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Musk Gold is a meme/utility token on ERC-20. We as a team were inspired by Elon Musk and Nikola Tesla. Two brilliant minds who created innovative tech to help humanity. We aim to solve problems in energy and other sectors.


Can you talk about the Musk Gold ecosystem? Do you have an advantage that can attract users and invest, can you talk about your differences that will allow you to stay in this market for a long time?

At Musk we value the community and are creating an ecosystem with equity and opportunity for the project to grow with the community. We have big plans and soon will launch a terrafarm where you can stake Musk. We have a team of successful advisors in film and tech to help the team be one of the best projects on the blockchain. This gives us a lot of advantage through experience and vision.

Can you please provide a description of the utilities of the $MUSK token, as well as your tokenomics?

Musk is a meme/utility hybrid meaning we have the capability to advertise like a meme coin but have prepared by way of our WP to have real utility from the start. We’ve teamed up with one of the top solar companies in Southern California called BrightWorld and will launch our pilot program soon to reward people when they choose to conserve energy. Our tokenomics are much like other projects with an emphasis on moving toward a beneficial DAO system for the community. We are a very transparent project and locked up our LP from the beginning.

At this point, do you already have several partnerships?

Yes. One is BrightWorld. We’ve also teamed up with Pivotal Point, a top investment firm in crypto. The team is currently in discussions with other potential partners who can help grow the vision and mission of Musk. We intend to grow out the utility in energy and are working on projects with our experienced advisors in the Metaverse and NFT space.

Please inform Musk Gold roadmap and also what phase is currently taking place? What will happen in the near future?

Musk Gold has accomplished a lot during Q1. We launched a commercial and marketing campaign with billboards and advertising in social media. We continue to grow our community with a vision toward solving problems in the sectors of energy and communication. Q2 we will continue to grow with new partnerships as we build out our metaverse project and increase the partnerships with our energy mission to reward people when they choose to conserve energy. At Musk, we start with the vision and then how we can achieve our goals. We are lucky to have advisors who are successful in their fields to give us the direction to build Musk into a digital asset to watch.


I saw at the previous AMA you had a “White Paper of the five pillars of society.” Can you tell us the five pillars of society? And what do they do for your platform?

The White Paper and website are one of the best ways to see the true vision of Musk Gold. We believe the five pillars of a progressive society are: energy, communication, transportation, architecture, and a financial market. We have a program with energy and our vision to use Musk as a catalyst to change the way people think about energy. In Communication we have projects being built in the Metaverse space with our team of Advisors, many successful producers and writers from the film business. The other pillars are part of a long-term plan as Musk expands. Once again like many great minds have said before, “great ideas begin with imagination and vision.”

Currently, $MUSK is available at MEXC, Digifinex and Uniswap. How have these partnerships helped Musk’s market and liquidity so far? Which exchanges do you have your sights set on listing on them to expand the reach and value of $MUSK?

Musk has an experienced team of advisors who help the team make the right choices every step of the way. Advisors who are Founders themselves or advisors of other successful projects on the blockchain. It’s the team and the advisors who decide what exchanges. Musk wants to grow and that means a successful strategy by the team. This means making smart moves to grow the Musk vision and brand worldwide. The current exchanges have been good partners to give Musk more exposure. The team is currently talking to multiple top exchanges at this moment.

$MUSK Gold will be announcing a pilot program with one of the largest solar panel companies in Southern California. Can you tell us what this program will be like? What is the purpose of this program? And what benefits will we get?

Sure. As discussed above, Musk is launching a pilot program to reward solar customers when they conserve. Part of the Musk vision is to do good for the planet. If we’re able to help educate and reward people when they choose to do good for the earth it can lead to a new perspective on how we see the natural resources the earth gives to us.

How are you planning on taking community feedback and trying to improve your project accordingly, how do you prioritize community feed back, because most of the new project are only worried about investment?

If you come to the Musk Gold telegram you can feel the difference. We call it a vibe. We are doing good and having good vibes. Musk believes it’s best to be transparent and inclusive with the community. This builds the community and the project at the same time. Musk wants to hear from the community and is interested in their point of view. If you join Musk you have a voice. We often say to our community ‘We Are Musk!!!’ One cannot exist without the other.

People always check about safety and security from any project because much hack issue right now, I would like to know how is the safety from your project? How did you make sure that you are secure?

At Musk we are very lucky to have experienced advisors, many who’ve been in blockchain since the beginning. We follow all the safety protocols and do everything to protect our community. Anything we release to our community or the public has gone through multiple checks to make sure we have the proper security. We are on ERC-20, one of the safer chains and are always taking safety precautions seriously.


Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, What makes your project different from other projects?

This project is about the vision and WP. We accomplished all we set out to do in Q1 and will show results in Q2. This is why the team is constantly building.

Hi MuskGoldFlightTeam Great Project !!I see on your roadmap in Q4 2022 you are planning to launch a Musk Card. So can you explain in more detail about this Musk Card? What is the function of the card and how can users benefit from it? And can the card be used in all regions?

Hi. Yes it’s the objective of the team to build out the vision in the WP and as we make new partnerships we plan to release a credit card connected to our multiple projects. It will be able to be used anywhere.

Trust is very important in business, what makes investors, customers and users feel safe when working with your project ?
sir please tell me answer the question

This is very important. Integrity and transparency. The team and Musk values our community and makes them part of the process as we make decisions to grow the vision. Trust is paramount. The team and community needs to work together to be successful.

This is my best Q.
Do you have any..
1- Telegram Group2-YouTube channel3- Tiktok Channel4- Website5- twitterFor this project? What Social media Can I follow to get the latest Your Project information? Sir please answer the question 👆👆


IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

This project is for the big investor, the small investor, or the whale. The vision is big, the marketing creative, the community loyal and engaged, the advisors based, and the team inspired to make Musk a top project on blockchain.

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