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  • Joey CEO


Ape The Lord
Great! Let’s starte

Of course, my name is Joey and I’m the CEO of recklessape, it’s been great to know you all.

So we having been working in crypto for couple month, and we saw another amazing project called ape, which I’m sure many of you have heard or invested already.

So we decided to create our own ape project called recklessape. That’s the birth story of Recklessape.


NFTs are the new high value assets of the moment, with almost infinite uses for many platforms. In the case of Recklessape, what is the vision of its developers regarding NFTs and what value of importance will have within your ecosystem?

Ape The Lord
Yes I agreed, NFTs have showing the great value since the day they born. We understand that a lot investors would love to see NFT in recklessape, so that’s why we decided to bring NFT into recklessape.

What make NFT special is the unique of NFT, there were only 10000 limited Recklessape NFT card, once it’s out, no more NFT can be minted anymore.

The rareness of Recklessape NfT guarantees the value of NFT, and encourage the investors to be part of Recklessape. Each NFT will cost 200000 REAP tokens, which is around 50 usd at the moment. As the time goes by, the REAP token price keep increasing, the value of NFT will increase as well.

What is the Recklessape token? Can you please provide a description your tokenomics?

Ape The Lord
Max supply: 100,000,000,000 REAP
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 REAP

Here is the very basic tokenomic of governance token REAP. You can find out more from

The REAP is also a reward token that goes to the liquidity provider. The REAP will automatically goes to the liquidity provider as long as they are willing to provide liquidity for Recklessape. So the liquidity provider can be rewarded with REAP token, RECKLESSAPE gain extra liquidity to pump.

It’s a win-win situation, and we encourage everyone to join!

What actions has Recklessape taken to keep users/investors secure? How to convince investors that Recklessape is safe? Has the Recklessape been audited?

Ape The Lord

Here is the audit report about Recklessape and the link to the liquidity lock. We have locked our liquidity for 3 months, and will lock more when NFT available.

Right now we are working on the Recklessape NFT contract which will be audited as well. We will update the report the minute it’s available. And we keep our source code open for safety reason, if anyone would like to debug our code, that’ll be great!

Please inform Recklessape roadmap and also what phase is currently taking place? What will happen in the near future?

Ape The Lord

Here is the Recklessape roadmap. And another news is that we just listed on coingecko! Make sure visit coingecko and like REAP!

We will listed on coinmarketcap within 2 weeks, stay tuned, and more publicity is on the way! And about the project, we are working on the NFT and NFT market right now. Which will be available within a month, we shall update the progress very soon.

So I would like to invite you guys to join Recklessape and check out our up coming progress!


I was amazed when I found out that Recklessape Finance will be conducting an NFT buyback. This action is not very common for most NFT projects. May we know more details regarding your NFT buybacks? How much NFT will the team purchase and when will it be conducted?

Ape The Lord
The Recklessape only release 10000 NFTs, no more NFT will come out after that, so the supply of NFT is fixed. In order to make NFT more valuable, we need to reduce the circulation supply of NFT, hence the NFT buy-back.

When the buy back live with Recklessape, each NFT holder can burn their NFT for certain amount REAP. So the investors can gain some REAP and NFT supply will reduce.

It’s a win-win situation

In their latest news you have announced that Recklessape will be making its debut shortly on #Uniswap. What impact will this listing have on your platform and trading of your NFTs? What will be the next platforms you are targeting to list on besides Uniswap?

Ape The Lord
Recklessape have listed on Uniswap since 3 days ago, our investors can trade REAP on Uniswap whenever they want.

NFT on the other hand, will trade on our own market instead of current NFT market.

However the investors can still trade their NFT from open sea if they want, but we still encourage them to trade on our platform cause that will increase the volume of Recklessape.

The volume means everything, the Recklessape will not just targeted on Uniswap, there are investors from Sushiswap as well, we will open the second liquidity pool on Sushiswap when the time is right.

I saw on docs Recklessape will release 10,000 NFT. What is the main purpose you decided to release the limited supply of Ape NFT? How do users get it?

Ape The Lord
The limited NFT means unlimited value. We would like to promise our investors a NFT that have infinity value, and the limited NFT is the way to do it.

Since the supply of NFT can only decrease, the price of Recklessape NFT will keep increasing. The NFT holder can gain greatly from the impact.

So that’s the main purpose to limited our supply, the unlimited supply can only hurt our investors.

Regarding #Recklessape farms I read that they have many different crop groups, but is it possible for users to approve SEVERAL groups simultaneously to provide liquidity?

Ape The Lord
Recklessape need liquidity to grow, so we provide different pools for our investors.

We need TVL and liquidity to make the Recklessape pump, so the liquidity provider can gain extra REAP from farm pool. We create the different pools to offer our liquidity provider different options to participate the project. And different options can attract different investors to join Recklessape. That’s also a great promotion plan to make Recklessape stronger

Do you agree that power of community will lead your project to expand globally? What services do you provide to community? Are you considering receiving feedback from your community?

Ape The Lord
The community is the power that drive the project. We would like to offer the community the governance to rule the Recklessape. And we offer our community members the information why Recklessape is the project you can trust.

We take the community feedback very seriously, if you have any feedback, you can talk to me, we will seriously consider the suggestion. Cause we are not along in the project, the whole process need the entire community.

We will also keep expanding our community, more community members means more power.


How do you perceive the community here? Is it very important to you?

Ape The Lord
The community is the one driven the project, we take the community support very seriously. As the matter of fact we need the community support to reach our goals, so if you have any feedback that can help us, that will be great

Partnership is always an important factor for every project. So who your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relationships?

Ape The Lord
We just listed on Coingecko, make sure visit and like Recklessape on Coingecko! We will list on CMC within 2 weeks, and more partnership is on the way with more community members.

Recklessape NFTs will be sold on Uniswap. Uniswap users experience quite large fees, why to use this platform, considering that problem? Will it be sold somewhere else as well?

Ape The Lord
Yes the Uniswap gas is very expensive, so we don’t charge any fees during the transaction. The gas fee is charged by Ethereum network, not us. The gas fee will be much lower in the near future.

Do you have AUDIT credentials or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable??

Ape The Lord
Yes we have the audit report from tech rate organization. In the meantime we keep our source code open for our community members.

Staking NFT is a new hype. Can you please tell if this feature will be available on your project..?

Ape The Lord
NFT will be available in a week! Stay tuned and follow the progress. Our NFT reward, buy back and market will be live in next month! We will update you the progress soon

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