Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Kaiba DeFi 25 March, 2022. This guest star,

  • Cristiano Lead Developer
  • MaxJS Developer
  • OryxHead of Operations


Oryx | Kaiba DeFi
I’m Oryx
I’ve been in crypto for a long time now, mostly started as a way to seek viable in vestments. I think started helping out projects voluntarily, cut to today where I am Heads of Operations for Kaiba DeFi. I’m extremely proud to be part of the team, we have very talented developers and a fantastic community.

Kaiba DeFi started in November 2021, we began as a meme token to introduce people to our smart contract tech.Our contract is complex but saves up to 60% gas compared to all other contracts. It does this with amazing dev work and saves all internal processes for optimal gas conditions — the simple explanation.
As we caught people attention we switch direction to a tech project, and have some amazing gas-reducing tech.
We can fix Ethereum and have already started with firm evidence of our tech working.

Max | Kaiba DeFi
I’m max and I’m the frontend developer of Kaiba .
I’ve entered the crypto world last year before BTC’s all time high, was learning trading in that period and then started working as a developer on different projects. Got into Kaiba late December after the project already launched and i can say that working on a tech product that wants to change the way we do things in crypto is incredible.

Cristiano | Kaiba DeFi
I am Cristiano and I am lead dev of kaibadefiofficial.
To me getting into crypto meant starting to develop in chain. I have never really loved the speculative trading part as I am more like a tech guy. With time and experience, I have come up with some ideas on which are the current criticities and the possible solutions on Ethereum and in general on chain. Thanks also to our very unique community and the rest of the team, this goal is getting nearer every day.


What kind of income model and profit mechanisms do you have for investor/users in the Kaiba DeFi? Can you talk about your ecosystem, do you have the features that can attract users and invest, can you talk about your differences that allow you to stay in this market for a long time?

Oryx | Kaiba DeFi
For an income model we have modest transaction taxes currently, and we’re deeply transparent about the use of any marketing and product developments as we have proven over the months.
We are also currently seeking venture capital money and have had a lot of interest and excited for the months ahead.
We have a huge amount of features that will attract users, unique selling points that easily rival the largest tokens out there. All our products are to fix Ethereum and save significantly on gas, again as I said we have products out already that prove this.
We know we will be in the market a long time because our development team is doing the job that 95% of other projects are failing to do — fix Ethereum.

For example:
Our dex, saves an average 20% on gas fees, we fixed uniswap and are proud that it’s faster and more efficient.
We have our own blockchain currently in testnet, achieving 1000 tx/s, gas at a fraction of a cent, and state-of-the-art PoR consensus.
We have an expanded dex incoming, built using an Internal Virtual Chain & synthetic assets, it will save 90% gas on all Ethereum trades.
Our token (as explained earlier) can be forked as product and will reinvent how smart contracts are built.
It doesn’t stop there but our time is limited. Head to our Telegram or website posted above for more info. Also our Medium page.

Cristiano | Kaiba DeFi
From a technical point of view, more, we have in mind and we are actively building many innovative solutions looking even forward the already important goal of fixing the current situation.

By this we mean developing entire new technologies to pair with our main products, all pushing towards a better usability and cheaper usage.

What is the Kaiba DeFi token? Tell us about your tokenomics and utility token?

Oryx | Kaiba DeFi
Kaiba DeFi is a gas optimized token, as mentioned above, that powers our products. It will be the native token on our blockchain. It’s highly gas efficient. I urge everyone to do a transaction confirmation window and see just how low the gas to buy it is.
Aside from that other utilities it can access is limit order, buy order & sell orders — very low gas (on We have a lot more expanded utility functions, I’ll defer to Drotodev to give any more info

Cristiano | Kaiba DeFi
Our token is the core of our services and ecosystem. As we decided to go for the “many products under one project” route, is natural to have a token representing not only our technologies (being at the moment one of the if not the most gas efficient one), but also a utility to gain access to multiple servicss today and tomorrow. Scarcity and utility is what can bring serious attention to the project and the maximum usability.

Who are Kaiba DeFi current partners and backers? What’s role of your partner in the development of Kaiba DeFi?

Oryx | Kaiba DeFi
We currently have four main partners (as well as as ancillary alliances):

KleeKai — A play-to-earn game, our IVC swap (90% less fees swap) powers their rewards claim system. A real-life use-case and demonstration of this powerful DEX. The full IVC swap is coming soon, but already working as evidenced in our partnership.

Crypto Lyst — An upcoming indexing site featuring security and information tools. The best feature is coming soon, a way in which users can get paid passive incoming and rewards for carrying out community tasks. We will power the bounty system allowing maximal profit to be gained and not be used unnecessarily on gas fees.

Meishu — A next-gen NFT project, featuring music & arts NFTS, P2E gaming, AR gaming and metaverse. They’re deeply ambitious and combined with our products we are looking to dominate a new wave of defi entertainment products.

Wolverinu — A well-known P2E project — their game Metabrawl Inuverse is a beautiful game and will achieve new levels of competency in defi gaming. As well as this they have other products that bridge to the real world such as merch and comics! They also have stellar NFT collections and a super bullish roadmap.

What are some major milestones achieved Kaiba DeFi since your launch?

Oryx | Kaiba DeFi
Simple answer: the tech we’ve built and are building. We’re doing what nearly all projects don’t, bringing real tech and solutions. Unique and powerful.

Our dex saves on average 20% gas on ALL Ethereum trades — we did the job UniSwap has failed to do.
We’ve successfully forked our token to many projects — setting a new standard for smart contracts.
We attended a recent conference in Dubai — bridge to the real world and connections.
We have formed strong and high quality partnership — we take partnerships seriously.
We have built a blockchain (currently in testnet) — in only 4 months and it already as powerful as existing chains.
We have built a 90% less fees system: IVC swap — solving Ethereum gas all within Layer 1.


