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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Dude D Dough Boy (DDDB) 17 April, 2022. This guest star,

  • Duke Alvin LimFounder


Duke Alvin Lim
I’m Duke from Singapore and am the founder of Dude D Dough Boy DDDB for short. Been trading forex and recently crypto and with my knowledge in Computer Science started writing my trading concepts into algorithms to autotrade. The dynamic global core team behind DDDB are.

Roy Hui who oversees the tech implementation. He has build many technology startups including the largest video gaming media network and a leasding cross border ecommerce platform in Australia.

The digital guild is a bespoke project management and operations company that deliver digital projects and oversee end to end project mangement for DDDB. The Pinnacle Creative is our branding and marketing oversees the creative branding and marketing for the project.

Lastly we have Vincent Choy from D’Ledger Consultant Pte Ltd who specializes in advising promising blockchain and digital asset based businesses. D’Ledgers have consulted on many projects throughout the years including several sovereign government-linked projects


Can you tell us about Dude D Dough Boy (DDDB), the idea, how it started? What is the vision and mission?

Duke Alvin Lim
Well my name is Duke so yeah Dude is the little bot that assists me and my community to “bring the dough home” by helping us trade on the MT4 platforms thus freeing us the time to enjoy eith friends and family.

During my journey as a trader I face several issues and these are common to most traders.

1 — We are emotional and reactionary, allowing fear and greed take over our logical reasoning.
2 — trading without any methodology or system.
3 — too much clutter and noise online, and many beginners and intermediate investors do not know where to begin.

The vision is to create a community of traders where we use rules based trading bots to assist us in our trades. This would 1) Eliminate Trader’s Emotion — DDDB MT4 EA trades based on proven algorithm and configurable parameters — thus effectively eliminating emotions during trading. 2) Better Time Entry and Exit — DDDB MT4 EA are triggered based on a configured signal, thus executing the entries and exits of trades without any human intervention. 3) Provide a systematic trading — DDDB MT4 EAs have proper back testing done to provide the assurance, and more importantly a proven methodology.

Can you talk about Dude D Dough Boy (DDDB) ecosystem, do you have the features that can attract users and invest, can you talk about your differences that allow you to stay in this market for a long time?

Duke Alvin Lim
By owning a DDDB NFT, it will entitle you to:
1) Exclusive MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Expert Advisor (EA) which can auto trade on your behalf with a 3 months expiry renewable as long as you are a proud DDDB NFT holder.
2) Access to an exclusive community of traders to help you to share and learn together.

As DDDB NFT have a utility, the trading bots. If people were to want to use the EAs they will have to hold on to the NFT and thus the supply on the market will be “limited”. And as more people gets to know of this and want to buy demand more than supply will ensure that prices of the NFT goes up.

What is the DDDB NFT utility? What are the benefits of holding your NFT as long term investment?

Duke Alvin Lim
DDDB Utility is the trading bots for use on MT4 platforms. When launch it will check with the server if the Account number is registered. If yes it would work if no then the trading bot would not. The EAs will then be able to auto trade on your behalf.

Holders will also have access to an exclusive community where members will share on ideas on which EA on which trading pair works best with which parameters.

Moving forth community users can also share their trade ideas and if selected we will write in into a trading bot and offer it as another EA in our “toolbox” 😀

We are a committed team that is determined to see through our vision of creating a community of algorithm traders. This is important for me to create a trading academy where we are able to invite other traders, both professional and amateur traders to join us.

Can you shared Dude D Dough Boy (DDDB) roadmap? What are some major milestones achieved so far?

Duke Alvin Lim

In April we will be launching the NFT and Community. Onboarding Training Partners and Service Providers within DCC Ecosystem. EAs to be made available for all NFT Holders by 1st week of May. Q3 2022 — Expansion of DDDB Community Features.

Unlock membership tier perks. Unlock features such as community voting for project proposals In 2023 Unlock DCC Metaverse Trading Academy. Creation of DCC Metaverse Trading Academy.

First DCC Trading Workshop in Metaverse by Anchor Training Providers 2024 Technology Development like. Focusing on Web3 Development & explore utility that adds value to our community.


