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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with MetaMetaverse 16 March, 2022. This guest star,

  • Joel Dietz — CEO of MetaMetaverse


Joel Dietz,
My name is Joel Dietz I was one of the very early Ethereum guys and I guess I’m known for starting Metamask and the academic field of cryptoeconomics. Our executive team is Lyubomyr, Ivan and Oleh.

Lyubomyr has a backround managing blockchain VC and IT outsourcing companies and is our head of sales. So if you want to get a cube he’s the guy to talk to. Ivan is a math olympiad kind of guy, he’s our CTO and Oleh is our strategy officer. Who also manages our marketing team.

Both Ivan and Oleh have been in blockchain and gaming for awhile and we have another 20 people who are mostly from an engineering and gaming background.


We are all dying to know, because we love game and NFT, what is MetaMetaverse?

Joel Dietz,
We are basically the metaverse layer 1. What I mean is that we have a coordinate system for all metaverse objects. So we can link any place in any metaverse to a place in any other metaverse. is one place to see. But all space is divided up into cubes, and any cube can have cubes inside of it, and cubes inside of that cube. But maybe more simply. Metametaverse is a platform for building metaverses. So if you want to create a metaverse we provide you all of the backend tech you need to get started.

The concept of MetaMetaverse how does it work? What solutions does Meta Metaverse offer Investors/users?

Joel Dietz,

So basically once you have your own metaverse you can start building in it and you can sub-divide it as well. So you are like a land developer.

So if you want to develop and sell sub-metaverses you can and if you attract people to your metaverse you will also make fairy dust. We have a bunch of metaverses that have alrady been developed. So in the racing metaverse you can get in and race cars. In the floating pyramid metavrse you can play games in the mars metaverse you can cruise around mars and even build your own mars colony in dubai you can fly flying cars. So lots of possiblities really.

We support a lot of advanced functionality too becuase we built our own programming language to generate these metaverses.

So portals, parallel realities, physics rule changes, different atmospheres, etc. all possible.

What is the MetaMetaverse token? What are the utility? Also share with us the MetaMetaverse tokennomics?

Joel Dietz,
Sure, the metametaverse has a two token model. So there is a governance token called VOX and an ingame currency called Fairy Dust or FAD.

You can stake vox against metaverses and earn FAD and basically you can spend FAD in game. So you can use it to buy upgrades to your metaship for example

This is the NFT we are free dropping today and you can also buy VOX with FAD in daily auctions. Also the VOX since it is a governance token can be used for other things like major decisions on the land supply, etc.
its all explained in the whitepaper.

Please inform MetaMetaverse roadmap and also what phase is currently taking place? What is the strategic plan MetaMetaverse in the future?

Joel Dietz,
Sure so we have the MVP working right now so we are releasing that to people who have metaships and KOLs and all that and once that is out then people who are using it will get invites to share to others.

We actually finished the mars metaverse NFT release today

So you can go see what land on mars is available and get your own land there basically there are a number of updates every week on our partnerships and development proceess. If you want to see join our telegram chat

We have a lot of big plans but it is also dependent on our partnerships as we want to make every metaverse super high quality and a great experience for people who come theree.


One thing I noticed in your project is the Metamap. Can you explain what it is used for? Will it contain the land plots in the game? You say Metamap is purchasable, so what can players buy at Metamap? When will you sell? How profitable is owning Metamap?

Joel Dietz,
yes that’s right.
Metamap will be integrated into opensea so you can see all land plots in a 3d spatial visualization on metamap then go buy on opensea or if you want, sell them too. So basically metamap is a browser for all the metaverse that exist. So you can see what is going on, see what sort of experiences exist, etc. And if it for sale you can buy it.

You can’t own metamap, but you can own a metaverse. Metaverses can be profitable from selling them or developing them. The more people that visit your metaverse the more money you make, basically.

I could see that MetaMetaverse is doing an airdrop involving 1000 free MetaShip NFTs. What is the use-case/function of the MetaShips into your Metaverse? How can these NFTs benefit the owners? Will these MetaShips be available on your marketplace soon?

