We are all dying to know, because we love game and NFT, what is MetaMetaverse?
The concept of MetaMetaverse how does it work? What solutions does Meta Metaverse offer Investors/users?
What is the MetaMetaverse token? What are the utility? Also share with us the MetaMetaverse tokennomics?
Please inform MetaMetaverse roadmap and also what phase is currently taking place? What is the strategic plan MetaMetaverse in the future?


One thing I noticed in your project is the Metamap. Can you explain what it is used for? Will it contain the land plots in the game? You say Metamap is purchasable, so what can players buy at Metamap? When will you sell? How profitable is owning Metamap?
I could see that MetaMetaverse is doing an airdrop involving 1000 free MetaShip NFTs. What is the use-case/function of the MetaShips into your Metaverse? How can these NFTs benefit the owners? Will these MetaShips be available on your marketplace soon?
Based on your roadmap for Q3 2022, MetaMetaverse plans to integrate Play-to-Learn features. Can you explain more about this Play-to-Learn feature? How can it help the growth of MetaMetaverse? Are there any other features to look forward to in the future?
Many games released and releasing everyday. But Other NFT games are currently having difficulties managing the number of NFTs that are inflated in the market, causing their value to be influenced and damaged. So, what is #M2Verse plan to deal with NFT inflation?
Great projects include good security and features. How important is security to you, and have you considered conducting a security audit of your project in the future?


How can i join the pre-sale or IDO? Is the whitelist still open? and what will be the first exchanges where this Token will be listed and how to buy it now???
The fun thing is that we can play Metaverse on MetaMetaverse while getting “Currency”. So, How can I play the game? Where do I need to download any app or is it on your website? Must have some minimum tokens to buy to enter the MetaMetaverse game & how can i get in-game currency?
My question is very simple, Does your engine allow custom games?
I understand that with the MetaMetaverse platform, players can create their own Metaverse. Can you explain the Metaverse creation process? How easy will it be for newbies? What tools do you have to create Metaverse and help players profit from it? How much does it cost to create?
Your project name is very interesting and unique. Why have you choosen this name as your project name? Do you have any reasons?



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