Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with ELITE 30 March, 2022. This guest star,

  • Luigi Vittorio SaulinoProject Manager
  • Matthew RipaSocial Media Manager


Luigi Vittorio Saulino
Our mission is to create an Elìte community that has the privilige to access the galaxy of blockchain technology and the services it offers in a easy and fun way.

We want to break those barriers to entry that exist now for the average user and offer them a simple and effective key to entry.

We want to create a cryptoverse that makes this possible by combining NFTs, Metaverse, Play to earn, the communicative power of influencers and telecommunication around Elite token, which represents the centre of the ecosystem, the entrance ticket.

To make all this possible we are developing a range of highly technological products that can satisfy the global demand of new young users, increasingly attracted to this new world full of opportunities and privileges, but so difficult to reach.

Let us introduce you some of the products that we have in line into the Elite’s ecosystem:

Elisium (App, Worldwide) , Elite NFTs Marketplace (Web Platform, Worldwide), Elite Investment Platform (Web Platform, Worldwide), Elimobile (Telco, Italy), Runiverse (Cross Metaverse Play2Earn Game, Worldwide), Cryminals (NFTs collectible Game, Worldwide) , MetaMatic (Metaverse Play2Earn Game, Worldwide)

Elite is the token that pass thorugh all the products above ⬆️

Matteo Riparini,
in a nutshell: make crypto less cryptic 😉


What role will the $Elite token play? Will it only be available for purchase within Elite Marketplace as a utility token in your ecosystem? What is the wide range of utility of the $Elite token?

Matteo Riparini,
The token won’t be used only for the purchasing activities within Elite marketplace. As you have just mentioned the token has a wide range of utilities.

The token can be used to:
- buy NFTs in our dedicated Marketplace, where you will find a wide range of contents usable on our third-party projects, starting from meets and greets and backstages to NFT skins and tracks.

- buy goods and services within Elimobile, our partner in mobile industry, the first TelCo characterized by the implementation of blockchain technology.

- buy NFTs contents within Elisium, social media populated by celebrities and some of the most influential people in the world.

- It is the entrance ticket to play Runiverse, the first cross metaverse platform to challenge other players in crypto’s market performance. This is the first product will be released soon, you cna already get a preview on

- play2 earn into Metamatic, a metaverse game where the world is populated by crypto. A pokemon.Go style game where is possible to catch crypto instead than unsefull Pokemon, sorry Pikatchu.

- as payment processor on, a collectible game where the main charactera are 11,111 cryminas ready to kill each others;

- into the $Elite investment platform, an easy to use platform to manage Elite assets. From staking to liquidity, from referral program to swap, everything is focused to allow token holders to get rewarded meanwhile the Elite supply is staked for periods variable from 3 to 12 months. Main goal? Protect the Elite’s price in the long term.

Luigi Vittorio Saulino
here some visuals to start to understand more about the projects behind Elite

coming soon

coming soon

How do you intend to integrate the blockchain into a structural aspect of telecommunications architecture, enabling people to experience digital entertainment through this big project?

Luigi Vittorio Saulino
Blockchain technology can disrupt business models in many industries, including telecommunications, by increasing transparency and efficiency. Imagine a telephone operator operating automatically via smart contracts and with the fastest connection.
Trust — Network consensus methods and cryptographic technology are used to validate transactions, so trust is not established externally by a central authority or auditor, but rather continuously within the network.

Stability — New information stored in the blockchain is immutable. Its registration method prevents the deletion or reversal of transactions once they have been added to the chain. Furthermore, decentralized storage in blockchains is known to be very resilient, even if a large number of network participants fail, the blockchain remains available.
telecommunications and blockchain are the perfect mix, especially when combined with an ecosystem formed by NFTs, metaverse, play to earn, social media. present, past and future coming together in a token.

Elite token holders and Elimobile (our telco partner) costumers has access to Elisium, an exclusive social network whose content is generated by international influencers and shared with fans through the platform.

