Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with CoinFantasy 1 june, 2022. This guest star,

  • Harishkarthik GunalanCEO & Co-Founder
  • GaneshRamFounding Team


Harishkarthik| CoinFantasy,
CoinFantasy is the World’s first decentralized Play-2-Earn crypto fantasy trading game. It is a unique NO-LOSS⛔️ gameplay in which users earn money🤑 just by playing more games on the platform

The Robinhood saga with Dogecoin is a perfect example in which users from the traditional space were investing without understanding the volatility of the market. That was our eureka moment for creating a platform in which users can get exposure to the primary assets without any losses

CoinFantasy aims to gamify crypto markets💹+🎮 through its multiple categories of games, thus acting as a Layer-2 platform on top of the primary markets.


What are the advantages of CoinFantasy? Do you have features/products that can attract users? Can you talk about differences that allow CoinFantasy to stay in this market for a long time?

Harishkarthik| CoinFantasy,
There are several features of CoinFantasy ecosystem, I would like to shortlist a few here:

💹+🎮 Gamification of crypto — Trying to make crypto fun
🚫Risk-free trading for users
🏆Fantasy gaming Tournament to make it engaging
🕹Play-2-Learn trading
🪙Learn-2-Earn rewards
🎴NFTs for exclusive access to the financial hub in the metaverse.

This will make CoinFantasy the most unique platform in the crypto space 🚀

CoinFantasy has NFT Gaming and Marketplace, which includes users who can exchange NFT in the market and play with them. What types of NFT are there in CoinFantasy? Are they useful in a game? Can users create their own NFT?

Harishkarthik| CoinFantasy,
NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. NFTs can help represent real-world items like artwork 🖼 and real estate 🏢

There are going to be multiple series of NFT’s with each series having different utilities & rarities from APY kind of rewards to in-game enhancement features. The NFT’s are going to play a major role in our metaverse as well.

As users level up in the platform 🆙 , they will be able to mint unique NFTs that could be used in-game for additional points.

$cFantasy is CoinFatasy governance token. So what are the utility in your ecosystem? What are the benefits of holding your token as long term investment?

Harishkarthik| CoinFantasy,
CoinFantsy native tokens -$cFantasy would have a fixed supply of 500 million and be reduced in supply with several deflationary elements embedded in the gameplay such as the burn mechanism🔥

Besides this, the game itself requires you to stake & play the game. We have developed a novel Tokenomics model💸 that allows a NO LOSS gameplay that will serve as standards for several play-2-earn gaming projects.

What are some major milestones achieved CoinFantasy since launch and what should we expect in the coming months?

Harishkarthik| CoinFantasy,
We are preparing ourselves for the BETA launch this month🚀.

Besides will share snippets of the roadmap:

Phase 1 roadmap:
• Beta game Launch🚀
• Token Generation Event🎫
• NFT minting / Marketplace🎴
• Liquidity mining
• Metaverse beta launch👾

Phase 2 roadmap:
• Leaderboard 🎯
• Gamified Launchpad📊
• Token sets 🎟
• Social Trading🕹

Stay Tuned on our social handles for more updates 👀


You said that presenting “NO LOSS” gameplay. Can you tell us how it works? How is the user guaranteed never to lose anything? How reliable and secure is CoinFantasy?

Harishkarthik| CoinFantasy,
We will be host several game pools or Tournaments 🏆 in which the users will be able to join & play.

They will be staking tokens to play these games & if user loses the game it would be returned to the wallet after unlocking period.

In this way, users would not fear the financial loss as they would be able to get back their initial investment.

No Loss game play would definitely be our USP which we will let our community get a glimpse of after the product launch. We are expecting this one to set standards for other Play-2-Earn games 🔥🥳

CoinFantasy wanted to launch its beta version of the game. Have you launched it? In the Beta Version, What features will be included except the existings? Will users be able to get free credits for playing the game? Can they win $CF tokens as rewards?

Harishkarthik| CoinFantasy,
For the beta version of the game, users will be able to get free energy units for playing the game.

They will be able to experience the games without any hassles and win CF tokens as rewards. As a pre-launch event, we will be whitelisting users on the SIGNUP portal. Users are privileged to get early access to the games & rewards.

Free CREDITS of 💰100 Energy units also be credited to the user account to join the Game Play. We from the CoinFantasy community would like to extend our gratitude to all of you for hosting us.

Register with us on, you will be on your way to earn exclusive access to the Game and also win 100CF tokens as a sign up bonus.
Stay tuned to our social handles for more updates and exciting news 🔜.

For now I see that you only work with Polygon and Ethereum, don’t you plan to support more chains in the future? Won’t the high Ethereum fees be a problem? Is there a minimum or maximum investment to start playing or can we start with the amount we want?

Harishkarthik| CoinFantasy,
Oh you have missed out on AVALANCHE, as of now we would be on these three chains: Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche testnets. And we are definitely going to become a multichain platform as we aim to reach every section of the audience.

