Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with CryptoBilli$ 19 April, 2022. This guest star,

  • Ahmad


Hourani A,
My name’s Ahmad, I am a 23 year old from Jordan. I am one of the founders of this project. Coming from Jordan, which is a very small community compared to the rest of the world, our team aims to share our story and culture through the events. We have been working hard for this project to create a unique community which can dominate the metaverse!


Can you tell us about CryptoBilli$, the idea, how it started?

Hourani A,
When all the hype about NFTs started, we were all sitting there wondering what they are, how they work, why they were created, etc. After seeing how unreliable projects can be, we decided to create a community that we will stick with until the end through planning several events over the year, where the whole community would be involved. It all started as hosting several music festivals on the metaverse, but after rethinking the utility, we thought it would be more ideal to plan different events along with the festivals and add them to our roadmap. The different thing about our project is that, when the 3D NFTs are released, they would be face wearables on the metaverse, rather than being a character like all communities, that is as we want everyone to be involved as their own self, creating their own character in the metaverse and having this mask separating them from the rest.

In the case of CryptoBilli$, what is the vision of its developers regarding NFTs and what value of importance will have within your ecosystem?

Hourani A,
As Cryptobilli$, we believe that interest in NFTs have been surging ever since the hype began. With the metaverse coming up, we believe that NFTs can be looked at as the connection to the metaverse, the new virtual world. In the case of our NFTs, they will be acting as redeemable tickets to all our exclusive events held in the metaverse. As explained before, your iconic Cryptobilli$ NFT will be used by your avatar as a wearable, which will distinguish you as a cryptobilli$ from every other character or NFT out there. Every holder will be rewarded with time and as he/she attends all of our different events.

The “metaverse” is the new buzzword for blockchain platforms, but many still do not understand its use, nor how to access it. In the case of CryptoBilli$, what is your project’s approach to the metaverse and how will this improve the user experience?

Hourani A,
After the 500 community members are chosen for the whitelist, events will begin in our discord server, where giveaways, game nights, trivia, movie screenings and more will be done. After 1000 Cryptobilli$ are minted, the 3D market opens in the metaverse, and we will start hosting all the different events in our land in the metaverse. This gradual entry into the metaverse will give our community the time to understand what the metaverse is, in addition to helping the community get to know one another, and grow. As we believe that would make our community one of the best if not the best by the time we enter the metaverse and start the events that everyone would be looking forward to getting into!

Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to CryptoBilli$, that you would like to share with us here?

Hourani A,
I cannot share much at this time, as most events we are planning are getting finalized. However, you should be excited for the upcoming announcements in the days to come. We are waiting for the community to get bigger and be more involved in our socials, so we can dive right in and start our ride with them! I can say that we have been planning for special events including the music festival, we have a poker event in the works that we are really excited to share with everyone soon.


I read that you are currently running a $500 drawing along with 3 Billi$ whitelist drawings. What are the tasks to accomplish to participate in this great event you are holding? What impact do you hope to generate in your community with these initiatives?

Hourani A,
To participate in this drawing, all you need to do is click on the link of our pinned tweet, and join our discord, follow and retweet on twitter, and you will have the chance to win! That simple! The reason we do such giveaways is to spread the word about us and what we do, which would speed up the process of building the community and starting to host the special events with them on the metaverse.

I read that CryptoBilli$ will be holding a weekly gated event exclusively for CryptoBilli$ NFT holders. Can you share with us what the event will be like? To join is there a minimum number of NFTs that must be owned?

Hourani A,
The events will vary from week to week, one could be a festival and the next could be a poker night, it all depends on what the community chooses throughout the week. That is what makes Cryptobilli$ even more unique, community members will be the ones choosing which events take place and when, all in our discord community. To join, you would only need to have purchased a single 3D NFT, which will act as your redeemable ticket into the event.

I read that CryptoBilli$ has a Music festival for users to have fun on Metaverse. Can you give some information about this Music festival, when is this festival held? How can we participate and are there any restrictions?

Hourani A,
Yes! We are planning a music festival to take place, however, you and the rest of the community will be the ones to decide when it will happen, as we are waiting for the community to grow enough for us to host such an event. To enter any Cryptobilli$ related event on the metaverse, all you need to do is purchase a 3D Cryptobilli$ NFT, which would act as your ticket to our events!

You mentioned that when 2000 of your NFTs are minted, the project will host a special event on its own land in the Metaverse. Will you be integrating a third-party project for your land and Metaverse concert or do you have your own?

Hourani A,
We will have our main headquarters, where all Cryptobilli$ would be together, we would have everyday events going on in the main HQ. However, for the weekly events, the plan is to rent huge spaces in pre-owned lands as we have different events, which require different vibes and locations. Ethereum towers are one of the spaces we are currently renting in. Additionally, the trip from the Cryptobilli$ HQ to any event we host could be in a way that relates to our culture, so you might be having a camel ride to futuristic petra, where the event would be taking place.

What are your most significant next priorities, according to the project’s roadmap? Is the team equipped with adequate funds and community to meet those goals?

Hourani A,
Our next priority is to start growing our discord community, and spread the word about us and what we do. That will help us gain traction and credibility among everyone. Our priority is to create the largest, most colorful, vibrant, lively and all inclusive events in the metaverse, where everyone feels involved. Therefore, after the first 500 whitelisters are chosen, the goal is to build the community into the metaverse. Since we have been moving patiently, we have the funds to deliver everything as promised.


Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Hourani A,
No decisions are made regarding what events to host next, when to release our next batch, etc. until the community votes on it, since everyone will be part of this, and we will be encouraging everyone to be involved.

I’ve learnt that only 500 wallet/individuals will be eligible of your whitelist that will be granted 2 free NFTs for each mints. Are there still slots available for your whitelists? If so, how can we be eligible?

Hourani A,
Yes! The first step is getting 500 people to whitelist, where each of the first 500 will be receiving a free 3D Cryptobilli$ of the 2D one they purchased. The 3D one will ofcourse be used for the metaverse events!
Slots are still available! To be eligible, you need to join our discord community and be active! We will be holding different events on our discord to allow us to pick the lucky first 500 people to whitelist. Follow us on twitter and instagram for updates on our project!

Can you share with us more details about your roadmap because little information about that was provided in your website? Like what are the phases, date/month each mission will be accomplished and more?
Also, do you have plans to have whitepaper to share more about your project although it’s not necessary for NFT projects to have whitepaper?

Hourani A,
The roadmap is being edited to include more information! Check our website in the coming week for the exact dates and phases. We have been waiting for the community to grow enough for us to decide on the dates. However, we will be launching very soon as we have been gaining traction in the past weeks. Be one of the early comers and benefit from the advantages of being the first 500 to whitelist!! To answer your second question, we are working on the whitepaper, and we can’t wait to share it with everyone! We really want to make sure that every member of the Cryptobilli$ community trusts us and the goals we want to achieve in this project! To the moon and beyond 🚀

1) Which do you think is more important:
A. Community
B. Investors
C. Token Price
If all of the above is important to you, whiich should come first??

Hourani A,
All are important! Especially the community, as without them, we wouldn’t be able to progress onto our next step in the roadmap! We look forward to having everyone involved in the decision making! The investors and token prices are crucial as well in terms of being able to host the events promised!

Is your project more important for gamers or investors?

Hourani A,
I believe it would be important for both! As gamers would find it interesting participating in the many events we are planning to hold! And investors will find this NFT project interesting as it will probably be profitable since we plan on having other communities to join the events by paying a fee beforehand (a ticket to the event). This will make the events more interesting as all communities can challenge one another in the events!

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Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about CryptoBilli$.

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