Elisium is a metaverse of digital services and entertainment: films, virtual masterclasses held by influencers and exclusive meet-and-greets to know and interact with the most important national and international celebrities in sport, music, art, cuisine, cinema and more.

Elisium combines the social media model with the blockchain: it is a decentralized platform that rewards social interaction, quality content and the influencers themselves who feed the community with cryptocurrency.

This content, in fact, is digitized in NFTs and can only be purchased with $ELITE tokens, guaranteeing the owners exploitation rights within the platform.

$Elite is a multi-chain and cross-chain cryptocurrency. Would it be used in these environments? So, how can you ensure the safety and security of the environment?

Matteo Riparini,
We will use proprietary bridges to allow Elite to switch from Polygon to Erc20 and BSC (and vice versa). The reason is given by the fact that many of the platforms we will use will be available on different chains, for example Runiverse it will be published soon on Polygon chain, following by a Binance Smart Chain version.

The security of the bridges during the bridge is guaranteed by Certik certification that are performed before the release of the bridges and the swaps.

Luigi Vittorio Saulino
Audit by Certik is under progress in these days, check this link to see the audit progress:

What are some major milestones achieved Elite since your launch? What are the upcoming plans of Elite token for the next coming months/years?

Luigi Vittorio Saulino
We Just had our opening event in Dubai, which was attented by many celebrities and crypto-oriented entrepreneurs.
We are now focusing on expanding the community and the last steps of the development of various élite related projects.

In April 2022 we will present: Runiverse

In May 2022 we will present:
-Elite nft Marketplace
-Elite investment platform

In June 2022:

We want to establish Elite token as a strong asset within the blockchain landscape. We aim to be a global player. Let me spend few words about Runiverse, the first project in line for this month:

Wanna bet on the market performance of your prefered token in the next 30 secs? Against a friend or a random opponent? Well, let’s do it! and the winners takes all.

All in an extremely polished well looking good game, please check this link to have a preview in DEMO mode (don’t worry, coins played are only in Demo, winnings are not real) 😉
For now only from PC, browser suggested Chrome.
Thiis the official website:


I read that $Elite is being adopted by influencers such as Gianluca Vacchi and Flavio Briatore and Alessandro Del Piero. How do you plan to approach other global celebrities or will you only settle for Dubai celebrities? What other global celebrities have you had contact with?

Luigi Vittorio Saulino
Please join here if you want more infos

We have several important partenr, recently Elite was mentioned by the Soccer Legend Alessandro Dle Piero, by the Entrepreneur Flavio Briatore, by the Millionaire Gianluca Vacchi, and we are pretty sure several more celebs will talk about Elite 😉

I found it interesting that the maximum supply for $ELITE is 4.4 billion. Why did you choose that figure as the upper limit for your supply? Couldn’t you consider minting more tokens in the future if the community or your team so chooses?

Luigi Vittorio Saulino

Matteo Riparini,
Let’s stay that way now. Let us First think about achieving the goals we have set ourselves.

I don’t think we Will do that in the next few Years because, especially in the beginning, our intent Will be to protect the value of the token and by increasing the supply we May have a collapse in value.

If the future requires it, we can consider that option.

Eli Mobile customers are part of Elysium, an exclusive community with access to a social network. What does your development team intend to achieve with this exclusive community? How will you help owners take advantage of the interactions between the content and the community?

Luigi Vittorio Saulino
We want to create a new, much more direct, way of showing love for celebrities.
All this while having fun and learrning from this personalities.

Elisium contents can be purchased in the form of NFTs in our dedicated marketplace, thus enabling the owners to make a profit out of the interactions between the content and the community 😉

$ELITE’s reward system is perfect for attracting a young audience that prefers more visual media platforms with selected influencers, decision-making governance, license management and an active community.
Elisium incentivizes influencers to create new content, converting procrastination into profit, and rewards social media users for liking, spending time and being creative online.