We believe that the ETH POS which is about to happen in august 2022 to be really effective and will greatly reduce the network fee issues. We would allow users to choose which chain they would want to use 👍🏻

There won’t be any entry fees required in the beta stage as every user will have a set limit of 100 energy units per day to play games.

You mention that CoinFantasy is a community-driven long term project envisioned to make crypto accessible to the next billion users. So the community is very important to you, how can the community participate in voting for your project? And how do you build a strong community?

Harishkarthik| CoinFantasy,
Yes, we are fully community-driven using the $cFantasy — Governance🎟& Utility token🎫.

Unlike other projects there is a lot of customization in creating/participating in games on our platform that are decided by the community such as the duration of the games, entry fee, points system, etc.

Holding cFantasy tokens also entails you having additional votes during the voting process📥 . Besides, there are a lot of discounts on fees for holding cFantasy tokens.

Soon CoinFantasy will evolve into a DAO model in which all aspects will be driven by the community 🥳

Partnership is the most important which strengthens the ecosystem. Can you tell us about your project partners and the partnership strategies that have been adopted? Any there partnership plans that will be carried out in the near future?

Harishkarthik| CoinFantasy,
We have amazing support & encouragement from our partner and investors.


👉 Polygon
👉 Avalanche
👉 Reef chain
👉 Frontier
👉 Lossless
👉 Unilend
👉 Biconomy
👉 Enjinstarter
👉 The Husl
👉 Phoenix DAO
👉 Strip Finance
👉 Pollinate
👉 Acknoledger
👉 Lokr
👉 Ludena
👉 Clover Finance
👉 SupraOracles
👉 Polkalokr
👉 Sportzchain
👉 Trustpad
👉 Metarun

We have received multiple grants including from POLYGON, IndiDAO and DARQ Labs.


Sandeep Nailwal (Co-Founder of Polygon), Avalanche, SL2 Capital, Cipholio Ventures, Poolz Ventures, Magnus Capital, New Tribe Capital, Signal VC, Dutch Crypto Investors, Moonwhale Ventures, Nahkeel capital, Maven Capital, Titan Ventures, CSP DAO, Bluewheel Capital, ExtraWatts, Enjin starter, ZBS Capital, Vespertine Capital & more.


How can we “level up” in the CoinFantasy game? Can you explain briefly and I saw a lot of big investors on your platform, my question is what are the best features of your platform that make your investors believe in the project and invest?

Harishkarthik| CoinFantasy,
User Level up is a great feature in which users’ level up in the platform as they win badges in the platform.

These badges will be won as users play more games in the platform and these badges would be launched on NFTs that could be used in game as well as traded in the market. Some of the key features of CoinFantasy are users can earn about the crypto markets through the Play-Earn-Model, NFT collectible cards brings unique and valuable use cases that could be used in game for bonus points & launching our metaverse for users to enter and experience

CoinFantasy is a product for the masses as it allows users with very less capital to play the game and earn rewards

How CoinFantasy can bring mass adoption of crypto usage in India.

Harishkarthik| CoinFantasy,
There are 20 million crypto investors in India and it’s been growing more substantial than any other country. Currently, there are no gamified crypto experience offered to users from India without the risk of financial losses.

Fantasy gaming is a huge market in India with successful startups such as dream11, MPL etc. CoinFantasy aims to combine both fantasy gaming🎮 & crypto market. This will enable us to onboard the next billion crypto users from India.

Sir, cryptonation91 Do you have any IDO plans for the future of your project? Please explain the tokenomics distribution of your project and how much token farming will be done and how much token will be locked by the team?

Harishkarthik| CoinFantasy,
We would be doing our IDO, post our Product Beta Launch.

Coinfantasy’s native Total supply is going to be 500million 🤑 and out of which 1/3rd is going to be the reward pool for our community 🤝🏻. The most important part of our Tokenomics is that we have a token with limited supply along with deflationary elements as well 💹 When the entire globe is trying to fight inflation We believe $cFantasy would be a great hedge against inflation

I feel your Game is user friendly and similar to other fantasy games like Draftkings/Dream11, etc. How can we earn with #COINFANTASY? What is the significant difference from the way of playing? Can Players choose to play for free to get in-game resources?

Harishkarthik| CoinFantasy,
Yes, our game is user friendly. Users will be able to play the game in 3 simple steps.

The game flow would be similar to other fantasy games. There would be no entry fee for the Beta version of the game. So users can just Play more games & Win rewards.

Can you list 1–3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Harishkarthik| CoinFantasy,
There are several killer features at Coinfantasy ♨️, If we have to shortlist 3️⃣ features — Fantasy Trading 💱, NFT collectible cards 🎴 & Metaverse Hub 👾 will make CoinFantasy the most unique platform in the crypto space.

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