Joel Dietz,
The metaships will be tradable like any other NFT so you can trade them on opensea if you want but basically they are the upgradable ship you can use to fly across the different metaverses.

You can see one here flying over mars and they have different speeds and all that. So as you earn the ingame currency you can upgrade them or add on a sound system, nitros, etc.

Also we have an agreement with IQ protocol. So if you have a ship you can rent it or lend it to someone else and then you can do a rev share if they play games. While using your ship.

Based on your roadmap for Q3 2022, MetaMetaverse plans to integrate Play-to-Learn features. Can you explain more about this Play-to-Learn feature? How can it help the growth of MetaMetaverse? Are there any other features to look forward to in the future?

Joel Dietz,
We have a long list of features that are built out of our many strategic partnerships and the working groups we have on game deseign, governance economics, and programming parallel realities. Some very cool concepts have been designed but definitely one of the most exciting is the learning and education space. One of the core in game story lines is quests.

Where you travel to a metaverse and unlock its secrets and then once you have them you can go to a differnet metaverse and unlock its secrets and some of these will be puzzles and things you need to learn like math, music, etc.

We will start simple but I actually think the whole educational system can be rebuilt in the metaverse.

Many games released and releasing everyday. But Other NFT games are currently having difficulties managing the number of NFTs that are inflated in the market, causing their value to be influenced and damaged. So, what is #M2Verse plan to deal with NFT inflation?

Joel Dietz,
Yes its a big issue. We have only 3374 lands. So there is very limited supply. So think about it compared to punks with punks you get a jpeg but here you get a whole metaverse. So basically there is very limited supply.

Great projects include good security and features. How important is security to you, and have you considered conducting a security audit of your project in the future?

Joel Dietz,
yes great question.
Security is super important. We are definitely doing an audit and have been in contact with several auditing agencies already. So we are going to keep prioritizing that and using well tested environments. Like opensea rather than building our own tech.


How can i join the pre-sale or IDO? Is the whitelist still open? and what will be the first exchanges where this Token will be listed and how to buy it now???

Joel Dietz,
You can sign up on website ( and we will let you know. We have agreed to do IDO on DAO Maker. We have talked with about five exchanges so far and are planning where to list in what order.

The fun thing is that we can play Metaverse on MetaMetaverse while getting “Currency”. So, How can I play the game? Where do I need to download any app or is it on your website? Must have some minimum tokens to buy to enter the MetaMetaverse game & how can i get in-game currency?

Joel Dietz,
You need a metaship to get started but thankfully we are doing a give away today. Other than that we will announce some more ships soon so join our telegram channel.

My question is very simple, Does your engine allow custom games?

Joel Dietz,
Yes, allowing people to build different custom games is important to us which is a feature of our quest engine which is under development. We currently have about five different games operating inside the metametaverse, including our main coin collection game. If you have specific games you want to build please contact us.

I understand that with the MetaMetaverse platform, players can create their own Metaverse. Can you explain the Metaverse creation process? How easy will it be for newbies? What tools do you have to create Metaverse and help players profit from it? How much does it cost to create?

Joel Dietz,
Sure, we support a bunch of data types that are common to game developers. I am attaching this PDF but it explains both how the meta language works and what file types we support. We support about five of the main files types that are used by 3d asset designers and game developrs.

Over time we will build more tools of our own but for now we encourage people to build with these tools or find experts.

Your project name is very interesting and unique. Why have you choosen this name as your project name? Do you have any reasons?

Joel Dietz,
Well we were building a metalanguage that uses metadata to build metaverses. so that’s very meta.

[ File : Metaverses in MetaMetavese (MMV Genesis Land Sale Specs).pdf ] DOWNLOAD

here’s a little rap that describes the meta metaverse but basically it has worlds inside worlds and worlds inside those worlds. So if you are a rick and morty fan you will love the metametaverse. I don’t think there is anything more meta out there.

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