Kaiba DeFi has a set of gas efficiency solutions built around the Lightning blockchain, according to your website. Is it vital to use the Lightning blockchain for development? Why not try BSC or SOLANA instead?

Cristiano | Kaiba DeFi
Lighting Blockchain is just one of the tools we are providing. Being a totally new L1 blockchain, it is absolutely comparable to the mentioned (except our works). Our other products, while inheriting the same spirit, are on Ethereum and aim to solve Ethereum problems. Lighting Chain, so, is just another fundamental piece but does not represent the entire development process

Why KAIBA unlike other major cryptocurrencies cannot be purchased directly with fiat money? Where can it be purchased easily? How complicated or easy is the process to acquire the cryptocurrency from your ecosystem?

Oryx | Kaiba DeFi
It’s really easy to set up, our devs already have an idea for it. It’s not high priority right now but we realise this convenience is something worth doing.

For now it can be purchased on UniSwap (weak & slow dex) or on our dex — average 20% less gas, faster, no stuck txs, and no nonsense errors.

In short, it’s very easy to buy, and is decentralized.

We know that Security is the cornerstone when it comes to decentralized platforms. My question is, what action has #Kaiba taken to provide zero risk for investors? Has the $KAIBA liquidity token (Kaiba Token) been locked? And did they relinquish ownership of the contract?

Oryx | Kaiba DeFi
Relinquishing of a contract is very much a gimmick. Once a contract relinquishes ownership they become stuck. For a tech project this would be a foolish decision. It’s vital to be able to call and use functions to strengthen the tech within the smart contract.
Again with locking liquidity we haven’t taken these steps fully as it makes moving pool on dexes harder. In regards to security we are a fully doxxed team. We’re always proud to show up on video chats with our community, and our partners all all aware of who we are. The trust in our team is unparalleled to many projects in the defi space.
Our lead developer Drotodev is an expert in security and has worked in high levels of the industry. He’s is an experienced professional as well as a capable pen tester.

Just a couple of hours ago you at Kaiba DeFi announced an interesting partnership with Wolverinu. Exactly what are the benefits that this partnership will bring to both your users and your platform in the short and medium term?

Oryx | Kaiba DeFi
We’re super excited for obvious reasons
Short term: building relationship with other teams is important to gain mutual strength. It also gains expose for both our communities but also empowers us all.
We have listed them fully on our dex, and want to include them in our and their future products and outreach.
As it’s a new partnership and we yet have announcements to make I can’t go in to too much detail. But we’re certain our communities won’t be disappointed. We have many great days ahead!

Can you tell us about your future strategic plans regarding Metaverse? Will you create your own Metaverse?

Cristiano | Kaiba DeFi
Regarding the metaverse we have interesting plans. First of all we already bough a Land in sandbox to be able to form a fully fledged kaiba space on there. Second, although is a work in progress, we are developing a really entertaining metaverse able to gather different projects under a single playable experience.


What makes Kaiba work is the “Lightning Network”, this Blockchain is considered unusable as it is a bit tedious to get an Exchange that supports it & currently hardly used. So,what is the importance of Lightning Network for Kaiba, considering the difficulty of investing using LN?

Cristiano | Kaiba DeFi
KlC is just a piece of the puzzle. When will be live, it will be powered by a inter chain seamless bridge to be usable basically everywhere easily.

Where is your team originally form and are you a global project or not? Do you have international community apart from english?

Oryx | Kaiba DeFi
We are from across the globe, Italy (x2), UK, USA (x2), Australia, France. We are available across all timezones all day.

How easy will it be for integrating the Kaiba DeFi’s products technology into project? Will it take them to be skilled or can they do it by clicking few things in Kaiba DeFi’s products?

Oryx | Kaiba DeFi
Project can easily integrate our tech, whether it’s forking our contract, using our IVC swap for their claims systems etc, listing on our Dex, or bridging to our blockchain.
We have a team of experienced professionals who assist at all stages.
We like to educate as well as empower, we truly meant it when we say we are making a defi revolution. We want to become a gold standard for tech and smart contracts

Almost 80% investors now think only of profit but ignore long-term benefits. So you can give them some reasons why they should buy and hold tokens in the long run?

Max | Kaiba DeFi
Hey! Thanks for the question. I agree with you, lots of people only want to flip for money and don’t care about tech/project details.
Holding Kaiba will be super important to get access to special features of our dex(limit orders for example), interact with the KLC, earn FANG tokens through our staking platform and more.
We are giving real value to people.

You mentioned Lightning Blockchain in your Q1 2022 roadmap. Can you share what is Lightning Blockchain? Is Lightning Blockchain Faster, More Secure, and Extensible than Other Blockchains?

Oryx | Kaiba DeFi
You can find a lot more info about our lightning chain on our Medium page

It’s a state of the art blockchain built on Proof of Reputation consensus, this consensus it powerful and very secure. The fundamental coding of the blockchain is based on Ethereum, making is highly compatible with other chains and another added layer of strong security.

As I mentioned previously it is currently in private testnet phase, moving shortly to public testnet, then mainnnet release.

Whereas most chains exist to stand alone ours is interoparable with the vast majority of major alt chains.

Currently we have 12 nodes (4 backup) running with strong hardware (latest versions), it’s easily doing 1000 tx/s, beating many existing chains in power, and transactions are a fraction of a cent.

The consensus is very democratised and running and powering a node is extremely cost-effective. All these points together mean it will create a blockchain and ledger that can be used across all private and public industries — government, healthcare, NGOs, banking, you name it.

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Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about KAIBA DEFI.

Join our Telegram Group and you can talk directly with other Communities and enjoy some of the events that we created. We are always here to support.




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