The platform uses an upvote system every time a user interacts with a post and its corresponding NFT, so the community itself decides how much the content is worth.

To generate a healthy community of users, however, likes are not enough. Daily active time and comments are also an integral part of the algorithm that calculates rewards. The more active the community, the more users and creators benefit.

This Is WEB 3 Revolution🔥

Smart contracts are prone to failure, and many initiatives suffer as a result, costing users money and tarnishing the project. What is the level of trustworthiness and security of your smart contract?Have you gone through any of the parties to audit it?

Matteo Riparini,
The audit of smart contracts will be carried out by Certik, a penetration test will also be performed to ensure the solidity of the project and protect our projects from any possible hacker attack.

Audit by Certik is under progress in these days, check this link to see the audit progress:

Over the smart contracts audit we makes even penetration test on every single product to avoid any possible attack.

I see $ELITE tokens available on QuickSwap and Metamask. What is your strategy for the current market? When can we expect $ELITE tokens to be accessible for swapping on PancakeSwap, Uniswap or other DEX/CEX platforms?

Luigi Vittorio Saulino
elite is Polygon native token, so far we have a Pool Liquidity on Quickswap pair ELITE/USDT, here’s the link:

Soon we’ll publish bridges for BSC and ERC20, so we have in line to go with new pools on PanCakeSwap and Uniswap.

About CEX: we are talking with 3 diffrenete exchanges, join out TG channel to know when aand where:


sir how can I buy your token ? And which wallets support your tokens? thank you sir

Luigi Vittorio Saulino

Metamask wallet/trustwallet and Quickswap pool liquidity.

I read that exclusive communities have access to social networks whose content is created by celebrities. How do we become your platform’s exclusive community? And can this content be purchased on ELITE in NFT form?

Luigi Vittorio Saulino
Yes in NFT form, in our dedicated marketplace, where beyond eliusm contents you can buy all the toools ti enjoy our play to earn games. And all the products related to élite

According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority?

Matteo Riparini,
The most important next priority of our roadmap Is represented by the launch of Runiverse, on of our main third-party projects.
It is an innovative cross-metaverse platform where you can challenge other customers on real time crypto market’s performance. It Will be launched in April 2022

Luigi Vittorio Saulino
Runiverse is the first cross-metaverse gaming platform where you can challenge. Other players based on the performance of the crypto market. Choose your favorite. Token from your wallet and challenge a friend (or a random opponent) to a thirty- second two-person race on some of the most famous locations in the metaverse.

Do you have a white paper? If yes, please share it as a second token project. Do you have a pre-sale plan? Where can we join now?And what are the benefits of this white paper?

Matteo Riparini,
Yes, you can find our White paper by clicking the following link:

The main benefits of our White paper Is the chance that It gives to users to have a detailed overview on every single aspect of the project.

Luigi Vittorio Saulino
Yes, but It needs to be updated with our play to earn games. They are an important part of this project

Thank you all for having us. Life is GREAT. See ya for more answers on

How do you plan to share identity authentication across devices to help maintain one or more identities on each platform while still ensuring user security?

Luigi Vittorio Saulino
When a subscriber opens an account, the Service Provider creates a digital identity. The private key associated with this identity is securely stored on the SIM. The CSP creates a virtual identity, using the public key of the digital identity and adds a series of standard fields (name, address, etc.). It then embeds a digital signature using its private key and a pointer to this virtual identity, together with the necessary descriptors, and is added to the blockchain.

If the subscriber now visits a partner website, e.g. an e-commerce site, the site will need to know their identity and will launch the application on their cellphone to provide them with a copy of the blockchain ledger entry. The site, to identify the subscriber, takes the public key from the virtual identity, encrypts a challenge and sends it to the application which, having the associated private key, decrypts it and responds. Now the e-commerce site can easily generate an e-commerce virtual identity associated with the user, which is then stored in the ledger.

We would like to thank you all and we remind you the next Elite ecosystem’s product is, do not miss it out.

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Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about ELITE.

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