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  • Planet Maya Team


i’m Sid and the co-founder and CEO of the project and have been in the business of real money gaming since 2008.


Can you give us an introduction about Planet Maya, the idea, how it started?

Sid Rao,
Planet Maya — powered by Champion Games is the world’s first collaborative open- source virtual reality casino city. My co-founders, Gaurav, Mithun and I came together to create Planet Maya. We have been in the real money gaming business for the past 15 years, which included fighting to legalize real money gaming in India.

We’ve been invested in blockchain since 2017, and very quickly realized there wasn’t one space for everybody — Planet Maya has something for everyone.

In addition to real money gaming, we will host live shows, concerts, stand-up acts and some specially curated shows, we will also have tons of retail with brands that we are partnering with and for people who want to start their own business, our platform will allow entrepreneurs to build and host their own games and products.

Let’s talk about Planet Maya ecosystem, what is the highlight features your gaming metaverse and casino? What is the Planet Maya trying to accomplish in metaverse ecosystem?

Sid Rao,
As an ecosystem we are a virtual Las Vegas, just like in Vegas a person visiting sees only the fun and frolic, but to make that happen so much goes on in the background that brings it all together, that’s what Planet Maya is all about.

We are bringing people from all facets to become part of the ecosystem, from architects, to interior designers, to event managers to put up live shows, to wedding planners for virtual weddings, anything you can conceive off that is needed to create a virtual casino city our platform will have. It’s more than just betting, it’s an entire new universe.

Now add a virtual reality environment to it and that’s what Planet Maya is. The reason we are very keen for Maya to be a VR experience is because we’ve been in the VR/AR space since 2006 and we know that it will take the user’s experience to another level.

At this point, who are Planet Maya current partners and backers?

Sid Rao,

We are self-funded and always been cash positive ever since we started real money gaming since 2008 and even now we rely on our revenues to build anything new.

But we also understand that the decentralized world works very differently and our only intention to migrate and adopt blockchain as a technology and crypto as a mode of payment is for the ease of our users and not for any other reason.

Nevertheless, we have some really large STRATEGIC ventures backing is because we are partnering with these ventures for either technology or to enable onboarding global customers. We will make those announcements shortly so stay tuned :))

What is your top priority for 2022? Can you share a bit about the Planet Maya strategy that will implement in the near future?

Sid Rao,
just fingers crossed.

but yeah…….

There are three things that we want to achieve this year, the first and the most important feature is to bring about eight games under one platform which are currently fragmented.

Those are poker, card games, sports, casino games, E-Sports, racing, chess betting and fantasy sports, which we will launch by the end of July.

The next will be the version 1.0 of the metaverse and the casino city with major partnerships in place for the launch, this should happen by October as we have the cricket world cup and then the soccer world-cup in November.

Finally, because we have always stayed on the right side of the law and for the safety of our customers and game developers we are continuously working on getting betting licenses for every country where betting is legal across all continents.


It caught my attention that you comment that you at Planet Maya are pioneers of blockchain, since you have been in the industry since 2014. Exactly how were your beginnings in this industry, and how has your platform changed from 2014 to the present day?

Sid Rao,
MR. SHELOCK thank you……good question 🙂

The only reason we are migrating to web 3.0 and blockchain is because we understand the benefits it provides our gamers, game developers and us as a platform.

But to do this it is important for us to understand the technology that will let us do this and thus we invested a lot of money in Real Variable back in 2017.

RV is a pioneer in blockchain and is helping some of the largest companies in the world to integrate blockchain into their ecosystem.

Reading your website, I found that your ecosystem is based on the plug-and-play system, what exactly is this about? Can you tell us about the features and benefits that this system brings to your ecosystem?

Sid Rao,
Game developers and aspiring entrepreneurs can build new and creative betting games on our platform using the tools we provide and run successful businesses.

