Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with XMANNA And Backstage 21 March, 2022. This guest star,

  • RogueXMANNA Team
  • AlexBackstage Team


Alex | Backstage
Hi everyone my name is Alessio and I’m the Business Development Director of Backstage.

Adiv Gut | XMANNA
Hello everyone my is Adiv Gutkind and I am Marketing Director at XMANNA.


Please tell us about Backstage and Xmanna?

Adiv Gut | XMANNA
XMANNA is a software provider focused on enhancing the user experience through engagement, rewards, and gamification — we are currently working on delivering a game SDK for skilled games to introduce cash/crypto gaming and rewards to existing games, a white-labeled Sports Loyalty Application to synergize existing sports team applications with engagements and gaming, and also have a major metaverse focus where we are working with sports teams to give them a new interactive, rewarding and virtual experience for fans by creating a partnership network of events and content paired with a business model that continues to put substantial revenue back toward the users in the form of prize and reward opportunities.

Alex | Backstage
Backstage,is a decentralized ecosystem powering the events industry, specializes in events, pioneering event financing via the BKS token and NFTs. The Backstage ecosystem consists of a marketplace, launchpad, and wallet. The BKS Marketplace, where all event transactions take place, focuses on NFT Ticketing solutions that are designed to drive merchandise sales and fan-artist engagement, as well as Loyalty NFTs to grant the community special rights and benefits. The BKS Launchpad hosts NFT-driven fundraising for events, venues, and artists. The Crypto POS ecosystem is built for seamless transactions and continuous liquidity in the events industry.

What this partnership bring to the world?

Alex | Backstage
XMANNA and Backstage are providing the people of the world with a new way to experience both physical and virtual events.
Using blockchain technology and NFT ticketing for both physical and virtual events, they’ll create a new form of utility and engagement that begins with the purchase of a ticket. Then, the patented gamification technology ensures continuous engagement throughout the customer journey.

Adiv Gut | XMANNA
Together XMANNA and Backstage will be changing the way users consume live entertainment using gamification, NFT ticketing and virtual spaces.

What marketing strategies do you have and which channels are you using?

Adiv Gut | XMANNA
The partnership with Backstage is a big milestone in XMANNA growing marketing efforts along with a multiyear contract that was signed with Inter Miami, as a part of our ongoing efforts to bring the news to the world.
In our vision we provide the technology and the options to the clubs and they bring with them the fans and the mass audience it is a win win for both sides.

Alex | Backstage
Backstage is starting aggressively to market itself now. We started co-marketing with our partners such as: REKOM Group, Caprice Festival, Sun&Snow Festival, Blue Marlin and many others will follow in the coming weeks as we are closing to our launch in April. Ahau Collection is an example of things to come and you can already join our giveaway with their NFT package. Win amazing prizes worth more than 200k combined, find out more in this article and join our giveaway!

What achievements have been made so far?

Alex | Backstage
Our major achievement comes in the form of contracts already signed by all our partners and the overwhelming pipeline. Also Backstage team has been very successful when it come to tech development, our NFT TICKETING PLATFORM and MARKETPLACE is completed and in testing (we will release it for public in the following week to give us feedback) same as our business and user custodial wallet. BACKSTAGE LAUNCHPAD for investing in the Events Industry is being developed as we speak, which will provide opportunity to all BKS holder to invest and profit from event and entertainment industry ( invest in BRUNO MARS tour and earn from revenue share). The entire backend and smart contracts are being audited by our partner HACKEN.

Adiv Gut | XMANNA
Here at XMANNA we have had great success in development with three of our gaming products (x21, MannaWars and xSolitaire for iOS and Android) utilizing our SDK which will be available to the public within the next couple of months, we have landed our first Pro Sports Team partnership with Inter Miami CF out of South Florida which is co-owned by David Beckham where we will be launching the gaming loyalty application, and we have locked up with Backstage who will be an essential part of premium content for the users in our Metaverse and we have some other amazing news (potentially the biggest) lingering that is almost allowed to be announced. We are currently in advanced negotiations with 6 top tier clubs.
Visit us at for more information and updates.