Why have you decided to provide EA or Expert Advisory to your NFT holders exclusively on MetaTrader 4 platform and not with the latest and more advance MetaTrader 5? What did you focused on MT4 instead of MT5? Will you be including MetaTrader 5 integration in the future?

Duke Alvin Lim
Good question on this definitely MT5 is a newer platform with more capabilities but currently the brokerage am working with are on MT4 so we would be on MT4. But definitely as time progress we would consider MT5 too.

Many people still don’t have much idea of how NFTs work and how to acquire them, is DDDB beginner-friendly in the world of NFTs? Do we have to have advanced knowledge or DDDB intuitive enough for inexperienced users?

Duke Alvin Lim
Even though we will be primarily trading focused, we welcome the community to suggest such request and even to take a lead on such important initiatives so that the community can grow together.

Personally am also giving some talks about NFTs and how beginners can onboard. Also looking forward to OpenSea purchase via Credit Cards

Could you please give some more information about your “VIP Whitelist MINTING”? How do I join the whitelist to buy DDDB NFT early? What is the total amount of DDDB NFT that will be printed and made available? What are some incentives, benefits for DDDB NFT Holders?

Duke Alvin Lim
We are opening our VIP Whitelist for 500 early and lucky holders. to join the whitelist contest. VIP Whitelist would be at a discount so do take action fast.
More info at

I read that by Q3 2022 they have planned the Expansion of DDDB community functions. With this in mind, what are the powers that the community will be able to take and how will they impact the project? What do you intend to achieve with the expansion of community power?

Duke Alvin Lim
Moving forth, we will be doing things like inviting members of community to share their trade strategies and ideas and the highest voted will get a pooled prize. We would then convert the strategies to EAs and offer it to the community to use.

This is but 1 idea and we welcome more suggestions from the community. Also as the community grows we would be able to do a lot more testing and can cover more pairs and timeframes

Collaboration and partnerships are paramount to help increase adoption and drive development of the project/platform ecosystem. Can you tell us about DDDB partnership plan? Partners do you currently have? Criteria for partner you want?

Duke Alvin Lim
Currently we are partnered with a service provider AIMS Brokerage ( which is a brokerage providing forex, metals, crypto trading pairs. After this presales launch, we will be reaching out to both training and service providers to join where all the stakeholders can benefit.

Also, in the roadmap is the development of a metaverse trading academy where our targeted stakeholders (Traders, Training Providers and Service Providers) can hangout.

We envision that in 2 to 3 year’s time, the line between the Metaverse and the physical world will become blurred. Parts of our lives will revolve around this alternative reality as elements of the new age are converging. The Metaverse will provide the conduit to bring all these elements together in a unified, immersive experience. We want to have the first mover advantage of creating a hybrid experience for the trading community to join, connect and thrive. We want to help these existing training and service providers to transit towards the Metaverse, while providing value to the community.

Dude D Dough Boy (DDDB) is the first NFT series that allows the NFT holders to receive MT4 Expert Advisor (EA).

For more details, do visit our website at and download the litepaper.


What steps will your team take to ensure that #DDDB_NFT user support is long term, not temporary?

Duke Alvin Lim
Am using these trading bots myself and definitely in it for the long haul. Trading alone is lonely and therefore would be very happy to have a community to share the success and grow together.

IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Duke Alvin Lim
This is for everyone. For beginners we would be providing some recommended parameters to be used with the trading bots (EA) and for experienced you can tweak the parameters to a setting that you are comfortable with.

Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one ?

Duke Alvin Lim
Currently we do not have “Ambassador program” but sounds like a feasibile thing we can consider thanks for the idea.

Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us?

Duke Alvin Lim

I see you are planning to NFT launch on 18 April 2022 for a total supply of 10,000 DDDB NFTs. Why do you only have 10,000 DDDB NFTs? Can you share about your NFT, what mechanisms will it have to bring profit to the holder? Are they rare? How to buy these NFTs?

Duke Alvin Lim
As of now we are opening up 500 NFTs for VIP at a discount. The rest of the NFTs will be released in batches as supply are limited by pple not willing to sell for the utility behind and demand rises naturally the price of the NFTs will too.

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