Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with AomenCity 18 March, 2022. This guest star,

  • Kelv GanFounder of Aomen-City


Kelv G,
I’m Kelv Gan, founder and CEO of Aomen-City. Prior starting this project, I was in Investment Bank for 10 years and managing more than USD 500mil worth of investment portfolio. I started my journey in the Crypto space 4 years back and my interest in blockchain has build up tremendously during this time. Aomen-City was started 5 months back with my co-founding team, as we observe a gap in the Metaverse that we aim to solve between real world businesses and virtual world.


What kind of income model and profit mechanisms do you have for investor/users in the Aomen-City? Can you talk about your ecosystem, do you have the features that can attract users and invest, can you talk about your differences that allow you to stay in this market for a long time?

Kelv G,
For investor/users, we have staking as well as a robust Play-to-Earn feature that focuses on 6 different categories. (Free-to-Earn, Perform-to-Earn, Invite-to-Earn, Watch-to-Earn, Buy-to-Earn and Explore-to-Earn) We hope that our Play-to-Earn features are an incentive for users to visit Aomen-City regularly to benefit from the rewards.

Aomen-City has 5 ecosystem pillars which consist of, Real Estate, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Marketplace and Governance. Users will have the chance to purchase lands, build on it and conduct businesses in Aomen-City.

On top of that, we have various entertainment options and enhanced social features, which will make interaction in Aomen-City more attractive than other platforms.

Can you share Aomen-City tokenomics about total supply and allocation $AMC tokens?

Kelv G,
Our total supply is 1 billion tokens and for our allocation it is as followed:
- Company Treasury: 20%
- Foundation Pool: 15%
- Advisor: 12%
- Team: 16%
- Seed Sale/Private Sale: 10%
- Staking: 10%
- Play-to-Earn: 10%
- Public Sale/Liquidity: 1%
- IDO: 5%
- Airdrop: 1%

Our initial market cap during public launch is only as low as USD750k.

Who are Aomen-City current partners and backers? What’s role of your partner in the development of Aomen-City? What the future strategic partnership plans?

Kelv G,
Our current partner is G Gen Holdings and G Gen Tech, who have help us secure USD100k during seed round. They are also advising us on the development and marketing strategy for Aomen-City.

We plan to constantly partner with various entertainment related sectors to complete Aomen-City’s ecosystem. Moreover, we have 40% reserved lands to cater for our partner to join us. Stay tuned in our Discord channel where first hand information will be shared to our community.

Please inform Aomen-City roadmap and also what phase is currently taking place? What will happen in near future?

Kelv G,
We are currently ending our Phase 1 and preparing to commence Phase 2 in April.

The first milestone in Phase 2 is our early supporter land sales, which will reward our OG/WL to purchase our land at the lowest entry price. We are also preparing to launch our $AMC token in April. There will be more updates on our Metaverse development for our community, which will be share on our social media platforms.

Below is the detailed roadmap for Aomen-City.

Phase 1 (Nov-Mar 21/22):
Project Inception and Planning
Project Requirement Gathering
Built token ($AMC) on BSC
Performed Audit Procedures Seed Funding
Private Sales
Marketing & Community Building
Conduct AMA sessions Cross-collaborations with NFT Projects
Initial Play-to-Earn Development

Phase 2 (Apr — June 2022):
Launch of Metaverse Events
Initial Dex Offerings( IDO)
Public Sales of $AMC
Launch of DAPPS (Decentralized Application)
Enable Staking
Early Bird Land Sales
Listing in CEX
Launch Aomen-City Marketplace
Phase 1 Public Land Launch
Multiplayer Platform Demo
Metaverse Development SOW
Metaverse Preliminary Tech Demo

Phase 3 (July-Sept 2022):
Phase 1 Public Land Final release
Commercial Partnerships
Phase 2 Public Land Launch
Metaverse Alpha Version Launch

Phase 4 (Oct-Dec 2022):
Aomen Swap Launch
Metaverse Early Access Multiplayer
Metaverse Basic Building Tools (Voxel)
Featured Partnerships


Aomen-City Metaverse Full Launch
Enable Metaverse Business Activities
Metaverse Asset Customization


The Aomen-City metaverse comprises of a map of 121,300 plots of lands (18*18m2). So, can you tell us the significance of having 121,300 supply of Aomen-City land? Why does Aomen-City produce only a limited supply of 121,300 plots? Do you set a limitation or minimum buy for land?