What is the BackStage and xManna investment process focused on, what is the essence, how does each platform manage its security protocols and what is the balance point so that they can work together in a balanced way, what motivated this partnership?

Alex | Backstage
We really found a connection since day one between our two Teams, so strong to decide to start a joint venture and share all the knowledge and networks that we already created in the past. This sinergy brought new contracts with many mainstream venues in a very short period of time due to our focus and commitment for the success of the project. Security is paramount for Backstage as we are targeting global presence. Our smart contracts, ticketing platform, marketplace and backend are being audited by Hacken continuously and a significant portion of funds will be diverted in the cyber security department to ensure the safety of our products and platform. Users can be assured that we consider safety as top priority. In terms of investment process our companies start to sign contract with the major players of the Event and Entertainment industry long time ago to be able to have after launch the Demand/supply ready and we are focusing first on delivery a real and easy product that gonna help the so call Mainstream to get use to Crypto in a short period of time; helping not only Backstage and Xmanna but every real project out there to be accepted by the entire world.

Adiv Gut | XMANNA
XMANNA sees themselves as the Intel Chip inside a computer that helps make it better, faster, and stronger — the essence is creating the underlying infrastructure that powers mega-content metaverse that is powered by amazing partners like Backstage who help bring in the critical elements to bringing premium live events to the virtual world with venues, artists and more.
Security is absolutely critical in this space — and I apologize I am not the technical one to be able to name all of the details you may be specifically asking for but our smart contracts to go through rigorous auditing and we are utilizing companies such as Certik to get this done, as well as our applications being handed off to red teams to continue to look for vulnerabilities on top of the normal penetration testing, load testing, and more.

I find it very interesting how Backstage and XMANNA are enabling new ways for venues, artists and brands to interact with fans. What are the main markets or regions of the world where you hope to focus the development of your project?

Adiv Gut | XMANNA
Sports clubs are global with a global fan base and this helps fuel the partnership we have with Backstage as the global fanbase of sports and entertainment combine to make something truly incredible.
The focus is on making the products we are offering widely available across the world. A primary offering is the ability to gain access to live events that host gamification elements that people can gain access to anywhere they have internet — therefore the plan is to get the best content for our users from all over the world to cater to all relevant markets.

Alex | Backstage
Thanks to our Network we are currently signing contracts with Clubs; Venues; Festivals; Sports Teams and many other Events World wide. That means that Backstage and Xmanna are really covering every type of Event in the globe making this project one of the biggest in the space. Places like TULUM, MIAMI, IBIZA were the first one to be involved in the project alongside with key players of the industry like Promoters Hotels and Club Owners in Europe, middle east, north and south America.

How Xmanna and Backstage generate revenue and sustain projects in this competitive era, do they both have a roadmap and do you have the same goal?

Alex | Backstage
Goals are what makes us join this partnership and put a 24h effort every day since that. The difference between us and others projects is that we are really 75% mainstream and 25% crypto oriented; that means that thanks to our key players and investment partners we are guaranteeing the sale of our project and the use of our NFT Ticketing platform for the Event sign during the year. Like I said before, we are working since last year to have, before launch, already a Supply/Demand strategy to be able to not depend on the crypto market at check our Roadmap please visit our web site

Adiv Gut | XMANNA
After our first meeting with Backstage we knew immediately that there was a magical connection between our intentions, goals, and passion for delivering forward-thinking products for the users. The revenue generated is split not only between XMANNA and Backstage, but what will make it difficult for the competition is the fact we are constantly pumping a large portion of revenue back to the users to give them constant rewards and enhancement opportunities. You will be able to find a lot more information including the roadmap when our updated website and revised whitepaper are completed in about 6 weeks. at

Could you tell me how the XMANNA and Backstage project raises token value, liquidity, and utility? As a result, is it possible that the token’s price may rise? What plans do you have in place to make the project stable and give the best long-term return for investors?

