $HSHIB?

we choose ERC20 blockchain because has a better investors audience, in BNB chain we have seen so many pump and dump projects made of small investors with small bags for intraday speculation but as I said before once we get a solid community we will also have a pegged token on BNB and Cronos chains to include all those communities.

Is Hyper Shiba Inu having presale? If have, what requirements to join? Do we need a whitelist. if yes, how many spots can we secured? Which platform will be the venue for your presale?

The presale will now live on Pinksale, so hurry up 😉
Link for the presale:

There so many meme coins is coming out now in crypto space. And Hyper Shiba Inu bring purpose and value to meme coins and their community of holders. And since your 100% based projects, how do you engaged to your community? Do you respond to their suggestions and comments?

Absolutely, we always consider what the community wants and we are very responsive in the chat, we are also open to any request via email






please give 1–2 reasons why we must have (Hyper Shiba Inu) tokens, and hold them for long term?

USDT reflection and metaverse 😉

My question important 
Sir pls ansure me?????
1. Telegram Group✔️
2. YouTube channel ✔️
3. Medium✔️
4. Website✔️
5. Twitter✔️
6. Discord✔️
You can share with us the link for your project in all these projects???How can I buy this tokens? Is it available on any exchange?


| Telegram Chat | Twitter | Website | Reddit | Facebook |

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