Kelv G,
Aomen-CIty has a full detailed plan on the land allocations. The reason why we have created a 121,300 plots of land is to provide a more comprehensive entertainment ecosystem for our users to explore, experience and enjoy.

Our lands are categorized into Single Plot, Estate (2–9 single plots) and Acre (10+ single plots), which caters for user preference on the scale they want. We do not set limitations on the amount of land ownership for an individual.

Reviewing the Aomen-City tokenomics I could notice that you will only dedicate 1% of your total supply to the liquidity of your platform. Why did you decide to dedicate such a relatively small amount to this aspect? Could you increase this percentage further?

Kelv G,
This is a very good question! The reason why we set 1% of total supply for public launch is to avoid price dumping and we hope our investors can grow together with us. Gradually, the locked token from the pool will be released and increase the liquidity of Aomen-City.

Your “Foundation Pool” receives 15% of your $AMC token allocation and distribution. Could you perhaps explain how the Aomen City team intends to use the Foundation Pool funds?

Kelv G,
Foundation pool is meant for our marketing expenses, development cost and operation expenses. Having 15% in the Foundation pool will ensure that the project will be able to run smoothly and deliver the best outcome for our investors.

You plan is to build an integration network for all companies that wish to orient their expansion strategy directly towards the metaverse world. But how will you manage to establish a solid connection that is attractive to all companies? What do you have in mind to achieve this?

Kelv G,
As we all know, the Metaverse is fairly new to most people in the world and we notice that creating a Metaverse individually for each business would not be possible due to high development costs and limited tech resources. Hence Aomen-City having the ambition to create a platform for real world businesses to pivot their expansion strategies into the Metaverse. Imagine that we are now creating Amazon/Alibaba back then 20 years ago.

Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one ?

Kelv G,
Yes we do! We understand that a project of this magnitude will require exposure on various platforms, hence we have an ambassadorship program as part of our marketing strategy. If you would like be a part of this program, please drop us an email at


Do I need to get whitelisted to join your presale? 
How long will be your presale and is there any restriction ??

Kelv G,
Please join our discord channel — and be active in our community.

We will be hosting our early supporter land sale on the 1st week of April.

I heard about your project for the first time. Have you done audit of your projects or not? How secure is your smart contracts and safety for investment?

Kelv G,
Yes, we have completed our first audit with Saferico firm and we passed with flying color. On top of that, we are in the midst of submitting our second audit soon to ensure our users/investors have a peace of mind.

Furthermore, our core founding team are fully doxxed and you should feel secure investing with us.

How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates??

Kelv G,
Do stay tuned and joined our community to keep posted on the latest development updates from Aomen-City.

Twitter :
Discord :
Telegram :
Website :

What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Kelv G,
Our top 3 priorities for 2022 would be as below

1) We will be launching our Play-to- Earn features in Phase 2 to ensure our users can be rewarded.
2) We will be focusing on building a stronger community to ensure a highly interactive experience for all users once our platform is launched.
3)Launching our Metaverse Multiplayer Early Access to our selected community. Allowing them to experience our immersive city.

will you consider opinions, contributions, ideas from your community members?

Kelv G,
Certainly, Aomen-City is built for the community as DAO governance is one of our main ecosystem pillar. We will definitely love to hear feedback, opinions and ideas from our community to create a better environment for them.

Telegram Chat | Telegram Channel | Twitter | Website | Discord

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about AomenCity.

Join our Telegram Group and you can talk directly with other Communities and enjoy some of the events that we created. We are always here to support.




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