Adiv Gut | XMANNA
We see ourselves as a true utility token and our focus is on the actual use of the token and we believe that the market will take care of the rest. Since it is a utility token we are not speculating on price, our goal is to simply make the token very useful and also beneficial for people who choose to hold it and also use it — the more use cases and popularity a token has an inherently cause positive price action. The plan is to keep it as a token that is used for gaming and enhance XMANNA products with access, discounts, and even the opportunity to help support ecosystem projects before they are released.

Alex | Backstage
We have different strategies in place to do that; first of all we have signed contracts with Major Festivals, Venues and Clubs on which we are selling NFT tickets access with special benefits, perks and experiences and place our POS wallet to attract more crypto users.We have many different incentives programs for non crypto users like discounts with our partners, special offers and packages using Backstage token.Our Buyback sistem is gonna protect the value of the BKS token during this process allowing is organic growth. On top of that all our investors agreed on long vesting conditions to protect the project.

Any projects claim that the community is very important to them, but in reality they do not value it very much. What is the role of the community in building your ecosystem project? How do you strengthen the community for long-term success?

Alex | Backstage
In this project the Ecosystem is THE COMMUNITY, so was the first and most important goal of this project, we need to remember that we are talking to two type of customers, we have crypto users that they know how to move in this world and then we have the NO crypto users that they attend all those Events. So our project has been focusing on mainstream people since the beginning. We are developing a crypto friendly environment to allow everybody to be part of it and finally bring crypto and web3 tech to the world. The only way to strength the community is giving back, be transparent and honest with them and really create something that is change their lives.

Adiv Gut | XMANNA
We have also heard many cases where the community is important but they are often not rewarded. To make sure we keep our users and community happy we always share a very large portion of the revenue from all of our products back to the end-users in the form of prizes and rewards. For example, in our loyalty applications and gaming SDK.40% of all of the net revenue will be returned to the users in the form of physical and digital prize opportunities as well as bonus cash. The community is always critical to all ecosystems to spread the word to the world about your project and keep them happy. We believe that the business model that constantly produces winners by being generous is the way to go and also the way to make it very difficult for competition to break in.


What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

Alex | Backstage
Our stronger advantage is that we already have sign contracts with major partner so we are creating our own ecosistem make of venues festivals clubs promoters artists etc etc. So in reality we gonna have the Events plan for the year and the numer of tickets to sale with all the benefits perks and experiences coming from all the network. The crypto market is not gonna be a problem for us.

Do you currently have any PR/marketing exposure so the voice can get out about $BKS and $XMAN? Where can we find out more about what both projects are bringing to the table?

Alex | Backstage
like we said before we are starting now our stronge marketing exposure we are working with big KOL companies and do many inside partenrship to use the all the channels of our investors. Check our contest on our social media!!!

CAN you explain How is Your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the Team???

Alex | Backstage
very good question im glad you ask! in our project we have create 1billion token in total and you can check the complete tokenomics on our webpage

Please tell me sir
Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?

Adiv Gut | XMANNA
Of course:

How can XMANNA and Backstage together change the way users consume live entertainment especially by digitizing stadiums to monetize engagement?

Adiv Gut | XMANNA
With a simple NFT ticket purchase, with just the action of buying a ticket, XMANNA and Backstage open up a world of possibilities.

As mentioned, NFT tickets will include a multitude of benefits. Beyond access to events, these benefits could include:

  • A full VIP experience (flight, hotel, transportation, exclusive seating, etc).
  • Any type of merchandise, easily redeemable in physical or virtual form.
  • Airline offer (free flights, discounts).
  • Any type of accommodation (fully covered or discounts).
  • Products or services from related businesses.
  • Promos, products, and discounts from other brands.
  • Meeting with an artist backstage, autographs, virtual meet-and-greets and more.

Telegram Chat | Twitter | Website | LinkedIn | Medium | Facebook

Telegram Chat | Twitter | Website | Instagram | Medium | Facebook

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about XMANNA And BACKSTAGE.

Join our Telegram Group and you can talk directly with other Communities and enjoy some of the events that we created. We are always here to support.




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