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Bob Ultee,
I am Bob Ultee, 42, CEO of BoB Eco, and Bobcoin. We have started as 3 friends a foundation in 2017 from there we went from charity into giving microloans. Which eventually turned out in only financing motorcycles. To give everyone a small idea;

This is how we started

but then we realised that giving microlians to buy polluting motorcycles was or is quitte irresponsible and we came in contact with Suzuki Jincheng. And they did understand why we wanted all electric and our own model (model most driven in the world and easy to repair) so we started developing on our cost with them and improved and made the best possible motorcycle for Africa and jungles or developing countries.

One year later and a large amount further they realised the power we had and wanted to develop further. So in the meantime we had developed apps, ubertechnology and tesla software in our motorcycles…

Then the UN came with UNep and UNitar and offered support. Then Suzuki Jincheng, HSBC, Stripes, Dentons and other large partners came along And we had local and national government inviting us to help to create jobs, fight poverty and pollution…

So we had to scale up. After all investments we thought it was time to do it differently and at the end 2019 we said let create a coin

Taxi motorcycles(the one we lease out )are called Boda Boda’s. Since we originally come from Holland we made them Orange. Seats were Blue. So…..

Blue Orange Boda …. BoB. Which became Bobcoin And we started selling coins on the STO-CAP.

From then it went bigger and bigger; now we are talking with 8 governments and are active busy in 12 countries planning to open the market in 20 countries this year.

In our “stores” where people can “lease” the motorcycles there will be ATM where they will buy Bobcoins. To pay the lease and deposit.

That is a real novelty, that is why last weeks we tested in dubai with people buying coca cola’s in vendor machines with bobcoins and pay in restaurants!

We now expect next 2 weeks bobcoin will grow rapidly in volume CMC will get in the top 50 and we know large EV companies who like crypto are showing interest. So we are very confident in the future of the coin. Bobcoin as company is making money in 3 ways: motorcycles, payments and in coinvalue. We are the first ICOWA an ICO With ASsets.

What we now see is changes in crypto world and after last weeks reset we will again receive lots of new investors interested in a coin with a story.

We have all of that combined in our coin and we are in a 5–10 year growth plan so we do not have any rush so far all promises to our investors and community is kept, we expect 10–20 before the end of the European summer, and 50 by the end of the year.

We are proud of what is accomplished so so far!


Video introduction to business:





-BOBC = ERC20 & BEP20

Github Token Mecanis & Smart contract link



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In this company movie you can see what we accomplished so far!


What challenges in the crypto space would Bob Eco like to solve and solutions are offered?

Bob Ultee,
Challenges is a big word. We are a unique coin with a story assets payment method fighting poverty green charity employment Africa Pollution and almost all SDG’s. Our Challenge is marketing. We are now going for the big listings;

We now need to do exchanges as bybit, kucoin huobi coinbase kraken and binance. That is challenging but most of them we are now in the process And then the biggest challenge is to be known and do great marketing. Everyone that discovers us now already is an early adaptor in that perspective!

What is the Bob Eco token and what are the utilities, and how can token holders benefit?

Bob Ultee,
Value increase is one

End Aug 20$
End Dec 50$
End Dec 2023 $100 minimum

What people underestimate is that if the machine with stores and leasing start up we organically grow 25% per month. Then we now also have another thing besides staking from september. We are working on a stronger and beter way the shares nenefits of the company with our coinholders:))

That isn also part of the plan why this coin is a payment method but as expected we are on our way to a share model where I connot say a lot about yet but do not forget ICOWA number 1 will comes with nice surprises!

Can you share the Bob Eco roadmap so far and what phases is currently taking place? what should we expect in the coming months?

Bob Ultee,
Yes it is on our website as well

I will sent it here? Coming months expectations are simple;
CMC Top 30–40, 3–4 top 10. Exchanges pick up from big audience.

value as said; minimum
End Aug 20$
End Dec 50$
End Dec 2023 $100 minimum

And as said we always worked on schedule never large delays! Also we have some large government deals coming!


So far Bob Eco has started operations in 7 countries from what I could read. My question is, what are the strategies they will employ to expand the reach of their platform to new countries? How will you get Bob Eco adopted?

Bob Ultee,
That isnvery simple; we are now having 20.000–30.000 per day on We have partners and coinholders worldwide.

We are now partnering up with BCAT for Africa and will tour. We regularly are in thennews and one government tells other one, we stand also on fair and are already approached from more then 40 countries…

ICOWA is a middle ground between ICOs and STOs implemented by Bob Eco. My question is, what are the utilities that this novel concept will bring to your platform and how will it help to improve the profits that your users get through Bob Eco and his ICOWA model?

Bob Ultee,
Yes correct, we are besides this a payment method and the assets represent value (that will grow along), at the same moment besides staking we are developing a complete new method of giving/sharing profits, that we will present later this year :))

Do you have any “Full Package Deal “?
Do the All Bob vehicle riders need to pay a high fee for their lease, vehicle service, unlimited battery
swapping and vehicle insurance, and private health insurance for themselves? Any restriction on riders’ family members?

Bob Ultee,
No it is one deal

All is included :

Here you are!

On your tokenomics, there is a substantial percentage of token allocation for Bob Eco’s “Consultancy”. Would you please explain to us how would the funds be used under this category for it is quite peculiar for some crypto projects/company to have?

Bob Ultee,
Yes we are developing a lot of things with banks, governments, paymentproviders, legal questions l, productdevelopment etc etc. For this we need consultents who we rather have as joining partners then on fee’s.

When they receive coins they will defrosted slowly to keep them on board.

Partnership is always an important factor for every project. So who is “#BobEcoOfficial” partner? What are the benefits you get from those relationships?

Bob Ultee,
We have partners in Suzuki Jincheng, Dentons helps, some foundations, UNep theough the factory, large amount private investors. We get all sorts of help also from government and NCO’s.


How can I buy tokens from your project? Will you have a program to sell tokens to users in the near future?

Bob Ultee,
Through all echanges shown:

What are Bob Eco major goals to achieve in the next 1–3 years? What are Bob Eco plans to expand and gain more adoption? How you elevate crypto participants understanding about Bob Eco?

Bob Ultee,
Our goal is to be active in 20–25 countries next 3 years. We keep everyone contstantly updated through the social but also there we will make steps which nobody yet made!

Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join it?

Bob Ultee,
No we are already in full sales on the shown exchanges

What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

Bob Ultee,
Product and financial possibilities offering people that normally can’t a motorcycle to make money and make profit!

How can I buy tokens from your project? Will you have a program to sell tokens to users in the near future?

Bob Ultee,
Yes on the shown exhanges! We are live!

Through all echanges shown:

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