Can you tell us about Crown Sterling, the idea, how it started? What mission want to achieve?
Let’s talk about Crown Sterling ecosystem, what is the highlight product/features Crown Sterling? Can you talk about differences that allow Crown Sterling to stay in this market for a long time?
What are some major milestones achieved Crown Sterling since launch and what should we expect in the coming months?


How has your team’s experience and background contributed to the project’s success so far, and how do you aim to revolutionize the blockchain and NFT field?
You said that Crown Sovereign (CSOV) enables users to participate many product, including quantum-resistant cryptography, NFT Collectibles, encrypted messaging,.. Can you share what these products are? Currently, what products are available for users to use?
Crown Sterling, I understand, is now officially bridging to the Ethereum network via a wrapped CSOV token ($WCSOV). But, could you show us some other CSOV utilities? What advantages will users gain from this token, and where can we purchase it?
I see you mentioned NFT Collectibles in your website. Can you explain more about your NFT, will the NFT be for collection only or can we use the NFT in Crown Sterling’s product? And how are your NFT Collectibles? What types of NFTs are you going to sell in your market?
CrownEncrypt implements the Diffie-Hellman public-key exchange protocol, which is built on the principle of trapdoor functions, being mathematical functions that can be easily calculated in one direction. The encryption methods involved are genius! Can you talk more about this?


CSOV has a network bridge to Ethereum. What are the functionalities of this bridge in CSOV’s operations? How has it helped improve the trading experience for users of the project? Why did they choose ETH considering their gas issues?
Do your token have any passive income potential when I purchase them?
I believe that the $CSOV token will pique the interest of many people, both in terms of features & functionality So, what are the benefits of holding $CSOV over time? How would you go about attracting and educating more users?
does Crown Sterling have white paper? could you share it with us so we can learn more about Crown Sterling’s?



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