While we invite them to build we focus on creating new partnerships with world renowned celebrities to perform live acts, world renowned brands to host virtual stores and sell their products and all this to drive traffic to the platform which in turn will benefit developers and users alike.

Planet Maya covers most online real-money games ranging from sports, casino games, poker, and rummy, nevertheless, most of these games are considered to be playable by older audiences, but, do you think Planet Maya could reel in younger users to make the most of these games too?

Sid Rao,
Yes. We are committed to ensuring that Planet Maya has something for players of different age groups. While many of the games involving real money betting will be restricted to players above 18, we will have multiple exciting games for younger audiences which will be on the play to earn concept allowing them to participate and enjoy our platform without compromising on gaming regulations and laws.

Our metaverse city will cater to users of all ages, with each casino having an ambience of its own, for users to pick what is best suited for them.

PlanetMaya will give users the experience of being at a casino with all the ambiance that real-life casinos, also providing aspiring casino owners with an opportunity to own & build a virtual casino.Will the game use VR? Casino owners! It’s that mean we can be the casino owners?

Sid Rao,
Yes! We will have an immersive AR VR experience in Planet Maya which will transport a player to our casino city. The purpose is to enhance a gamers experience in this mundane and ever shrinking world. Gamers can get the same experience as a live casino with all the extravagance and entertainment that a casino offers from the comfort of their home.

If there’s anyone who can make this happen it’s us because we’ve been building metaverses since 2007 and aim to make this the most immersive and flawless experience a gamer can ever have.

So to your point, yes you will be the owner of your casino, the one and only criteria will be that a Dev is creative and builds games that don’t exist anywhere else on the planet.

Legal issues are a serious problem with blockchain projects , especially with a casino platform. So Why should users feel safe when join and betting with Planet Maya? Do I need passing a registration and doing a Identity Verification to play?

Sid Rao,
Blockchain as a technology does not have any legal issues as it’s in it’s essence a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network.

Although blockchain is in its infancy, it provides transparency and security. We, at Planet Maya have been committed to remaining on the right side of the law and will continue doing so by ensuring adherence to the regulations of each geography.

Verification of players and KYC is important to us and we will implement Web 3.0 technologies like ZKP and Polygon ID to address these issues without invading the privacy of our users.


Since Planet Maya will be a metaverse, what will we as users need to access and enjoy the gambling games? Will we need to buy a NFT? What will our Avatar look like?

Sid Rao,
All you need is your gaming spirit. you can create your own NFT avatars. we have a great loyalty program that will value the NFT will increase with time and give more benefits and then become tradeable.

I Love STAKING & will always be interested in the Staking where investors get passive income from, so What are the Staking Pool pairs Currently at “Planet Maya”? What makes your Staking ecosystem more attractive to investors & connoisseurs of the Staking ecosystem like me?

Sid Rao,
There is a fantastic staking mechanism where game devs and all who want to be a part of the ecosystem will stake, in return the revenues will be distributed amonst all depending on how much is staked and what level of tier they belong to.

Planet Maya is a Decentralized Online Casino Metaverse. What conditions must we meet in order to enter this Metaverse? Are there any places where we can enter for free?

Sid Rao,
You need to be 18 years and over to bet, you can either use the platform just to have fun or become part of the ecosystem, we will be posting our documentation on all our websites soon that will give you an indepth understanding of our token unity, token economics and loyalty programs.

Do token holders have the right to participate in project management? What kind of decision can they vote on about the project?

Sid Rao,
Yes! token holders will get a share of the revenues and participate in the governance depending on how many tokens they hold or at which tier of the loyalty program they are on.

How do you attract users or investors to support #PlanetMaya in the long term, and not just for temporary profits?

Sid Rao,
We are not above the short term, we are building a community of players, game devs, retailers and everyone else who would like to be part of our ecosystem and for us all to benefit from each others platform while we build a fundamentally strong platform and to show that commitment we are funding the entire build ourselves.

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